Where’s My Refund?

Where’s My Refund? This is a tax refund “user to user” site and the primary mode of support is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users. Admin and moderators are not always present or may not have answers to questions. Each user becomes more informed about topics the same way: the frequency at which we are here to read and comment. We are not a group of experts, merely taxpayers, and probably have learned more than we ever wanted to know about taxes.

When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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7,337 thoughts on “Where’s My Refund?

  1. Ray

    @RON: We been hearing that alot havent we “I see nothing wrong with your return” I think they passed that out to all employs ……..so called talking points when in a fix and caller is on the line.

    I dodged a bullet this year on mine, but i along with many others are def going to make sure to break even next year and they have very little to take hostage,then i wont care.

  2. RON

    @Ray: i called a couple days ago she told me to wait the whole 60 days from my 4464 letter which was dated 2/25 and she did not see a issue with return

  3. Thomas J

    @Mz_refund_n_nevaland, same thing happened here, filed 2/10, state got approved 5 days later and the tax preparer took there funds. Now granted I understand it’s automated, but you’d think these people would have decentcy to hold off taking funds until the big return”federal” is approved, smh

  4. Ray

    @RON: Some are 45 days or 60 days from certain things like dated letters or 570 dates ect……Its impossible for me to know which and what will happen when it does……IRS calls asking if there is a certain date before you become “referral eligible” is the only way to know……They love telling people to wait so im guessing they wouldnt have any trouble sharing that.

    @Mz_refund_n_nevaland: I do think some returns were unfairly targeted because of botched issues from transmissions that thru the algorithms scoring system over the edge…..Early in the season we were hearing about certain agency’s that had troubles of scrambled transmissions ect……Know one ever wants to admit fault and we might be surprised at how much isnt the IRS’s fault…..OH MY! i cant believe i said that..LOL,,,But its possible.

  5. Mz_refund_n_nevaland

    I even said to the preparer “dont you guys check that stuff before tax season hits?” SHe said” yeah but because the irs took some returns earlier than expected then turned around and started tas season late on 1/31 .our system wasnt ready to transmit.
    How about my state came on 2/6…went DD into Liberty Account which they took for their fees……..so they took my state refund to cover thier fees first……..they prob knew it would take a looooooooooong time before i got my Federal. That’s Dirty, Non-Ethical, and maybe even illegal cuz the preparers got paid but we havent.

  6. Mz_refund_n_nevaland

    @Ray: I see….ok I didn’t remember to consider that Thanks again Ray.
    I’m just sitting here disgusted with my as of 3/31…….. 570 (3/24) stalker frinds wondering if this will work out well for me.

    I think im glitched up…but hell i gotta wait n see

    After i filed…my preparer told me that their tax software had a virus/bad form attached to it. While shes telling me this the REAL IRS folks come in to the tax service and go through all their computer files and returns.
    Mind you………..I was already past 21 days post refund. Im thinking WTF? This is an IRS RAID!!!
    So I wait a little while later the IRS MOB SQUAD comes out and announces everything is cool, they passed their security and audit, and that their system was cleaned of virus/bad forms.

    Since I was one of the earliest filers…….I think their software transmission of my tax refund with virus has messed up my return in the system???

  7. Ray

    @mz refund n nevaland: I dont think there is any referral experiences yet since we’re just getting into them and the 30days they have hasnt elapsed yet……Figuring 60days for most then the 30 clock starts=mid Feb 60 day start then 30 puts them just now expiring the 30(if they got a referral right at 60 that is)…..I guess we need to ask all 846s, did you have a referral too? and it could take another week or 2 before some of those start popping up.

  8. mz refund n nevaland

    @mesha: I haven’t yet…it was just put on just on 4/11.
    Wonder why people not sharing about their referral experiences? Do you think they haven’t gotten any success with them or do you think they don’t think we can vendor from that info?

  9. Brookesbroke

    No update last night.From what I understand it’s wed and sun but hearing conflicting info.Im still I’m processing with tax topic 152.

  10. tratra76

    @No more drama!: Hmmm, I hope mine knows what she is doing….. I have to run to my twins daycare… i will be back on in a few……. Please keep me posted on your progress….. i will do the same… It seems like our situations are almost identical…. I will be back in a few…

  11. No more drama!

    @tratra76: At fist she told me May 17th, but that was back on the 14th of March. When I spoke to her on the 7th, she didn’t mention any change of the original date she gave me. I’m surprised she let you mail a copy to the IRS. My TA told me not to all correspondence will be through her

  12. Anonymous

    @ConcernedNY: I am an Is return filed 2/09 with 570 code 3/3 I know the as of date doesn’t mean anything in relation to the 846 I want but does the update in the as of date mean someone is actually working on it and there is now movement behind the scenes?

  13. tratra76

    @No more drama!: No, she called me on 3/20 and told me I needed to file an amendment because I put my income under the wrong section. I did my amendment as soon as I got off the phone with her, faxed it to her on 3/21 and mailed it to the IRS on 3/21 as well (which was Friday) and they got it on 3/23.

    Wonder why I didnt get a 420 this morning from the 424??? (Not complaining, LOL)

  14. No more drama!

    @tratra76: a week, updated to 424 with 4/4 date last Friday & today to a 420 with a 4/11 date. Dates are a week apart. So you mailed your amended return in before you had a TA? My TA is calling me back on the 28th

  15. tratra76

    @No more drama!: I mailed it in on 3/21 the Irs received it on 3/23 and it took about 10-11 days for it to show up on WMAR…. it JUST now posted to my transcript with last nights update. Hope that helps…… My TA is supposed to call me back on 4/28

    How long after you got the 424 did it go to a 420? And did you get a letter?

