2020 IRS Transcript with 846 Refund Issued code

This is what we are examining right now.

2020 IRS Transcript with 846 - Cycle Date 20200403

2020 IRS Transcript with 846 – Cycle Date 20200403


2020 IRS Transcript with 846 - Cycle Date 20200405

2020 IRS Transcript with 846 – Cycle Date 20200405



2020 IRS Transcript with 846 - Cycle Date 20200603

2020 IRS Transcript with 846 – Cycle Date 20200603


2020 IRS Transcript with 846 - Cycle Date 20200801

2020 IRS Transcript with 846 – Cycle Date 20200801



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  1. Ms.Understood

    If I filled on 1/10/20 and my returns are still saying the same thing still processing,how do I find out what’s really going on and if I received a letter to my old address how do I find out what it says orhow an igo by getting it sent to my new address,or can I look it up on line???

  2. Ms.Understood

    why is my refund still processing, I filled them 1/10/20 and they still saying processing,if I receive d a letter to my old address howcan I find out what it says?

  3. T2471

    If you experienced a difficult representative being rude or hanging up in your face don’t let it slide. Report complaints to the Treasury Inspector General (TIGTA). The telephone number is 1800-366-4484

  4. America Beautiful

    @Celinababyy93: it won’t show up…only current year taxes show up on WMR. You can check transcript to see if there’s any movement.

  5. America Beautiful

    My 2018 tax refund has been held for almost an entire year. I am working low income and I claim my child and my dependent disabled sister. On 4/1/2019 I received a code 570 on my transcript “additional account action pending” and then “notice issued” code 970 on 4/8/19 with no action required from me. Many phone calls with IRS, many unreturned phone calls from “Tax Advocate” office NOTHING. I was willing to cooperate and give them anything they needed but they said nothing was required from me. I depend on this money to live so it has hurt, a lot. Finally had an accountant take over as POA to see what he could find out. That was on 12/4/19. IRS sent notice I wasn’t entitled to any refund, stating I didn’t work, accountant drafted letter with proof of earned income from W2 and my employers W3, sent in certified mail. It is now almost March 2020 and transcript shows 846 code, refund issued 2/24/2020 along with 776 credited interest dated 3/2/20 but no money in my bank yet. Checked on my 2019 return filed 2/3/20 and now there’s a code 570 AGAIN dated 3/9/20. If only they scrutinized the very wealthy the way they’re doing this to me. Literally starving waiting on this BS.

  6. Kpollock82

    Filed 2/10/20
    Accepted 2/10/202
    Path with EIC
    Transcript updated today 846 2/26/20 through TT

    I use Chime the date The Bamk of Santa Barbara gets it that afternoon I should have it. 4th year using Chime

    Still waiting on Ny for state no movement

    WMR – still has processing message

    Question I may have an offset but no offset code does anyone know if transcript updates with that code after deposit? Or am I in the clear?

  7. Celinababyy93

    Question im still waiting on last years taxes. I had to oncome verify but when i check wmr it doesnt show up.

  8. Kim

    What about the cycle codes 20200705? Or the ones who have credits but yet slipped by the IRS and got their refunds before PATH lifted and everyone else is left to say oh well.

  9. Kelley

    And by those questions, I’m more or less asking if people with the same codes(cycle) and dates etc. expect to see the ddd for what’s listed?

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