ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c

  • Filed 2/6/18
    Accepted 2/7/18
    Received letter 2/27/18 about having to fill out aca form
    Faxed paperwork to irs 2/28/18
    No change as of yet. They’re holding my refund because they owe me an additional 11$. Seems like they could have just sent a seperate check for the 11$ later when they’re not so busy.

  • I filed on 2/2/18. 21 days on 2/23/18. WMR states received and TT 152 with no updates until 2/19/18. Bars disappeared with a message still being processing. On yesterday 2/26/18 I received a letter from IRS stating I need to send a copy of 1095a from marketplace insurance premium and 8962. I fax both form to my tax preparer. He fax to IRS today.…[Read more]

  • SERB posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 2 years ago

    I filed 1/24/17, received letter stating I needed to fax 1095A. Faxed in all required info 2/13. All info was received as of 2/14/17. I received a CP12 with Adjusted refund amount on 3/13/17. It is now 3/26 and WMR still says processing, no bars. When will I get my refund? IRS said to not call back until 4/24, but I cant wait that long! I need the…[Read more]

  • baroli83 posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    My story
    I filed February 17
    got accepted February 18
    faxed paper without the letter March 7
    Faxed with letter March 16
    I called to confirm they got it, and I was told that I need to wait between 4-6 weeks
    Is it really up to 6 weeks? , should I keep calling . I see here someone posted 6-8 weeks.
    I cant see my transcripts either. this is…[Read more]

  • faye posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    Wmr updated…DDD for April 6. Its almost over

  • faye posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    I talked to the IRS again yesterday just to be told everything is complete but I have to wait another 4 to 6 weeks before they will release my refund….I’m so sick of the IRS for one year.

  • itsmejim posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    Still no updates no transcripts no topics nothing lol looking like June before I get my money smh transcripts mean your close so good news y’all but me I’m fcked with a capital F. Got a Tax Advocate faxed the 3rdtime last Tuesday and still no update or call from them smh

  • faye posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    I filed Jan 19. Was accepted the same day. Received a lette the beginning of Feb saying I needed to fax in a 1095 A form. Faxed in info on Feb 9th. Called back once a week and was told they haven’t received it. The last rep I talked to at the time said send it again because it should be showing but be sure to put 2nd copy on the fax. Feb 28 I w…[Read more]

    • I’ve faxed 3x now first time was 2/9 smh

    • faye replied 3 years ago

      I wonder why they are playing with us like this. We need our money. I know I do.

    • Faye were you giving a DDD?
      I called today and even though I was able to order my transcripts they said it would still be another 1 to 2 weeks before I get my deposit…smh

  • Leslie28 posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    1/27 filed
    1/28 accepted
    2/19 faxed without letter
    3/10 faxed again with letter
    3/27 finally able to order transcript which I could not do yesterday. i am also no longer able to use my old amount.
    so hopefully this means my deposit is coming this week.

    • It is indeed lol

    • faye replied 3 years ago

      I received a call today. My amount has been adjusted. Said my refund should be released with the next update. I don’t believe anything they say. So I will see Wednesday.

  • itsmejim posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years ago

    Update….still nothing! Had to get a TA. He said IRS never got neither of my faxes and my spouse sent from same machine at the same time and got hers last week. He got it no problem and said they are lying to people this year he has seen it a lot in my situation. So now I continue to wait. Still no bars no transcripts no topics nothing. Just the…[Read more]

    • faye replied 3 years ago

      I faxed the exact same time you did. I was told I had to wait 40 days before I could enter back into processing. That happened March 21. So now I am being told they have 21 days to process it again. I was just able to order transcript Friday.

    • faye replied 3 years ago

      Also, I had to refax because they said they didn’t receive it. The lady told me to put second copy on fax. They told me they received it after the second fax. Hopefully we will get our money soon.

  • Finally got a DDD of March 23!

  • kris posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years, 1 month ago

    Okay last update. I called today and my refund will be mailed on 3/23/16. Somehow they lost my banking info or failed to put it in the system so I have to wait for a mailed check..but according to the lady today the postal service will have it on 3/23/16 so its up to my local office and how fast they deliver. Also my updated faxed forms reduced my…[Read more]

  • Faxed 2/9 and still nothing no updates no transcripts no bars no topics told 6-8 weeks then they can look at it. Got TA said it came out of errors 2/25 and I should had a deposit on 3/7/ so TA is working the situation what a bunch of bs smh spouse faxed same day got her DD yesterday smh

  • kris posted an update in the group ACA Form 1095A / Letter 12c 3 years, 1 month ago

    Okay update everyone…So I finally got my letter on 2/28. I faxed the corrected forms on 3/1/16. On 3/14 I called and they confirmed they rec. my fax and to allow 6-8 weeks. This morning I checked WMR and the usual “your refund is being processed” was gone. Instead it said the info I was entering was incorrect. I had heard that this might happen…[Read more]

  • Nada Nada Nada FML 2/9 Fax club

    • Same here. Nothing. The hell is the damn problem? If u owe them money…they’ll be on ur a$$ and ready to take the clothes off ya back.

    • Sucjs….called Tax Advocate today. They said give them up to 5 days to look and work case. Told me valuable info. It came out of errors 2/25 and said 10 days to process. She said not sure why no refund has came since it said that…… Ughhhhh

    • Ikr! Mines is basically waiting for a ddd. Just hit the approved button already!

  • Called Tax Advocate was advised nothing can be done til 6-8 weeks from faxing 2/9 you’ve got to be kidding me

    • Wow. I spoke to a TA today also. She said that mine is done. Just waiting on an update. She said maybe next week. So hopefully she’s right.

    • Yea hopefully I’m sure you will. The chick today advised me to fax again lol they are screwing me over personally I’m starting to realize it. Last week they said it was out of errors on 2/25 lol now they Dont know anything smh

    • What or where did you find your tax advocate?

    • Oh and can you or have you got transcripts plus what’s your fax date? Mine 2/9

    • I faxed mine on 2/25 to the Kansas City office. I only faxed once. I was able to pull my trans on 3/11/16. Both of them. My TA is in Indianapolis. She could see everything that was going on with my return. They had to adjust the amount higher than what it originally was.

  • My story: I filed 1/20 via taxact. 2/5 got 12c letter in the mail, 2/6 bars on WMR went mia. Faxed 1095A, 8962 and corrected 1040 to Austin 2/8. Called a few times was given the scripted 6-8 bs. Lost my tax topic 152 and wording changed on 2/27. On 3/1 was told my fax was received 2/8 that they still needed time to process my return. Was told on…[Read more]

    • How did you find out your under review? Did the TA help push this along?

    • I called on 3/4 and was told by the rep who answered. I don’t think I was ever under review, I think she told me that to scare me and make me not call again. How wrong she was, lol. Then only thing my TA did was send a “referral” to get it processing. The next day I had my DDD. I don’t know if it was because of the TA or not though….

  • Faxed 2/9 and still can’t order transcripts. No tax topic. No bars. Only my amount which was same. Crazy my girl faxed same day and got a DDD of 3/17 with this mornings update smh wtf

  • I faxed 2/25. My TT 152 came back but no amt on 3/9 and I was able to order both transcripts 3/11.

    • Thats a good sign, my tt came back on 3/10 but went away las nite. I thought i was gonna get an update eithet sat or sun but instead lost the tt 152 again. If ur tt152 comes back and ur tax year and can order trannies means u should get a ddd next week

    • Nothing here still. 2/9 fax club

  • I am still waiting too.

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