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    WMR says Take Action and Reference Code 1541

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    I still haven’t received my return smh I don’t think I ever will

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    jervon try calling once again make sure it’s a hardship it has to be something serious that u dealing with like a disconnect on a bill are something major that’s the only way u going to get a tax advocate some don’t ask for proof of hardship some do ask but if u lucky it would be good if u get one that don’t ask for proof keep trying dont give up cause I was going to give up if I didn’t get one on the day I call but lucky me I have gotten a tax advocate that same day n got the information that I needed on why the hold was on my refund I hope we update soon keep trying u will get the infor u need to help u release alil of the stress this year hasn’t been the worst tax season but it will be all over soon

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    I tried to get in contact with tA but no luck

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    I haven’t updated yet well I got a tax advocate on 3/18 n she call me back on 3/21 n told me that I needed to verify my wages n for me to fax my w2 her fax # as soon as possible I did that same day so I know I wasn’t going to update this week by next week I should have a date I just been so frustrated

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    Hey guys ive been stalking this group chat for a while now. And i got a letter saying 45 days march 4th. I got another one on the 11th saying 60 more days. I ordered my transcripts by mail on the 7th. I had given up even checking the website. But something compelled me to check yesterday and i had a ddd of the 27th. All hope is not lost guys. i would say just wait it out. It seems when i waznt looking for it, it came.

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    Well I guess I will Stop checking for updates n just wait it out

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    Ig new updates is over cause I haven’t seen a new one yet

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    Lashunda D Lewis

    @ Gary you ain’t never lying they did me the same exact way 45 then a couple days later 60 I heard when you call after the 60 up they put you in another 60 day. I done saw so much horrible things go on with being under review people didn’t get they tax until Aug or Oct and some still been under review since last tax season I be glad when this nightmare end

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    Called irs this morning they still saying same shit I feel like they know more I know one one my job w2s aren’t showing called the accountant to ask if she could send send info in and she said they already did then ask me where to send it I said the same place you sent everybody else’s smh

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    I’m calling irs in the morning cause my state tax was deposit from the irs I got a message to my phone but when I went to use it it said insufficient funds which ik there’s was money on my card from the irs so I call my card n the rep told me the reason the money wasn’t apply to my account was cause of the wrong account and routing number he told me I have to call irs n give them my right account and routing number so imma call irs first thing that must be why the hold up on my taxes wrong information on my account

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    I’m not reaching out to irs Nomore to keep getting the same answer to just sit there waiting for them to be done with a review n the fact that they say they don’t need any information that’s why im more aggravated like they need to release my dam money i’m going to reach out to a TA Monday so I can get more information on whats going on an do what I have to do to get a DD hopefully A TA helpful n I want be waiting any long on getting a date I have no more patient cause it been 2months already

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    Gary Smlth

    Got a letter march 9 saying dated march 11 saying 45 days got another letter march 16 saying 60 days i guess next week ill get one saying 100 days

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    Jervon we have the same code n say they don’t need any additional information plus it say it was going to take 45 days n by April 18 I should receive a paper refund check then I got another letter in the mail saying they need additional 60 more days for the review I’m making my final call on Monday I’m getting tied calling checking on my refund like when we all will get our money they taking us thru the storm

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    I F/A on 2/17 was stuck on first bar for 2 weeks and then updated to still processing on 3/9 with no bars and tt152. Still no update of change on my end yet. Anybody else with this issue?

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    Received another letter saying they need a extra 60 days to review my refund like really

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    It updated this morning i got a ddd by March 20th hope everyong else got their date aswell

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    Do anyone knows if there will be a update later tonight

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    Seem like irs don’t want to give nobody they money thats frustrating people worked hard for they money to just having everyone waiting when they got bills etc to catch up with that don’t make no sense there was suppose to be a update wed. Since the website update on Wednesday and Saturday but I haven’t seen any updates yet n tomorrow is Saturday just say

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    Hopefully it come sooner they really playing with people smh

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    My code is CP05 on letter said I didn’t have to send anything in and said review would be over April 25th

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    Tia i am wondering the same thing i got same letter not sure on code buy said verifying accuracy also got mine yesterday hopefully we dont have to wait to long

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    Hey I filed 1/22 got accepted that day , went to take action code on 2/16 then to refund receive and being processed on 3/1 with no bars. Received letter from IRS today letter 4464c dated 3/8, stating they verifying it’s accuracy and that I don’t need to do anything at this time and it could take up to 60days for the review. Did anyone else receive this letter ? & got they refund ?

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    One question would a tax advocate be helpful instead of me waiting them 45 days I got my letter already my review have already started I wonder if a tax advocate really would be helpful in my situation can’t I’m so tied of waiting even though the lady told me I didn’t have to do anything n did any of you receive a letter n has a date when the review over n a date they provided when to receive ur refund? to u cause they have provided me with a date but I’m hoping to get it sooner

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    Still processing on both state and federal. Federal tax advocate sent in a request for release on 3/6. I verified identity with state on 3/4, afterwards MI told me that once verified they will release in 10-21 days.

