Funds released/DDD after 4464c

Anyone on here have their funds released or DDD after receiving 4464c? It seems those of us with this letter have been waiting in the dark the longest. Received letter dated 3/9 and recently was told my review should be up 4/19. As much as the

Was under 4464c review – got refund

Filed/accepted 1/23 with EITC via TurboTax. Bars disappeared 2/15 with “Your tax return is being processed” with no tax topic. I called IRS 2/25 and they said I was under review and it would be 45 days from 2/15. Received 4464c letter on on 3/3 which was dated 2/27 which said 60 days from date […]

received state, 4464c from IRS

live in michigan, filed EITC and child credits, filed with TT on 1/29 accepted 1/29, not sure when but lost bars at some point now at still being processed, amount on left, tax topic 152. letter states issued 2-15, cycle code 20180705, no other codes that i can see but all other return information is […]

Any 4464C updates?

Hello all, I filed 1/25 accepted 1/25. Received 4464C 2/12 dated 2/7. WMR shows “Delay in prcoessing- Code 1541. Anyone else experiencing this? Do you truly have to wait 60 days to receive refund. I am a single mother of 2 not working and I needed my refund like yesterday. Any insight you guys can […]

4464C Letter

I came home to a 4464c letter for my fathers taxes yesterday. I guess they have to review his stuff even though he has one of the simplest tax returns I’ve ever seen. Anyway reading up on past years it looks like I may need to get a tax advocate, never heard of this before. […]

Letter 4464C received

Letter 4464C received. Says verifying info on my return. Says don’t need to call. WMR changed on 2/10 from one bar to still processing. Letter dated 2/12. Should I wait until the update tomorrow before calling. Should I call the tax advocate line? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Received 4464C Letter

Hi all, I filed 1/25 accepted a few hours later. Requested transcripts 2/4. Received letter 4464C (review letter) today 2/12. Not only did I receive 4464C letter dated 2/7 but I also received blank transcripts date 2/5 saying return not received. With the dates of the letters only a few days apart, how could my […]

End of 4464C Nightmare

Well WMR updated today with a deposit date of 03/15/2017. Just wanted to show what I went through so you guys that are still waiting keep yoursanity and understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Filed 01/17/2017’my return was held Accepted 01/18/2017 Received 4464C Letter 02/06/2017 Requested Tax Advocate 02/12/2017 Bars […]

4464c UPDATE

***********UPDATE********** Filed 1/28 Never got path message (i have eic) Stayed on one bar until 2/17 bar gone “we have received your return it is being processed” Called irs was told i was in review i had been sent a letter 4464c dated 2/3 (never got it) said it was a 60 day wait. Called […]

Letter 4464C

Received a letter 4464C from the IRS today. It states that my return was selected for further review and there was nothing for me to do. Also stated that it could take 60 days for me to get my refund. The letter was dated 2/3…the first day I could access my account transcripts. Nothing has […]

4464c Hell

Here’s my 4464c saga: 1/30 Filed electronically & return accepted same day 2/10 Receive 4464c letter – instructs me to call in 60 days if no refund or further letters received. 3/16 Receive CP05 letter (same contents as 4464c – instructs me to call in 45 days if no refund or further letters received. 5/01 […]

4464C Letter

Ok so I filed 1/30 received state and went towards my student loan. On February 10th I received my 4464C letter. Yesterday marks 30 days since I got the letter and they said I should have it within 60 days of the letter. Does anyone know what the hold up. I’ve tried calling the irs […]

4464C Clairty-Income Verification

I am wondering, if the IRS is looking to verify income, how do they do this if you e-file? I received a letter that stated I didn’t need to do anything at this time. Why not just ask for my W2’s?

4464C Letter

Has anyone received the 4464C Letter from IVO = Integrity and Verification Operations letter 2 years in a row? Last year (2013) I received the IVO letter 2 weeks AFTER I received my full refund. The IRS did not send anymore letters last year nor did they contact me. This year I filed on 2/3, […]

a little hope for those with a 4464c

Just sharing my story in the hopes it might help someone… So I filed 1/20 HOH EIC ed credit 8862 refund 9xxx I was issued a 4464c on 1/27. I knew I was getting the letter cause I called on the 27th and they told me they were sending it. My refund stayed on bars […]

4464C Letter

I called the IRS today and they stated a letter 4464C is going out on this week regarding a review. Do anybody have any insite on this letter?

4464c code 0 letter

Anyone else get this letter stating I’m under a review, could take up to 60 days. Transcript is n/a no real use to me right now, still have one bar on wmr. I don’t have any codes. Could this be a glitch sending out generic letters

Pissed got a 4464c letter

So I just checked my mail and I got sent a letter stating “the irs is conducting a thorough review of my return information. Says if i havent heard anything in 60 days to contact them. and that im not required to do anything. Anyone else received this letter. Also my transcript was just changed […]

Letter 4464c?

