Updated to 971 on Transcript today.

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      IRS 971 code on transcript – answer here.

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          Natasha jackson

            I have code 0805 and still no update??

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              Got a 570 & 971 code, with 03/02/2020, Could this be caused claiming EIC

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                Hello guys . Transcript cycle says: 20190803 and 971 code notice uissue 03/18/2019 can somebody explain me this please?

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                  Is that good

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                    Late congrats to those of you who got your DD!

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                      I just got my transcripts today with 971 as the code as of a few days ago had to ID Verify and did that on 2/20 and now I have a ddd of March 28 and I received a letter the other day saying they were reviewing my info good luck all

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                        Just to give my experience thus far for those who can relate. I mailed my return due to an efile rejection. they received the return on feb 2. on March 5 code 570 and 971 showed up on transcripts, with post dated dates. Today March 19 still no letter or any updates. Called irs. Apparently the date after the notice issued code, which is March 26, is the date by which they will mail a letter. The irs stated after i receive the letter, it will be a 45 day reveiw from March 26, no apparent reason, nothing i have to do but just wait. The irs told me that if my refund is not released my May 3, to call back! Hope this helps.

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                          Still can’t even see transcripts, filed 1/22. Does anyone know if the transcripts have to show before update to WmR? Called irs 3 times already, told last time to be patient, under 45 day review from 2/2 when they started processing my return. I have not flagged a letter or anything so I was told. However, I was told that they had 45 days to get me a letter but could get ddd before that. Have EITC. So frustrated

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                            @Kelly Harris: The next transaction code you need to be hunting for on your transcript is the 846. This will drive when WMR updates the following day with your DDD. They cycle date isn’t turning out to mean much this year with the hold ups. But you can use our Transaction Code Calendar Chart to see the date your return posted to the master file. That is what the cycle code corresponds to. As for when you will receive a deposit, if the only thing you had was an offset, it could be very soon as they don’t usually hold up things for too long. But if for any reason you were selected for IDV or sent to the IVO, it could be a little longer.

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                            Kelly Harris

                              ANY RESPONSES ARE APPRECIATED!!

                              I updated to 826 and 971. I already knew about the offset and it says transferred out with the amount beside it. The dates next to both are 3/5/2018. Cycle date 20180605.
                              Any idea when I could see a deposit??

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                              Kelly Harris

                                I updated to 826 and 971. I already knew about the offset and it says transferred out with the amount beside it. The dates next to both are 3//2018. Cycle date 20180605.
                                Any idea when I could see a DDD?

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                                  Nothing yet. Called last week and they said nothing has been sent out.

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                                    Anyone get anything in mail yet?

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                                      I was updated to the 971 code today Feb 22 as Well on transcipt

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                                        I updated to 971. No idea what is going on. Spoke with IRS yesterday and they told me that they had to verify my info and I should see my return 45 days from 2/15. I had the EIC and child tax credit. Same kids I claim every year, no changes.

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