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      1/28 – filed
      1/28 – accepted 11 hrs later from filing
      1/30 – around 10pm finally got a status on wmr with ‘Return Received’ (1 bar) & still processing
      1/31 – ordered acct transcript but couldn’t order return transcript
      2/6 – received acct transcript & 4464 c letter (dated 2/4) & has no code on it whatsoever. it had no action required. wmr still the same.
      2/14 – wmr had no status bar but still the same msg w/return received.
      2/16 – wmr still had no bar but msg changed to Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. i ordered another acct transcript to see if i get any codes because my transcript had nothing on it…it was blank w/a as of date of 2/18th.
      2/18 – wmr still the same…no status bar w/msg. i still can’t order a return transcript.
      2/19 – wmr still the same (no bars since 2/16). i still can’t order a return transcript.
      2/21 – got acct transcript that was ordered on 2/16 Pic of acct transcript – totally blank just like the first one. exact same thing as the first one. only diff was the as of date. first one was 2/18 & this one is 3/04.
      2/22 – Pic of WMR as of today (since 2/16)
      Pic when trying to order return transcript – still can’t order a return transcript.
      2/28 – WMR/hotline is still the same.

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          so i just got my new acct transcript yesterday that i ordered last friday and it was BLANK!!! but STILL bas the same as of date as my 2nd one i ordered in feb of 3/04th. talked w/bartd about it and told me it sounds like my return isn’t being processed at all!! my wmr is still the same *sigh*

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            I forgot to add that if you call, the IRS rep won’t know from their main screen if you are receiving a letter. Since I filed a 8863 form, I asked if they could see if the form was submitted correctly. It was only when they went into that screen that they saw that a letter had been generated. My 21 days aren’t up yet so they should be able to tell me more information on friday.

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              I am a fellow 4464c. It has nothing to do with the education credit. People with the bad education 8863 filings are receiving cp 05. The 4464c is generated by the IRS verification and integrity operations office, IVO for short. It used to be called Amtap (shortened name). It is a system that they’ve set up to detect fraudulent returns. More than likely, they will be calling our employers to confirm the numbers that we are claiming. if the employer doesn’t reply, or doesn’t want to tell them over the phone, then they’ll have to wait until they receive our w2 information, which will happen in the summer. There is something in our returns that flagged our return. For some people, they may increase the amount of the withholding in order to receive a higher refund. It could be your education credit and they will be calling your school to confirm. Maybe you claimed medical expenses, charity, etc and the numbers are a little too high for someone with your income. It could be something as simple as claiming an older child who you haven’t claimed for.

              In my situation, I made a lot of money as an independent contractor, as well as worked and went to school. My 1099 amount almost tripled, so they may be looking into the deductions I made as far as car, phone, etc.

              Don’t meant to scare you, but I found a man on facebook who received the letter feb 8th and received another letter yesterday claiming that upon further review of his return, they looked at the past 4 years as well and say that he owes $6,700. I also found people on facebook from last year who received them during the tax season and were still waiting for their refund in the summer. I will keep you guys updated as I hear more. I have not received the letter but I was told that it was sent out on Monday. I believe the bath of general IRS letters go out once a week.

              I will keep updating this page as I find information because it is extremely hard to find information on the 4464c letter online. The IRS doesn’t even list it on their website.

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                recieved review letter feb 1 never had a dd date..called irs..told me to wait it out blahhhhhv=(

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                  I used TT to do my return and it was accepted early 1/24, I had the 8863 form which got delayed until 2/14. I got a 4464C letter on the 30th saying I was under review, but don’t understand why I got the letter since my return wasn’t or shouldn’t even been processed. Since then I had the processing bar, and then around 2/14 I had the return processing and I should see something in 21 days with tax topic 22. Now WMR says Return is processing and I’ll see something when available. Am I not getting my refund or something? Every time I’ve called the IRS they don’t tell me anything, and now I’m just trying to figure out what is going on with that.

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                    1st thanks for creating this for 4464C letters I hope more people will post and share experience so we can gain some knowledge.

                    Hi: My Situation is as follows
                    1/30 filed turbo tax NO EIC, Married Filed joint return no dependents no education credits.
                    1/31 Accepted
                    2/18 Received 4464C letter dated 2/14 generic information saying under review wait up to 60 days no information needed at this time. called Tax advocate said can’t provide any information but to wait it out.
                    Never able to order transcripts UNTIL LAST WEEK, ordered both still waiting for them to appear in mail.
                    2/25 Called both Hold and Customer service depts. and was told they have no information, they don’t need
                    information from me I should just wait it out. It could take up to 60 days, it could take longer, or it could take less. Last rep said it is always best to prepare for worst case scenario and know that it could take a long time, but couldn’t tell me why I how I could expedite it.
                    NOW – completely lost and confused!

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