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      I just filed and was accepted last week (Thursday I think). So still just one bar, but the bottom 2 transcripts – (Account and Wage & Income ) now have 2022 listed. When I click on them, there isn’t any information listed yet – but my question is, is that normal? This is the first year I’ve checked my transcripts…what does it mean if the bottom 2 have 2022 listed and the top 2 transcripts (Return and Record of Account) still have N/A? Is this normal, sign of progression? Like I said I just got accepted last Thursday

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          You are lucky! That is super super quick!! I’ve been waiting over a month since filing!

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            everything is not normal this year. useless updates from agents who have no clue what is going on. holds on accounts for no reason. 4464C letters going out weeks before they normally do. direct deposits hitting accounts before transcripts are updated. everything is out of whack this tax year.

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              My transcripts updated this morning wit a 3/22 DDD and I just got my refund. No fees taken out and I used my Venmo Debit Card account since they always deposit early.

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              Jennifer Starr

                I think all bets are off for what is “normal” this year. My account home page still says that my return is not processed, but I looked at my transcripts and everything is there and I have a DDD for 3/22, WMR is still on processing delay message.

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                  My transcripts were like that until this morning. Everything updated over night and I have a DDD of 3/22. Wheres my refund bars haven’t updated yet, but I’m anticipating that tomorrow as I’m a weekly.

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                    I filed on 3/4. On 3/10 my bottom transcripts appeared for 2022 but had no relevant information. Basically blank.

                    This morning, they and my top transcripts populated with wages, details, and an 846 DDD code for 3/22.

                    So, while not “normal”, it seems to be fairly common this year. Don’t lose hope.

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                      Accepted same day as you and I as well woke up to the bottom transcript showing under 2022. However it’s showing my previous years filing status, all Zeros and says “no tax return filed”. Does this mean we have to wait another week for an update, or can this continue to update again throughout the day?

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