What days of the week does IRS process deposits?

What we have found so far: There has been mention that this year IRS will process direct deposits daily, excluding SUNDAYS. So depending on your financial institutions posting policies, taxpayers may see deposits on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday. IRS Refund Cycle Update: You can usually estimate when you’ll get your IRS refund … Read more

When is Where’s My Refund Available?

IRS Where’s My Refund tool is scheduled to be available when the floodgates open for taxpayers each year around the third week of the year. We closely watch when the tool is working and when it isn’t because it seems to have a downtime pattern. The IRS has posted information about the WMR tool’s availability … Read more

January 22nd or January 30th?

Great News – My taxes are done.  Conflicting info already being passed down through the refund grapevine:  when does the IRS begin processing returns?  Well, I like to walk on the wild side, play with fire and the like; so, of course as soon as the forms were available through TurboTax today, I filed my return. … Read more


The following information was extracted from the IRS Publication 1437 dated December 2012: IRS acknowledges each transmission of electronic return data. A return can be acknowledged (ACK) as accepted, even though it has not been through any mathematical verification. There are two types of ACK files: the Transmission ACK File and the Validation ACK File. … Read more