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2018 Cycle Dates

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    2018 Cycle Dates

    wdt_ID Cycle Date Calendar Date
    1 20180102 Monday, January 1, 2018
    2 20180103 Tuesday, January 2, 2018
    3 20180104 Wednesday, January 3, 2018
    4 20180105 Thursday, January 4, 2018
    5 20180201 Friday, January 5, 2018
    6 20180202 Monday, January 8, 2018
    7 20180203 Tuesday, January 9, 2018
    8 20180204 Wednesday, January 10, 2018
    9 20180205 Thursday, January 11, 2018
    10 20180301 Friday, January 12, 2018
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    Still under review

    My cycle date is 20180905 I can only get transcripts through mail and never got a TA either. Still no refund also says still processing. Went under review until 05/04


    The cycle date 20181205 is not on this chart, however it is my cycle date and I am seeing a few others asking about it. Anyone have any info on why this cycle date is not on the chart?


    Your cycle date is the day your return was sent to the Master File. When I called H&R Block they gave me the date of my cycle date said that’s when I was supposed to have received mine and I’m 0705. No one knows when anyone will receive their refund we are all still waiting. If you haven’t gotten a TA then maybe you should consider if not then just continue to wait it out you should have it before summer.


    Cycle code is 20180905. I don’t have my refund yet. I can only order transcript by mail. When should I get refund?


    Received 4464c wait 60 days ordered transcripts stuck on 570 with a 4/23/2018 date
    Cycle 20181405 can someone explain what’s going on here


    The cycle date on my transcripts is not on the chart – 20181205

    Also, where would the 846 code be located? I don’t see any codes on my transcripts.


    I still have not received and cycle date is past

    Still have not received taxes
    Filed 1/29.. Accepted next day
    I have called IRS multiple time no help :(
    on my transcript, it reads:
    Refund amount: $-7,459
    Applied to next years tax: $0.00
    Estimated Tax penalty: $0.00
    Bal Due/Over pymt using tp fig per computer: $-7,459
    Bal due/Over pymt using computer figures: $-7,459
    FORM 8888 Total refund per computer: $0.00

    the cycle posted is 20180805
    received date: 4/15

    What does this mean? Will I not get taxes? WMR says still processing topic 152 date will be provided when available.


    This applies to anyone (not just those waiting).

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    Tonya Cofer

    20180602 cycle


    What is cycle code 20181205

    Melissa Compton

    Cycle Code 20181305

    Filed/Accepted 3/12/2018 Via Turbo Tax

    Transcripts came through today with a 846 and a date of 4/4/2018

    WMR is not updated that its approved. Hoping this is finalized =) Excited


    Cycle code 20181205?


    Where are you guys getting this code from


    @jaquetta I have the same cycle 20180905. Filed/accepted 2/9/2018. 3/19/2018 processing date 570 code. No update yet. I did get the 4464c letter dated 3/15/2018. I spoke to a rep 3/19 and was told she did not see a letter sent out in the system. Oh well, the wait continues.

    Jaquetta Swain

    Cycle code 20180905
    Date 3-19-2018

    Theresa Monday

    Cycle code 20180805.
    What does that mean?


    I don’t know anything you guys are talking about. Is this about state taxes? Mine says pending review with an estimation date of yesterday (March 11). Status is still pending. Where is my money!


    I filed 3/2/18 accepted same day. This morning I was able to see all transcripts with the 846 code with the date 3/14/18. My cycle code is 20181005. Im assuming my refund will be sent or DD on 3/14…..


    @amarie, same exact info.. I have a “review” that they have given 3 different answers, but my cycle code is 20180703.. I cant figure out what this actually shows, other than were considered daily updates.


    My date will be 20180902 when will I get my refund I filed 2-26-18


    Hi I have been under review I pulled up my tax transcript any my return was processed on 3/5/18 with a cycle date of 20180703. Can anyone tell me what does that cycle date mean? I also see a 570 code additional account action pending (Does anyone knows what that means?



    We have the same cycle date and mine has been stuck on, “your refund is being processed” for about 3 weeks now. I have no idea what that cycle date actually is..



    I don’t even understand what this chart means. I am 20181605 so what the heck is the significance of the date? Mine is STILL processing so this doesn’t really mean diddly squat

    Patty Pugh

    20180805 when can I expect my refund.


    Just got my transcripts cycle date is 20180705
    However my WMR says still processing I submitted them and accepted Jan 29 . I’ve called they said they done see anything wrong that they are behind to wait 60 days from the date of a letter I just received yesterday saying they are reviewing my account to do nothing but wait .. the codes on my transcript are 766, 768, 570 ?????

    Cierra Sorrell

    Filed 1040A with IS 2/04/18 accepted 10 min later

    Ordered Transcripts 2/18
    Cycle 20180605
    All codes have date of 2/26/18 beside them
    WMR stuck on delay in processing return
    3rd year filing IS


    @ Randall: there are 2 columns. Can you see both?


    When I click on date it doesn’t show the cycle date? How can we see the full cycle dates for each date? Thanks

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