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They say, Always Free.  If you haven’t filed, some IGMR users say TaxACT is the way to go.

Free is always in my budget.  The chatter at suggests that TaxACT has indicated a test batch of returns will be processed for potential acceptance on 1/24.  Will this week mean anything to early filers? Some say no, that the refund from IRS will still not be processed until the official IRS opening date to process on 1/31.   Although their site states “Please do not expect an acknowledgement on your federal electronically filed return until Saturday, February 1st, 2014.”, we don’t know, but many of our users have high hopes for getting acceptance earlier than the 1/31 if they get selected for testing.

It seems a handful of our tax refund hunters on IGMR have used TaxACT to prepare taxes for several years and follow (i.e. stalk) the blog for information, so check back here to join in and get the latest news.  This morning Amy, one of our moderators, indicated her status changed from Awaiting Acceptance to Pending.  Again, who knows if this means progress or early processing.  But that’s why we love our users, real taxpayers (many of us not so patient, lol) here to share real info.  Use this post to join the IGMR TaxAct Gang.  If you haven’t filed yet, they claim it’s easy and painless, and our affiliate link supports IGMR: TaxACT® – Prepare, Print & File Your Tax Returns Online. Tax Filing Made Easy!  (We are committed to safe links and only use trusted partners to advertise.)  And as always, IGRMR don’t endorse any particular preparation company as its seems they all have their pros and cons with both lovers and haters who have used them before.  Our goal is to give you the place to share the 411 if you have TaxAct input for the Original Refund Grapevine!   All TaxActer’s, this is your niche post to chime in share what’s up!  A special post to chat about other preparers such as TurboTax and H&R Block coming soon.  Did you use TaxAct?

Click here to check TaxACT E-file status.  Need the TaxACT phone number?  It seemed obscurely buried on their site and I didn’t see it offhand.  Seems they promote email inquires as free here:  Email Support and have a mobile app here Mobile App.  And then I found my aha moment, something not FREE:  phone support for taxpayers that didn’t user the TaxACT Deluxe and Ultimate Bundle.  Want to talk to a human at TaxACT?  We found the published phone number (319) 373-4514*, yes with the star.  Hmmmmmn.  Scroll down to the fine print, and you must purchase phone support they say for $7.99 year, or upgrade to the presumably less than free product.  Always a catch, eh?  But whether the phone support is good or not will determine if it is worth the charge.  (Let’s hope better than some of the IRS CSRs we get.)  This number might lead to a human, but probably the wrong department who might be able to get you forwarded (319) 373-3600.  I ask next then, why not an 800 numbers?  Hello??? Calling TaxAct wouldn’t be free minutes on my cell plan!  So again, not free if I am stalking you for a refund that never comes.  lol.

Nonetheless, we hope you are prepared and have a speedy refund therefore no need to call, but just in case, IGMR is here for you.  Let us know if your TaxACT scoop.

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