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    So I went to check the mail tonight, and right on top was an IRS letter. I opened it to find the 4464C letter, claiming they are verifying my return for accuracy.

    I filed on 1/11, was accepted on 1/27, and filed with TT. The letter is dated for Feb 13th.

    On WMR, my bars and Tax Topic 152 dissapeared last night and it changed to “Your return is being processed.” TT claims I should get it the week of 02/17.

    Does anyone have any insight on this/in a similar situation?


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    I filed feb 1st accepted feb 2nd received cp05 60 day review march 16th been waiting just received a 4464c letter dated july 25th are you kidding me!!


    I just got one on 07/23
    I filed 1/27
    And was accepted 1/28
    I’ve had to ID verify this year as well
    Anyone figure out how to speed up this process?
    I’m pregnant with 2 kids, my husband is back and forth with Covid at the hospital and I was rendered unemployed because of Covid.


    I received letter 4464C on March 4, 2020. I received a second letter 4464C in the mail today. The second letter is dated July 27, 2020 and requests an additional 60d review. Unbelievable and not what I was expecting. I hope everyone that received these letters has their income tax return reviews resolved sooner rather than later…


    Finally got my 2nd bar!!!

    Joseph N

    So I got a 4464c letter on February 18th 2020 after filing late Jan. 60 ok cool I waited it was over 90 days so my tax representative called them and they said because of covid and stimulus checks that department is not open and it will be atleast another 60 days. I am not wealthy and with losing my job with covid I could really use this money now. I have never seen such a sad state. What is going on with the IRS?


    I recieved the letter 4464 this year in February. Well past the 60 days now and was wondering if anyone has gotten their return that has recieved this letter?
    This is due to a pos job i had, same thing happened last year and I recieved my refund in June, after more than 120 DAYS. But I did get another letter with 60 days added again, in April. I have not this year so I just wanna know what is going on! Thanks


    IRS is back open I called this morning because my 60 day review has been up since the beginning of may. She told me there were no updates on my refund but everything has been delayed due to the shortage of workers. She sent a referral to a tax advocate for me. Does anyone know how the tax advocate works and what they will do?

    Alex r

    Filed on 2/21, letter on 3/5, which means 60 days passed on 5/5. Tried calling a number I got from a 4883c letter, and that lady was rude and irritated and was unable to help. She said my 4464c has to be handled by the Accounts mgmt department, which is not open for calls. So now what?!


    Hello I received a Ddd saturday they coming took longer than usual but tax return was approved just needs to be sent hang in there it’s coming tax advocates are available


    Received letter 4464c dated 2/19. My 60 days passed in April going on 80 days now. Checked my transcripts online and they haven’t changed. Tried calling the irs but are closed still. No update on wmr just keeps saying ” We have received your tax return and it is being processed”


    I filed 2/18 and received my letter dated 3/4 so my 60 days are up and I still haven’t received anything it just says processing and I cant get through to anyone


    I got my day letter March 9th nothing has changed. I check every day. I have not tried calling yet.I am sure i won’t be able to get in


    I talked to a tax advocate Friday. She said the IRS had not recieved my W2 from my employer. I am the person at that job that sends in the W2s and W3. I know they were sent and there is not an issue with all the other employees besides me and one other girl. I can not get in touch with anyone at the IRS or the SSA. My question is how do I resubmit this information? My tax advocate said they didnt know and it wasn’t an issue they dealt with.


    I ended up getting a tax advocate. I had no movement. I had to end up faxing over the request to the tax advocates office. I was hoping for movement and nothing happened. I am working with them now.


    I have still not gotten my return . I got the first letter feb 25 no update on the wmr no one is answering they aren’t taking calls . I am beyond frustrated. What can I do ?!


    Received letter 2/19 only correspondence. WMR still shows being processed… I’m hoping one day soon..


