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01/01/2015 05:26 AM Mary @tramainelTeague I know they make a mad push to get done with the prior years returns, but I know there were still ppl waiting after the new season started.
01/01/2015 06:27 AM lilred44 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
01/01/2015 06:45 AM brakeman @lilred44: me
01/01/2015 07:28 AM Ranger23 Happy New Year Everyone. Been gone almost a whole year. Missed everyone. So sorry for lack of posts. Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and Ready for a brand new year!! :) How is everyone?
01/01/2015 10:11 AM GQ please can anyone help me out with deposit news, can i file into my mom's account? because i did last year dont know if there is deposit law change. BECAUSE I HEARD I CAN STILL USE IT.
01/01/2015 10:43 AM chae22 Any news on whether or not form 8863 for the education credits will delay processing like last year???
01/01/2015 02:00 PM Gen @Mary: I hope after they come back I'll see a positive change. So far nothing on transcript. Happy New Year everyone
01/01/2015 03:11 PM Been Blessed @Ranger23: Awesome, yep the praying starts again.. I wonder where Ray went, have you heard anything from him, I guess this website was getting additive and stressing after the IRS took so long. happy New Years everyone, if you have questions I will do my best to help ya, I have been through it all ....
01/01/2015 03:55 PM Been Blessed @GQ:
01/01/2015 03:56 PM Been Blessed @GQ: Only if it is a Joint Account with your name on it as well..
01/01/2015 04:16 PM MSRazorbackPhD @GQ: actually it depends on the bank. Technically your name is supposed to be on the account, but some banks are not that technical. The best thing to do is have your mom contact her bank and see if they still allow deposits from non-account holders.
01/01/2015 04:39 PM lilred44 I read that the irs isn't allowing deposits into accounts if the name doesn't match the bank account this year.
01/01/2015 04:45 PM Your Name @lilred44: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Direct-Deposit-Limits
01/01/2015 04:46 PM Mary http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Direct-Deposit-Limits
01/01/2015 04:55 PM MSRazorbackPhD This is more of a banking issue over the IRS. I understand limiting how many/much can be placed in one account/debit cards, but this is still left to the descrition of the bank/banker. Now to be safe...I would just open any "dummy" with my name on it
01/01/2015 04:57 PM MSRazorbackPhD Any "dummy" account. I apologize!
01/01/2015 05:00 PM Mary I have been telling everyone to just make sure your name is on the account, just to be on the safe side.
01/01/2015 05:06 PM MSRazorbackPhD @Mary: I agree with 1,000,000%. As a former banker...I have seen and know a few things about the inside. In certain situations, it always helps to know your tellers. Especially your head teller ;-).
01/01/2015 05:32 PM Mary I bank with a very small town bank and have for years I know all the tellers loan officers everybody who works there, and I still would put my name on an account, just to be safe
01/01/2015 06:11 PM MSRazorbackPhD @Mary: I concur. I think it is hard for some of us, not you or me, to fathom that some folks just can't get an account. For those who can't...it is extremely important for them to build up a very positive relationship with the front staff. It really counts! I just hope Gen gets it taking care of prior to filing his/her taxes.
01/01/2015 07:10 PM lilred44 @Your Name: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Refund-Returns
01/01/2015 08:02 PM SunriseTAXvia America Tax Office @chae22: There is no delay this year only if you have a Lifetime Leaner account that won't be processed unil the 7th of Febuary
01/01/2015 08:20 PM Nikki Happy new year everyone..and question does everyone agree last years refunds hit within 5-6 days after being accepted? Wonder if they will be depositing as quickly this year...
01/01/2015 08:37 PM Country2015 Will a delay for refund happen if I got a offset on my State Taxes? if so how long of a delay?
01/01/2015 08:40 PM MSRazorbackPhD @Nikki: I wish, lol. It took us several months, but I do miss those years of quick deposits. Maybe this year, KMFX!
01/01/2015 08:41 PM MSRazorbackPhD @Country2015: Normally, it should not.
01/01/2015 08:57 PM Your Name @MSRazerbacktPhD -the amount I owe to state exceeds my state refund which means they will have to take small portion of my fed to pay it off. so that wouldnt cause a delay?
