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      So I just checked my mail and I got sent a letter stating “the irs is conducting a thorough review of my return information. Says if i havent heard anything in 60 days to contact them. and that im not required to do anything. Anyone else received this letter. Also my transcript was just changed earlier from 02/16/2015 to 02/23/2015. Still n/a and 0.00

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          Well it just keeps getting better. I just received letter 2645C today and it could take up to another 30 days to process my return. What a load of crap.

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            I’ve waited 75 days since the letter was posted, I’ve called the number 800.829.1040 and it says due to high call volumes your call cannot be completed at this time so I can’t even speak to a person. I’ve gotten this message the last 3 days. Does anyone have another number to call?!

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              Well I am in the same boat as all of you. I filed on February 2 and it was accepted that same day. I got the letter a few weeks later and it was dated February 20. I waited the 60 days and called but they had to refer it out to another group for more review. That tacked on another 45 days. After that time frame was over I called again and they said since no letter has been sent out and nobody contacted me they are going to process my refund to be paid which could take another 30 to 45 days, that was on June 15. It has been 137 days since the letter was sent to me with no refund. All I can do right now is just wait.

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                4/2/15 – Return accepted by IRS
                4/28/15 – Review letter 4464C received (wait 60 days)
                6/29/15 – (62 days later) “Where’s my refund” website says it’s “still being processed.” The phone number on the 4464C form gets me an automated system that says the same thing as the WMR website.
                It is my opinion that the IRS is either corrupt or incompetent. I have decided that, as of my first paycheck in July, I am going to claim the maximum number of dependences allowed by law for me. I will never again allow these corrupt/clueless people to hold any additional monies other than what I owe. I would rather owe the IRS a little on April 15 than suffer the BS that they are putting us all through now.

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                Arnold G

                  wow filed taxact march 1,2015 .. got letter march 17.
                  called them and verified.
                  waited waited.. and got letter to keep waiting on april 28

                  now its june 2 and NOTHING.. they hired retards again ?

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                    05/12/2015 I FINALLY got my DD Today! 89 days after the 4464C Letter. & best believe #TurboTax snatched their fee before I even got the alert of the deposit. There is HOPE Everyone & I bet you will ALL receive yours soon! Best Wishes.

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                      I received my Full State Refund before the 4464c letter came. I have yet to receive my Federal refund.

                      02/03 filed

                      02/04 approved

                      02/08 received full State refund

                      02/17 received 4464C Letter (dated 02/13)

                      02/23 Orange bar on WMR disappeared and now WMR says

                      04/20 Called IRS about 4464c letter (Day 60)

                      04/27 Called IRS & They put in a referral to release dd

                      Update Monday 05/11/2015 Well today I log onto WMR & My bars are Back (after being missing for 3+ months) & It says Refund Approved DD 05/13/2015 -This Wednesday- I am praying this happens & will Definitely post as soon as I see the DD.

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                      Rich T

                        Filed and accepted Feb 15 2015. Received LTR 4464C dated March 11 2015. Still no refund. WMR still shows processing (as of May 7 2015).

                        HAS ANYONE ELSE WHO GOT LTR 4464C in 2015 RECEIVED THEIR REFUND YET?

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                          Received the 4464c letter Feb 18th, well over 60 days I still have no answer…the automated repsonses when you call say “return still beiing processed, you will be advised when you have a date to receive your return”. Same info on IRS.gov…can’t seem to talk to a real person. I don’t think TurboTax is the problem, I think they are trying to stagger returns. How do I talk to a real person to try to get an answer??

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                          chuck hughes

                            Hello people I think I got you all beat I filed on 1/13/2015, I recieved my state within 20days direct deposit, then got a letter stating they IRS was verifying my ID, they could have checked with state they gave me my money, later I recieved a 4464c letter in MARCH, its now May 2,2015, my 60 days are up in a couple of days but was also told i would have to wait up to another 45 days. Im going to go the my local IRS next week good luck.

