Transcript Updated with 570 Code

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    My return sat in limbo with no WMR or transcript update until today. Now it updated with the 570 code. Yay me.

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    What does cycle date 20190595 mean?

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    Me too 570 code on transcript and take action 1541 on wmr

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    Have any of you gotten your refund? I filed and was accepted 2/5. Lost bars on WMR 2/24, still have amount, TT 152 with still processing message. 570 on transcript with 3/12 date. I called IRS after 22 days was advised I was pulled for random review and to wait 45 days from 2/15. Called back on 3/12 advised review started that day and to call back after 4/26.Got an advocate the same day since the review started date had changed by almost a month. She sent request for refund to be released. No updates, no letters, WMR has not changed since 2/24. Same kids same job. Idk wth is going on. Advocate is to call me back on the 17th.

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    I have code 806 , 766 with date of 4/15/18 what does that mean ?

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    F/A- 3/18 .. bars went away 4/6. 4464-C Letter mailed out 4/3 received on 4/6. Transcript: has 03 therefore will update Tuesdays. Codes: 150, 806, then 570. Should i get a TA?

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    @tina Grier I have same codes and dates

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    Tina Grier

    Hey I have a cycle date of 20181005 date 3-26-2018
    Cycle posted ,20181005
    Received date April 15 2018
    Remittance 0.00
    Also other codes of 806.766.768.570 additional account action pending 3-27-18

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    Good Morning
    Quick question my as of date on transcripts has changed to 4/23/18. Before that it was 3/12/18 and has been since 2/16/18. Does this mean anything important or am I just desperate??
    Filed 1/25 Accepted 1/25
    Got transcripts for the first time 2/16
    Cycle code 20180705
    As Of Date 3-12-18
    Processing Date 3-5-18
    570 Date 3-5-18.
    Got 4464c dated 2-23-18 on 2-26-18
    Called for TA 3/22/18.
    Spoke with TA 3/28/18. Sent amended return same day.
    TA left me a message 4/3/18 saying she received and would verify it and send for processing 4/4/18.
    Today 4/6/18. As Of Date on transcript has changed to 4-23-18.
    All other codes and dates are unchanged.
    No change on WMR or WMAR.
    Whew!! I’ll update if anything else changes. Saw at least one DDD in here so CONGRATS!!
    Good luck to the rest of us.
    Have a good day.

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    I have 570 with April 2 2018 beside it and 0.00 what does this means and I also have codes 150,806,766,768

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    @ Joana: Sorry for my slow reply. Cycle date is that date that your return posted to the master file. It is not a refund date.

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    Congrats to those of you who got your DD!

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    @ Cekia: Sorry for my slow reply. The April 15th date is normal – nothing to be concerned about.

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    Latoyia Barker

    I just got my 846 code with 4-4 date next to it!! I am so happy that the wait is finally over

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    Who has cycle code 20181105 what does it mean remittance say April 15 2018

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    Who has cycle 20181005 ? What date is that? Also is that when I’m getting my refund?

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    @Dbo3001: we have never seen a cycle code change on a transcript. Also, transcripts do update throughout the week for daily accounts. You are correct for weekly accounts. Also, 570 is not indicative of an offset. 896 is for offset.

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    Hopefully this helps some. The cycle dates -20180705- do change, based on what’s going on with your return. Code 570 just means there is further action left pending on your return. This could be due to a treasury offset(ie defaulted student loans, missed child support payments, back taxes, or whatever treasury reason there may be). Transcripts only update over Thursday night/Friday morning. You can keep searching and pulling it up every day to be disappointed, or you can pull it up Friday morning and hopefully there will be movement on them for everyone, but unfortunately not every week means it will actually update as who knows what the 570 freeze on your account is for. Below is a link to a site with all the codes and the same info you’ll be given over the phone if you spend hours on the phone trying to get answers. It sucks, I’m 507 right now too, but I promise having gone through this last year, your transcripts(not “where’s my refund” but your actual transcripts) will only update between Thursday night and sometime Friday. So, even though it sucks to be patient, it’s better to wait until you know there might possibly be an update, than to check every single day and see your return moving like a snail. Plus the codes help you read the transcript and saves you hours on the phone with question dodgers. Good luck. Here is that link

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    @lb12480: For many yes, but there is still a lot of us waiting. Have you updated yet? A lot of activity has happened over last couple days.

