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    Hi all,

    I filed 1/25 accepted a few hours later. Requested transcripts 2/4. Received letter 4464C (review letter) today 2/12. Not only did I receive 4464C letter dated 2/7 but I also received blank transcripts date 2/5 saying return not received. With the dates of the letters only a few days apart, how could my return be under review if just 2/5 transcripts said no return received. Anywho I call the tax advocate as waiting 60 days for my refund would put me in a bit of a financial hardship as I am a single mother of 2 (yes claiming both credits) per the advocate he explained from what he could see everything matched up on my return and went through the entire spill about the new tax law holding up certain refunds with certain credits. He placed me on hold 2x to look over my return and explained again he didn’t see why they would hold mine for 60 days and at this point because the advocate did not see any issue or reason for the review there was really nothing they could work with. He explained I could either get my return at the end of feb, beginning of March and if by the 2nd week if nothing to call back to discuss my hardship further. Has anyone else been through this? If so please share

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    Filed February 2nd. Received 4464 letter in early March. Waited the 60 days and then called. Was told they didn’t need anything from me and I needed to wait another 60 days. I called a tax advocate and they stated that one of my 1099’s hadn’t been received by them. I had a case set up with the advocate (barely qualified for the hardship, but a nice guy made it happen). I supplied the missing 1099 (not sure how I got it but they didn’t). Received my refund on 5/31. I am confident I would still be waiting if I had not engaged the Tax Advocate. The IRS would not have made any effort to contact the retirement management company which the missing 1099 was due from. It was a very frustrating process, but the advocate was really helpful.



    F/A 1/29 got the 4464c letter dated 2/27 waited 60 days called was told it was sent to the department to either contact me or release, still haven’t heard anything so I filed for a TA last Monday and she just called me today and told me that one of my employers reported my income differently then I filed and I’m entitled to $421 more and that I should file an amendment but told me not to file one until this refund has processed. She said the IRS has 10 business days to respond to her request to release the refund so that brings us to 6/6 and if I haven’t received an update by 6/13 we are scheduled for a follow up call



    call your local IRS office and let them know of your situation, they will do a referral for a Taxpayer advocate (if you qualify) to review your case. This happened to me and now i know what went wrong but still the IRS will not look in deep enough to let you whats going on. Stuff that could’ve been fixed a month ago but they don’t tell you anything.



    Filed my 2017 taxes back on Feb 22. After 21 days of checking the Where’s my refund online I called and was told by a representative that I would be receiving a letter, my return was under review. Received the letter stating that I had to wait 60 days from the letter date (March 8) for my refund to be released. Waited the 60 days (May 8) called back and was informed that there was no release date and a referral would be sent to the Integrity and Verification department but that I have to wait an ADDITIONAL 60 days for them to respond. This is ridiculous!



    DDD 5/9/2018. The wait is over.



    Filled 2/05/18
    received 4465c letter dated 03/15/18 a whole month after i filled.
    I ave been calling the IRS to check on my Refund status, they cant give me an answer. All they say is to keep checking, Im so tired of checking and waiting. I have bill to pay. Im so behind with my daughters H.S. (extra curriculum activities payments). School year is almost over and i still need to pay this years fee and getting ready for next years also. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    @Nicole: I filed 2/9/18. Received 4464c 3/15/2018.



    -I filed my return which was approved and accepted Feb 5
    -i check the status roughly 21 days and was told by an IRS rep to allow 45 days from the 15 of Feb , due to a review
    -i received the review letter dated March 6 and to allow 60 days from the date of the letter
    -Today I spoke with an IRS rep who stated the review was completed 4/28 and the hold has been released.. My 60 days would be May6 however to allow up to 4 weeks to be received.


    Michael Bliss

    I just spoke with an IRS rep from the # on the phone section of this site. No wait/ no fuss. She took my info, put me on hold for a few min, then came back to tell me that the hold was released. She said I should have my refund in 2-3 wks maybe sooner.



    Filled end of March, received 2 letters (4464C) saying they are looking at a list of items including a schedule C I didn’t file a schedule C. Waiting…..



    I have to wait 60 days until the date of the lettet



    I got my letter 4464C. I did my taxes march 10 and I’m still waiting ,plus I called them they only checking the taxes



    Agreed @michael

    I called today, now 72 days after letter 4464c, and 86 days since I filed, and they haven’t asked me to verify anything, no additional letters, just “wait as we review”



    Filed On 2/23/18 and Was Paper Filed
    Called And Verified ID On 3/21/2018
    Called On 4/4/18 Rep Said Under Review
    Called On 4/6/18 Rep said under review
    Called On 4/9/18 Review department received on 4/2/18
    Called On 4/12/18 Rep said under review 3/27/18
    Called On 4/19/18 rep said under review start from 4/16/18
    Check WMR On 4/21/18 Got DDD for 4/25/18

    Just Wanted To Share My Situation Because An irs Rep Told Me on 4/19/18 that my return was Under review and that review didnt start til the 4/16/18 and only 3 days from there WMR updated with DDD



    Filed and accepted on 02-24-18. 21 days came and went. Then received the 4464c letter and was told to wait 60 days. Bars came and went and still saying processing with tax topic 152. I guess I’m in the crowd of waiting to be released. 20181105 on transcripts



    @naomionekanobe: That is not only insane, but totally unacceptable!