  16. Tribal Guy

    @luvs4: Congrats to you…… I am in the same boat, just waiting…… did you have a simple return, or were there any credits like school or EIC?

    Your weekend should be a bit sweeter now…….

  17. Ray

    @tratra76: Its funny that you asked that because i had actually typed about the 425=reversal of 424 referral in last post and backspaced because i havent seen it this year,but yes it does exist…:)

  18. mz refund n nevaland

    @Wrappedwithbands: thanks! Yeah I’m proud of her too!she complaining about the pay already…we from Detroit..so we used to grass driving to the corner store, big houses and pink gators..lol

  19. mz refund n nevaland

    @Wrappedwithbands: I ainit got nothing yet! That was a example for a person asking about transcripts. Im still sick on 3/31 I think…..im going to check now.did you update at all today?


    1098-t Still NOTshowing up!! asdfgh!!!! Ughhh. What is taking soo long??!! did the 5071c id verify in march!

  21. luvs4

    Good morning I checked my bank account and my refund is really here,pending but really finally here.lol best of luck everyone god bless. Btw im a jan,29th filler no ta,just waited it out.

  22. Ray

    @Jim: Yea, trans def arent in “real time” on some things,thank goodness 846′s dont lag,lol

    @tratra76: Thats good the 1040x showed up and its hard telling about why the 424 hasnt gone 420 yet……Usually its on there after 1 week but who knows maybe they’re backed up even with referrals? I would guess by next weeks update you should know one way or another about the 424 and its comforting knowing you have a TA and call coming the 28th….:)

  23. mz refund n nevaland

    @Olivia: i never got those codes….it was an example for another person here who was looking at his transcript. However,I got the 5071c ….add of 3/31…570(3/24). Still waiting!

  24. Thomas J

    No updates here…is it safe assume I won’t update this weekend and hope for next weekend?

    Even though I’ve been saying the same thing since early march

  25. tratra76

    @Ray: Hey Ray…. I got a 424 last week on my transcript but my as of date changed last night to 5/5. Did not get a 420. Is that good? Also, my amended return showed up as well. Is that good or bad?

  26. Ray

    @Jim: Reminder* 1121′s havent been updating on WMR(glitch synch issue) so if you got the 846 still look for $ around Wed….:)

    @Kelli: YW

  27. Aguess

    I finally got my 846. My only worry now is my student loans. It’s been a tough couple of years for me. So I have fallen majorly behind on them. I called the offset number and it says no debt for my ss# but could they still take my refund according to my transcripts I should have my refund wed should I be worried is there another system to check to see if refund will be offset by student loans

  28. butternuts

    971 Amended tax return or claim 03-31-2014 $0.00
    forwarded for processing
    977 Amended return filed 03-31-2014 $0.00
    73277-501-00311-4 can anyone help me with a ddd

  29. Doug

    My dad was 4/16. IRS sent refund on 4/17. SBBT still says they have not received it. So then where is it?

  30. DewinIT

    Update: yesterday WMR changed to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”. Then I check my transcript this morning. And they went from N/A to 2013. Hopefully I get a DDD updated this weekend. Anyone have similar uodates?

  31. Jfruit

    My mom filed March 1st called and was told she should have it by May 5th woke up this morning money on card….never could see transcripts and wmr still says being processed…..Everybody’s different.

  32. Anonymous

    @Ray: I was surprised too I hope the referral works it’s been since 2-1 thanks for the GL I sure need it

  33. Black Beauty

    @Mz_refund_n_nevaland: Sorry, finally fell a sleep!! It started with 3/3 then 3/10, then jumped to 3/31. When I got the email from TT stating that they was going to debit my account for their fees! I lost it called them and then called the crazy folks. Then it went to 4/7 and the rest is history. I have to make my donation. I am not leaving this blog. By the way I am in Tampa, Fl

  34. tratra76

    Well, not sure if this is good news or bad news, but my as of date changed to 5/5
    My amended return is showing up on my tranny as being received and forwarded for processing on 3/23

    My 424 is still there with a date of 4/7 BUT—– I did NOT get a 420.
    Kind of excited to see progress. (a little anyway)
    My TA is supposed to be calling me back on 4/28

  35. Jim

    ok. so I paper filed on 2/28 and then two weeks ago they changed my 8812 by 2700 dollars in my favor and gave me an 846. The next day I got 841 cancelled refund. Nothing happened at all on the transcripts but today they have removed the 2700 “error” put my refund back where I had it, and gave me another 846. really excited, but not counting it till it gets here, also wmr still says 1121 code, so hoping it updates tomorrow.

  36. Achsah

    Good morning folks! So today was my ddd, and I woke to nothing. No deposit today. I guess I have go back to the IRS office and ask them what the hell is going on!

  37. Kelli

    @Anonymous: idk bit she spoke with me I was suprise too to me I wondering what my TA is doing. I expected the nice lady @ the IRS to cut me off when she seen I had a TA but she didn’t also I didn’t tell her I had one, That makes me think my TA is absoutly nothing

  38. CTGal

    I had to wake up and immediately check my transcripts to make sure last night was not a dream. Yup 846, refund release is still there. Big smile on my face. I have been waiting since 1/28. Hoping for a DDD with update tonight. Hope a lot of other people received an update last night.

  39. butternuts

    971 Amended tax return or claim 03-31-2014 $0.00
    forwarded for processing
    977 Amended return filed 03-31-2014 $0.00