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    WMR says Take Action and Reference Code 1541

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    Ginger Larry

    I don’t know much about code 1541, whats that?

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    Courtney Duplanty

    StrugglingSC – can you shed some light on how long it took you to get your refund date after being told it had been “released”? I was told the same thing on the phone today, so I’m curious myself. Thank you!

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    @liltxman what was your outcome? Did you receive your refund?

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    Deborah Robinson

    I filed my taxes 1/21/2018. I received a letter on 2/9/18 stating there is a delay in processing my return. This may take up to 60 days. Well, it is now 5/3/2018 with no refund information. I have called the IRS contact number that is listed on where’s my refund and the agents have no answers. They keep saying they don’t have any information. This is frustrating. I worked one job that took taxes out of my paycheck every two weeks. What is the IRS looking for. Meanwhile, I’m still working and paying taxes. What could be taking so long? What can I do?

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    So to update from my previous post on 3/29. The IRS finally got my income verification from the tax advocate and I was told it would be 2-4 weeks before I would see my refund.

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    So here’s my experience for reference.

    – I filed 1/26, accepted on 1/29.
    – On 2/8 got 1541 code on WMR
    – On 2/26 got CP63 letter requesting prior year returns. Sent these on 2/28 and received on 3/2.
    – Updated 3/21 to code 9001. Seems this may occur about 1 month after getting the 1541 message on WMR
    – Called yesterday for update. Was told prior year returns were received 3/9 (which is a week after I know they received them). They are already showing as “verified and processed” which basically means no errors found and they were put into system. Rep stated it could take an additional 1-2 weeks after this for the “system” to clear the CP63 code and release the current year refunds. Rep did say in total it takes 6-12 weeks but in my case I’m close to completion.

    I’ll be sure to post as soon as I get any updates. Keeping my fingers crossed for something tomorrow!

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    aleesha Burston

    I was told the hold was release off my taxes per irs on 03/26 they also said will not update on website which I think is weird but anyway just wondering how long before I get a DD date. I do have a offset from NC state taxes but they will have to refund me the offset once they process my 2012 taxes they are trying to bill me for I wonder how long to receive that back from NC state tax department as well.

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    I, like so many others filed on 1/29, was accepted the same day. On WMR my bars disappeared on 2/15. I called IRS on 2/19 and was told that I was chosen for the fabulous review and I may get a letter. On March 9 the letter came dated March 6, just stating I was selected for random review, I already knew this! I have continued to call since March 9th and was finally told on March 12th that it was because of income verification. They didn’t get one of my W-2s. I had worked for one company from January- June last year and started with a new company in July. I called the Tax Advocate Service, provided all my information. They had my employer send a letter stating all the info they needed, plus a copy of my W-2. That was on March 19th. It’s been 10 days and I can’t get the Advocate to return my calls and the IRS 800 number says they can’t help me now. I am in the same boat as many others and I need my refund. I have NEVER EVER had a problem like this before.

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    Glad to see some people are getting updates, finally.

    My review is supposed to be officially over on 4/1.

    Hoping to wake up to something positive on Saturday, 3/31, but I doubt it.

    Good luck to the rest of you!

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    I GOT BARS AND A DDD OF MARCH 28, 2018!!!!! Yessssssssssss!!!!!!!! Been waiting since Jan 29………..💳💰

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    sarah f parks

    Got DD for 3/28

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    So I filed 1/26, accepted on 1/29. On 2/8 got 1541. On 2/26 got CP63 letter requesting prior year returns. Sent these on 2/28 and received on 3/2. Updated Wednesday 3/21 to code 9001. From past year post seems like I may be done processing and just awaiting a DD date.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Brit O.

    Return accepted January 28th, 2018 couple weeks later said it was delayed. I called and asked why. They told me I was pulled for random review code 1541. I called back in a couple weeks as to nothing has changed. And they told me I’ll receive a letter but no action is needed. I never received anything from anyone. Last week I called again and she told me to wait til April 13th if I don’t see anything to call back again. WTF! It is March 21st. I’ve never done anything different. My other half and all my family did theirs way later and got theirs back. Where is mine?! My second child is due April 18th and this would really help us prepare for him to be here more and me going on maternity leave. Ugh. Irritated.😞

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    My return was accepted January 28th, got the delay a few weeks later, still waiting and nothing has changed. Called the irs when i got the message and they said call back mid march, and i did now they are saying that i needed to wait 60 days and gave me a date of the 2nd week of august to call again. Like why? I filed the same way the last few years. Nothing has changed. This is really pissing me off.