01/01/2015 09:16 PM Willy @SunriseTAXvia America Tax Office: Where did you hear that there will be delays with the Lifetime Learning Credit? I haven't seen this anywhere.
01/01/2015 09:24 PM MSRazorbackPhD @Your Name: from past experience it deposited on the date it stated. It showed on the WMR website that it was reduced.
01/01/2015 09:53 PM chae22 Hey how do you guys know when Turbo tax is submitting returns?? What is the January 5th date ppl keep talking about? I use Tax act so how do I know when certain forms are available?
01/01/2015 09:57 PM 1coldmama @chae22: 1/5 is when certain forms will be available and 1/15 was the in theory date that TT will start submitting. This info shows up when you get to then end the "review your return" section on TT
01/01/2015 10:27 PM Willy Has anyone else heard this rumor that returns with Education Credits, like the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit, are delayed until February 7th??? I have not seen it anywhere, but the rumor has apparently already started.
01/01/2015 10:47 PM Mary @Willy: I have search the IRS.gov site and I haven't seen where there is a delay on any forms or credits, but if I find out any different I will post here
01/01/2015 11:23 PM Willy @Mary: Thank you! I did some research as well and I haven't seen reports of delays for any forms. So I'm assuming the person who posted it does not know exactly what they are talking about.
01/01/2015 11:28 PM Mary @WILLY Sometimes ppl will read articles that are old and just assume they are new happens all the time just keep checking here we work very hard to give everyone the most up to date information available.
01/02/2015 12:46 AM Emmy Wow...can't believe it's this time of year already again. I felt like we all just got over going crazy last year...LOL...Hello Again all!!
01/02/2015 12:49 AM Emmy I am waiting for two W2's this year, boo. My company I am with processes through ADP. Has anyone else ever had to wait for a W2 from ADP?
01/02/2015 12:51 AM Emmy Nope...I was thinking the same! haha @Chris Williams:
01/02/2015 01:10 AM Takingmytime2015 Hey everybody! I viewed and waited for my refund with all of you last yr. I guess I'll post this yr. I filed late Jan last yr and waited for my return until late April I think last yr. I'm going to hold out until mid Feb I think this yr. I hope things are better this yr. I finished up my OIC last yr. Do y'all think I will process faster this yr.? Good luck everyone!
01/02/2015 01:40 AM MSRazorbackPhD @Emmy: nope...we tend to see it on ADP no later than the 2nd week of January. Been like that for 5 years. I do love the import from ADP with TT.
01/02/2015 01:44 AM lilred44 I dont see what the big deal is with Tax act. I did my return and compared it with TurboTax and I got a thousand less with taxact. I'm going with TurboTax again this year....
01/02/2015 01:44 AM MSRazorbackPhD @Takingmytime2015: OMG....OIC are a pain and a freaking rip-off. We just came off of one and our contact/agent said all is good. If NOT...I will call her directly.
01/02/2015 01:46 AM MSRazorbackPhD @lilred44: i think it is the cheaper prices. TT, HRB, TA & TS are about $7 off from one another for us.
01/02/2015 01:48 AM lilred44 @MSRazorbackPhD: I was reading on IGMR facebook people talking about getting alot more money back with TA. I just dont see it....lol
01/02/2015 02:22 AM mary @lilred44: I nearly choked when I saw how much ppl paid for these companies to do their taxes. Some paid over 300.00 dollars, no damn way I do my own I only paid 19.95 for the past couple of years.
01/02/2015 02:26 AM Your Name @Your Name: I was an avid HRB user until I figured out I could do them myself. Now i am saving 300 bucks a year....lol
01/02/2015 02:26 AM MSRazorbackPhD @lilred44: heck...I need to know what I am doing with TA software?! I would love to legally score a few more dollars. Back to the Bama vs Buckeyes game....am I the only one watching????
01/02/2015 02:28 AM Mary I use HRBLOCK online to file mine have for years.
01/02/2015 02:29 AM Your Name @MSRazorbackPhD: Exactly! I want to know myself! Lol
01/02/2015 02:30 AM Mary @MSRAZORBACKPhD Who are you going for Bama or Buckeyes? I don't watch much college, getting ready for the NFL playoffs GO COWBOYS!!