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                              6 months I called the IRS because I had never even gotten my 2013 return. They pulled it for review she said because of fraudulent returns being received. My return included, my salary, my son, the daycare expense. That’s it! They told me to call back in 6 months. I just spent 1 hour and 26 minutes on hold with the IRS. I’m still trying to get my 2013 return!!! They told me that they were supposed to send a 4464C, which they never did. The woman at the IRS was very nice and sent a referral over to whoever has control of my return. I filed and already received my 2014 return. Ridiculous. I need to charge them penalties and interest.

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                                I received this letter in the mail today but i received my refund months ago. Why is that?

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                                  I filed on 1/30/15, 21 days later I called because no money was deposited. They said they sent a 5071C letter to me which I didn’t receive. I recently moved but my mail was properly processed with USPS and everything was being forwarded. I called the IRS and they said I had to wait until 4/13/2015 and if nothing was received by then to call them back. Today is 4/13/15 and I called them, they said they sent a 4464C letter to me on March 4th, which I didn’t receive as well. Now they said I have to wait another 60 days and to call back on May 4th if no money was deposited. I don’t have a large return but it is much needed for my daughters schooling and I’m a single mom. I’m just sitting here shaking my head. This is so unfair… this is crazy. If it can take them 21 days to process a full return, why does it take 60 days and another 60 days to re-re-relook at a “single one-job” person’s tax return???? It took me 30 min to complete it online. Our country is so messed up…..

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                                    I filed 01/29 but accepted 02/04 I believe. Called the irs after 21 days & was told I had a letter mailed out 02/13 but never received it. Rep basically told me that the letter states I’m under review for 60days & I should receive another notice or possibly refund around 04/14, but to do nothing in btwn time. I received state 02/24 but even w/ today being 04/11 WMR still says processing smh.

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                                      @Not happy…

                                      I’ve read a few individuals post on:

                                      who said they had this issue last year (some had it AGAIN this year) & they received their return in May and some even in June & July smdh. So at the end of the day at least we know we will Eventually get it.

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                                      Not happy…

                                        I filed on 1/26 got the letter on 2/5. I received my state return and not my federal. Where is my refund still says processing. I haven’t been able to get anyone live in the IRS. Going to wait until the 15th since that’s what my transcript says. If I don’t get anything by then, then I guess im going to have to continuously call until someone answers and tells me what is going on.

                                        Of course I would hope someone would let us all know if they ever get their return or some information on what to do to expidite the process. As of right now I have no dire situation to get the advocates help. But if I don’t get it by the end of the month I will.

                                        This whole thing is unfortunate for everyone involved.

                                        May the luck be forever in your favor…. >____<

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                                          60 days up today… called IRS… gotta wait ANOTHER 30 DAYS smh IRS is a joke

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                                            I got one of these letters and I have never got one before. I filed end of Jan. I got my letter on 2/11 and still nothing from the IRS. I even called them and they are like theres nothing we can do we see the same information you do and yu have to wait 60 days. Well i got a 2nd letter from the irs that said the exact same thing a couple weeks ago. I’m so frustrated bc i am a single mom and i need that money. I used TAXACT like i always do. Has anyone who got this letter received their refund yet? WIll i ever see my money?

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                                              Today my 60 day “wait” was over regarding the 4464c letter. She told me I was/still under review and my w2 matched the income reported. Now I have to wait an additional 30-45 days. IRS is a joke

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                                                drubaby- your posting is incorrect- please do not post egregious or false information, which only serves to scare people

                                                I’m going through the same situation, and while extremely frustrating, I dug around for accurate information.

                                                Any taxpayer whose return has been kicked out by the filters receives a Form 4464 C letter informing them that their return is being reviewed to allow the IRS to “ensure the accuracy of return information.” The letter says the IRS may contact the taxpayer or third parties for further information and that if the taxpayer does not hear from the IRS or receive his or her refund within 60 days from the date of the letter, the taxpayer may contact the IVO group. It is made clear this is not an audit.

                                                A “4464 C” letter from the IRS should not intimidate the taxpayers who receive it because it is not a scam, nor is it notification that a person is being audited.

