Where’s My Refund?

Where’s My Refund?

When does IRS accept tax returns in 2017?

The IRS will begin accepting and processing tax returns beginning on January 23, 2017.

When Can You File Taxes in 2017?

Most tax preparers will allow you to enter and submit your tax return beginning the first week of January 2017.  You don’t need to wait for the IRS to start accepting tax returns to start, but you must have the proper forms and paperwork. Some forms are not available until mid January and some even later.  When you submit your return before the IRS begins processing, it will sit in a “queue” and be held until the date that the IRS will officially accept tax returns.  If you e-file early and it sits in queue, your return may be sent to the IRS early in a test batch. This has resulted in early direct deposits in the past, but also major glitches because they are tests after all.

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?

2017 Refund Cycle Chart

The most recent tax refund cycle charts have already been published. The official IRS tax refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication. However, various websites with refund calendars for the 2017 tax season (2016 tax year) have been updated with 2017 direct deposit and check mailing dates.

When to Expect My Refund?

IRS Refund Schedule Charts typically show that early filers whose returns are accepted before the end of January can anticipate a tax refund direct deposit as early as the first week of February.  The day that IRS deposits refunds varies but we notice trends that help you determine the time and days WMR updates and when your tax return is processed.

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What Others Are Saying:

  1. Flipflop

    @theres finally light at the end of the tunnel: I found out that subject to a few exceptions, exam cannot work or close any cases with the earned income credit (I don’t know if you’re claiming that) until October 1st. Whether this includes TAS or disaster (hurricane victims) cases, I’m not sure. It sounds like they’ll be issuing your refund by check. The TA can put a hardship rush on it. I think you should check with your TA to find out if that’s what they’re doing.

  2. theres finally light at the end of the tunnel

    @Flipflop: Hi. So the TA finally called me back on Monday stating that since I had an agreement/contract with TT to have my fees deducted from my return that I had to resolve the issue with TT first before she could have my refund released because the IRS can not come in between a contract in place. And that I needed to obtain a letter from them clearly stating that the agreement was cancelled. I spoke with TT yesterday explaining my hardship with Hurricane Irma, and to my surprise they agreed to cancel the agreement made and emailed me a letter stating so. I faxed the letter to the TA this morning. Any idea how much longer before I’ll receive the refund?

  3. Miller

    @Flipflop: This has been a headache! I’ve claimed the same two kids since they were born and worked the same place for 14 years. I filed back in February and they pulled me for audit for verification of my dependants….I’ve been so patient. I haven’t been calling or anything. I actually had forgotten about it until April. I’ve sent everything requested and I finally got the form 4549 approving my refund minus a $630 adjustment

  4. Flipflop

    @Miller: see all of my posts below. The whole process from you sending it back until the money gets released could be several weeks.

  5. Flipflop

    @There’s finally light at the end of the tunnel: WMR is not always accurate. Many people receive their refund before it even updates. The account transcript is what you need to look at. If you can’t access it, call exam tomorrow and ask if you’ve updated yet.

  6. There's finally light at the end of the tunnel

    @Flipflop: WNT. I don’t have access to my online transcripts.

  7. There's finally light at the end of the tunnel

    @Flipflop: well needless to say I did not update. 4549 faxed in 3 weeks ago (8/25). Refund approved to be released 9/07 and yet still no refund. I’m literally in tears right now. How can I not feel defeated and want to give up.

  8. Flipflop

    @finally light at the end of the tunnel: don’t give up, Here’s what I know. Anyone with TAS involvement in the Florida and Texas disaster areas is now a priority. More of a priority then it was before. They’re pushing hard to get those done although yours is already done. You may update tonight. Can you access your transcript on the irs website?

  9. finally light at the end of the tunnel

    @Flipflop: I’m not feeling very optimistic. Advocate stated that I’d hear back from her by Friday(today) yet I’ve received no calls and she isn’t answering her phone. I’ve been displaced from my home, no electricity, food is scarce, and still no help. I feel so defeated and depressed. I give up

  10. StuckinStowewithnodough

    Tick Tock…still waiting & have been on hold for 2 plus hours…give me a damn break…

  11. finally light at the end of the tunnel

    @Flipflop: an advocate called me this morning due to my hurricane hardship. Fingers crossed and prayers up for a ddd soon

  12. Flipflop

    @finally light at the end of the tunnel: if they input the adjustment on the 7th, it should update with a ddd this weekend. Don’t hold me to that though because it sounds like your examiner closed it on the 7th but someone else has to input the adjustment. At least you know it’s almost over!!!

  13. finally light at the end of the tunnel

    @Flipflop: good morning. I called that examiners number. The rep told me that my 4549 has been processed and approved to be released as of the 7th. Do you think I’ll update with a ddd this weekend?

  14. Ms young

    @Flipflop: my TA got on my case and resolved in two weeks. If you need their number but me up I’ll post it for all to see. She was not pleased with the time frame of my original and amended. I’m getn my deposit on the 13th dd. She is awesome

  15. Flipflop

    @Meme: you could certainly try to see if they’ll help you. Worst they could say is no. You faxed it in a little over 2 weeks ago. Looking at the calendar and knowing when adjustments post, it’s possible you could update with a ddd by this weekend. I would call the exam department at 866-897-0177 and ask them if your 4549 has been processed yet. If it hasn’t been, tell them your hardship and they will send a referral to the taxpayer advocate’s office if you ask them to.

  16. Ms young

    Thank you Jesus. My TA called me this morning and said that I will have my refund on the 13th. After 4 long months of waiting. She said it will be DD. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.

  17. Meme

    @Flipflop: even if I’ve already faxed in the 4549 and am just waiting for a did? Please help. I’m so desperate right now.