Where’s My Refund?

Where’s My Refund?

When Can You File Taxes in 2015?

You don’t need to wait for the IRS to start accepting tax returns to prepare your return because most tax preparers allow you to file and submit your return a week or more earlier than the date announced by the IRS. The tax return will sit in a “queue” until the date that the IRS will officially accept tax returns.  If you e-file early and it sits in queue, your return may be sent to the IRS early in a test batch. This has resulted in early direct deposits in the past, but also major glitches because it’s a test.

When does IRS accept tax returns in 2015

We anticipate an official IRS announcement soon with a date when tax season opens in 2015 which will be telling us when the IRS will begin accepting tax returns. It won’t be announced until Congress passes the 2014 tax extender bill.

Are 2015 tax refunds being delayed until October?

The IRS official date to open tax season may be delayed, but they haven’t announced a start to tax season yet.  It is rumored that it will start later than previous years. Another rumor is that tax refunds will be delayed until October 2015, and this is a bunch of NON-SENSE.  The story that is being circulated in social space is from a satirical news source and is not true. However “real” it may appear, this is a fake news website that fabricates stories for entertainment purposes. Ha! Not so funny for us IGMRers, eh? Rest assured, there is no telling yet how next year will go, but the October 2015 tax refund delay is BS, not official news.

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?

2015 Tax Season Update  The most recent tax refund cycle charts have been published. The official IRS tax refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication. However, various websites with refund calendars for the 2015 tax season (2014 tax year) have been updated with 2015 direct deposit and check mailing dates.

When to Expect My Refund?

2015 IRS Refund Schedule Chart from The College Investor has been updated and estimates that early filers whose returns are accepted by February 7, 2015 can anticipate a tax refund direct deposit on February 20th, 2015. These refund cycle charts estimate deposit dates based on prior year trends.

IGMR has got the scoop on refund cycle charts. Read More [..]

2014 Refund Cycle Chart   |   2015 Refund Cycle Chart 

Looking for an IRS phone number?

IGMR has got you covered on our Contacts page.

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What Others Are Saying

  1. speak out

    I understand that things sometine has to be done for the good of other things, but to delay refunds ubtil months it very devastated to those who look for it to be able to help get them out of a rut. But stop putting trust in man and start to look and rely on God. He will never put us in a delay mold.he always right on time. So look to J c.

  2. Michele

    @Willy: That’s interesting! While I do expect some problems every tax season the majority of returns are done by computer and are never touched by a person so with that in mind I am hoping for the most part there won’t be too many problems. Of course in instances of ID Theft and the like those returns may take longer since they have to be processed by computer, flagged, and then followed up and handled by people.

  3. MSRazorbackPhD

    @Willy: Thanks for the information. I shook my head at, “This year we may not have the resources, the people to provide refunds as quickly as we have in the past.”

    Now, I am trying to figure out if we should wait or file the first day of opening like we normally do.

  4. MSRazorbackPhD

    @Your Name: That is why I said it may have changed since we did ours, which was just 3 years ago. If I recall correctly..they even had it posted on their website. I recall asking some reps WHY they didn’t DD amended returns. I was told the systems weren’t setup that way AND that they have to be approved by a human (actually from beginning to end they are/were done by man).
    If it has changed since then..that is wonderful. It was a stupid rule…IMHO!

  5. Willy

    http://t.co/7hgy69fjYx You might have to copy this link and paste it in your tab to open it, but it provides some good news and bad news about this upcoming tax season. I myself am not exactly sure what to make of it. When they say they are expecting a “miserable” tax season, it makes me think they are preparing for a very slow process. But hey, at least they expect the waiting to start on time!!!

  6. Your Name

    @drea: What ever you used for your tax return, your amended return will be deposited into that account.

  7. Arielle

    @drea: well you should get a dd I had a review on my refund had to send all my info I thought I was going to get a ck but got a dd the next couple days later

  8. Your Name

    @MSRazorbackPhD: no, that is not true I got my amended return deposit into my account that I used for my tax return.

  9. MSRazorbackPhD

    @Your Name: Thanks for the response and I apologize for that. Ironically, I had a cashier tell me the other day her friend stole her SS card. I asked if she had credit or had ever filed a tax return. She said next year will be the first time….my heart broke for her…due to potential issues she may face. I told her to contact the SS admin…immediately. Thank God she has no credit, but I explained to her what could happen with the IRS “IF” her friend stole from her. We have been the victims of ID theft (credit/debit card theft) prior.

