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    It’s that wonderful time of year for those of us walking the PATH.

    Join me here all weekend (late nights) waiting and watching for updates!!!

    I’ll be here, coffee pot in hand and chain smoking one cigarette after another, counting down the minutes with all of you that care to join me!!

    Sure to be a good weekend, filled with plenty of entertainment and lots of laughs!!

    As I’ve said from the beginning this year, good luck to you all, we all need it!

    Be safe and have a great weekend!!



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    I’m so upset that I haven’t got my refund yet. I feel dumb that I can’t manage my money better. I shouldn’t need the money so bad but I just can’t seem to stick to a budget. I know I’m getting back way more than I paid in to the irs but the Gov. needs to hurry up with my moneyI have more bad financial decisions to make and I want to make them quick. Haha

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    Got it

    I checked my bank this morning and I got my refund, it is pending of course. WMR shows that the refund has not been sent but it’s in my account. Had a DDD of 2/26. I also had my fees taken out from my refund from turbo tax.

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    Anyone else have a DDD date of 2/26 (today) and not get their refund? Like wtf is going on? WMR doesn’t even say they sent it!

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    @ashleyb have you called your bank. My date said the 26th and I believe my tax lady actually received it Monday: it was a paper check I had to pick up

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    Thank you

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    @Ashley, Praying for peace of mind and happiness for all tonight. Miracles do happen!

    Blessings to all.

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    I feel your pain!! It is super frustrating!! My husband and I are sharing a vehicle right now because my suv has a tire blow it. It has been absolutely crazy not to mention the collectors that are calling. This money needs to come ASAP. I’m try to stay positive in hopes tomorrow morning will be like Christmas morning

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    This is driving me crazy!! I wish I could see if I’m going to get it tomorrow. I have Wells Fargo I dont know if that makes a difference. My code number is also 20200605. Please send some positive vibes my way. We really really need it to be there tomorrow. This has been so stressful I’ve never experienced this kind is stress over trying to figure out when I will get my money. The irs is no help with them not updating their systems

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    Some states don’t send to prepaid.
    I never saw anything that said mine was included.
    I’m not using TTCard next year despite my Fed coming 1day early for this reason.
    I could’ve had my State as a cushion at least a week before today.

    Thank you @A Wife for mentioning your State experience I saw others with similar issues w State.

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    I bank with chime with a ddd for 2/26 and still haven’t got my money but they claim you get paid two days early. This is about to really make me mad because I got approved so where is my refund and why is everybody getting theirs and I haven’t gotten mines???

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    My State was CANCELED and went back to AZDOR… Its in the Az State forum date 2/24/2020

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    A wife

    My federal was deposited with no issues today a day early despite TT sending my state back. Hope this helps someone in the future dealing with TT prepaid card.

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    Posted on TurboAdvance Card (GreenDot) at 3:15p AZ(MST)!😁
    FILED 1/14
    Accepted 1/27 (state as well)
    Cycle 20200605
    DDD 2/26 on (WMR still 2 bars)
    Posted as Paid 2/25 wee hrs this Morning
    Fees and Advance deducted
    State included on Fees.

    Thanks soooo much everyone for sharing your experience too!

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    I don’t have my federal return yet it says 2/26 so hoping I wake up tomorrow morning and everything is there. I was told that ppl got their returns and the irs website never updated to sent. So I can only hope that I’m in the same situation. Did anyone else not get theirs yet and is showing a deposit date of 2/26

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    Instagram FREAKSHA_

    So this watch party is over 😂 everyone got their money hmmm

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    “$530” to prepare taxes, NO THANKS. JW started emailing in November actually to get a “jump start” on my taxes. Lol.

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    @Kit, don’t do that. We live and we learn, right. Before last yr, my ex prepared ours. I learned my lesson last yr. I only beat myself up a little then moved on.

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    @Becks, TT.

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    @Eddie. Congrats.


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    @Jimmmmm (sorry if I missed an m), there’s nothing wrong with my taxes. Thanks for the encouraging words anyhow. No, received state last night, Fed pending for tonight, early morning. Thanks again Sir :)

    Hope alls well w you!