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    @PhickDiva: Yeah it seems like some TAs are bullshit, others are rockstars. Perhaps it is the complexity of the problem. For instance, most of the people reporting that their TA is a rockstar have small discrepancies or none at all and they can expedite a request to release the return. Seems like if it is more than a small/minor discrepancy, they aren’t improving turn around time too much. Minor not being dollar amount, rather an easy fix. For instance, someone had a typo, that amounted to a $3000 error, but that is an easy fix.

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    @StrugglingSC: It seems the average time it is taking to see a DDD after it being “released” is 2 weeks.

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    I filed January 27 and accepted on the 29th then a week later my bars disappeared. Then I called to check on my return they stated it was under review for 45 days. I then contacted an advocate because I am going through a hardship. She said she put in a request to release it on March 6 and that I needed to get back to her by April 12th I then called the iris and they said they received the request on the 9th and that they had 2 weeks (March 20th)to respond back to her. Well I counted the days from when I filed the return and it’s actually 45 days exactly. I called the iris today and they said my refund was released…Yayyyyy but they don’t have a date yet but keep looking………Anybody have any idea when the refund is released how long does it take to hit the account?????

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    Filed 1/23 and accepted same day, received 1541 status beginning of Feb, received 4464C letter on 2/5 dated 2/1.

    I don’t understand how some of you who under review are raving about how great tax advocates are, when I just wasted 20 minutes of my time with one. They are no better than the IRS themselves! Dumber than a box of rocks.

    This chick basically just told me that even though my review was started 2/1, a tax advocate CANNOT do anything other than “take a peek” at my return, which would FURTHER delay my review by another 30-45 days. And even at the end of that time, if I still hadn’t received my return, the TA could “recommend” the hold be lifted. That wouldn’t necessarily guarantee it would. They can’t actually do it themselves or force the IRS to do it, either.

    I told her I was in a current hardship, explained how I’m a single parent and have bills behind and have been taking care of my mother’s needs as she’s been in and out of the hospital with surgery and has no source of income herself. This lady acted like it was NO big deal at all. She actually suggested that I finish waiting the rest of my review out, and that instead of worrying, I should “take it as a good sign” that I haven’t received any additional letters from the IRS in the meantime.


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    @Joe – Great News! Glad you will soon get to shout I Got My Refund!

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    Was under review
    Filed 01/29/2018
    Bar disappeared on 02/17/2018
    Take action: Code 1541
    Called IRS on 03/02/2018, learnt that l was under review
    Called tax advocate on 03/05/2018, told l was picked under random review should wait for later to arrive by 03/12/2018.
    No letter received
    03/13/2018: code 846 fund released

    I had the following codes
    570 . 03/05/2018
    971, 03/12/2018

    Claimed child credit and american opportunity

    I hope you guys you will get some news
    I have filed tax for 9 years now. Never was selected for random review
    I was scared to death

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    @smell: that seems like some progress!

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    sarah f parks

    My status has bee. Stuck on the take action for over a month now. Its taking forever this year

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    Ours updated this morning from 1541 “Take Action,” back to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” No bars.

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    I updated last night to a DDD of 3/14. Had the Take Action code for 3 weeks exactly…the nightmare of this tax season is almost over!!

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    Updated last night to DDD on 3/14 was stuck on take action 1541 since Feb 15th. Finally over…

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    I updated this morning with a DDD of 3/14. I filed 2/5, accepted 2/7, lost bars 2/14, take action ref #1541 on 2/24. No movement until this morning.

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    My mom finally got a DDD for 3/14 !!!!! She filed 1/30 and got the take action 1541 2/6. Never had the path message.

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    Did any of you with 1541 have and updates in the last little wave of releases?

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    @smell: I got the 1541 on 2/15 and still nothing for me. Now the Injured Spouse might be more of the delay for you, because those generally take a little more time to process.

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    Our return was filed and accepted on 2/2. About a week later, I got the 1541, processing delay message when checking WMR. It still says the same thing 30 days later, and we’ve received no notices or letters from the IRS. We do claim EIC and CTC, as well as file Injured Spouse; but nothing has changed from previous years, and we usually have our refund by now.

