Will tax refunds be delayed because of a potential Government shut down?

That’s what our users are starting to chatter about–is the government running out of money and IRS holding out on tax refunds? We sit now wondering if this question arises from sheer anxiety, hype because of political views, fact or fiction? Should our users be patient or panic? Mixed feelings on my part after reading this article: http://m.thefiscaltimes.com/fiscaltimes/#!/entry/debt-ceiling-drama-will-you-get-your-tax-refund-on,52f0c886025312186cc87e05

And our users have been circulating other sources that either point to supporting this theory or calling BS. We want to know what you think and tell us what you see out there in the cyber kingdom of Refund Land.

I ask, is there any merit to this? Weigh in here on this post dedicated to debunking the recent chatter on the original refund grapevine: igotmyrefund.com

If the government is running out of money on 2/7/14, and there is an impending government shutdown that causes a delay in tax refunds, our users will surely be screaming Where’s My Refund? a bit louder fairly soon.

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