    Same dates, same info @jnicole totally fed up with this. Its our money! Taken last year so pay up


    Accepted 2/4/20 got my 60 day review letter dated 2/19/20. They never asked for additional info and said the same when I would call into the irs. It’s now 4/25/20 and still no update! All it says is my refund is still being processed on wmr. This Is so wrong!


    Can someone please give me some insight. Filed and accepted 01/28 received letter 2/13 l, filed an amendment due to error. Been 5 weeks since I submitted amendment passed the 60 day review no update on transcript no stimulus. Called TA no answer no call back!!!!


    I got a 4464C letter dated 2/19. Just got my DDD of 4/22 this morning!


    So filed 4th Feb with TT, excepted and recieved letter Feb19, , called was hung up on. Tried again told to be patient. Waited 60 days, still processing with transcript code 0805, received stimulus but no taxes..first year and last with TT. Frggin ridiculous…#still waiting!


    Nothing was wrong with me Taxes no info change, I filed the same two kids I been filing since I birth them and JOB. I got the 4464c letter Feb 13. It is now passed my 60days. The IRS is not taking any calls and I haven’t even gotten the stimulus check. I am a hard legally working USA citizen and this is some BULLSHIT! Especially during this pandemic I dont get any government assistance and I NEED my money! This is very frustrating.


    One Day Soon and Khenti El I’m in the same boat!! Nothing has happen at all. And still no stimulus.

    Khenti El

    I filed 1/15, accepted 1/27, and got letter 4464C on 2/18 dated 2/13….Since PATH lifted I’ve been on “being processed”. Contacted IRS a couple times when they were answering and was told to do nothing. Review was up on yesterday, WMR still saying “being processed”, no more letters have been sent, and the IRS is not taking calls. I was told to call if I hadn’t received my refund by 4/13…I’m starting to believe I’m not going to get it.

    One Day Soon

    I received letter 4464c which was generated on 2/13. I waited the whole 60 days, without calling (as advised by the letter). Status site shows “still processing” as of 4/13/20, automated message states IRS is not taking live calls. I will call daily and update when I’ve been given information or see a change.


    I filed on 1/27 was accepted on 1/27. I received 3 of the same letter dated 2/7. They all said I didn’t have to do anything and not to call them before the 60 days is up. I’m on day 55 and still nothing. Tried to call the toll free number for an advocate. No answer. I tried the local office. Got a voice mail saying that the office was closed and to call the toll free number. Running in circles here and getting nowhere.


    Filed 1/20
    bars disappeared after 2/15
    Received 4464c letter dated 2/13 on 2/16
    Finally called and requested tax advocate first week of March
    Received letter from advocate stating resolution by May 18 about a week ago
    Checked wmr today and bars are back DDD of 1/1
    April fools day, oh the irony. Now to wait and see.

    Tararat Tongkul

    This is my second letter 1st letterr was for verification ant they said everything was good.Its been almost 3 weeks then I received another letter 4464C. I really need help
    Thanks Tararat


    I filed 2/5
    Received letter dated 2/19
    Still processing.
    A few of my previous coworkers are having the same issue. There is five of us in total that are on a 60 day hold. This is so frustrating. I was hoping that with everything going on they would move a little quicker. I am hoping to get a DDD soon! This sucks!


    Is there a number you can call to follow up on reviews that isn’t closed?


    Filed 1/26
    Received the 4464c letter 2/28 dated 2/19
    WMR shows still processing
    No change from year prior besides new addition to household (my daughter).
    TurboTax (used for the last 5 years, no issues)


    Could my hold up on my 570 code because my employer has not reported my income yet. I have no clue when they will as I work for a huge university and they have way more issue than my income report.


    I filed 2/14/20, any one else?

    Received my DD from the state 2/21

    Then I received my ltr4464c 2/28

    My status hasn’t changed on the website it shows as still processing. Has anyone received a refund after receiving the letter from the IRS?


    Anybody with the cycle code 20200705 And was accepted 01/27 have you had any change to your transcript.


