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01/16/2019 08:10 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? What happened last year with 9001?
01/16/2019 08:20 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Tax Topic 152
02/14/2019 02:32 PM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Read and share :) All the answers about updates:
02/15/2019 05:38 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Cycle code ending in 05 is usually an indication that your processing cycle happens weekly. There are however, some 05’s that process daily. For everyone...
02/15/2019 08:09 AM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Please try to answer basic questions if you see them, there are often newbies to the site. It seems some are being missed.
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02/17/2019 04:54 PM IGMR Admin Grapevine Announcement ? Share this please when there are questions about 152.
01/01/2023 04:49 AM Sheila_33 @Celina93: If it updated to that date last Friday, hopefully they cut a check that day and you might receive by the 3rd. Honestly depends on how quick they get things done considering the holidays and the postal service.
01/01/2023 04:49 AM Sheila_33 Happy New Year Everyone!
01/02/2023 07:49 PM Sharon. O Have they announced the official e-file opening date for the IRS yet
01/02/2023 09:27 PM Dewy Getting excited for the tax season..... can't wait to get all my forms as I had them hold extra as a sort of forced savings plan...
01/02/2023 09:56 PM Samiam Sheila- You have never steered me wrong. If i have back taxes do i need an advocate before or after I file?
01/03/2023 06:37 AM Sheila_33 @Samiam: You can ask for assistance and dispute the back taxes, but right now as far as getting one for this years filing, I don't believe they would look at your case until after they've taken it from the refund. Have you received a notice stating that its owed?
01/03/2023 06:43 AM jemar707 @Sharon. O: not yet! We will post at the top of the page as soon as we know. Right now our best guess is 1/24
01/03/2023 08:38 AM Samiam @Sheila_33: yes. And I cant figure out why. I do my taxes with a company always. Never myself.
01/03/2023 11:24 AM Sharon. O @jemar707: Thank you
01/03/2023 04:38 PM EarlyEarly Happy New Year All! Who as ready as I am, I don't think I've ever been this early ?
01/04/2023 06:42 AM DrBlute Waiting for 1/5/23 that’s when TurboTax will let me efile. I’m really hoping I get into test batch this year lol
01/04/2023 09:42 AM Gators352 Good Morning from the sunshine state Happy New year!!! Another tax season is on the horizon hope all goes well no delays I’m claiming it now no delays
01/04/2023 10:03 AM Junewessell0107 My husband owes back child support so they been taking it for years. We got married last year and if we file together they take mine to? Am I better off filing single or married filing separately? Any advice would be great. Thank yok
01/04/2023 11:51 AM celina93 @Sheila_33: ok awsome, yeah it updated last friday to 846 with the date of 1-3-23 so i figured they would send the check out on the third.
01/04/2023 11:53 AM helpmeplz @LoveMy3Munchkins: oh ok that makes sense, i know it said yes to state interception so i kinda of figured it would have been just the state refund they going to take. i wasnt sure if they irs would get intercepted aswell
01/04/2023 06:48 PM Charmingchick210 Happy 2023 everyone! Hoping for smooth filing year :)
01/04/2023 09:10 PM MO This year as usual I am using my Go to... Turbo Tax.. I however learned my lesson and paid my fees upfront so I didn't have the extra 9 day wait...
01/05/2023 05:35 AM Sheila_33 @Junewessel10107: If you choose to file separately, your tax rate may be higher but depending on the refund, it may not make a difference. If married, you definitely can't file single though. Most likely, if you file jointly, thay will take the refund for the child support, and the other option would be to file an injured spouse claim to retrieve the money that would have been due you.
01/05/2023 05:49 AM ChristinainDetroit @MO: what is the 9 day wait about?? I’m thinking about using Turbo Tax
01/05/2023 12:20 PM Mscp0284 @DrBlute: did TurboTax let you file yet?
01/05/2023 03:55 PM Gabi Hey everyone, have TurboTax always conducted a credit check for refunds advances? I don’t remember it being required previous years.
01/05/2023 11:16 PM Amendedreturn So on my amended return it got approved and it says 846 1-3-23 but that’s a Tuesday do they mail out checks on that day? Also how long after they mail it should I receive it?
01/06/2023 12:52 AM ChristinainDetroit @Gabi: I want to know the same thing
01/06/2023 01:15 AM SitBack&EnjoyTheIrsRide Hello all, Just wondering if you’ve heard of the IRS accepting anyone’s return yet for the test batches?? Yes, I realize it’s still early and not so much as a guaranteed opening date is set in stone but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask! Thank you in advance ?
