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If you didn’t receive your second stimulus payment or received less than expected, this is what the IRS says:

The IRS issued some direct deposit payments to accounts that may be closed or no longer active. Some checks were mailed to the wrong address if the IRS didn’t have your current address. You cannot change your bank account or mailing information with the IRS at this time and can claim the stimulus amount on your 2020 tax return. It will be called the Recovery Rebate Credit on the 2020 Form or 1040-SR. Discuss in our comment section below. Fact check here: if you didn’t receive your second stimulus or received the wrong amount. Source: IRS Press Release

What is IRS Payment Status 2?

If you are seeing Payment Status #2 on the Get My Payment (GMP) tool, it is a problem. Read more about Payment Status 2 here.

What is the GMP?

The GMP is the IRS Get My Payment tool to check the status of your stimulus payment.

When does IRS accept tax returns in 2021?

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on February 12, 2021.

When Can You File Taxes in 2021?

Most tax preparers will allow you to enter and submit your tax return beginning the first week of January 2021.  You don’t need to wait for the IRS to start accepting tax returns to start, but you must have the proper forms and paperwork. Some forms are not available until mid January and some even later.  When you submit your return before the IRS begins processing, it will sit in a “queue” and be held until the date that the IRS will officially accept tax returns.  If you e-file early and it sits in queue, your return may be sent to the IRS early in a test batch. This has resulted in early direct deposits in the past, but also major glitches because they are tests after all.

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?

2021 Refund Cycle Chart

The most recent tax refund cycle charts have already been published. The official IRS tax refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication and the IRS says the best way to check the status of your refund is using the Where’s My Refund tool. However, various websites with refund calendars for the 2021 tax season (2020 tax year) have been updated with 2021 direct deposit and check mailing dates.

When to Expect My Refund?

IRS Refund Schedule Charts typically show that early filers whose returns are accepted before the end of January can anticipate a tax refund direct deposit as early as the first week of February.  The day that IRS deposits refunds varies but we notice trends that help you determine the time and days WMR updates and when your tax return is processed.  This is an explanation and FAQ about when the IRS updates WMR and Transcripts.

The refund calendar by the College Investor is a good reference which has been updated for 2021 here:  When To Expect My Tax Refund.

Tax Topic 152     Daily vs. Weekly    Transcripts
Talk to a Human at the IRS     PATH Act Delay
Transaction Codes     State Refunds   
When Are Updates?

IRS Update Cycle for Transcripts and WMR

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What Others Are Saying

  1. WhyOWhy

    Voting is A waste of time and tree’s…!! Your vote don’t matter, let them choose for you! Remember electoral whats in play!!

  2. lalaland
    • Tax Preparer:
    • Fees:
      In Advance
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Bank or Prepaid:
      Credit Union
    • Child Tax Credit, 1099, W2
    • Weekly

    I just filed, but paid my fees in advance. No money for SBBT from me this year! My pathetic way of sticking it to the man. What a year this has already turned out to be!

  3. WhyOWhy

    Everyone knows if you voted or not and “who for” if your still waiting on 2019 refund or umm so called “stimulus” aka the buy out..

  4. texasmomof3

    @@nika911: OMG! My kids received 2 Netspend cards in the mail that they didn’t order. scammers are at a all time high. Hackers have gotten my identity from several different companies I do business with, target, Home Depot, my electric company, capital one. I gotten notices from all of them hackers accessed my info, I gotten credit karma alerts my info is on the dark web, scary and ridiculous, as these are trusted companies.

    Yes, y’all be Leary, I bank with Bank of America now and it was scary to see what happen to the folks that use their services for unemployment. Sad

  5. Justme

    Makes sense! Ive been noticing my postal carrier has been getting mail mixed up the last few months seriously, I’ve even called the postal service about it! Ive gotten other peoples mail more often and accidentally opened a piece.. They have brought a package to me (Which was mine) and handed me the mail and before they even left i said um this isn’t mine, he kind of grunted but took it back. My postal person never made so many mistakes before.. really makes you wonder! Ive had in the past 2 weeks, informed delivery saying more mail pieces than what I’ve got, Thats why I called!!