    @Rina: No updates for me either. When I called last week, the rep said I needed to wait the full 45 days from the date on my 4464c ( 3-15-18). My processing date on my transcripts is 3-19-18. I’m guessing your proc date is 3-19 as well. Geez, so much different information being handed out. Can we just get our refund already, or tell us what’s the hold up!



    @michael, I have the same file/received date as you (2/9) and am still waiting. Received the letter dated 3/15 however irs rep said the review wasn’t starting until 3/19 and to give it 45 days from the 3/19 date. Have you seen/heard anything?



    My 60 days was up last week. Now I have code 424 after calling on day 60 and told will be sent internally to another dept to see what the hold up is, and they now have 60 days to respond.



    I am one day away from my “refund due” date. Wonder how they are calculating interest, I’m assuming individually? I’ve read conflicting info as to what is considered “overdue.”

    Do you have a due date on your transcripts? Yours must be over due by now.



    @toni: I would like to think you would get an update this week b/c your 60 days is 4/22. Keep us updated.



    Filed 1/28,accepted 1/29. Revd letter dated 3.5. This is beyond ridiculous! I changed my filing exemptions to next year I don’t get a tax return. If I owe money, fine. But I will not deal with this again next year!!



    Accepted 2/2 letter for 60 day review 2/22 still no taxes



    @chenna other than the fact that i filed two days after you, im in the same exact boat. both letters around the same time. im in shock that this is taking so long and that they wont tell you anything on the phone



    Originally Filed – 1/29
    Accepted -1-29
    Received Form 4883c letter 3/7 (verified and passed the same day)

    Was told to wait 9 weeks for refund
    Received Form 4464c in the mail 3/23
    letter stated I was to do nothing but wait 45 to 60 days.
    Called on several occasions speaking with different reps and they confirmed all I can do at this point is WAIT!!!


    Bob in Florida

    Submitted my return electronically on Jan 26, accepted same day. On Feb 10 received letter 4464C dated Feb 7.Here it is April 9 and no joy. After 4 hours and three different IRS sections I finally got to the Integrity and Verification Operations office in DC. The agent in DC could find nothing wrong with my return, which included a Lottery winning. She the sent the local office in Georgia a referral to get moving on my refund. Unfortunately they now have another 60 days. I will be calling Senator Nelson’s office in the morning to see if he can help me because this has gone well passed bein a pain in the ass.



    My info was sent on 3/16 said received on 3/21. I received a letter on 4/5 that was dated 4/2.Same thing wait 60 days. Thank you to all those comments that put my mind at ease was so worried these past few days. I do not want any issues with Uncle Sam. glad to see some ppl have received their refund before the 60 days. But I think this is all DT mess. Never had these issues before.



    I’m never getting my $$$$$.
    Filled and accepted same day. 21 days come and gone. Got the 4464c letter on March 24th. Was told to wait 60 days. Transcript says processing on 4-2!!!



    Here is the link for 4464c letter video with additional newscast footage in the second part.



    Called the IRS today and was told that my review was up April 19th. I would either have a new letter sent then or funds would be released. Received 4464c letter dated 3/9. If my math is correct, that is 41 days.




    Thanks for sharing that info. I didn’t update this week and have a processing date of 2/26 with an “as of” of 3/15. 570 dated 3/5. Going to sit here and wait with everyone else 😊



    @inthestillprocessingblackhole Glad to hear you’ve had some movement. It seems like you should have your refund very soon. I’m a 2/9 Filed/received. 3/19/2018 570 code processing date w/ 4464c dated 3/15/2018. I’m just waiting. It seems like those who took the TA route are still waiting too. I just watched a video over on FB from a tax preparer re the 4464c letter. He stressed in the video re the 4464c to just wait. That is, unless you did not file a return, or the IRS specifically asked you for additional information. He also stated that it’s primarily an id/ and wage verification. I’ll try to post it later.



    I filed on 1/24 and was accepted on 1/26. I got the 60 day review letter on 3/12 that was dated 3/7. I have my bars back on the WMR page as of Saturday with a direct deposit by 4/4. So we will see if I actually get my deposit. Fingers crossed.



