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01/01/2017 05:48 AM On the IRS website is states that if you are in the February 15 group of ppl. They won't hit debit cards or bank accounts until February 27 at the earliest
01/01/2017 10:13 AM @jemar707: Hello!! Guys Im back for another year and guess what?? Im engaged!! Anyway, I just barely made the mark for head of household since we are marrying THIS MONTH lol. But due to refunds being delayed, I bit the bullet and got one of those Jackson Hewitt loans.... The refunds are a little too far away. I guess I'll take my w2 in and get the rest... Didnt really want to do that but.... Hey...
01/01/2017 10:15 AM OhioGirl626 Hello!! Guys Im back for another year and guess what?? Im engaged!! Anyway, I just barely made the mark for head of household since we are marrying THIS MONTH lol. But due to refunds being delayed, I bit the bullet and got one of those Jackson Hewitt loans…. The refunds are a little too far away. I guess I’ll take my w2 in and get the rest… Didnt really want to do that but…. Hey…
01/01/2017 03:06 PM @Anonymous: taxact.com
01/01/2017 03:59 PM anon2017 @Anonymous: I hope they take the arrears and give it to his first family. Happy 2017!
01/01/2017 04:24 PM rtbartonie Hey Group! I'm back for another year of fun. I am still waiting on an amended return, from Feb 2016:/ I notice the new laws put us with no refunds until late Feb early March. I wonder how late they will actually be this year.... Also, started a new job this year which may slow things down with verification, other than that I am hoping for smooth sailing. The last three years in this forum have taken us all for a wild ride!
01/01/2017 04:45 PM MassageMama So it begins!!!!' Hello everyone!!
01/01/2017 04:50 PM firstjustme I am curious to see what happens with the Feb. 15 law. The IRS site says they will process them normally, so go ahead and file but they cannot release money before the 15th.
01/01/2017 07:06 PM winning mom Hello everyone!! Happy New Year!! Here's to looking for a smooth, fast refund for all! (After Feb. 15th of course)
01/01/2017 07:41 PM winning mom @lori1985: So, are we with eic, child tax credit, etc. waiting till after Feb 15 to file? Or ya think we should just bite the bullet and file opening day and wait..wait..wait? Augh, a New Year and they throw us a curve ball. Lol
01/01/2017 09:05 PM momdukes @jemar707: Yassssss!!! I remember my first year here too! Remember the year when we were all doing the Nae Nae all tax season long?? I miss you guys. I'm glad to be back!
01/02/2017 03:11 AM Mommy_3 @momdukes: Lol and "The Tax Line Bling" last year?
01/02/2017 05:48 AM Lynne0716 welp I hope everyone is ready to start tax season
01/02/2017 06:03 AM Lynne0716 FYI most people claiming the EIC aren't expected to receive a refund until the week of February 27th. I'm not filing earlier than the 20th this year
01/02/2017 07:45 AM So here we are... Another year of stress. I know under the new law all returns with EITC are automatically held until Feb 15. But here is my question? Will those returns with EITC be scrutinized even harder than in the past or will processing be normal but the refund held until Feb 15? Or will they take eztra time to process early filers only and anyone filing after Feb 15 go through the process easier? Thanks
01/02/2017 08:02 AM wade123 @Lynne0716: The time line is ok. its only a couple weeks longer than past years. what I am wondering is if there are any extra audits being done or if they are processed like normal but just held for release until Feb 15?
01/02/2017 08:08 AM Lynne0716 @wade123: my guess is the first few will be audited that's why I'm waiting. Some people are aware of the hold and are deciding to file early anyways
01/02/2017 09:05 AM WhersourRefund Hey alll
01/02/2017 09:06 AM WhersourRefund It's almost time to get to the $$$$ I got the keys keys keys lol
01/02/2017 12:27 PM lori1985 @wade123: I don't think EIC/CC people are being "audited", just held so they can be looked at more thoroughly and to catch those who lie about dependents in order to get EIC. Thank those people who make up dependents or claim their kids when their ex is also claiming them for this. Last year a lot of people had to fax in proof that their children were theirs, so make sure you have your kids birth certificates and/or adoption papers handy so that you don't have to wait on getting those items.
01/02/2017 12:48 PM Lynne0716 @lori1985: that's fair. Alot of people are claiming different kids every year and alot of people allow different people to claim their kids. Cracking down on fraudulent activity
01/02/2017 01:01 PM LynnE Now I'm signed in
01/02/2017 01:40 PM iJustWantMyMoney I emailed Admin about a week ago about my inability to post on the FB page. I'm assuming I've been locked out. My FB was hacked so lord only knows what was posted there for me to be on the 'black list'. Can someone help please, I can't survive a tax season without IGMR :(
01/02/2017 02:37 PM Happy new year, everyone! I've been with my boyfriend for 8 years. I've always worked, but took this year off to go to school. I have one daughter that lives with us full time. I know my daughter wouldn't qualify for EITC, however, can my boyfriend claim both of us as dependants since I had no income last year? Also, nobody else can claim my daughter as her father is not in the picture. Thank you.