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    this is crazy!!! Have been on Ref # 1541 for 30 days now. The IRS just keeps giving me the run around. 45 days 60 days I mean even if you had to review it shouldn’t take longer than 2-3 weeks considering my taxes are the same as last year only difference is that I had another child, with the same last name so I don’t see why it should take so long. Really need this money as I just started back working and need to catch up on some bills and I also want to take my family on a vacation. Guess we will miss out on Spring Break! :-(

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    Called the IRS today because my code now says 570. The lady told my husband that there’s no additional information required and that they don’t need anything from us. Pretty much said we’ve just gotta wait patiently until something happens. It has been almost 6 weeks for us.

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    I filed on 1/29, was on accepted on WMR for about a week and then went to Take Action with ref 1541 and ext 312. I also got a 4464C letter. I have called about 6 times total since the beginning of Feb. I get different messages from different reps. The last 2 had told me to wait at least 45 days from 1/29. Then the person I spoke with yesterday tells me that I have to wait 45 days from March 5, because that is when my tax liability was done? It seems to be a run around. There are no flags on my account. The last rep said that he literally sees my refund and it is frozen. Waiting for the review to be done from the 4464c letter. This has never happened and I file my taxes the same way every year. Very disgruntled.

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    What is 1541?

    My status says there is a problem with my return, and to call irs and mention code 1541?

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    Here is my situation.
    1/17 filed and excepted
    20180602 = 2/5 to the Master File
    1 Bar in WMR until 2/6.
    2/6 WMR changed to 1541, Transcript 570 Additional Account Action Pending 2-26-2018 $0.00

    2/12 got 4464c 60 Day Review Letter, No 971 code on Transcripts
    No activity on transcripts, No 571 Resolved Account Action.
    So don’t know whats happening.
    Seems the IRS is working backwards. Is it going to take 45 or 60 days to get the 571 to 846???
    Have no clue….

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    No update on WMR for me today either. WTF.

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    @amber: I filed with all of the same things as you. EIC, CTC and Injured Spouse. No movement on WMR today. Filed and accepted 1/31. This wait is killing me. Hoping that since you’re in the same situation that I’ll hear something soon!

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    @jemar707 it says 60 days…. it also listed generic reasons why it was held up like business income which she doesn’t have… didn’t check wmr today yet

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    Amber congrats on the update. That really give me some hope. I filed on 2/5 wasn’t accepted until 2/7. Lost bars on 2/14 and woke up to take action on 2/24. Spoke to four different reps this week all told me it’s a hold due to an offset for the federal. And, that it should fall off within a week or two. Hopefully next Saturday I update with a DDD.

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    I filed 2/1 and accepted 2/1 had reference 1541 from 2/6 till 6 am today when it finally updated for a refund for 3/7 … i had eic and ctc with Injured spouse form..hope everyone gets their money soon. I know i was an impatient mess until i finally got good news this morning.

    Oh and on my transcripts i had cycle code 20180605 and processing date of 2/26

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    @Justme23inPA: and does it say just wait? how long?

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    Well mom got her letter today for random review….. she got the take action 1541 on the 16th

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    Received transcripts yesterday. Filed and accepted by turbo tax on 1/31 but my transcripts say they just received my return on 2/26. So looks like they haven’t even touched my taxes until recently. Guessing it’ll be late April or May before I seen my refund.

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    Still code 1541. Efile 1/18 accepted 1/19 it’s said because I filed Injured spouse and had eitc

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    Different Year Same Bullshit.. IRS!

    Sorry.. I got 1541 message on 2/16 and the letter on 2/17. I called on 2/16 after getting the 1541 message and they feed me the same bullshit about the path act blah blah blah and that nothing was wrong with my return, no letters, and nothing being flagged. Go figure the next day I get the 60 day review letter SMH.

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    Different Year Same Bullshit.. IRS!

    I’ve had the same message since 2/16. I got 1541 with a letter that says I’m under review for 60 days and not to do anything. If they need any additional information they will send me another letter. I filed 1/26 accepted 1/29 got the letter 2/16 but it’s dated 2/12. Guess we just have to sit and wait.. who knows

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    No update.

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    WMR still says Being processed after being stuck on 1451 forever, but I got my refund in my bank at 5 this morning.

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    Just checked and still no movement. I don’t think it has anything to do with turbo tax specifically because I know several people who also used them to efile and they have all received their refunds. Including EIC and Child Tax filers. The only trend I seem to be seeing is people who’ve filed during a certain time of the month. We filed 1/31..accepted same day. I’ve seen several people who’ve filed 1/29, 1/30, 1/31 and have either been stuck on 1541 or processing.

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    Still waiting… Hopefully I will have my DD tomorrow

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