    I need a few answers maybe someone could tell me something….
    I recieved a letter from taxation department so I did that passed it then I recieved another letter fixing my state refund and that adjusted amount was sent to my card…
    A few days later they sent me a letter from the irs saying I had to verify my identity I also passed that…still my bars have not shown back up then I recieved a 4464c letter…
    This iish is confusing plz someone help me with some type of guienc2


    Crazy because they told me over the phone that a 4464c letter was sent on the 27th of February and I haven’t received it… but how in the world is it that I got my state refund last week?🤔


    Called a tax advocate today and it turns out that one of my employers didn’t report my earnings to the IRS. I have to get a letter from my employer and fax it over to the TAS and after that I should be able to get a DDD . I called at 7am and I still was on the phone for almost 2 hours total

    Marisela Garcia

    Did my taxis 1/27/20
    2/19/20 I Received a 4464c letter I have to wait 60 day .!!!!! 😖😖


    Also, when I get my transcript, where do I look for these codes?


    Reached out to a tax advocate and was told the IRS never received my w-2 from my previous employer. He also told me I had to contact my old boss and get paperwork to fax over and that once he receives it and sends it to the irs I will have to wait another 2-3 weeks for my refund to be “unfrozen”. How is everyone able to see their transcripts?


    I filed feburary 10, and still recieved this letter ….


    @Ninjabean did u see an update on wmr?


    Filed and accepted 1/29
    570 code 3:9:20
    4464C letter received dated 2/19/20

    I finally reached out to a tax advocate Last week due to financial hardship – utility shut off notice received!

    My transcript updated this am to 846 with refund date 3/18. Give the advocate a call if you are suffering a hardship.

    BTW: the tax advocate said the IRS is seeing an ABUNDANCE of these 4464C letters being sent in comparison to any other tax year so people are really frustrated.


    Anyone see any changes?


    Lmao 😂righh next they gone past a bill that no filer can request fees taken from refund. Y’all chumps gotta pay upfront or send in yo returns lol 😆



    YOU JUST SOLVED THE MYSTERY! Those mfers are all at Little Caesars! There is no time for pizza. They needs to get back to work and process our refunds with a quickness. Then and only then can they have their damn pizza. 🍕🍕🍕



    Hahaha!! I guess I should have saved my letter in case I never get my refund and can no longer afford TP!😁😁😁


    It’s a hot mess I tell ya and then I was just on the main page and someone posted that they just got their 60 day letter a day before their DDD like wth??? Funny thing is it’s not the first time I’ve seen someone post about that either


    I figure after path..the 21 day window would have been yesterday the 9th. Letters going out when they don’t process our return timely. Killing trees to cover their butts. About what the letter is all it’s good for, toilet paper.


    @Gofigure Why oh why lie like @ValerieOK stated just say we gonna mail your letter out today don’t expect to receive it until approximately a month after today’s phone call and to give it an additional 9 weeks for us to determine if you really been to hell and back to see if your azz really qualify 4 a damn DDD. I would actually RESPECT 👊🏽them more if they said some shyt like that lmao 😂


    @ValerieOK lmao😅took the words righh outta my mouth and yes I gotta keep a positive mind frame dealing with they ugly azzez. I just seen a Little Caesars commercial yesterday w/IRS Informants and a guy at the register goes “my taxes” or sumthin.I’m like oh so that’s why our damn returns ain’t gettin processed cause y’all up here clogging y’all’s arteries instead of unclogging y’all’s damn computer systems I just had to give it to God at that point lmao🤦🏽‍♂️



    I wholeheartedly agree. And what is with the “we’re going to mail you a letter on the 16th” (or whatever) post dated crap? If you know you’re going to be issuing me a letter, why not just send it now? Why wait for a week or two? Let’s get this show on the road people! Haven’t we waited long enough?

