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      I have had 570 code 2 1/2 weeks, same day I got 570 code I received 4464c letter in the mail for 60 day review for income verification. Letter say if I filed accurately to do nothing. I have double checked everything and it matches up correctly. I received all stimulus and advanced CTC and reported correctly. My cycle code is 20220605, processing date 02282022 and date besides 570 is 02282022. My as of date keeps getting pushed back and was the only update I had today and is now 03142022. Some people have lifted with this same status. Did any of you get a 846 today with this same info?

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          Same here but still no letter I have 971 code
          My as of dates changed them went back imma post link might help. But please keep everyone updated with details as much as possible . We will get through the

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            Everything your go through rn I’m in the same boat just still waiting for a letter I just hope they fix Watever is the problem and release the hold ! You would think since the irs seems to know everything about your money it wouldn’t take up to 60 days🤦🏽‍♀️

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