01/06/2023 05:55 AM Sheila_33 Please make sure to double check those W-2's, if applicable, and direct deposit info to make sure you've got the correct information inputted for efile. Once you efile it, its harder to correct those on the return. As of this morning, some tax companies have started sending efiles to the IRS to sit in que until they are accepted later this month. Good luck everyone, I'm hoping this year is a much smoother and quicker year for all of you. :)
01/06/2023 07:49 AM Monee If I paid quarterly taxes last year will it already be in the irs system for my tax return?
01/06/2023 08:40 AM DrBlute @Mscp0284: yes as of yesterday 1:30pm I was able to file . So now I’m in the pending status for the irs to accept
01/06/2023 09:17 AM Gators352 @Amendedreturn: your direct deposit date if was going to your bank or card would’ve been in your account on 1/3/2023 IRS will or should mail it out today 1/6/23 you mail takes 5 to 20 business says excluding weekends
01/06/2023 09:18 AM Gators352 @Gators352: correction 5 to 10 business days
01/06/2023 09:20 AM Gators352 @Amendedreturn: correction 5 to 10 business days they should mail it out today 1/6/23 if you’re not having it deposited into you account
01/06/2023 09:32 AM Gators352 Good morning ☀️ from the sunshine state remember if you’re not planning on using a 3rd party file your returns free like Free Tax USA or any free tax service. If you are planning on using like turbo tax Liberty tax etc…pay your fees upfront so the treasury will deposit straight into your bank account and eliminate 3rd party (MIDDLEMAN) account PAY FEES UPFRONT GET YOUR REFUND QUICKLY!!!!
01/06/2023 10:10 AM ProDriver Happy New Year all. Is there any new or continued refund advantages we should be doing this year, like the look back option last year? Good to see you in here again Shelia!
01/06/2023 04:45 PM Junewessell0107 @Sheila_33: thank you. And didn’t mean to hit report comment. My phone is dumb sometimes and has a mind of its own
01/06/2023 05:45 PM Monee I filed an amended return and the cycle code ends with 01?! Could this be it? Could I finally be a daily!!! Probably not?
01/06/2023 08:59 PM MaryB Here is to another year... I just filed our returns (federal and state). We have some changes this year as we qualified for the EIC and ACTC so I anticipate delay associated with that. I would have opted out if that were an option (our income was lower because my husband took a voluntary leave of absence so it seems weird to get those credits).
01/06/2023 10:35 PM MelloDello53 Just filed return. Also saw test batch dated 17-22 January. Good luck to us all.
01/07/2023 08:37 AM Steven Just filled last night with my tax lady and already got 6k of my tax refund through there advance now time to sit and wait for the rest ? hope everyone has a good tax season
01/07/2023 01:48 PM BrownBrown30 Hey, I have a few questions hoping to get answered. First, would it effect the process of my filing if I use my last check stub?(I'm not receiving my W2 until after Jan 31st, smh. And I'm not waiting that long to file my taxes! ?... Also I'm planning on going to Jackson Hewitt this year, there's one in my area open on Sundays, is that a good day to file or should I wait another day in the week? Could I receive an advance from them on a Sunday do you guys know? Probably not, since it is Sunday! Lol.... Thanks in advance!! ?
01/07/2023 02:01 PM Jacobmos @Steven: highly doubt it.
01/07/2023 03:33 PM Martha Raye @Kira: The pause on payments continues until June. I would assume that applies to student loan garnishments..etc.
01/07/2023 03:40 PM LWBOSS Hey everyone, I just filed my federal with TurboTax, paid fees up front because I learned my lesson last year ? so I hope this year goes smooth for me and everyone else. So, my advice please pay your fees up front so you don't have to worry about where your money is and how long it will take to get to you. For example, I rather be broke by paying my fees now then staying broke when my taxes are due later because of the middle man in the door way ?.
01/07/2023 04:15 PM Walter DOG My daughter is 20 and She is enrolled at community college for GED classes and IRS ask if your daughter was a student for at least 5 months of the year does anyone know if that would count or regular college
01/07/2023 06:17 PM Mary @LWBOSS Yes yes so much better to pay upfront for sure, but I know it is difficult to come up the money sometimes.