    Apparently not. 😖😖😖


    They told me the other week a letter went out for me. Never received anything and I called them yesterday. She said the letter went out the day (yesterday when I called). Too may people getting a letter, very suspicious. Definitely a stall.



    You are hysterical! I admire you keeping your sense of humor in the midst of all this tax madness 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    I don’t understand the whole post dated letter BS either. If you say you’re going to send me a letter next month, why not just send it now? Assclowns. 🤡

    I’m in Tulsa, call and tell them I will pick up your letter and mail it to you my damn self 😁😁😁


    Once again no damn letter has been sent out according to informed delivery. Why state a letter was sent out prior to me calling to check on my return and it still hasn’t shown up I mean is it coming in from the planet 🌏 of the apes 🦍 do I need to contact nasa 🚀 to fetch these damn letter. Austin TX ain’t nothing but 8 hours or so from OKC so what’s tha hold up bruh🥱


    You asked: What does processing date as of 3/9 mean??
    It means you’re not alone. I have the same thing, as well as a few other people.


    Same questions time and time again. Just wish some would take the initiative and scroll a little bit, before asking. And there’s a frequently asked questions section on the side bar..the one with the question mark.


    What does processing date as of 3/9 mean??


    I got the 4464C last year and it was a mess. Kept getting “under review, wait another 60 days” notices. I was ill and my income had dropped drastically. I made a small error on my return and instead of adjusting it, the IRS stalled my refund until NOVEMBER. Praying this year things go smoothly as they always have.


    I’m in the same boat was accepted on 1/27 received letter 2/13 I have a processing date of 3/2. I also have the date as of 3/9. Do you know what that date is for. The irs not giving me any info except it’s being reviewed and wait 60 days.


    Mine was accepted 2/5, received my letter last week with a date of 2/19. Still no DDD. It is so frustrating! It would be nice if they would move a little quicker.


    Processing date 02/24 and sht still hasn’t moved. 570 code since 2/24. No update on anything. Letter 4464C received 2/24 but dated 2/19. Filed 01/23 accepted 01/27. I have a “AS OF DATE” 03/09/2020 still nothing.


    My processing date is 2/24/20 and I still am waiting for the refund . Lol I can’t even deal with the dates because even in my transcript it says 2/24 and no movement as of that

    Plain Jane

    @Von I sure will!!


    I’m in the same boat. I had a processing date of 3/2 and still no update. Let me know if you come up with something


    @sesylie it is very frustrating because we work so hard just so that this happens. I am just like it didnt take this long and thats that the government shutdown last year and I still got it within 30 days of filing


    @VFR this is becoming absolutely ridiculous. I keep telling myself that “maybe it’s just updating” but I’m starting to think I’m not gonna be that lucky 🙄 it’s all very frustrating.


    @sesylie I am having the same issue. This morning it says that the information doesnt match what we have on file. I even rethought for a second if I was writing the correct social even took out my ss card and everything is correct. What the heck


    Same problem as most everyone else. Filed and accepted 2/5, received letter 2/29 that was dated for 2/19, bars disappeared and still processing for weeks now. This morning I checked to see if I was one of the lucky ones with a DDD and now it keeps telling me “information doesn’t match what we have on file” 🤨 I checked and rechecked before submitting again and still the same thing. Is anyone else having this problem??



    AGREED! Excellent idea.


    IRS website should revise their “where’s my refund” link to “where’s my letter”. A WML tracker. This year it’s fewer refunds coming and more letters out.


    Nope. No update for me. Got letter 2/27, WMR still processing. Transcripts still show 570 with a processing date of 3/16. ☹☹☹

    Plain Jane

    @Jacc nope….I’m still stuck at refund is being processed…smh
    Filed the 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    Lost bars 02/09
    Recieved ltr 4464c dated for 02/13…
    Being processed every since


    Anybody updated today at WMR


    I got my 4464c letter dated 2/14 and still mine is saying being processed filed on Jan/11 was accepted Jan 27

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