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    Latoyia Barker

    Has anyone had any luck with this code being removed?

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    Okay, so I have done a lot of research on this topic. The code 570 is just a hold on your refund. The IRS is very backed up right now. If you check WMR and get the Take Action with the code 1451 this often means there is a delay. If you check your Transcripts the code you should be worried about is not 570 alone. If you get a 570 followed by a 971 this means a hold and a notice issued. That is what you don’t want. Now I have checked with the IRS several times and they are backed up with returns. The hold on your return as long as there are no issues such as an audit means you should typically expect your return up to 2 weeks after the 21 day mark. It would be one thing if just a few people got the codes then its most likely audits, however the fact that almost everybody I know and all the reading online tons have gotten it because there are so many of us filing and very few agents actually in the tax processing department. Its like 5 people trying to do 50,000 peoples returns it would take forever and a day. For those who did not get a notice issued be calm it is coming. Thanks!!!

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    I called and got a tax advocate because of the 570 code..basic return no itemization I have 3 kids over age 10 so nothing new. Prior call to irs lady said wait up to 45 date! Tax advocate put me on refund missed the auto process Feb 15 because my employer uploaded w2 info late. I filed Jan 29 so I was reporting more income then irs thought…so it was flagged for manual review…advocate says they can expedite the process…highly recommend.
    Otherwise I’d be waiting 45 days!!! ,..

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    So update
    Got 4464c letter on 2/26.
    I called (hoping for a little clarification) but rep just restated what the letter said. Basically I got pulled for random review and it could take up to 60 days.
    So now I guess I just keep checking WMR and transcripts.
    Anyone have experience with this at all?
    I keep seeing tax advocate mentioned in the main thrwad. Since the date next to 570 is 3-5-18, I’m thinking I should at least wait until after that date to try an advocate.
    Any thoughts, theories, advice or opinions?

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    @Ashley McIntosh: You can look up your cycle code here:

    It is the date your tax return posted to the master file.

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    Ashley McIntosh

    Does anyone know what the cycle codes mean? 20180805/ And a processing date of 3-12-18….

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    @Luz were you able to find out what that cycle code means, my transcript says that also?

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    Anyone update from the 570 code?

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    I filed and accepted on 01/26/2018 WMR status shows ” your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available” my transcript shows processed 20180705 with the 570 date 03/05/2018 contacted the IRS twice and both times they advised that due to certain credits they may hold the entire refund up to 45days from the date it processed (which for me is 02/15/2018) not saying they will but they could and the 570 codes will start to fall off staring next week 02/27. so lets keep faith alive and remain patient :)

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    Oh wow! all of this is information is confusing and frustrating. I have the code 570 on my return also along with 806, 768. When I called on Wednesday the irs rep said I should have my refund by 3/5. My cycle code is 20180705. I do not owe any federal debt. My return was accepted on 1/29. I had the bar up until around the 21st day then it changed to the “your return is still being processed message. We will let you know when your refund date is available.” I just want my refund. The irs rep also said there was no additional information needed from me. She never spoke of a letter mailed or anything. Any help or solutions would be great.

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    Transcript updated to 570 with date 3/12. No letter has been issued. Cycle code 20180805?

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    Latoyia Barker

    I called and spoke to a rep and she stated that my taxes were under review. she told me that it could take up to 45 days from 2/14. I have not received a letter or code stating that letter was sent. I have a processing date of 2/26 which probably means nothing. I don’t know what is going on. Nothing has changed except my address on my taxes. I am confused and very pissed. I don’t understand this. The first rep told me that they were just holding it because of the earned income but that was lie because she was to lazy to look at my account…..SMH

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    Cheryl Peters

    The dates apparently after speaking to a rep mean very little because they can change, cycle code ending is 05 is weekly you will update tomorrow. There have been tons of stories as to why the code 570 appears, some say it is credits hold, some say wage verify. It could be almost anything. I have called irs 5 different times and not two of the stories matched up. I guess at this point it is a wait and see if you update tomorrow and saturday on wmr.

