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12/15/2021 01:23 AM Forever wait! The only thing that updated In the last 35 weeks is the as of date. It now says as of DEC 27. Also a code 290 additional tax assessed which shows $00.00. Just process already please!
12/15/2021 11:09 AM Buckey12 @MSRazorbackPhD: The odds of it being passed--let alone voted on before 12/28--are very slim at this point. At best, the vote would be 49-51 if held today (Manchin + all 50 Republicans). A few Democrats haven't committed to voting yes, but they haven't been as public with their comments as Senator Manchin. So, even 49 votes is on thin ice. The White House came out publically yesterday saying they have no intention of extending the current pause on student loan repayment--which is set to begin February 2022--let alone forgiving up to 50K on student loans that the far-left of his party want. The resumption of loan repayments--while meant to help get Manchin's support--won't be enough to save the vote on the the 1.75 trillion bill. Manchin is still eyeballiing an amount closer to 825 billion to 1.25 trillion. There is a Senate version out there in that price range, but it won't make it through the House, and we'll be right back to where we were. No bill.
12/15/2021 11:10 AM melwalkshere For whatever reason they're mailing my CTC this month (after DD every month prior). Did anyone get theirs mailed, and how long did it take?
12/15/2021 11:33 AM Whit How can I find out when my pending transaction will be on my card
12/15/2021 11:47 AM Amy19 Still no change here, as of date 10/4. Unreal.
12/15/2021 12:03 PM a paris2pretty i got a bar after like 10 months finally got a bar idk when it came but it’s new i ain’t checked for a week the first n checked me n my boyfriend actually has a bar
12/15/2021 01:41 PM Fartz @Buckey12: The latest I heard they are pushing back Senate consideration of the bill until as late as March.
12/15/2021 01:59 PM MrsStingel2016 So I've gotten my CTC every month, early using Chime, and nothing this month. I log into the website and it doesn't even say it's been processed yet like the others. Anybody else experience this?
12/15/2021 02:00 PM Cabinfevermom @Amy19: You and & I had the same as of dates, etc. Have you tried calling 866-682-7451x569 to get a nice rep? I called numerous times...sometimes 3 times in one day...eventually you will get the nice rep. You have to know about your refund to explain what you filed for. After i explained that i amended due to the unemployment exclusion making me eligible to receive EIC. If you were part of the 9/14 glitch, let them know you received those funds (for me, i said i received ctc part, but not the eic part). Let them know that is what you are waiting for....and they WILL adjust over the phone. The guy who helped me saw how many times i had called before and actually apologized for that poor customer service I had received prior. After he adjust it, he told me how many days it would take to see the change on my transcript (9), and just as he said...on the 9th day, the refund was on transcript for 12/17. Unfortunately, the portal did not update until the 10th day (12/12/21). Portal shows eligible to receive, but no payment processed or issued. Idk if it will....whatever! At least the refund is on its way after such a long waiting period. I do hope you get a nice rep that will process that refund like Godspeed. Good luck to you and everyone else! I hope my information helps someone-I come in peace-to disseminate information and occasionally vent-so don't come for me! Thank you!
12/15/2021 03:56 PM Jenna? I just verified my identity in person with the IRS . Does it really take 9weeks to receive. My refund?