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12/15/2020 05:20 AM Sheila_33 @Ninastarsos: No, its not considered an amended return. They need the information from the 8962 to verify the tax credit. Since it has to be manually done, it will take longer to process. The Wmr did a refresh of the system over the weekend and most likely that is why a lot of peoples bars came back.
12/15/2020 05:23 AM Sheila_33 @Amy19: The 12/18 is the date the deposit/check has to be made by. So, fingers crossed, you'll see a check in the next week.
12/15/2020 06:26 AM AIntmybusinessbut... Two weeks ago the irs was ordered to process returns that were filed correctly before March 31st that ended up in the aqc department or exams. Not everyone can see bars so if that’s the case there is no system refresh yet, that will occur 12/19 or 12/26 Even the returns that has been paid out will be reset to 1 bar not just people that once had the path act message, I’m sure that’s the case. I tried to remain quiet but this is the wrong time of year to steal someone’s joy. If u are a Pather waiting to be paid out and the return went to exam just keep checking and don’t file so early next time. And only diy’s get sent to examinations and AQC. Stay woke...
12/15/2020 06:44 AM Ninastarsos Thanks...checked wmr this morning and now i have to put in her new refund amount to show status....still on 1st bar but at least i know they updated it and have received her form....thank goodness hopefully she gets a ddd soon
12/15/2020 06:57 AM Amy19 @Sheila_33: I guess I should not have assumed the amend refund process was the same as the regular refund. I thought the 846 12/14 date was the DD date. Isn't that the normal refund way? Hopefully the refund is here this month. I am thankful to finally have the 846. Thanks again.
12/15/2020 08:32 AM Stressedout2019 @AIntmybusinessbut...: I didn’t file early but was still audited for EIC. Have been in audit since March/2020. Had the same bland message until last Saturday it updated to a bar. I’m not hopeful at all because I was told this is probably a system refresh. But just because some of us are getting audited do not mean we a all filing early. Thanks
12/15/2020 10:02 AM Aintmybusinessbut... @Stressedout2019: never said u got audited just because u filed early, or if u file early u get audited; when u file early u are more likely to get chosen for an examination whole purpose for the path act ...I've only seen a couple of people on here saying bars returned and that's solely not enough to assume it's a system refresh so I'm willing to bet these were also returns filed at the beginning of the season. A glitch perhaps but highly unlikely---anyone needing to verify? Still has the still processing message, anyone due a refund but their wages are incorrectly reported---? Still Processing with TT152. Most people are under the same review time frame especially if they were Pathers and went into examination when the Path Act ended and have been waiting months, more so most exams end at the end of the year, simultaneously. So if accurate returns were filed or u have been under review all year they will put the return back into processing and allow it to be done in an automated fashion. Being so, your transcript does not reflect changes at the beginning of the process, but at the end of it, on Fridays. I ain't guessing. If anyone is a Pather and did not do what was requested then u won't update, that's a given.
12/15/2020 10:08 AM Sheila_33 @Aintmybusinessbut...: I disagree respectfully. Filing early isn't what causes exams. When that return is efiled and is sent thru the system, something flags it. It can be the wrong input of a social security number, missing information, change of address, etc. It has to be flagged by the system to not finish processing. For the last 5 of the last 6 years I have filed the first of January, and was processed by the end of January, sometimes even before the IRS officially opened, since they start processing the week before. I know because I can see my transcript in real time. The IRS encourages the public to file early, to avoid the chance of identity theft. The one year I was audited is because I had neglected to correct my address when I transferred information from my last return after I moved. As far as the system refresh, the bars for those that have had returns processed and received their refunds, will end up with no bars until their return is efiled and accepted the first part of the year. if your return has been put back into processing after an audit, and you can see your transcript online, you'll know you're moving again when that "as of" date starts moving again and pushes out to make sure that you are finished by that date and are issued a refund code. Not only diy's are sent into audit. I have know several people that have had their returns done by a reputable tax firm and have still ended up in audit. A tax firm goes by the information you give them and if that information is wrong, or the deductions are called into question, the system will flag it.