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    Transcript has codes 150, n/a (with a group of numbers next to it) 806,766,768, & 570

    Can someone please help me understand?

    Also return due date or return received date says 4/15/18 & processing date says 3/5/18 What are these dates for?

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    got my transcript it says received date april 15 2018
    cycle 20180705

    No codes listed? HELP! :(

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    Hi Everyone!

    So my current situation:
    Filed 1/25/18 Accepted 1/25/18 with H&R Block (fees taken out of return and I got the advance)
    I didn’t check WMR till 1/29 and I had one bar.
    Went to no bars “still being processed” a couple days later.
    Got my code to view transcripts online 2/16/18.
    Good codes and then the dreaded 570. Date 3/5/18. Cycle 20180705

    Called IRS 2/20/18. Lady said she wasn’t sure why, but I may have to ID Verify. Then she said no notice had been mailed yet and I could call back after 2/27/18 if I still hadn’t gotten a letter, but it may resolve without me doing anything and I would just need to wait and see. No time frame available.

    As of this morning, no change in transcript.
    Sorry it’s so long.
    Does anyone have any new updates, info or theories?

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    @DWW126 That sounds like a line of bs, just saying that makes zero sense. I wish irs would stop playing games with everyone.

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    I was just told that I have to allow 45 days from 2/14 to allow for additional processing. No letters have or will be issued. I just have to wait. She would give me no further explanation!!!!!

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    I too have the darn 570 code with a 2/19/18 date. I filed on 1/28 and accepted on 1/30. I had the 1 bar on wmr and shortly after it was replaced with the infamous message of your return is still being processed. I called twice and the 2nd rep was really nice. She put me on hold for 10 minutes and researched my account. She said that she could see nothing special and said that processing need another week to process. I spoke to another person who experienced the same sitiuatiom last year. Her transcript had TC570 and then 971 which is the notice issued code but she confirmed that she did not get a notice and had the 571 code a week later. It delayed her refund receipt until March.

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    It seems like everyone that filed early has this problem . I got accepted on the 26th . I had 1 bar then it went to “your return is STILL being processed , a refund date will be provided when available on Friday . I have tt 152 & tc 570 . When i called irs they didn’t see anything on my account that i needed to do . I have the 570 code in 2010 & that same day it was replaced with 571 but i didn’t get my refund until MAY :-(

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    Diamond girl

    I filed and was accepted on 1/29. Just 1 bar and tax topic 152. Yesterday I pulled my transcript with TC 570. This morning was updated to still being processed on wmr and still tax topic 152. With my amount and all my information on the side. My cycles code is 20180705. I don’t have a clue!!!!!!

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    I dont have the TAKE ACTION on my WMR just my amount showing and still being processed message

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    do you all think the 570 code will fall off tuesday? I never had a notice sent or anything. went from path to still being processed..

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    I have the 570 code, processing cycle date 20180605, my processing date says 2/26 on transcript and the 570 code says 3/5

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    No take action message. I didn’t have any change to wmr. It still says being processed.

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    I received the 570 code yesterday. I don’t have the take action message on WMR

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    Cynthia Harrell

    Do anyone know what the 570 code means

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    I was accepted 1/29, never went to the Path message. Always one bar. Friday I noticed the 570 on my transcript. I called the IRS and two different people had no idea what that meant. Both researched my account and said everything looked fine. I don’t have any codes after the 570 so no notice was sent. Today my bars disappeared and says still processing. Really sad now. I wish I just knew what was going on.

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    I don’t get the EIC or ACTC. My return was accepted on the 30th, finally able to pull my transcripts yesterday, and I got code 570. Today I woke up and I have no bars. Just a message that says “Your return is being processed. A Refund date will be provided when available” Anyone else in this boat? Everyone I’m reading seems effected by PATH but I’m not:-(

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    Mine still says accepted. Not take action. When I called she said there was nothing for me to do that it just needed to undergo further processing.

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    So does everyone here have the Take Action WMR Status along with their 570 code now? Or is that just me? When I click on Contact Us on WMR it says use reference code 1541.

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    Ya me too who here can view there transcript online? I was able to view my horrible code cause I hadbirs fax mine.

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