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When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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What Others Are Saying

  1. TreyFromGa

    Just updating everyone… I finally recieved my refund this a morning after waiting since January. FYI I had a 846 with 8-11-2014 date on my transcripts. Im finally relieved. I never went through anything like this with the IRS. Keep the hope alive people. At one point I didnt think ai would ever recieve my refund. Also do hesitate to get a good TA. I talked to two rude TA before getting a nice profesional TA who helped to get my case resolved very fast. One positive thing came from it is I just accepted a new job. So this refund is going to come in handy since my new job pays at the end of the month as oppose to the beginning.

  2. PalmSprings Shirl

    @Shae: Hi shae, didn’t see your request.
    It seems we are amending returns for different reasons so not sure how that might impact the processing time for either of us. The number I was provided to call was 800-829-0582 there will be a series of prompts before you can provide extension 623…be ready to give them qualifying information on who you are and have a copy of your amended return available.
    I will tell you that we mailed our amended returns on April 28th, The WMAR website didn’t even post any update until July 1st and that update was to inform me that they received our returns on May 1st. So 8 weeks just to update the website that they received.
    I read that depending on which IRS Federal office you are working with, meaning which state may dictate how fast or slow these are processed. I am in California so obviously there is a larger number of amended returns this year and the wait will go beyond the normal 12 weeks. Hope this helps.

  3. Your Name

    Did anyone with a 8/11 date for refund on their transcripts get a refund yet?

  4. vallerie

    @your name thanks for the information I have been waiting since March I hope they finish up soon they said that they didn’t need anymore information from me.

  5. Vallerie

    Is there anyone out here going thru identity theft and how long did it take to recieve your refund?

  6. FRANK

    I was thinking about getting a TA but when I called my local TA they were not available it just took me to a recording.

  7. FRANK

    Anybody with 1121 get their refund? how long did it take? I filed in march got 1121 in april. went through a 60 day review, a six week id verify, a referral and now going through a second referral.

  8. Angela

    WE finally got our refund today we had a 846 with a 8/11 date so we got it earlier than expected finally the wait is over we filed February 3rd and went under review February 9th got a letter saying they needed Info for Eic and HOH we faxed all the paperwork March 3rd we got a letter saying they got all our information and we will hear from them by April 17th or may 17th I think we got another letter saying to give them more time and we got adjustment papers sent to us in June we sent and faxed them back the 23rd of June and we got a 846 on our transcripts last week on Thursday and recieved our refund today

  9. Detroitgirl

    Woke up to a 846 n 766 interest so happy but praying nothing changes 8/18 my date.

  10. Jonjon

    My refund was maid July 25. It’s July 30 and I haven’t received it. How long does it take to receive it in the mail?

  11. ho humm

    I received a letter a couple days ago stating they corrected errors on my return. It gave me the new figures and refund amout. WMR still says processing. Anyone have an idea what I should expect at this point?

  12. Nothing

    I am a victim of identity theft I filed back in March and I have recieved one letter saying they recieved my documents for my identity theft case. I can’t get a copy of my transcript and I don’t know if they are even working on my case. I am expecting a refund but they told me it will be 180 days to process but don’t call til it has been 180 days.

  13. Angela

    We got a 846 with a 8/11 date on our transcripts will we get it this Thursday or next Thursday? Anyone else have a 846 with a date of 8/11?

  14. Kelly

    Anybody ever used UnionPlus Prepaid card? My direct Deposit is scheduled for tomorrow…. and Just wondering if they are going to give me a hard time tomorrow.

  15. Xoxo

    @Your Name: yeah I figured that. They closed my case June 20th. And they said it went back into processing. And it could take up to 9 weeks.

  16. Your Name

    @Xoxo: n/a and the * means you aren’t finished processing… Or either unpostable ..errors

  17. Shae

    @Xoxo: that * symbol means your not done processing, that’s why you can’t view them…when did you file?

  18. Shae

    @beallwood: I got a letter in June asking for 30 additional days also because my referral didn’t help much. Now I’m just waiting and waiting … Hopefully I know something by August because all this waiting is insane!
    … Can’t believe I’ve been waiting since January !

  19. Xoxo

    I haven’t been able to get into transcripts . It still has 2013* and n/a for account transcripts. Is there any other way of getting in to view them??

  20. beallwood

    @ oliverhimes. Same boat here but I faxed everything in march, I just keep getting letters saying they need more time. I have congress and t.a. working on mine. They said I should know something by the end of august. Hope that gives u an idea. Will keep you posted

  21. Shae

    @Perez Luz: go on the IRS website and click on get transcripts. Select view transcripts online and sign up for an account. Once you have an account you can view your transcript for 2013..

  22. oliviarhymes

    I filed back in Jan received a audit letter asking to prove EIC in April sent everything in the beginning of May received a letter in the beginning of June stating I will hear something by July 22 have not heard anything id anyone going through the same or received some good news? and will my transcript update or I just receive something?

