A Little Tax Time Diversion!

The IGMR Anthem

DDDs and WMR
I want a vacation, I need a new car
There are grumblies in tummblies and the bills can't get paid
Because we're largely awaiting some IRS aid.

The lines are all jammed cuz we just can't quit callin'
And the lack of a second orange bar has us bawlin'
Our theories and queries we share without care
And when they're debunked, then we pull out our hair.

Coffee and cigarettes, vodka and rum
It's taking forever for refunds to come!
No method to madness, no reason to rhyme
But IGMR helps us all pass the time.

Patterns are pondered, situations are dire
And if you don't have a screenshot, you'll be called a liar
It's not that we're mean here - we try to have fun
But false information is far worse than none.

Accepted? Rejected? A dreaded review?
Will the stresses and messes of last year renew?
If they'd just push the button to release all our funds
We'd be much more patient when next tax time comes.

Our spouses and children are feeling rejected
But they don't quite understand how important this check is!
We're tired of scrimping and stretching our dimes -
We all need DDs and we need them on time!

I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm bored
My husband has hidden the Ethernet cord
But I have a secret (don't squeal, don't tell)
He disabled the desktop but I've still got my cell!

-Stephanie Berry

Happy refund season, everyone. DDD dust all around!

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