    Same deal here with the 4474C letter. Our return is relatively simple and was filed by our accountant and are due close to about $10k on our return. We are upper mid to upper middle class people not in the hurricane hit areas (someone asked that question in this chain). Was using the funds to give the kitchen a face lift and was expecting the money to be direct deposited this week (3 weeks from filing date). Got the letter last week and our accountant said that he’s never seen this letter in past years but a LOT of his clients are receiving them now.

    Again, we have a straightforward filing and we have no major changes from prior years. I also smell something fishy going on. They are just using this as a way to hold on to our money a bit longer–either the funds aren’t there to pay it out or they are looking for a way to hold on to our money for the interest—because they can.

    I’m fuming because we have made deposits and scheduled contractors to begin work on our project and it all has to be pushed back. We are at risk of losing up to $6,000 in deposits and having to cancel the project bc we can’t afford to pay for the rest without the refund.

    And we just have to wait…maybe we’ll get it, maybe we won’t. Will it be the same amount? UGH! frustrated.



    Filed 02/02 and accepted 02/02,

    Shockingly my State taxes came in before the IRS this year. First time ever.

    I ended up paying for audit assistance through TurboTax. And found out from one of the agents there that these letters have been more common this year. I figured that this would be more of a problem this year. Mainly because of the fact that Trump changed the policies of the tax reform and we just went through a government shutdown. In order for IRS and Treasury Dept to figure everything out, would probably take some time. It all basically boils down to the person that changed the EIC credit and the mandates on the Federal funds. After filing all these years and not having any problems, this poses such a huge problem for my family and our situation.

    I hope the IRS can figure out soon how and when they will be resolving this issue, this is NOT helping Americans.



    Why do some people get this letter while others don’t? I’ve called the IRS twice. The first time I thought I recalled the rep saying something about a letter going out. However, the second time I called (because I never received letter), that rep told me they never sent me a letter. Then the same rep implied not getting a letter is not a bad thing.

    Filed and accepted 2/9/18
    WMR: Still being processed w/ rind amt showing on the side.
    Transcripts: 570 code w/ 3/19/2018 processing date.



    I filed 1/26, accepted 1/29, got letter 4464C. Filed single, no dependents or EIC, same as every year. I was reviewed last year for a discrepancy on my deductions, ok, no problem. This year, I changed jobs/bank accounts/moved, and now work from home with some home office deductions, but the income isn’t much different and my return was less this year. I’m not understanding the hold up, but was told by a CPA friend that if you’re reviewed once, you’re on a dartboard for the next 5 years.



    I filed 1/23. I went from processing, to losing bars, to PATH message, to still processing. I talked to the IRS twice who told me that I was under review, letter CP05 was sent out and the only thing I could do was wait 45 days to see if my refund would be released. I ended up talking to a tax advocate last week who looked up my return and let me know that my refund was processed on 3/2 and to keep checking WMR for a DDD by 3/22. On 3/9 after talking to the TA, I received letter 4464C dated 3/6 that said my refund was being reviewed and to wait 60 days. I woke up to a DDD of 3/15 this morning. So it seems like the IRS really are doing extra reviews but usually will release your refund in less than 45 days as long as there aren’t any major discrepancies.



    Received my letter 3/2. Checked WMR this morning and have a DDD of 3/14.



    Got my letter last Monday, updated last night with DDD of 3/14! Hang in there guys…



    Filed and accepted by IRS 1/29/18, just received 4464C letter today on March 9, 2018, dated 3/6/18. Definitely LONG PAST that 21 day return standard and not even a letter or notice until today, 39 days after I filed electronically, through H&R Block, with direct deposit. I smell a rat, folks. First off, there is this vague letter stating “we will talk to you within 60 days…we might do this, we might do that.” What???? This is the most incompetent, nonsensical accounting standard I have ever seen in a government document and this is from the IRS?! I have a straight forward single parent tax return, with valid EINs for my employers, an easily verified college enrolled child, and another one still in high school. Never had identity theft, contact info still the same, been filing for 30 years and not even one audit. I will be contacting a TA to see if anyone else sees this malarkey for what it is: a delay tactic. Either the IRS wants to keep hitting the poor where it hurts or they want to draw interest of the millions this must let them hold on to to “protect our interests” with all these unjustified and unexplained delays. You can’t reach them on the phone, the WMD apps and website won’t tell you anything differently, and they are destroying their own deadlines without a single comment or news release about it. We have hit a new low here, folks.



    Just received the 4464C letter today. Filed and accepted on 1/29, letter was sent out on 3/2



    joining the 4464c crew. I am going to prefill a 1040x with all my information and have it ready for Monday. I am getting a TA if I can. I have NEVER had this happen to me and I’ve been filing for 20+ years.



