January 22nd or January 30th?

Great News – My taxes are done.  Conflicting info already being passed down through the refund grapevine:  when does the IRS begin processing returns?  Well, I like to walk on the wild side, play with fire and the like; so, of course as soon as the forms were available through TurboTax today, I filed my return.  Although I knew the date originally slated for the IRS to begin accepting returns was 1/22/13, it seems to have been changed now to 1/30/13.  Looks as though TurboTax hasn’t updated there system entirely though.  My 1st screen shot below says IRS begins processing on 22nd and was on the screen after I clicked submit.  My second screen shot is from a confirmation email sent from TurboTax and indicates the 30th.  I won’t be holding my breath for either.  Here’s to being at the front of the line and fingers crossed for us early early, super early filers that we don’t get stick in the pipeline like last year.

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