End of 4464C Nightmare

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    The Truth

    Well WMR updated today with a deposit date of 03/15/2017. Just wanted to show what I went through so you guys that are still waiting keep yoursanity and understand there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Filed 01/17/2017’my return was held
    Accepted 01/18/2017
    Received 4464C Letter 02/06/2017
    Requested Tax Advocate 02/12/2017
    Bars disappeared and generic message appeared 02/16/2017
    Tax Advocate contacted me and accepted my case 02/18/2017
    *********As it turned out my refund was held up due to a verification of my pension 1099R, which is a complete joke because I provided this documentation when I filed my return originally. The IRS insisted that it be sent directly from my pension und administrator. When the administrator sent it the first time it still wasn’t acceptable, so she had to send it a 2nd time, which she couldn’t believe they were having me do in the 1st place.******************
    Tax advocate accepted 1099R 02/21/2017 and told me I would receive my refund by 03/22/2017
    Checked Account Transcript and saw the magical 864 refund issued 03/10/2017 (yesterday)
    Wheres My Refund updated with 2nd Bar and deposit date of 03/15/2017
    *******Keep a positive attitude guys and if you haven’t requested an Advocate as of yet do so now or you will be waiting the full 60 days *********************************************************
    *********************************************************************************************************Talk to you all next year!!!!

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