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IRS Update Cycle for Transcripts and WMR

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Is there an update today?

Is there an update today? When does the WMR Update? When do transcripts update? The IRS update cycle can be confusing. When does the WMR update?  When do transcripts update? What day are updates? What time are updates? These are questions that can have multiple answers depending on who you ask and what you are looking for. Below are all the answers to your questions about when and how the IRS updates.

According to the IRS, an update can happen any day of the week or any time of the day, but usually only once per day. Acceptances are usually quick and can be within minutes of when you file your tax return and at any time of the day.  They are talking about the WMR specifically and will say there is no IRS update Cycle.

But…diving a bit deeper, there is a pattern. There is an IRS Update cycle for Transcript Codes and WMR Approvals. They can happen every day of the week and at all hours of the day, but it depends on what you are looking for.

Update Questions

Below are the answers to all your questions. Or, join the live discussion here.

When does the WMR and Transcript update?

Anyday, anytime. But, there are 4 days that are “mass” updates. We explain this below.

What is a mass update?

It is a day when a lot of IRS Transcripts or the WMR is updated.

When are mass updates?

For daily accounts, there are 4 days per week that you can expect mass updates. Some are mass updates for Transcripts and others are mass updates for WMR. For weekly accounts, there are 2 days per week that you can expect mass updates.

What is “Weekly” or “Daily”?

Your IRS Account is identified as either being updated weekly or daily.  Cycle codes ending in 01, 02, 03, 04 are daily accounts.  Cycle codes ending in 05 are weekly accounts, but in some cases, they may be daily.

Why does daily or weekly matter?

It doesn’t really. However, people use it to check what day they should expect updates on Transcripts or WMR.

How do I know if I am a Weekly or Daily?

Look at the last 2 digits of your Cycle Code?  If it ends in 01, 02, 03, 04 transactions post to our IMF account daily except weekends.  If it ends in 05, you could be weekly or daily.  For weekly accounts, transactions are posted to the IMF account only once weekly.

What is a Cycle Code?

It is an 8 digit sequence of numbers such as 20190405.

What does a Cycle Code mean?

It indicates when your account posts to the master file. It is NOT a calendar date, but can be translated to a date.

Where is my Cycle Code?

Your cycle code can be found on your “Account Transcript”.

How do I translate my Cycle Code?

Use an IRS Posting Calendar. Or make it easy and look at the IGMR IRS Cycle Chart. Check out the 2020 IRS Cycle Code and What Posting Cycles Dates Mean.

Why do I need my cycle code?

You really don’t. But, you can use the last 2 digits of your cycle code to see if your account is Weekly or Daily.

What do the last 2 digits of the cycle code mean?

Cycle Code Ending in 01= Friday
Cycle Code Ending in 02= Monday
Cycle Code Ending in 03= Tuesday
Cycle Code Ending in 04= Wednesday
Cycle Code Ending in 05= Thursday

When do Daily Accounts update?


When do Weekly Accounts update?


What day do Transcripts update?

Transcripts can update any day of the week. However, mass updates on daily accounts are usually Tuesday; and mass updates on weekly accounts are usually Friday.

What day does the WMR update?

The WMR can update any day of the week. However, mass updates on daily account are usually Wednesday; and mass updates on weekly accounts are usually Saturday.

What time are updates?

The WMR and Transcripts can update anytime throughout the day. However, mass updates occur overnight between midnight and 3 am.

Update Cycle

IRS update cycle

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