Said my direct deposit was sent the 4th nothing. Called IRS today and they said I have a letter 4464c going out. But there is no freeze code on my transcripts just refund cancelled

Reply To: Received a 4464c letter? Gotten a DDD yet?

I forgot to add that if you call, the IRS rep won’t know from their main screen if you are receiving a letter. Since I filed a 8863 form, I asked if they could see if the form was submitted correctly. It was only when they went into that screen that they saw that a […]

Reply To: Received a 4464c letter? Gotten a DDD yet?

I am a fellow 4464c. It has nothing to do with the education credit. People with the bad education 8863 filings are receiving cp 05. The 4464c is generated by the IRS verification and integrity operations office, IVO for short. It used to be called Amtap (shortened name). It is a system that they’ve set […]

Reply To: Received a 4464c letter? Gotten a DDD yet?

I used TT to do my return and it was accepted early 1/24, I had the 8863 form which got delayed until 2/14. I got a 4464C letter on the 30th saying I was under review, but don’t understand why I got the letter since my return wasn’t or shouldn’t even been processed. Since then […]

Reply To: Received a 4464c letter? Gotten a DDD yet?

1st thanks for creating this for 4464C letters I hope more people will post and share experience so we can gain some knowledge. Hi: My Situation is as follows 1/30 filed turbo tax NO EIC, Married Filed joint return no dependents no education credits. 1/31 Accepted 2/18 Received 4464C letter dated 2/14 generic information saying […]

Received a 4464c letter? Gotten a DDD yet?

1/28 – filed 1/28 – accepted 11 hrs later from filing 1/30 – around 10pm finally got a status on wmr with ‘Return Received’ (1 bar) & still processing 1/31 – ordered acct transcript but couldn’t order return transcript 2/6 – received acct transcript & 4464 c letter (dated 2/4) & has no code on […]

Reply To: Was under 4464c review – got refund

I received my refund on March 14 2018. I received a letter 4464C in the mail dated the very day of the return, this came a few days after. It states that no action is needed on my behalf. Some time has gone and i become increasingly curious about why i have had this letter […]

Reply To: After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

@Cass Same situation, filed in March, verified identity in April.. Was told I would receive my refund in 9 weeks from that call, later received a 4464c letter, called IRS was then told to wait 60 days from the day the notice was sent out NOT from the phone call which I was originally told.. […]

Reply To: Local Taxpayer Advocate Service

I need help please. I live in Florida. I filed my taxes in January and I received a 4464C letter on March 8th. I have tried several times to contact the IRS, they tell me to wait 60 days and that my refund is processing. I am a single mom of three kids and we […]


I filed in 1/29 recieved 4464c 2/27, I have had tax advocate since mid March.. Had to verify my kids and now she stating that I need to amend due to one number being wrong my withholdings here it is 6/1 no refund or no update on transcript since 5/21


FINALLY!! F/A 1/29 got 4464c dated 2/27 called another 60 days got a TA middle of May and finally my transcript updated today with the 846 refund issued for 6/6!!

Reply To: Under Review

FINALLY!! F/A 1/29 got 4464c dated 2/27 called another 60 days got a TA middle of May and finally my transcript updated today with the 846 refund issued for 6/6!!


I’m so confused my return got accepted 2/9 I got a letter 4464C dated March 15 and still haven’t recieved any letters or my refund! The last code on my transcript is 570 hold I think. It been more than 60 days as stated on my letter what do i do?

Reply To: Received 4464C Letter

F/A 1/29 got the 4464c letter dated 2/27 waited 60 days called was told it was sent to the department to either contact me or release, still haven’t heard anything so I filed for a TA last Monday and she just called me today and told me that one of my employers reported my income […]

Reply To: Examination

I just received TC 424 (Examination Request) 05/17/2018 on my transcripts after calling and being told a request will be sent over to the examination department to either release or request more information and they have up to 60 days. F/A 01/29/2018 As of Date: 02/19/2018 then changed to 06/04/2018 with TC code 424 Code […]

Reply To: Examination

@Christie… no. I got the 60 day 4464C letter in early February. After the 60 days my return went to the examination department. I had the 424 then 420 but they never actually asked for anything. Just closed the examination process on 5/11 and said it went back into regular processing.