  23. Perez Luz

    I filed my taxes in April 15 21014 , electronically. And they still in process . It’s been almost 4 months and I haven’t get my refund .. I don’t know what’s going on .. I called the irs so many times and they always say same thing wait 45 days and that they can’t give any info until they sent a letter to me. :(


    OMG no answers and now for the past 2 weeks I can’t check my transcripts … Can log in but when i click on the links it give the technical difficulties with reference number 122.. But wmr updated saturday early morning to your refund is received and is being processed. thats the first time it has updated since february. it usually has your refund is being processed and a date will be available when available with topic 152 … Any input?

  25. filed 2-3-2014

    @Pastorgrace you don’t have to wait to file. If you get a refund back, i wish you good luck. If you had to pay in, you don’t get extension on owing the irs and they will charge interest. The only thing an extension does is give you more time to file and not owe a late filing fee.

  26. Your Name

    @stuck: no there’s not another number to get through faster sorry…
    Or we all wouldn’t be on here asking questions

  27. stuck

    I just called the irs and sat on the line for one hour just to be disconnect by there line is the a faster number to get through

  28. Your Name

    @shae yes keep checking your transcripts because as you can see a lot of people are getting updates on transcripts but not on wmar

  29. Shae

    @Your Name: I’ve noticed that because it’s still on received since June… Week 7 of them having my amended.
    I called today and was told it got assigned to someone in June to work it. But wmar hasn’t updated to adjusted or complete.. Transcripts just been saying 971/977 forwarded for processing since the second week if June..

  30. Pastorgrace

    Hi all, I filed for an extension on april 15th and it was accepted, Do I need to wait till october before I file or can I file now if I have my documents ready?

  31. Your Name

    @keisha I called today and the rep says she don’t see any errors so I guess we have to wait it out. Maybe you should just call and see

  32. Your Name

    @kesha: no one on here works for the IRS. But when you have been waiting as long as some of us on your refund you learn a lot along the way…(January filer)


    Anyone transcript as of date still stuck on 7/21 or a past date?! Haven’t had an update in almost a month!

  34. ShawnettaR

    BTW my WMAR is still saying processing. So their site is not updating at all. IRS is something else I tell you

  35. Courtney

    @ShawnettaR: I don’t know what the cycle date means but you should get your refund this Thursday.

  36. ShawnettaR

    My amended return was received on 07/07. WMAR is still saying processing. My transcript says 20143005 refund issued 08/11/2014. What does 20143005 mean?

  37. Your Name

    @Crottece: WMAR and WMR are not the same thing…..
    which one are you talking about? as long as your transcripts have 846 refund issued code. then you are OK.

  38. Crottece

    I told the lady I talked to wmr wasn’t updating. All she said about that was ok.

  39. Your Name

    @crottece What did they say about wmar? Did it update for you yet or did they say dont worry about the site not updating

  40. Crottece

    I was finally able to talk to a real person at the IRS after being on hold for over an hour they said my refund was being mailed out as of yesterday. Now I just have to wait on the mailman.

  41. Your Name

    no pending deposit so far …i have a DD for 7-30! i can’t believe they keep messing people out their money!!! pisses me the heck off

  42. Your Name

    Sadly the Irs reps are told not to give out “too” much information, explaining why you get several different answers when you call in from different reps. This is on the IRS’ actual website, search refund codes:

    If the taxpayer insists that you check their account:

    Authenticate the taxpayer’s identity

    Access Command Code (CC) FFINQ to determine if we have received the tax return. Even if there are indicators on CC FFINQ regarding an account issue, DO NOT provide any information other than the fact that we have the return and it is being processed, or

    If there is no data on CC FFINQ, access CC REINF to determine if a refund has been scheduled to be issued. Using the “REF CHK SCHEDULED” field, advise the taxpayer that if they have not received their direct deposit in 5 calendar days from this date (transmission date), to contact their bank. If the taxpayer has not received their paper check within 28 calendar days from this date (mailing date), advise the taxpayer to contact IRS. DO NOT provide any additional information other than this.

    Again, emphasize that the best way to get the most current information about their refund is through the automated systems listed. They are fast, accurate and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer or smart phone with internet access, AND the information provided is specific to each taxpayer who uses the tool. Also remind them that by using the automated systems, they would not have to wait on hold to speak to an assistor.

    The return was received, but not processed:

    If “Command Code (CC)” Shows Then
    “TXMOD” UXXX (unpostable return) in same line as TC 150 in pending transaction section. See (2) below and IRM 21.5.5, Unpostables.

    Check ENMOD to determine if a letter was prepared. If a letter was prepared and it has been 14 days or less from this date, inform the taxpayer he/she will receive a letter within the next two weeks. Do not prepare an e-4442, Inquiry Referral.

    Advise the taxpayer their return was selected for review WITHOUT disclosing the IVO involvement.

    If the taxpayer has received the letter and it has not been more than 45 days for the 4115C, or 60 days for the 4464C, since the letter or notice was issued, advise the taxpayer to allow the 45 or 60 days requested in the letter/notice before contacting us again.

    If 45 or 60 days, depending on the letter, have passed since the letter or notice was issued, initiate an e-4442, Inquiry Referral, to Austin Directorate only.