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    Still no update for me. They’re really dragging this one out. I have yet to call again about the matter because of the run around. Hoping for the best still.

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    I received 2 letters. I’m still in processing and I have no ddd. I’ve also called an tax advocate she has until tomorrow to call me. There is no code on my transcripts either

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    Ig I stop looking for updates n just wait it out cause I ain’t receive nothing till in April it seem so far when I had already file in January to be waiting 45 days mines is being processed it’s still good but I really would like to have my refund before 45 days I got bills that’s don’t make no dam sense making people wait that dam long for what we work for

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    Etta Jones

    Did you find out on your transcript or the wmr tool?

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    @tommy I live in Michigan and I received my state 2/27 after being under review for that as well & they have also sent me both letters for the 60 day review so far and wmr still says processing.

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    Here another question has anyone thats been stuck in processing with no ddd or letter received their state return yet ?

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    @Chad I’m following a post on TurboTax and a few people received two letters in the mail and have a ddd of 3/13.

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    I will continue checking where my refund cause most likely there will be a update same

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    Chad I received the same letter as yours I don’t have to send know information did they provided u with a date u should be expecting your refund ?cause I have gotten provided a date on my letter but the best option for everyone that’s still stuck in being processed it’s t9 continue checking where my refund cause it can change the irs lady I have spoken with today said the site update every day good luck everyone

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    I filed jan 28 still no letter in mail and still no ddd been in processing sence march 1st they need to fix this crap and give everyone their money this is getting out of hand

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    Has anyone received a letter in mail saying you didn’t have to send anything in and receive your refund soon after?

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    I will wait till Wednesday hoping theres a update that night cause I’m so tied waiting if there’s no update since it update on Wednesday and Friday I will just get in contact with a tax advocate cause I will then have no more waiting left I’m me hoping for a miracle

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    Call a tax advocate that is a hardship.

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    no letter still, nothing, just no info at all. every time i call the irs its the same script crap everyone gets first it was because of eitc then it was because a review that began feb 25, ok well still to this day no real answer. i think they just do not have the money to pay us because of that orange monsters wall demands, he threw a fit like a 2 year old over some wall that isnt even needed or necessary, and now we are all paying for it. well if its that damn important they cdan keep their money, im 4 weeks post op and was hoping to get my refund earlier cos i scheduled surgery for tax time to take off the 8 weeks to heal, now i gotta go back to work lifting 5 gallon buckets of icing cos of trump! 4 weeks after hernia repair surgery with mesh for lift those same damn buckets! i hate the irs and monday i will be calling them telling them that if they do not release my refund and i am forced to return to work without proper healing time i will sue them for millions of dollars for pain and suffering!

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    Gary Smlth

    Got letter today same as all of you i had almost same info as last year i have2 disabled people i take care of who have medical needs.i felt sorry for irs workers who lost paychecks due to shutdown now i hope the next one lasts a year l have an appt with advocate you all should do same

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    Got letter today said I didn’t have to send in anything but hopefully my refund appears soon

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    There will be a update for tonight so check I feel like giving up on it but I just got alil hope left in me

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    I haven’t updated yet I have got fed up with checking for a update all my information still the same I still carry all 3 of my boys n as the irs said over the phone that they didn’t need any information from me n the same as that letter says I want be checkin anymore I’m giving them a call on Monday for the last time after that I will just be on a waiting list for my refund n tied waiting

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    Finally updated to a ddd

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    no update……ugh…..at this point i give up i dont even want my taxes no more. not supposed to go back to work yet, supposed to take 8 weeks off to heal from surgery but after 4 weeks guess i gotta go back since i dont seem to be getting taxes. the whole point of me scheduling surgery this time of year was taxes so i could take off work and heal up. if my surgery busts open from me lifting heavy crap at work oh well, f-ing irs physically hurting people now……..

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    Finally!!! DDD 3/13 dont believe what the irs tells you. I was told the same thing under review with a letter sent out 3/11. Patience is a virtue guys. Don’t give up

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    Just called IRS my 45 review hasn’t even been started nor assigned until March 11. My transcript says 570 3/11. Still in processing with WMR. F/A 2/3

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    In need of tax advocate need info

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    How do i get in contact with a tax advocate I Neva had to get in contact with a tax advocate ever but I believe this year I need to there’s no information they needed but send me a letter in the mail saying that n I guess from Mar 4 when I got the letter that’s when the 45 days started I would like for this process to speed on cause I do needy money n waiting till April isn’t gonna help I wonder if a tax advocate could help me cause this is crazy

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    Update was told under review starting March 11. Contacted tax advocate was told my refund was on hold due to 1099 G form was not in my return . faxed it to tax advocate should update Saturday for a DDD. Missing documents is a headache when you pay to have your return done right. I’m thankful the tax advocate was able to help me get ahead of the of the game to get the documents in before the 45 review started. Good luck everyone.

