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      Anyone else get this letter stating I’m under a review, could take up to 60 days. Transcript is n/a no real use to me right now, still have one bar on wmr. I don’t have any codes. Could this be a glitch sending out generic letters

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          I heard that it was a glitch in the system but I’m not too for sure. I received the letter on valentines day….what a great gift lol. Filed and accepted 1/31. wmr at one bar no codes and transcripts are still blank. I read on a forum that one guy did 38 people’s taxes this year and 19 of them received the 4464c letter and all of them have received their refund. And he even received the letter himself and his ddd is for 2/16. He says not to call and ask about it to just wait it out and see what happens. It might be a couple weeks more. If they request more info from you then thats when you take action. But im just going to wait it out. He said we are all not under review he can guarantee that. Just the irs being slow this year from being understaffed and they need an excuse to take longer.

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