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12/31/2017 08:44 PM Ashlie336 Their is definitely hope. It's the time they're taking is what's mind blowing for hard earned money. I should hear from my TA Tuesday so I'll let you know when I hear anything also the WMR website has been down I was told that was due to an major update and no matter what we should be about to see something here soon. So so many people has been audited and still waiting just seriously for filling early honestly. I'm just praying everything is completely resolved before the new season mysteriously starts
01/01/2018 01:36 PM Oh It's You Newman It's been a busy 12 months but here we are again and here we go!!!
01/01/2018 02:25 PM Amy. spence Looking forward to another tax refund. Hopefully all goes smooth this year. Only time I have ever had an issue was when I owed student loans even then my refund came time was just smaller than expected. Gl all!!!!!
01/01/2018 10:57 PM angiesview101 Happy New Year and Happy Refunding!!!!!!
01/02/2018 07:49 AM Ashlie336 Something has changed I no longer can log in on the WMR website so hopefully everything is going as planned. Did everyone's bars come back?
01/02/2018 09:08 AM Latina43 @Ashlie336: my bars came back on Dec, i havent check WMR im scared to check cuz im hearing lot of people saying they cant log in
01/02/2018 09:12 AM Latina43 Nop, i cant lig in on WMR page, so what we do now!! ?
01/02/2018 09:34 AM nc1990 per i got my refund page on facebook anyone who filed before july of last year will no longer be able to check wmr.
01/02/2018 09:34 AM nc1990 you have to call and speak to someone about ur refund
01/02/2018 11:06 AM StuckInStoweWithNoDough I got a packet from the IRS on Saturday with a small change they found that needed to be done to my refund- just had to sign paper agreeing to this change & mail back with a special paper attached to top of signed document to expedite the refund & check will be mailed to me- it said within 8 weeks but I am hoping east now I know it's coming! Such relief after such a long, long wait...I am hoping everyone else still waiting gets something soon, too! I think I will wait to file later than January this year- it seems most of us still waiting had filed early...So I can tell you all- it is coming!!!