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    Got Refund today on netspend card ddd was 26 filed with h&r block ..did taxes on line

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    I called my emerald card and they gave a ddd of 2/26 I file on 1/21 and was accepted on 1/22

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    @Target what problem exactly? Is it on the end of TT or the IRS

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    Does anyone know how long after sbtpg releases money, it will then take to get to TurboTax card?
    Thanks in advance

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    Haha don’t forget people that sbtpg also takes their own fee. We pay them to take fees out of our refund for us!

    @target I hope the issue with your refund turns out to be nothing. It doesn’t always mean something major. Could be a number off and take a day or two to resolve. Hopefully it’s something like that

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    I got my state but I just found out I have “problems” with my federal. I don’t know what it could mean anyone have any idea? I guess I shouldn’t have messed with TT and just paid them.

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    Anyone here bank with BoA and have a ddd coming up? If so can you seen pending….for me, nothing. Just wmr saying expect it on 2/26

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    DDD schedule for 2/26!

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    A wife

    The turbo tax card sent my state back on January 30th. I had to wait an entire extra week to receive the paper check from my state. Now I’m worried that they’ll send my federal back that has a ddd of 2/26 which would make no sense because I got a 2k cash advance and TurboTax is supposed to take their $80. Has this ever happened to anyone and what happened once they received your federal?

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    Receiving CPO5 letter. Whatever that means.

    Apparently from the horror stories I’m heard it will take a year before I see my refund.
    Anyone else recieve a letter?

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    My bank is going to hold this until tomorrow I swear 🤣🤣🤣… I’ve never done you dirty Fulton. Why are you doing this to me….

    #4375608 Reply


    My Sister has been working in the Tax prep industry for a decade, I’ve heard some stories. I think that’s why i’m kicking myself for being convinced to pay more. I know better🙄

    #4375601 Reply


    I bank with USAA. My deposited posted at 0530 this morning.
    Thank god.

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    My Deposit is scheduled of today 2/25.
    My wmr DDD was 2/26
    I’ll update when it’s in my card!
    I recommend you all check as well
    Good luck!

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    @Kat, certainly play on the fears of already nervous filers. One filer, paid the whole shabang, guess who received a letter from IRS anyhow?! “Forms missing”. This of course puts a delay in things. There was a discount for my type of service. TT decided to not reveal this w me. And they knew very well I qualified for it. I also work for the Government, to their credit they helped me prepare my taxes properly and included every form needed.

    You’re welcome..

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    @Nat, oh, I can. Last yr, filed w JH – $530. NEVER again. I like my money in my pocket. Self prepared E-filing is the best option, for me.

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    I think they also take advantage of our fear of getting stuff wrong, so we fall into the trap of “I paid more, so I can rest easy it was done correctly” feeling they so masterfully create with their upgrade suggestions.

    I remember the whole reason TurboTax was created was to get the job done without having to pay $300+ sometimes a % of your refund to a person in a tax office. Cheaper was the selling point.

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    Thank you for sharing that with us.

    I was one of those that knew it was available for lower income families, but I didn’t know I fell in the higher limit of that income group until after I filed. I later saw the lawsuit, but since i never began a Free File (I got an Email to begin w Deluxe for like 30%off) I don’t think I’d be able to demand a better price.

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    Imagine how I feel. I pod H&R $385. 😣

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    State deposited Monday night – 2/24

    Federal pending Tuesday night/early morning

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    I’m with chime and I get my refund on the 26th but I bank with chime that says you get paid two days early. It’s now the 25 and I din havey refund. Man this bank better not play with my money

    #4375452 Reply


    I began filing for free, yes! Yet at every turn they are pushing all these extra services. I opted to pay $40, because I wanted my State included. I see no point filing separately.

    #4375449 Reply


    @Kit, They charged me for Self employed. Hiding (as they’re known to do), the free option via my special employment status. My State refund finally deposited tonight. Federal is pending and expected to be in my Chase account late tonight /early morning.

    TT has been accused of not being transparent. I experienced this myself.

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    For mrty bee

    #4375425 Reply


    Oatmeal pie

    #4375423 Reply


    @Target you and mrety beeee can share an otemell piiee

    #4375420 Reply


    @Target you tried to get a refund but failed miserably. You went back on what you agreed to pay TT and they made sure you didn’t get your refund on time like most people

    #4375415 Reply


    @Target yea you messed with TT now you not getting refund yet like we are

    #4375407 Reply


    Did you begin the free file and ended up paying a fee? What was the reason they returned your fee?