    My heart aches for you. We went through a mess with them this year and when we first had our first child. Thank goodness it did not take them this long. I think there should be some other way to handle that without the 9-12 months wait. Too bad they can’t have you go to your local (IRS) office and have it figured out on the spot.

  10. Your Name

    @MSRazorbackPhD: no you are not being intrusive. I had identity theft on my husbands ssn. They say it takes 9 months to a year. So here we are at 9 1/2 and still waiting.

  11. MSRazorbackPhD

    @Your Name: & @lost in space: if not to intrusive…may I ask what was the cause for such a serious delay? My husband and I are on pins and needles about the upcoming tax season, because it took us several months from start to finish to receive our refund. But it would be a nightmare to be waiting this long…as we go into a new tax season.

  12. Your Name

    @lost in space: I’m still waiting with you! Just left tax advocate message yesterday to see if I could get it before Xmas .

  13. MSRazorbackPhD

    @drea: Unless it has changed in the past few years (3)…the only mail out checks for amended returns. In my experience, even when you do DD on your original returns…they only send out paper checks for amended returns. For your sake…I PRAY I AM WRONG! KMFX!

  14. drea

    I am expecting my check for my amendment…do anyone know if it could possibly be dd? irs forgot to change my address and I REALLY need this money before Christmas…thanks

  15. lilred44

    Hello everyone! Just wondering. When filing, how early would you recommend? Last yr I did it a day before opening day and got my return back the first week of February…. Thamks

  16. TamicanNC

    It would so beneficial for tax refunds to come out before or right in Superbowl weekend. The economy would basically receive most of the tax refunds back. All the tailgating and Superbowl parties being thrown, which requires massive food purchases, people traveling to and from the games via airlines, cars using gas. The price of hotel stays and tickets is astronomical. Wonder if the government can consider that when rolling out refunds year after year. Sirry , hello to all and hope we all have a smooth upcoming tax year with.no craziness lol But this site is prepared for our panic attacks with great information. Thanks to you all.

  17. Mary

    @Drea I didn’t think they would either, but I know some ppl have posted on here that they have had their refund checks forwarded to the new address, I think it may depend on the post office that receives it, you can try calling your prior post office and ask to see if they will forwarded.

  18. just asking

    @drea: go to your local post office and put your mail on hold because thay will not forward your check

  19. drea

    Mary it was a good update…check will be mailed next week…was kinda confused tho…I had my new address on my amendment and they didn’t change it so they told me today it’s to late to change it and the usps should forward it to the new address…I was under the impression the post office won’t forward tax checks..do u have any insight on this? thanks

  20. Mary

    @DREA I hoped they updated with good news for you, I believe the transcripts update daily, but with more updates on Thursdays

  21. drea

    thanks for NOT answering my question. my transcripts updated last night so that in itself answered the question :)

  22. Your Name

    @questions: this might be a situation where Injured Spouse filing is necessary…but I’m totally guessing because I don’t know much about that status. If you click above on the Groups menu, there is an injured spouse group that may be able to give you some insight. Try posting your question there and some people subscribe to that group. (You do need to register to join group discussions).

    Oh and from what I understand, it’s not necessarily “injured” spouse, but more like “my spouse owes a debt and I dont”. I think…

  23. questions

    We do file jointly I was going to file form 8379 in order to get my part of the return I just wanted to know if I could get my refund by submitting that form even though her overpayment was during our marriage

  24. questions

    I wanted to see if anyone had information about the situation in regards to the form 8379….My wife has an unemployment overpayment that is supposed to be taken out of our tax return this year….but she has no income for the 2013 year….if i file a 8379 will i be able to get part of the return we live in California and the overpayment occurred while we were married does it count as community property or will everything be taken…also can I file the form 8379 electronically and how long does that affect my time for getting my return

  25. Your Name

    @Your Name: 1866-897-0177 if speak engilsh press 1 and stay on line u will get sonmone i call them every week

  26. page

    @Jim: 1866-897-0177 if speak engilsh press 1 and stay on line u will get sonmone i call them every week

  27. Your Name

    @Phil: 1866-897-0177 if speak engilsh press 1 and stay on line u will get sonmone i call them every week

  28. Your Name

    @Belinda in Bama: this is the number i use to get them i call them every week and still being review just press 1 for english and wait someone will get to you 1866-897-0177

  29. Your Name

    I filed for tax return on my educational credits, it’s been almost 3 months now and still no teturn. Where’s my refund keeps telling me that it’s stillike being processed. I need that cash because amy pow on money.