                                                During an April hearing before Congress, then Acting Commissioner Miller said the IRS had stopped 350,000 returns with a total $2.5 billion in fraudulent refunds. Since then the number of suspicious returns seeking refunds that have been rejected for further review exceed two million. This means some two million tax filers have received the 4464 C letter.

                                                This also means that the IRS has a lot of returns to sort through and do follow up on. Obviously, this means that many taxpayers who filed perfectly good returns seeking perfectly honest refunds are now waiting for those refunds. As you might also guess there are quite a few of very unhappy taxpayers who have now contacted their Congressional representatives who in turn are now beating the IRS over the head for delaying refunds.

                                                Please refer to the following link for more information: http://www.identityguard.com/identity-theft-resources/identity-theft/the-irs-is-making-headway-in-stopping-refunds-for-phony-returns/

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                                                  4464C half way Resolved. Received the letter on 1/26/2015. Called IRS customer support 3/24/2015. I was told the IRS needed the W-2 from my employer, which they have now but did not when I filed, to verify the information was correct. While on the phone, she verified everything was correct and she filled out the required form. She said I should expect my full return in one week, but if I do not in 45 days to call customer support again. Will update if the return is delayed more than a week.

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                                                    Has anyone recieved there refund after receiving the 4464 letter????

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                                                      Got one of those a few years back. They are auditing you

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                                                        I used freetaxusa to file. I have been using it for a few years. I got this letter dated 3/11 and it say 60 days before I could call. I have been hearing that people have not been getting their refunds if they got this letter. Has anybody received their refund yet?

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                                                          Well in my situation i moved, so i first received. A 5071c to self identify.. done that online and over the phone..i then one to two weeks later received. 4644c/ 4464 or whatever stating i am now under review and, refund will be held until employers report my wages etc to verify.. i logged on today 3/15/15 and i now can see my reported wages from my employers. So now that they have what they need im hoping any necessary. Adjustment will be made and i have my refund by weeks end.. **i noticed i failed to report interest On last years tax refund..i never received a 1099 int form..and it never crossed my mind to report it.. simple mistake** so guessing that is where my problem lies… will update asap. Originally filed and accepted through TurboTax on 1/24/15

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                                                          peggy johnson


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                                                              No refund yet. Filed 2/1. Letter dated 2/12

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                                                                Nothing for me yet, my letter was dated February 2, filed January 26

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                                                                  Has anybody received their tax refund after getting a 4464c letter this year? It’s a simple yes or no question. I don’t need you stupid people to type/copy paragraphs of information from turbo tax! I don’t care about what happened last year. I’m talking about this year only.

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                                                                  John Jack

                                                                    I got the same letter (4464c) the week before I was expecting my refund. The IRS Where’s My Refund website changed the status of my return to currently under review. I am hoping to receive my refund soon, and because of the delay I had to shuffle my finances around. I hope people who also received this letter will let us know the timeframe they receive their refund. Been a turbotax user for years and this is the first time I got such a letter.

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                                                                    Pissed 2

                                                                      Myself and 3 friends got same letter. We all used Turbotax!! Called TaxAdvocate and they could only say that I was being “verified”. Truly believe it is the cause of turbotax.

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                                                                        @derrickg1 Do NOT Worry. Last year I too got the 4464C Letter (2 weeks) after I received my full refund as well. The IRS did NOT contact me about that letter again.

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                                                                          I filed 1/31
                                                                          Accepted 2/5
                                                                          Bars went missing from WMR about a week or so later
                                                                          Generic message listed on WMR
                                                                          Contacted IRS 2/23. They states they just Recd my return that day
                                                                          Last week new message with a reference code of 1242
                                                                          Contacted IRS was told a portion of my return was being released NOT due to an offset. The premium tax credit was being reviewed and was told I should get a letter with instruction. No letter as of today. I did receive a portion of my refund today. I want to know why the tax credit is being reviewed and what other information is needed. My tax preparer told me it is a issue she is seeing and its due to the IRS sending the incorrect form but for those who filed before 2/19 they are not required to resubmit and the IRS will be issuing the remainder at some point. Did anyone else have this problem. Btw. WMR is not updated any further reference code but 1242 as previously stated.