  6. Sue

    @Tiredofhearingit: That is exactly what the IRS told me today!!! She said they were actually still mailing them out and will be done by the 25th. She also said that if I didn’t get it by the first then file a form 8888 Very frustrating

  7. Irritated

    IMPORTANT!!!!! Please Read!!!!!!!!! Here in WI a post office has a bin full of stimulus checks that was misplaced be postal carriers. My sister had mail date 1/6 and informed delivery said she was getting it on 1/11. It never showed up in her mailbox. After speaking to her regular post man he told about postal carriers misplacing checks and stimulus checks that went to wrong address were sitting at a post office waiting to be sent back to IRS. Post office gave her stimulus check today!!!!!!! Go check the post office

  8. @nika911

    be carefull ALLLLLL.. my google just alerted my its trying to get accessed by someon in russia. im in va smfh wish this all goes away but i Know better/ yawll make sure yawls passwords are secured. don twish thsi crap on nobody especially unemployment fraud , yea got me twice and they still trying smh i know off topic but its an important topc and think it wont happen to u i did too. be safe

  9. Tiredofhearingit

    Thank you so very much! Prayers to you and your family also. I have 2 children and I know its hard on a lot of people, everyone has their own situations. I hope the best for you and everyone else. My husband does have a job still which we are very grateful but this is the first time ever we fell a few house pmts behind and property taxes are now due. I really hope the best for everyone through all of this. I just cannot believe irs having all of these issues during such a time in need for many when the first round went for the most part, smooth.

  10. @nika911

    got a letter yesterday talkin about a interest form for when i filed last year lol 40.00 i dont even rememebr if my return was an extra 40,.00 they a little behind arent they were my stimulus tho. lol

  11. texasmomof3


    You’re not alone, I how to laugh to keep from crying, my daughter had me laughing last night after I was frustrated and pre occupied from
    being on hold for almost 5 hours to speak to an agent at the treasury.

    I put off cooking dinner for my little girl for so long dealing with that call, my tired and pregnant daughter that worked all day, cooked dinner for us and made me laugh in the process with her jokes of how ridiculous I look waiting on a five call to talk to a rep.

    I send prayers for you, me and all of us for an immediate break through. I know there is light at the end of what seems like a long and never ending dark tunnel. God Bless.

  12. Tiredofhearingit

    Yea and when you live at the same address for 20+ years bank info the same the “hiccups” shouldn’t be happening!!!

  13. AlreadyFiledbcThatsHowBrokeIam

    Nothing for me today guys. I called the IRS. No luck. No new info. I had a closed bank account and the IRS site states it was deposited to that account on 1/4. Nothing arriving on Informed Delivery. I give up. A little backed in bills due to Covid job loss but I’ve been managing for nearly a year & I’m communicating with my creditors. Just gonna keep hope alive until something arrives. This site is very helpful in managing the stress that comes when dealing with these situations so I appreciate the engagement (even though there are so many different theories & opinions on how things work with the IRS) which is understandable bc every taxpayers situation is unique but the govt should be way more transparent than this. I have visited this forum for a few years and EVERY year there has been an issue within the tax process. I understand hiccups in issuing refund of millions of taxpayers due to verification or whatever but IMO there shouldn’t be an issue with receiving Economic Relief, whether a taxpayer has a closed bank account, Tax Prep errors, changed address, unique situations, or whatever the case may be. Economic Relief is supposed to be quick resolve and relief.
    *Vent session complete.

  14. spicecd
    • Tax Preparer:
    • Fees:
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit, W2
    • Daily

    @Mel: I filed and am waiting for an acceptance. If it’s anything like the previous years, they may test batch a couple of/few weeks prior to the official IRS start date of 2/12/21.

  15. Tiredofhearingit

    The thing is, first the irs says hey you’ll get a second stimulus, we have to have them out by Jan 15, oops now we have all these issues so give it an extra 3-4-5 weeks to guess and see if you get it and than pushes the date out for filing taxes but yet they claim they know the people really really need this and to boost the economy! Now this just makes for sure everyone has to wait to file taxes and not to mention we are all being cut back to only having 2 months to get this done or have to pay the fee for an extension! No one can be that gullible to believe the irs had issues updating their systems! Really?? ITS THE IRS!!!! Took the only hours to find people that were involved with the white house fiasco … sorry dont believe the whole “glitch” thing!

  16. Mbry0625
    • Tax Preparer:
    • Fees:
      From Refund
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Date Accepted:
    • Bank or Prepaid:
      TurboTax GD
    • WMR Bars:
      2nd Bar
    • Date Approved:
    • WMR Date:
    • Direct Deposit Date:
    • Additional Child Tax Credit, W2
    • TC 846, Weekly

    @MelissainFlorida: the account does?

  17. honeycutt

    @Just wanna kno: Hey i checked the mail it’s just a 1099-INT form to file with my taxes. I had an issue with that last year and didn’t receive it until July and i guess they are giving me back 50.00 of accumulated interest. i was hoping it was something regarding stimulus. Hopefully we’ll receive something soon