  30. Belinda in Bama

    I also haven’t received my refund for this yr. it still said processing.. I have tired to get a person an can’t.. It was approved April 2,2014.. Why ??

  31. Me&MrsJones

    Question. Imputing my 2014 tax information into H&R Block and it says some forms are no available at this time so should I just wait until January to input further information? Seems to me as a waste if I can’t get a my credits and deductions at this time.

  32. Phil

    According to irs website my return was received and a refund mailed out some 5 weeks ago. It has still not arrived. When I call the 800# I get a recording which, after inputting all the info similar to the website procedure, ends up with a msg that staes refund mailed- we cannot provide further info.

    How do I contact an actual person either by phone or email to get this sorted out?

  33. Jim

    I filed my taxes in April, 2015 electronically. When I go to ‘Wheres my Refund’ it’s has ALWAYS said ‘still being processed!! I can’t get anyone on the phone/online so far that can tell me what to do!

  34. Morris 's Queen

    After an audit is closed out and I’m due a refund how long does it normally take to receive your refund

  35. Queenie

    I read an article that says individual and w2 tax payers. Will not receive any tax refunds until October 2015. Major businesses and small businesses will get tax refunds. As normal which I think is just insane. If this is true, I won’t file until October 2015.

  36. BJAY

    I can’t believe this year went by so fast!! I hope there is no delay next year i will check back to see if there any updates here daily…

  37. So Long

    has anyone waited the 180 days for their whole identity theft situation? how long after the “180 days” did you actually receive your refund .

  38. Lexington ky

    @so long: stii waiting every 6weeks I call same bs wait wait its all a waiting game ..

  39. jemar707

    Here is the current update from IRS. I heart my contact there, she is quick!

    “Hi, Jessica. We have not announced a filing season start date. We are indeed awaiting Congressional action on extenders. Since they’ve returned to DC today, I hope we will know something soon. If we issue any kind of statement, I’ll be sure to pass it along”

  40. TamicainNC

    hi all has anyone seen the site where it has stated that the IRS has announced the start of tax season as January 23, 2015? I was just reading it and wanted to know if there were any other sightings.

  41. so long

    has anyone waited the 180 days for their whole identity theft situation? how long after the “180 days” did you actually receive your refund .

  42. Nicole

    I want to know if this has happened to you, when i check my estimated refund with TT or HR block, When I input the child care expenses sometimes my refund stays the same and sometimes it jumps to a higher amount will child care costs make my refund more, or is it just a glitch in the system?

  43. tina

    Im noticing alot of sites are saying free federal filing, but Ive heard some dont accept small business returns anyone who can help me and point me in the right direction of a site that has free filing and accepts small business ..thanks in advance!!

  44. maggie

    i just received my 2013 refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after waiting all this time just gave up hope. never ever again will i use h&r block, if not for them ‘forgetting’ to file the correct paper work, i would have had my return on schedule!!!!! right in time for christmas though so for thankful for that.

  45. Your Name

    @Nicole: yes you will most likely be thrown into the review dept. Since you have never claimed him before they will look at it as fraud. So be prepared to have all the paperwork they ask for. Such as school if in school, insurance if you have him insured etc.. Anything that shows you are supporting the child.

  46. Nicole

    Want to ask a question for January when we file, I have been caring for my sister in laws child for the past year since she has always claimed him on her taxes this year I will claim him, will that bring up any red flags and cause me to be audited, I dont want to be audited..

  47. Stressed in England

    Subject: Electronic Management System (EMS) – Upcoming System Downtimes
    The Electronic Management System (EMS) located at Memphis, Tennessee will be unavailable during the following time periods:
    •Monday, December 1, 2014 from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Eastern
    •Monday, December 8, 2014 from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Eastern
    •Wednesday, December 10, 2014 from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Eastern
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.