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12/01/2018 09:19 AM Curious23 does anyone know when 2019 filing begins for 2018 tax year
12/04/2018 09:54 AM momdukes Momdukes checking in ahead of the season here! I’ve been working like a Hebrew slave, but how is everyone doing?? Ya’ll smell them W2’s in the slow cooker?? ?
12/05/2018 03:55 PM Sheila_33 @momdukes: Good to see ya. Seriously thinking I'm still going to file early again. If they're gonna audit me again, I would just as soon be at the front of the line, lol.
12/06/2018 01:13 PM Nika911 @momdukes: I'm still sit-in n waiting on 2017 so........ Lol who knows about 2018
12/06/2018 02:04 PM Nicole Stillllllll waiting on my refund. My exam started in June, they have been fighting me over child care expenses. Sent in proof of payment for every.single.payment in 2017, my TA hopes to have it finished next week. So maybe I will get it before Summer of 2019 lol.
12/06/2018 02:18 PM Joey The Moose I finally got my Notice CP87A after all this time. Been waiting since the beginning of tax season when I couldn’t efile cause my son’s mom claimed him as a dependent when she shouldn’t have. I paper filed also claiming him and waited. December they sent me the notice... it’s so late in the year! I can’t get anyone at the IRS to talk to me or answer any questions. They say they’ll only answer question about this form during the tax season. I can guarantee you they’re answering her questions tho!! She always gets her way :-(
12/07/2018 06:30 AM Irsblues I’m still,here just haven’t posted. Still no refund. Been in audit since this summer. I sent all My docs for EIC, head house and education credits on June 12, almost 6 months ago. Received a letter a month ago said I should expect to hear something by Nov 29 bug that has come and gone. Honestly believe that nothing will happen this year due to approaching holiday season with people taking off and those with loose or use leave. I had a TA over the summer but closed my case said I didn’t send paperwork when I know I did cause I had my fax transmittal as receipt. They can just give me both 2017 and 2018 at same time at this point,
12/07/2018 11:16 AM Nicole @Irsblues: I've had a lot of issue with my TA getting my faxes as well then miraculously "find them at the back of my file" when I tell them I will overnight them and the supervisor my fax transmittal info. This tax year was a mess and I imagine 2018 will be even worse with all the new tax changes.
12/07/2018 07:59 PM momdukes @Sheila_33: Yeah we’re still filing early. It is what it is, and it’s going to be what it is going to be.
12/08/2018 07:39 PM Waitingpatiently @Curious23: I've heard tale of Jan 11th