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    Filed 1/28
    Never got path message (i have eic)
    Stayed on one bar until 2/17 bar gone “we have received your return it is being processed”
    Called irs was told i was in review i had been sent a letter 4464c dated 2/3 (never got it) said it was a 60 day wait.
    Called advocate on 2/21 he called me back a couple days later said i was under review because my employer hadnt submitted my income and that i needed a letter from my employer to verify my income and tax with holdings.
    Sent over eveything 2/28
    3/1 (a Wednesday) he confirmed he got it and sent it off he said hed call me by the 24th
    Called me 3/6 (monday) and said my hold was lifted and i was waiting for a ddd
    Called me on 3/10 (friday) said my ddd is 3/15 on saturday 3/11 wmr updated to ddd 3/15

    **SIDE NOTE** i have been able to order transcripts for weeks i was only able to order account transcripts on 2/3 then 2/17 i was able to order both i have ordee both twice since then***
    *** the dates next to the codes on the account transcripts can change dont wait for those days to do anything mine said 2/27 at one point ***
    **my advocate never requested proof of hardship (i do have one) the only time i mentioned it was when i called my local tax office to get a advocate****

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