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    Contacted the IRS today and they stated they have to verify my income. Unfortunately I had to estimate my earnings for a job that is now closed and I didn’t receive my W2 from until last week. She asked for the income listed on the W2 as well as the withholding amount and how much I estimated. She said it can take 45 days which will be April 25th. This is beyond horrible. I’m trying to be patient but this has been the worse tax season for me

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    Gary Smlth

    I started with1541. Was told 45 days from march 4 went to processing march 1 called today now review is on from march 11 for 45 days called advocate woud advisr all to do same all i have got is a diffent story every time

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    @CH mines was 1541 n went to being process on March 1 I called the irs I talked with a man he was helpful he pulled my information up said I didn’t need to give no information that they was just reviewing my return n that they were back up that I was gonna receive a letter in the mail by 3/4 letting me know I have n it just saying what they were reviewing that I will receive my taxes by 4/18 but what pissing me off is I got important things to pay for bills etc.. Then to be waiting that dam long I serious I’m filing in February next year

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    Well, mine finally changed from the 1541 last week but still just says processing. So, I called today and the lady who seemed extremely irritated to help me stated that I was under a review and a letter would be being sent out on the 11th of March which would state how long mine were being held and what I needed to do.

    Has anyone else whose had the 1541 crap and then switched been told this and then given a ddd with one of the updates? I’m trying to hold out hope that they’re just telling people crap to get them off the phone. Someone give me some hopefulness!

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    I have checked WMR again this morning and still no update. Will probably call this morning to see what’s going on

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    I filed 2/3 accepted 2/3 on 2/15 call IRS and was told I was on a 45 day review as of 2/15 and they had till March 11 but for me to call back if I don’t receive my return by April 1. My transcript have a 570 code with date. March 11. WMR still has topic 152 and a refund date will be provided when available. Smh

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    Tell me about it. I was already 2 months behind on rent when I filed now I’m just lucky my landlord is a sweetheart i swear if my child and i go homeless because of the irs bullshit I will seriously flip shit!!!

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    Next year i’m filing in feb.

    #4309865 Reply


    I’m weekly,no updates yet. I filed 1/21…maybe soon?

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    I’m doing my best to stay patient. I filled on Jan 23. Take Action screen went away last week after I requested a tax advocate, however, one still hasn’t contacted me and I’m praying my lights don’t get turned off.

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    Has anyone called and got any information since the Take action went away?
    I received my transcripts in the mail but there are no codes on it. Cycle number is 20190703

    #4309740 Reply


    Still processing on my end as well. Will update if it changes.

    #4309718 Reply


    No update yet, still says it’s processing. Just wanted to update anyone who’s still checking for dates. Will update when I get date or anything else.

    #4309717 Reply


    Still processing.

    #4309633 Reply


    Posts slowed down big time ig everyone tied worrying it ashamed that we all got important things n bills to pay with our money n they prolonging us to wait for our return I hoping for a update soon my patient running short imma check back in a couple of days

    #4309414 Reply


    Hoping for all of us a update tonight it will be updating at 3:30-6am keep the faith everyone

    #4309344 Reply


    Still no update as of today. Hopefully something will update tomorrow or Thursday

    #4309302 Reply


    Updates anybody I’m weekly??

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    So i called the tax advocate and found out one of my jobs didn’t report my income which is why it’s on hold I called my old job and they told me that it’s been a issue for most give them 24-48hrs smh never again I’m glad I don’t work for them anymore. The IRS have all my reported income but one job that’s crazy and it happens to be Amazon so if you ever worked for them and filed them on your taxes that’s the issue they haven’t reported peoples wages to the irs smh

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    Good morning. Got my DDD on Saturday morning, im sure u all will update soon also. Praying for u all

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    All ofvus are in the same boat…the boat of unwavering patience

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    Still at we have received and processing … No bars :( seeing so many get ddd. What gives?

    #4308595 Reply



    posts started slowing down around the 22nd/23rd, but it slowed down big time when people got their refunds on the 27th.

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    Randi I called and they said the same thing to me. I checked today and I got a whole different screen without the take action message. I’m so confused and worried, I have never had any issues in the past.

    #4308544 Reply


    I’m hoping for good news this week for all of us mines is being processing as well hoping for a DD soon lets keep the faith everyone this going to soon be over

    #4308526 Reply


    Goodmorning everyone mines still say being processed as well don’t give up hope we will a DDD soon I will call the Tax Advocate in the morning because this is getting crazy bills are behind. Hopefully something changes this week.

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