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    FAQ <-----Go here. If you are new to the forums and having trouble navigating the jungle, you can find a lot of basic info on our FAQ page. If you find yourself repeating yourself when you are trying to help others, you can drop a link foe them to specific FAQs, it sure would help us and them :)

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    Seeing if I can get some help here.

    My BF claimed my children as dependents. After an audit the IRS found them to be dependents, but they do not qualify for the child tax credit. That’s fine.

    However, they allowed them as dependents, but took away his HOH and corrected his return to Single. How is he (who paid all the bills, all of our support and they have all documentation showing this) not considered HOH when he has qualifying non relative dependents? Do we need to fight this?


    I got my 3rd stimulus based off my 2019 taxes which is 1 dependent, I filed and was accepted for 2020 taxes which I have 4 dependents… why didn’t I get it for my 2020 taxes which they had already and once my 2020 taxes is processed will I get the difference from 2019 &2020?? Will I get for my other 3 kids

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