    Same as all the above only 2018.
    I smell a rat, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, choose your literary device.
    Ironic how its ALWAYS the poor slob that suffers this mysterious indeterminate delay or at least insofar as i can see, regarding the hardly ‘innocuous we may choose not to refund your return’ 4464c letter.
    You will remain destitute for 60 days (most probably longer) allow your credit to go down the toilet, your mortgage fall into default and any other God awful financial horror show that may apply, for being ineffectual or poor enough to so foolish to rely upon measly lump of financial salvation.
    The 4464c letter essentially states that you (poor slob) will remain silent as we figure out a way to swindle you out of your income tax return under the guise of protection from identity theft. Fully aware that since you are classified as poor slob foolishly relying on measly tax return to stay above water, poor slob cannot afford competent legal representation to secure measly lump sum. ergo, were keeping it.i
    And if you annoy us enough by interrupting our lunch or candy crush fun with your phone inquiries regarding your measly lump sum that we are attempting to swindle from your wretched underprivileged grasp, we will take even longer to inform you, that you owe us in addition to that measly lump that you so foolishly clung to in your desperate state of neediness.
    4464c Letter = Swindled.



    TA called me Wednesday and had me fax a 1040x, i had a mistake on my Fed withholding. non the less she called me back yesterday early morning and said she sent it to the IRS agent whos gonna fix my return. im not sure what happens next tho, status didn’t update as of yet.



    So….got a TA 2 weeks ago. She calls me Wednesday has me fax a 1040x for a fed withholding correction. She called me Thursday early morning and said her counter part at the IRS has it and will make the correction. Still haven’t seen a wmr update as of yet… not sure what happens next to time frame I totally forgot to ask her



    Yes I am going through same problem. I filed Feb 2 of this year and a week later I received a 4464c letter saying its under a review. I too have a family and since I’m the only one working due to my husband being disabled I’m in the process of losing my home and my refund can really help out now. But if I don’t see any movement next week I’m setting a appointment for my local irs dept to see what’s really going on because this not cool😒.



    How many of you live in a state that was impacted by a Hurricane this year? I THINK that some of us are being put in review because of the special EIC adjustments given to people whose income went down and their EIC amount is lower this year than it was last year. I was given a Tax Advocate and this morning my local Tax Advocate office told me that my EIC amount gave an error. I also had another unrelated issue, but because the EIC amount also didn’t match and the special hurricane EIC adjustment applies to me I think that might be triggering others as well.



    Good morning all,
    I received this letter as well and have no idea why. I file the same way every year. Can someone please explain to me what this is and whats its purpose?

    Thank you

    Terri Jones



    Good afternoon all,

    I have received the 4464C letter as well. I filed on 1/29/18 and was told my deposit would be on 2/27/18 due to the EIC. but now my return is delayed and I’m being told up to 60 days.

    Has anyone gone thru this before? does this really take the full 60 days?

    If anyone has helpful info please share




    So is there an update on this? I received the same letter as of Feb 23rd and I filed Feb 3rd. Still haven’t received my income tax or any additional info on why it’s being reviewed.



    Got this letter today when I came home. This irks me so bad



    I just got the letter today. It states that i dont need to do anything. I don’t understand why this has never happend before. Do they really contact everybody on your return? And can someone please post where i can get the Tax Advocate phone number. Thank you



    I was told I was under review when I called the Irs to order my transcripts. The person I spoke with said it could take anywhere to 45 days which would put me st April 1. He said if I received a letter it would be CP something. This has never happened to me. Will it take that long and what can I expect ? Will I see a update tonight or will they hold it until they’re finished reviewing me ?



    What are your cycle codes?



    I think its pretty normal. My guess is we will see our refunds sooner than later if they don’t see an issue.



    So is it normal for a advocate not to open a case for you? due to them not seeing any issues?



    I also had the 4464C and called this morning. My representative told me the same thing, everything lines up and they have all the information they need. I will be calling again if I don’t have my refund by the middle of March.



    I received that letter last year and got my money 3 days later, so I guess it could go both ways. I think they sent it to me to stall (it was after 21 days due to the PATH) so I think sometimes they have to send letters just so they won’t be held accountable for the 21 day deadline, but you never know. Hopefully, it won’t delay anything for you.



    @lisa. Last year I received that letter and was under review. Your transcripts will be available but the refund will not get released. They had me send in receipts for proof of my income and I didn’t get my refund until the middle of April. I even gotta tax advocate to help and that’s the earliest that I got it. I’m in the same boat again this year but I haven’t received a letter yet but the irs had told me that my return has been pulled again for further review so I’m guessing I’m going to do the same thing as last year. Good luck

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