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                                                                            I received the 464 letter today after receiving my refund 3 weeks ago what does this mean

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                                                                              @SeaxRising did yall file through Turbo tax?

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                                                                              earlene gilmore

                                                                                Had this lady do my taxes, because my friend says that’s her auntie. She filed me on 1/24 and I was accepted. Received a letter 4464 saying review. Its 2/28/2015 still got 152 with amount. But no refund or state. This the first time this happened to me and I can’t access my account anymore. My transcript says no return filed but as of Feb.23,2015 o.too that’s it can someone tell me what’s going on

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                                                                                  Last year (2013) I received the 4464C = IVO letter 2 weeks AFTER I received my full refund. The IRS did not send anymore letters last year nor did they contact me.

                                                                                  This year I filed on 2/3,
                                                                                  It was accepted 2/4
                                                                                  I received my full state refund 2/8,
                                                                                  On 2/18 I received the 4464C Letter from IVO letter (the same Exact one I received Last year) the letter was dated 2/13.
                                                                                  On 02/23 my WMR bar disappeared and Still says ‘processing’.

                                                                                  I am confused on why I received the SAME letter last year (after I got my DD) & this year (Before I get a DD-I’m still waiting). I will post any updated info as I get it.

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                                                                                    @kay My S.O. and I BOTH just got letters today. He has already received his Fed return almost 2 weeks ago. I, on the other hand, am stuck waiting to see if this crap gets fixed. No fed return yet, but I did get State and WMR stuck at 1 bar, transcripts not available…TurboTax needs to die!

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                                                                                      Apparently a lot of fraudulent returns are getting filed and the IRS is cracking down. That or our government does not have the money to pay all the refunds in a quick manner. Remember if you use turbo tax you can still make a mistake with your numbers. If your numbers don’t match your W2 you are going to get flagged. Turbo Tax is OK just there is room for error. Plus intuit gets 100 dollars for the software, 100 dollars for quicken plus a fee to process the electronic transaction. So with the 240 dollars paid to intuit turbo tax I could have went to a tax professional and probably avoided all this Bullshit in the 1st place

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                                                                                        I was accepted on Jan 20th and received the same letter on the 4th. It’s very frustrating. My transcripts also show 2/16/15 with $0. I’m hoping for the best but at this point I’m not expecting it anytime soon

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                                                                                          Also I rechecked my transcript and now states 2-16-2015??? At first when I checked last week it said this, then this morning it changed to 2-23-2015, now about 20 mins ago it switched back to 2-16-2015 smh

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                                                                                            I checked my transcript this morning codes 971 and 570 – they say they sent a letter but I havent gotten anything! Called IRS and got the standard 21 day crap … still 1 bar on WMR and my cycle date is 20150505 but with the 570 I know I wont see my refund until I get 846 which could be weeks … or months.

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                                                                                              @Kay, thank you. I filed 1/27/15 and haven’t gotten a letter but I feel like I’ll be getting one soon. My bar on WMR and my refund amount went missing this morning. This crap sucks!

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                                                                                                @angel no codes at all just says n/a, no return filed and 0.00

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                                                                                                  I filed 01/26/2015

                                                                                                • #4103383

                                                                                                    @Kay, when you file?

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                                                                                                      @kay so no codes on transcript either? Wmr is useless my friends never even moved to the first bar and she had her refund lol. Ughhh really hope i don’t get a letter. None of us have time for this. Shit i want all year for this

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                                                                                                        @angel no I have no codes, in wmr it still says tax topic 152 and I have one bar, I’ve read that from last year’s topics this is a generic letter that some people that got reprocessed got, but I’ve also read that some ppl who got this letter didn’t get a refund until August -September. Did ur transcript change, I wonder if anyone has gotten their refund but got a letter afterwards

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                                                                                                          Same here! Extremely frustrated. 60 day’s to receive MY money wth! Transcript is helpless and wmr is a joke!

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                                                                                                          stuck on zero

                                                                                                            Ugh… I hope that’s not my fate..

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                                                                                                              before that did you just have a 570 code?

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