    Inform the taxpayer that you are forwarding their inquiry to the function that is reviewing their return and they should be contacted within the following time frame: begin with the date of the initial letter on CC ENMOD and calculate 60-90 days from that date. Give these calculated dates to the taxpayer in which to receive further information.


    Do not use information from CC “FFINQ” to advise the taxpayer that the return has been processed and issued. (07-01-2013)
    Return/Refund Located

    The return has been processed:

    If the Command Code (CC) Shows
    “SUMRY” ST 12
    “TXMOD” TC 150 on first line of Returns Transaction section
    “REINF” A check issued or direct deposit date
    “IMFOL” /”BMFOL” TC 150
    Command Codes IMFOLT/BMFOLT and TXMOD will indicate whether a TC 846 refund is issued via paper or direct deposit. TC 846 will appear on IMFOLT approximately one cycle before TXMOD.

  43. Your Name

    @your name ok I just ask because wmar usually gives you the exact date better than your transcripts but by you saying wmar may not update at all I guess I just will have to wait and hope they update soon

  44. Yourname

    @Your Name: just be thankful transcripts updated. Wmar is behind and may not update at all.. Everything’s been flip floppy all year ..

  45. Your Name

    Hi I haven’t been on here in awhile I check my transcripts today and its says aug 11 refund!!! But wmar account says it’s still says processing ugh I dont know what’s going on can someone help

  46. Your Name

    @ShawnettaR: amended take 8-12 weeks to process. They just got yours July 7..

  47. ShawnettaR

    My 2011 amended return was received on July 07th. WMAR is still saying processing. I called Friday and was told that it would mail out on August 1st. I called again today and was told the same thing, that it is scheduled to mail out on August 1st. I called 800-829-1040 and followed the personal income tax prompts. WMAR is still saying processing as of today. Is there a chance it will mail out before August 1st?

  48. nik

    I just called, I sent my 2011 prior year to them the second week in June. She asked me if I checked wmr and I was like for my 2011 and she said yeah, so I guess all that bs about it not working for prior years is a lie. But they have no information on my return still so I hope it got there ok :-/

  49. Shae

    I just called the examination department and a nice rep told me my return was not with them.

    I am so tired of the rude irs reps that lie!

  50. filed 2-3-2014

    Called IRS to see if they received the 143 pages I sent. They received, she told me at this time it could take another 3-6 months to process because they are so far behind and depends on how much overtime they are allowed. I asked if I should file 2014 while still waiting for 2013 refund. She said well you can file, you will get flagged since it’s grandchildren your claiming and I should expect to get audited next year. Next year I will have experience :)

  51. Shae

    Hello, can someone on here help me out?! I called the irs twice today. The 1st rep says my amended is still processing…

    I call back a few hours later to speak to a different rep. 2nd rep says my amended was sent to examinations. But my transcripts don’t have any audit or examination codes. All they asked me to sent was school documents months ago and I did. I don’t know who to believe?!

  52. Shae

    @PalmSprings Shirl: I’m still waiting on an amended. They got mine June 10. But it’s just being saying received for weeks.. Should I call ? That number doesn’t pop up on my wmar. Can you please share it on here?

  53. PalmSprings Shirl

    I was able to refile my 2010, 2011 & 2012 tax returns due to my spouse now being recognized federally.
    The WMAR web site posts that they received my returns on May 1st 2014, at least the 2012 & 2011 return.
    I fear the 2010 reached the statute of limitations for filing and will be denied?
    So today, July 28th I check for an update on the WMAR website and I am notified to take action as they have not processed my return. I called the number and extension I was given and did wait almost 40 minutes before an agent spoke with me.
    She said each return had been assigned to a processor but no action taken thus far. She told me that it should only take 12 weeks but the backlog is very high this year and it could be a full 14-16 weeks for the returns to process. So I’m looking at another 2-4 weeks. If you receive the notice on the WMAR website to take action and call I recommend that you do call and you wait to speak to someone.

  54. Amendedmoney

    Is anyone else having problems with transcripts updating with a refund issued date but wmr not updating?

  55. Your Name

    @Philip@Kesha I hope on weds it gives a ddd for Fri . I really need this money I always wait till around the start of school and file because it never has taken me long and the kids get school clothes and stuff . I thought I was being smart . It just pissed me off that it would do that. Being that I filed on July 9 when do my 21 days be up???

  56. Shae

    @Your Name: a lot us are still waiting. Since January ..
    Ready for this to end already. Can’t get any honest answers from them.. :/

  57. Your Name

    @Share: thank you! I’m feeling really worried that I don’t have it yet…wondering what could have gone wrong?

  58. Share

    @Kelsey: scroll down a little someone posted how to reach a live person. Her name was king leisa..

  59. Kelsey

    Hello- I filed in April and still have no refund. The status has constantly been “processing” with no expected date available. Does anyone have an idea of what could be going on, or have a good number to call? I can never get a hold of a human when I call, and it just tells me the same information- that it’s processing.

  60. Shae

    @The real Courtney: you need to speak to someone higher up!! The professionals at the irs.