Reply To: Anybody STILL waiting

I finally caved and submitted the request for a TA, F/A 1/29 rec letter 4464c dated 2/27 and have not received any update or information since. I’ve called and been told they need nothing/do nothing and that a request would be put in to have my account looked at as nothing has been done and […]

Reply To: After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

Still no DD …I’m super frustrated and annoyed. I filed 1/27 and was accepted 1/29. Received the 4464c dated 3/5/18 on 3/12. Wmr says is being processed. I got a TA on 4/18 and still nothing. Super pissed because I had a baby 6 weeks ago and really behind on bills,and have to move. Pray […]

60 Day review

Filed 2/22 accepted 2/23. 4464c letter 3/19. My transcripts updated this morning to 846 with cycle date 20181802. Does that mean I will get it this week?

Reply To: Under Review

@xxtina: I am confused why the IRS reps are telling people that. If you efiled ( like I did with TurboTax), your W2s are uploaded when you file. I’m waiting on the same thing from 2/9/18. Got that wonderful 4464c letter dated 3/15/18, and I’m supposed to wait the full 60 days ( also told […]


It has been a long wait, but DD scheduled for 5/2. I F/A 1/30, received 4464c on 3/12. Did nothing but wait. For those of you still processing, hang in there.

Reply To: Under Review

F/A 1/29 got the 4464c in February and I Finally called today as my 60 days is up and was told by the very nice women that my refund was still not ready to be released per the system but because it has been past 60 days that she can write up a referral to […]

Reply To: Under Review

@naomionekanobe F/A 1/29 4464c: 03/05/18 Code: 570 Transcript: Return Due: 03/05/18 – 04/15/18 whichever is later Received: 02/19/2018 Processing: 03/05/18 I don’t qualify for a TA and get refused so I just continue to wait. Congrats!


I called the national TA # listed under the phone# section this AM. I called the local TA # the other day and no one called me back. Rep gave her name and ID #. In a nutshell, my husband and I do not qualify for TA. Rep was very nice, and I basically told […]

Reply To: Amending tax return with TA

By the time it’s all said and done, I’m guessing that you won’t have a resolution until the same time that your original review would have been completed ( end of 60 days from the 4464c letter). If you have it sooner that’s all good too.

Reply To: What is a Taxpayer Advocate (TA)?

I called the local TA office and l/m today. If they call back I’m just going to ask some questions before making any decision. Going by the 4464c letter 3-15-18 (and what the last IRS rep told me) I have to wait the full 45 days. I’m guessing that day will come and go, I […]

Reply To: Received 4464C Letter

Agreed @Michael I called today, now 72 days after letter 4464c, and 86 days since I filed, and they haven’t asked me to verify anything, no additional letters, just “wait as we review”

Reply To: Under Review

F/ 1/29 Cycle 20180705 4464c dated 02/12 Tc424 4/12/2018 Tc420 4/13/2018 As of date 5/7/2018 Called today and i will hear something or get a letter within 50 days. Anyone with the 424/420 get a refund?


@Melissa, I was guessing from the 3/5 date that you mentioned. However, I see that was your transcript processing date. Did you recieve a 4464c letter? If so, go by the date of the 4464c, and then apply 45-60’days. My processing date given was 3/19. However, I recv’d 4464c dated 3/15/18. I was told by […]

Reply To: Review up April 19

No, my processing date on my transcripts is 3-19-2018, but my 4464c is dated 3-15-18. I was told by the last IRS rep that I had to wait a full 45 days from 3-15-18.

Reply To: Can Order Transcripts But No WMR movement

Yes I received the 4464c letter dated 3-5-18. My processing date is also 3-5-18. my code 570 has 3-5-18 on it too. I am praying for a date. The sad thing is I am a Certified Tax Preparer. And out of all the returns I did only 3 got picked for review including mine. 1 […]


F/A 1/29 4464c dated 2/26 no update or new information, yesterday my as of date on my transcript changed from 3/12 to 4/23 and now looking today it appears to be back to the 3/12 date – this happen to anyone else?

Reply To: Can Order Transcripts But No WMR movement

My wage transcripts are blank too. In one of the four calls to the IRS, the rep said those would update at the end of my review…which I figure to be the beginning to mid May. That is, if I’m counting either a 45 or 60 days from the date of my 4464c ( 3-15-2018).


I filed 1/18 accepted 1/19. Got state second week of February. Order transcripts once a week. After 2/20 order transcripts. processing date 2/26/2018 cycle code 20180605 570 3/5/2018. Order every week after that no change. Received 4464c letter dated 3/8/2018 and to wait 60 days. Decided to call today and they said system wasn’t working […]


Alexis: I’m still here waiting too. We are the same dates. My 4464c is 3-15-2018. Last rep I spoke to said I had to wait the full 45 days from the 4464C letter. I was just planning on the 60, so hopefully by 5-15 or before we know something.