01/02/2017 02:49 PM @OhioGirl626: How does that work? I have never done one.
01/02/2017 03:05 PM LynnE @Anonymous: not sure he may but they're cracking down on eitc this year
01/02/2017 03:50 PM OhioGirl626 @Anonymous: I was very worried that I wouldnt be approved for it but there was no credit check. All i took was forms of ID, my kids ssn and a check stub. Took about 15 mins and initially you get between 200-400 with only your check stub. Then when you bring in your w2 and file you the rest of what they approve you for.
01/02/2017 03:53 PM Justhere4$ Taxes filed. Here we go again.
01/02/2017 04:18 PM @ anonymous has your boyfriend file your child before
01/02/2017 04:37 PM angiesview101 @Anonymous: its all the same to me. I filed and qualify or EITC and they just check yto make sure everything is legit!!!! Once that SSN is in everything is verified and match with you ID and filing status and gross annual income because of these minimal wage increase.
01/02/2017 04:38 PM angiesview101 @lori1985: if you don't have kids don't go through the hassle of claiming that you do!!!
01/02/2017 06:34 PM TouchDownSeahawks Happy New Year, Everyone. I Filed, been approved and just got my money !!!!! Just Kidding.... Sorry, i just wanted to be the first one. Ya know, get it out of the way.
01/02/2017 07:03 PM LynnE @TouchDownSeahawks: I was believed it until I read the rest lol
01/02/2017 07:19 PM DebMom Well that answers that lol. Guess I will be waiting a until March or so to enjoy my last EITC refund. C'est la vie. Will I get my refund on Feb. 15? While the IRS will begin to issue EITC/ACTC refunds starting Feb. 15, you should not count on actually seeing your refund until the week of Feb. 27 -- if you chose direct deposit or a debit card and there are no processing issues with your tax return.
01/02/2017 07:47 PM Tia Hellos everyone. Looks like it's about that time of year again. From what I hear there is going to be quite a wait.
01/02/2017 08:23 PM Janet Hi everyone. Looks like we are all in for a long wait this tax season! Sigh...oh well at least we have this site!
01/02/2017 09:08 PM Janet Can a tax advocate help if student loans has offset on a refund if it will cause a family hardship?
01/02/2017 10:25 PM jasvan70 Hi all! Are y'all ready lol?
01/02/2017 10:27 PM jasvan70 @momdukes: hi momdukes! Hi Jemar!
01/02/2017 11:44 PM wade123 @Lynne0716: I will also wait until Feb 16 to file. My daughter is 7 now and I have been claiming her for 6 years. Never had a problem. Same house same job very little change in income. I can easily hamdle an audit or extra questions, I just dont want to the hastle. Along with a delay that could be months to get a refund. So I am hoping by waiting until Feb 16 I can go through a normal procesing and a normal 10-14 day refund. The only other concern I have is my company is natorious for not diling w2s with the IRS until the end of Feb or beginning of march. I get it ontime but they seem to always take their time getting them to the IRS. It has never been a problem before. My return has always been processed even while the IRS is awaiting my w2. But the new deadline concerns me. Will this delay my refund or is it limited to those with the new verification code?
01/02/2017 11:52 PM lilred44 I think people who've claimed the same dependents over the years won't have an issue. People who haven't claimed any and do this year, will be looked over. I've claimed the same dependents for the last 12 years. No issues.
01/03/2017 02:31 AM wade123 Will the IRS hold ALL EITC refunds or just the ones filed early or before Feb 15?
01/03/2017 03:01 AM LynnE @lilred44: sounds right
01/03/2017 03:06 AM LynnE @wade123: I doubt our refund will be delayed longer than the timeframe expected
01/03/2017 03:20 AM Happy new year everyone! I wanted to know due to the fact I changed my name back to my maiden name and my kids that I claim on my taxes is under my married name due to the fact last name not matching will this affect my tax refund
01/03/2017 04:28 AM @JANET I don't believe a TA can help with student loans, but you can contact them directly and ask for help
01/03/2017 08:41 AM @wade123: i want to know that also if we wait till the 15 to file are we ok cause we not filing early
01/03/2017 09:20 AM Coco I used TurboTax for the past 6 tax seasons. Theirs is the best to me. Kinda sad about the delay. I usually get my return the day before or day if my birthday every year. But hey, it is what it is. I think I'm going to file on Monday or Tuesday. They say they are holding returns until the 15, just in case they get processed I want to be in the somewhat early batch.
01/03/2017 09:56 AM @wade123: If you go to the IRS website it states all returns till February 15th, claiming EITC . I'm just hoping it's not going to be a nightmare like it was last year with the health insurance. Last year I had to wait four weeks to even get the letter of what I needed to fax over. I have everything ready in case they do the "proof " of dependents and will be ready to fax!!! Ugh
01/03/2017 10:18 AM If you file your taxes after feb 15 they will not be a delay