    #4375394 Reply


    All those that feel scammed by TurboTax needs to file a complaint. They tried it w me, but failed miserably. Paid $130. I was refunded $90 the next day! Receipt: $40, to include state. Fed – Free.

    #4375356 Reply


    I’m at $174.
    I knew how much I agreed to at the time and why I felt it was justified at the moment. I kind of blocked it from my memory, cause it just was a lot more than I would’ve agreed to otherwise.
    But now that it’s broken down on the page, seeing it again is freaking painful! 😫
    Everytime I log in, I get a little bit angrier.
    Each log in, my mom math goes: that’s a new playpen! , that’s a toddler bed!, or I could’ve finally gotten something nice for me!!😢

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    @holly ikr I paid 130 in fees 😫😳 through turbo tax for 1040 not 1099 sorry

    #4375330 Reply


    @holly ikr I paid 130 in fees 😫😳 through turbo tax for 1099

    #4375327 Reply


    what sucks about TurboTax, is the fact that in order to file a 1099-A, you need to upgrade and from there, the fees that follow are ridiculous. Thankfully, I don’t need to file that form and mine was free. First time ever that we got it for free.

    #4374798 Reply


    Anyone else waiting on a paper check?
    WMR states check mailed out by 2/28.
    I have read online the Treasury only cuts refund checks on Fridays….🤔

    #4374776 Reply


    I have chime and I haven’t received my refund yet. If it’s not one thing it’s another. They telling me they have not received anything but I’m seeing other people with chime that got their money.. man I’m not about to play with this damn bank about my money.. I promise I’m not..

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    Normal bud hr block wont receive it until tomorrow sometime and then right into your emerald card if you used that if not you’ll prob receive it on the 26th in your bank account

    #4374607 Reply



    Ughhhh I’m not trying to be that guy (haha) but I’m getting a little anxious because both times I’ve called h&r block or the number on the back of my emerald card they’d say they dont have any thing from the irs yet. Not even a ddd or anything even though I’ve already been received my state. Is that normal until the day before ddd or what?????

    #4374604 Reply



    Call The Dept. of Treasury offset #. To see how much was taken.

    #4374410 Reply


    Mine was approved Saturday but it doesn’t give me a ddd. At the bottom of a paragraph about tax offset, it says to check back if not received after March 2nd. Why would there be no ddd?

    #4374297 Reply


    Them scammers (TurboTax) are robbing me for a whopping $176 ;(

    #4374002 Reply


    Whoa, TurboTax is over $100!? Taxhawk is free for federal and like $20 for state. Might not be as many features though? I don’t know.

    #4373218 Reply


    My DDD is the 26th, it’s pending in our account until the 26th. It would have been released today but instead our bank has decided to wait as many days as they possibly can to give it to us. Some banks will wait until the absolute latest because they receive interest. 🤬

    #4372737 Reply


    @zanae I’m in the same boat as you. Hope we get our money today. I have fees coming out as well

    #4372664 Reply


    I filed with Jackson hewitt this year and received my money today was suppose to be on the 26th. Good luck everyone

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    I really wish there was a reply button so that I can ask if fees were taken out prior to deposit hitting account.. Please update that as well, so that we all can have an idea of what to expect. Thanks.
    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Path 2/8
    Status Approved 2/22
    DD 2/26
    Red circle on SBTG
    I had fees coming out with Turbo of 135.00

    #4372625 Reply


    I’m a PATH-er…Netspend AllAccess card.
    DDD of 2/26
    No money yet.

    10:18am CST

    #4372614 Reply


    @Latinomom5— nothing yet. DDD 2/26. I have Santander so I’m not really expecting it before then, but who knows. I’ll post if/when it does.

    #4372580 Reply


    Anyone seeing updates??

    #4371618 Reply

    Shana L

    DDD 2-26, in my chime account this morning. Yay. Ya have a good one, c ya next year!

    #4370965 Reply

    Tax Payer



    #4370937 Reply


    Re Target. Thanks..

    #4370935 Reply


    ☆☆ CONGRATS ALL ☆☆

    Another yr on the path, walking as steady as a cat, most arriving at our destination, but it wasn’t without much hesitation.

    I hope to see ya again… Soon!


    #4370933 Reply


    @tax payer

    I have always had my deposit at least 2 days before my DDD.

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