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      I just filed and was accepted last week (Thursday I think). So still just one bar, but the bottom 2 transcripts – (Account and Wage & Income ) now have 2022 listed. When I click on them, there isn’t any information listed yet – but my question is, is that normal? This is the first year I’ve checked my transcripts…what does it mean if the bottom 2 have 2022 listed and the top 2 transcripts (Return and Record of Account) still have N/A? Is this normal, sign of progression? Like I said I just got accepted last Thursday

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      everything is not normal this year. useless updates from agents who have no clue what is going on. holds on accounts for no reason. 4464C letters going out weeks before they normally do. direct deposits hitting accounts before transcripts are updated. everything is out of whack this tax year.

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