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When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Your Name

    yes mines was reduced by a couple of hundred. My ta said that it would be direct deposit because it was filed thru a tax service. I don’t know if I went back to processing yet tho.Transcripts still look the same tho. Still have the caution warning sign on wmr. On one of the other tax sites I was on it varied from person to person. Some got their money fairly quickly after faxing paper and transcripts or wmr never changed for them Some waited weeks. Almost all of them was dd tho. I sure hope so because I need my $$$$.

  2. Your Name

    Have you went back to processing yet? My ta said check will be mailed by of audit, and audit b papers said that as well. I contacted my congressman this morning I’m beyond pissed. I could have proved the 200$ they disputed by agreed be I needed the money. Now I’m still waiting it’s beyond frustrating!

  3. Your Name

    @ your name I sure hate to hear that…Just faxed my letter to ta to accept their “offer” on my eic..I was hoping to see money sometime beginning of next week…Hearing your story that is probably not going to happen. Hopefully you will update with a DDD withing the next day or say….My ta said that I should have my money by 9-2 which is a little under 2 weeks from when I faxed the letter to him.

  4. Your Name

    Ok, I filed in February and just completed my etc audit. I signed agreement to reduce my refund by 200$ because I was tired of fighting and need my $. Well I faxed it back to the examiner 2 weeks ago and still no refund, not even back to processing yet, I still have same review message on war and can’t get into transcripts. How long should I have to wait for my money now? This is like highway robbery!

  5. Jason

    @k.c. Ive had the same issue and from searching the web it seems the irs is claiming deposit dates and just not depositing the refund. They went as far as telling me they have a deposit slip that went through but nothing showed up in my end. The 5 days is irrelevant i’d call them first thing tomorrow if it isn’t in your account.

  6. Nicole

    Anyone know what day they supposidly update the system I filed with DD want to know if there is a certain day they are depositing help..thanks and sorry to everyone who has had to wait since Feb hopefully they get your money to you guys soon..

  7. nicole

    still no news filed 8-11 still on one bar have seen people say they update on weds so i thought oh great hopefully today but still nothing anyone know how long it is normally taking from being accpeted to being approved.. have offically started freaking out..

  8. k. c.

    refund scheduled to be sent to bank aug 20., reduced by 40 dollars due to past due tax obligation, still no sign of remainder in my bank, called the refund offset hotline and no other debts. whats going on? could it really take up to 5 days?

  9. Your Name

    @princess pea: go to sbtpg.com and update your information if it has not already been rejected… once they receive the funds back within 24/48 hours they will reissue call sbtpg because they are the bank that processes the checks for the irs

  10. wth

    Yall listen the irs is funny. I had bars on the first 4 days then on a weds got 9001 code now this weds I’m back on the 1st bar with tax topic

  11. Jonny

    So i finally got fed up. After 7 months of waiting for my refund and them putting in a referal for it, then telling me it can take another 6 weeks after that today, i called up TA and they have opened a case for my refund. Anyone know how long they can take to get my money?!

  12. kim

    I called irs on monday and was told that they released my refund( which i filed in Feb !!!!!!) But wmr says its still processing.
    The lady i spoke to told me that itll take upto 3 weeks but.. im confused . If they released my refund, and if that means approved, arent i supposed to see refund approved? Or is it normal to wmr saying still processing ?? Please help

  13. jason

    So I called the irs as wmr said I was supposed to receive a direct deposit on 8/13 and they say they deposited it into my account. I double checked the rt and act numbers and my bank hasn’t received anything on their end. And now they’re opening a case as into where it went even tho they claim to have a valid deposit slip. Smh anyone have any experience with a situation like this????

  14. Just filled also

    @ Nicole I just filled was accepted on the 8/14 had one bar for one day bar disappeared just says processing will receive refund date when available I’m already freaking out looking at these stories

  15. Your Name

    @ Nicole as you can see most of us been waiting since Jan/Feb. With that being said you might want to ask that question to someone you know that actually got their taxes on time. I know the IRS “says” 21 days but for a lot of us here it has been months and months. Good Luck. Hope your journey is a lot faster than mines was

  16. Your Name

    @Over It: I filed in march. Had an as of date of march 31st then it went to May 5th. And it’s back to march 31st. I called them the last week of June and irs agent told me my case was closed on 6/20/14. And that it would take 9 more weeks to have it reprocessed. Hello!! Still waiting. I’m fed up also.

  17. nicole

    I was out of the country during tax season so filed when i got back which was 8-11 still only on the accepted bar anyone know how long it normally takes to go from accepted to approved. my return was basic self employed and child tax credit just wondering how long i should wait before i begin to worry?

  18. GA Peach

    @Over It: I’ve been waiting since 02/03/14 have gone through all the steps of 1st letter of 45 days dated 02/25/14 + 2 Referrals + additional 30 days letter dated 05/30/14 + TA referral 07/01/30. Contacted my local congressman office & they are working with a TA on my case since early July. I am still waiting proved hardship & still waiting. Have had 1st surgery end of July & still waiting. Scheduled for 2nd surgery mid Sept. & still waiting. Have requested a supervisor to contact me. Sometimes a TA is a good move if you get 1 who actually will do some work then as in my case not such a good thing…

  19. S

    I know exactly how you feel Over it…I was feeling the same way. They should give you a ta just because you have been waiting so long! We just finally heard some good news last week but still waiting to see the actual DDD. Praying for some good news for you really soon.

