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06/06/2021 05:04 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Reminder: It is a violation of our commenting policy to impersonate another person. This INCLUDES switching your name just to make another comment so it doesn’t look like you, and then switching back... EDIT: or switching from day to day. Pick one and stick with it please.
02/28/2021 06:28 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Although the main feed normally is dominated by federal tax refunds, we also have state (and other forums) too.
04/16/2021 04:54 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? We upgraded our servers this year to keep us online! Donate and Get Your Superstar Badge to help support IGMR. is a website created by a refund hunting taxpayer just like you and needs your help. Our moderators and admins volunteer their time out of the kindness of their hearts ❤️. Countless hours go into support and development of this site and we want to give you the best site to use. We are fueled by excessive amounts of caffeine and karma for helping bring users together to share information. Even small donations are tremendous. We appreciate your help and contributions are used for site development. You can securely donate through PayPal or with a credit/debit card. Click here to use Paypal and Donate to IGMR A New Option to Donate is by using CashApp. Our $Cashtag is $igmr. Use this IGMR link code to get started and Get ? $5 the first time you send money. **If you already donated with $CashApp, please email admin your $Cashtag so we can give you your star!**
02/12/2021 08:56 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Badges Have Been Updated for the New Year! Read more here how to get your 2021 Superstar & Top Contributor Badge badges
02/12/2021 02:56 PM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Meet Bob. Bob uses capital letters appropriately. Bob also uses lower case letters. Be more like Bob. From How We Moderate Comments: ALL CAPS writing is tantamount to yelling; do you really want to shout at the thousands of users who regularly use our site and likely in a similar position as you?
12/31/2021 08:13 AM IGMR Admin These are comments from 2021. Try a search for a username or keyword. To search current year comments go here: Current Year Comments Search
01/21/2021 10:18 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Reminder: Pick a user name and stick to it. To change your name is to make our jobs harder. We can see from behind that you pick a new name every few days. Please stop.
03/10/2021 11:03 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? FUN FACTS ABOUT DAILY & WEEKLY ACCOUNTS (that we know from your cousin’s sister’s best friend’s uncle/daddy. Or, from reading the IRM.) -New cycle codes are generated each year, based on several different factors. -Cycle codes are related to the day transactions post to the IMF. -Posting to the IMF does NOT mean updating on the Transcript or WMR. -Whether you were daily or weekly last year will not, with certainty, mean you are daily or weekly this year. However, it can be a clue. -Cycle codes ending in 01, 02, 03, 04 are absolutely daily accounts. -Transactions on accounts ending in 01, 02, 03, 04 can post to the IMF on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. -Cycle code ending in 05 can be either daily OR weekly. -Transactions on weekly accounts ending in 05 can post to the IMF ONLY on Thursday. -Transactions on daily accounts ending in 05 can post to the IMF on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. -On a transcript, some transactions you can see, some you can’t. The IRS doesn’t show their whole hand. -When transactions occur and post to your account on the IMF, MOST times you can see the transaction on your transcript the following day (transaction codes, like 570, 846, etc) and the WMR may update the next day (status updates, reference codes, deposit dates.) -If your cycle code ends in 05, there is just about no way to know with certainty that you are either daily or weekly, unless you filed with an IP Pin (weeklies for sure) or someone from the IRS tells you. Good luck with that, you’d probably be told the wrong thing anyway by a rep. Hell, you might even get the wrong info from a Tax Advocate. -If your cycle code ends in 05 you can only use clues to guess if you are daily or weekly. -Dailies with an 05 and weeklies with an 05 just so happen to be posting together. They “share the day”, if you will. -An easy way to remember the cycle of how things post and update is this: Transaction Posts to the IMF on a day, the following day depending on the type of transaction...transcript might update, the following day...depending on the type of transaction that occurred, the WMR might update. -If you updated on Saturday the 16th, it is likely you are a daily who shares the day with weeklies who didn’t update. This is disputed by many, but is the only thing that makes sense.
02/22/2021 02:31 PM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? When I see our longtime users acting up, I know shit is crazy. But we can’t tolerate people treating each other without civility and respect. To might be a longtime user, but I also have a timeout corner which I’ll put y’all in if you can’t follow (the few) rules we set. If anything, we expect MORE of our longtime users, it sure doesn’t give you a license to act a fool. ~Momma Bear
02/21/2021 12:28 PM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? How we moderate comments is not up for discussion, and comments about removed comments will also be moderated. Sometimes we delete an entire conversation, you might just be a bystander. If you have questions or comments about how comments are this If you still have a question, email admin. The links are under the comment box.