Transcript Updated with 570 Code

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    My return sat in limbo with no WMR or transcript update until today. Now it updated with the 570 code. Yay me.

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    If you look on the igmr Facebook page, there are hundreds of comments from people who got the 570. With so many people, I don’t think it can be a problem with the return or an audit. I’m guessing it’s just their way of slowing things down so the system doesn’t crash.

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    Starting to notice it’s all ppl processed and updated to path last week or ppl whose transcripts updated today. It might really be hold to hold it from on some pathers

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    Question: I have the 570 code processing date of 03/05 but my cycle date is 02/26/2018. My eic and CTC says 04/15. Can anyone help me with this?

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    I filed/accepted 1/29 with TT. I have been on one bar ever since. No movement on WMR since day one.

    My transcripts have been blank until today with codes 150, 806, 766, 768, and the AWFUL 570 😰
    Still w/one bar.

    I went through a full audit in 2005. Had to get a tax advocate to get my refund. It was almost time to file taxes again by the time I got them. H&R didn’t help me AT ALL 😡 never went back.

    It’s been smooth sailing ever since but now I believe I Know why mine was possibly pulled for further review. I have 5 kids, I have always claimed my eldest 3 for eic but my eldest turned 17 in 2017. If I am right you can’t claim eic for a 17 year old. Thinking that TT would catch that, remove her from eic to just dependant (she still attended high school) and move one of my other 2 children in her spot for eic. But now looking at my transcripts I can see she WAS in fact claimed on my eic. That could be the reason for my review. The question is do I amend it or let the IRS figure it out? 🤔

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. and I’m PRAYING FOR ALL OF YOU IN THE 570 boat 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    I have a 570 code with 3/5/18 next to it. I filed 1/19 and was accepted 1/22. I updated to path on 2/8. Processing date is 2/26 with cycle date of 20180604.

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    I filed during shutdown. Updated last week to good codes. Had path as well. Thinking I was going to get 846 today I get 570 smh. Ima weekly. My WMR updated to We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

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    I checked my transcripts today for the first time and see code 570. Filed 01/30 with EIC and child tax credit. 1 bar on WMR this whole time with tax topic 152 at bottom.

    Read all your comments and decided to call.

    The lady was super sweet, verified me and checked everything. Said there is nothing they need from me but that they are requesting additional time to process. Up to 45 days, ughhhh. But she said it doesn’t mean it will take that long. Seeing as many of you have received the same code hopefully it’s just because of the EIC etc..

    Crossing my fingers I get 571 and then DDD!

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    after each line on my tax transcript it says per computer but it matches the same as the original what does that mean with the 570 code is a bottom

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    Did you get a 971 code also or just the 570? I got the 570 only.

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    My WMR this morning now says Take Action and when you clock on contact us, Reference Code 1541. I created a thread here if that is a common thing among any of us:

    I never had the Path Message, only 1 bar.
    I don’t have any offsets or federal tax debt.

    Let’s see… what else can we compare…

    I didn’t file during shutdown, I filed 1/29

    Called this morning for the hell of it, knowing I would just get some bullshit. Rep said wait a week there just hasn’t been a refund release date yet. I asked then why would it say take action? Stumped her. She started in on the EITC/ACTC script that they give them, I was like oh no, that ended yesterday. All in all, she said wait a week. I figured that is the way she wan ted to get me off the phone.

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    Me too and I cant get anyone at the IRS to tell me anything!!!

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    Did any body update to anything else today??? Toady was my first day getting the 570 code so im just looking to see what you guys have now…

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    I have the 570 code. I was accepted on 01/26. I didnt have the PATH message, just one bar and TT 152. Then early this am I got the ‘your refund is STILL being processed’, then I check my transcripts with a 570 code! SMH, its always something I tell you! Let me know how everything works out. I’m too hoping for a 571 code! Soon!

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    Anyone that woke up to 570 today have either a federal tax debt and/or file during the shutdown? Both apply to me. Just trying to find a pattern. 20180605 with a 2/26/2018 processing date.

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    Ugh. Was on 1 bar til this AM transcripts were blank now I have a 570. Could it be that they’re just regrouping us?

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    Mine just updated me with this code smh I’m thinking I was going to get 846. I’m so sad

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    So, my situation is very awkward with the code.

    I filed and was accepted early (before 29th).
    I updated to the Path Message, as a weekly, on the same Saturday as most everyone else.
    Been able to access my transcripts online and everything has been right in line all the “good codes”.

    THEN…. this morning wake up to the dreaded 570 code.

    No notice mailed code… nothing else.

    BUT… STILL have the PATH message right now…

    Im so confused how I have a hold code and WMR is showing everything Ok. I guess since Im a weekly WMR wont update until Sat morn.

    I just know everyone will be waking up to DDDs on Sunday morn and ILL HAVE A TAKE ACTION MESSAGE

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    Nope nothing mailed, No 971 code.
    So mine is just a “Delay”, Has to be or I would have heard from them by now.

    I am praying on a 571 and a 846 code ASAP!!!

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    @Jw1641: My transcript just updated today, so I haven’t gotten any mailed notices yet. I hope it’s just something simple. I was affected by the Equifax breach so I’m wondering if this is related.

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    I have the 570 code I’ve had it for two weeks my processing date says February 26 as well. I called my state tax advocate and they were able to help me with why the seven 570 could was on there it has something to do with verifying it was you that filed the tax return that’s in my case they said wait 6 to 8 weeks to hear anything did any of you get a letter in the mail?

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    @shawninohio: well at least I’m not completely in the dark anymore. Lol

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    Thats what happened to me. Had 1 bar from 1/18.
    2/6 lost my bar and got the 1541 “Delayed Return Message”.
    Thats probably what you are going to get next in WMR.

    It sucks!!! lol

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    The WMR has only ever shown 1 bar with the standard message. @shawninohio: I hope that’s what the date means :). My date is 3/5

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    The question is what is WMR telling you now.
    I filed and was excepted 1/17, 2/6 WMR gave the 1541 “Delayed Return Processing”.
    With it came the 570 Freeze on my Transcript dated 2-26-2018.

    My Return Processing date is 2-26-2018.
    So I assume the code will be dropping with a 571 shortly.

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    Yes. It was blank. A return transcript didn’t even become available until today.

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    Was your transcript blank at first?

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