  20. Over It

    so , WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU AMEND A RETURN? You go and make changes? Does it help or slow progress? And theyve never Asked For Nothing, just WAIT 30 days wait 60 days letters Also i put in a Referral aint get shit after that and Now, they havent even Updated nothing since march 11, cycle was 20140805 way lomg ago i called a TA BUT IM NOT UNDER EVICTION OR NONE OF THE HARDSHIPS SO THEY TOLD ME I DO NOT qualify, but you guys give me Hope after Jan Some of you are starting to See change As of now i give up, it’ll come when it comes if it doesnt it just freakin doesnt like i said IM OVER IT

  21. Over It

    I just want to say Last Year it took me until AUGUST 12th to recieve a 846 and refund mailed out with an accrued imterest of 188$ this year i filed Nd they accepted on opening day well my Transcripts have said “AS OF MARCH 11th” forever and that ugly ass ” additional account action pending” im getting fridtrated i cannot believe it has taken this long, and this year they are telling me they havent recieved my income information yet…. Anybody else still STUCK IN MARCH AS OF WITH REFUND STILL PROCESSING ON WMR

  22. lina

    Hello everyone I had to amend my return. And I was wondering what is tax code 290 with cycle 20143305 mean?

  23. princess pea

    My bank account is closed and my refund is due to be deposited by the 20th how long after the bank rejects it will they issue a paper check? If it never happened to you please don’t answer the question please I need a factual answer

  24. S

    King Dustin you can call the main number to what ever office your tax advocate is in and either put in a request for a supervisor to call you or request a new ta. Our ta was in MA..she never seemed to return our calls or answer her phone…the same day we requested a supervisor call us she “mysteriously” returned our call and even stated in the call did I answer your question or would you still like my supervisor to call you..Every since then she has always returned our calls and we just found out they are releasing our money… If they do not contact you on the 19th I would def be requesting a supervisor call or different ta..

  25. Your Name

    @Mary: Oh gezz I have to wait for them to send me another letter?? Wonderful.. their track record with sending letters is not good! lol

  26. Mary

    @SARAH If they made any kind of correction they will send a letter and you sign it if you agree with the changes then when they receive the signed form back it just a matter of processing 21 days.

  27. KingDustin

    Does anyone know what my next step should be if my TA does not contact me on the date she gave as our contact date? Our contact date is 8/19, but she has not returned any of our calls since the first time we talked to her. I try to call her once a week and she never picks up and her voice mail is always full. I just want my money. I hate the IRS and H&R Block for causing this whole mess.

  28. sarahanne0815

    I filed 1-29-14 have been in limbo forever, I have tried to get a TA before but I was not allowed since I did not have a hardship. I just called and I lied to the lady and told her I did just so she would look at my account. She told me that they finally processed it last week! However there was a math error and I am getting a little less then what I thought. But that’s ok. She said it can take 2 to 3 weeks to see any date. Has any one experienced this before? How long did you have to wait?? Any help would be great!

  29. Your Name

    that is good news Lisa! At least tax season from hell seems to be about over for you. Please keep us updated as to when you get your dd….it gives us hope that maybe a change is coming for us also

  30. Lisa

    I finally received a DD date for 8/20. I filed on February 24th. I never got an update on WMR, I contacted the IRS mid April and I was told that I needed to wait 8 weeks. I then was informed by the IRS in July that I had a mathematical error and that I needed to do an amended return. I submitted the amended return and it was received on 7/16. My amended return has not been adjusted on where’s my amended refund but I just checked WMR and I have a DDD of 8/20 for my original return. Why was I told to do an amended return?

  31. Your Name nika

    I have contacted. my congress she send a form for me to fill out and she said she will be contacting the irs on monday to request to release my funds. its going to be 11 weeks on Wednesday. . this is my first year that I had to go through hell and bck to get my money.

  32. Your Name

    @Martha_Young1957: when did you file?? Mine says the same thing. I filed in march with a 1121 tax code. I haven’t been able to view or order them. If you look on the bottom it should have a reference number of 122. Mine does. I’m getting close to my 9 week wait period of it being reprocessed thru system.

  33. Mary

    This is from our Tax Guru Ray he had the best info on the transcripts:


    May 31, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    IRS CP notices http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Understanding-Your-IRS-Notice-or-Letter
    Looking for clues to whats coming?
    Many see wording on WMR change from “date provided when available TO received and is being processed” right before a update(good or bad.mostly good) not everyone see’s this but when you do get excited! :)

    Transcript updates are mostly on Tues and late Thurs into Fri and they can last 24hrs for some,its not like WMR with a 1 update and done…We see these starting around midnight Thurs night.
    WMR DDD updates are on Wed and Sat
    After trans updates with 846 expect WMR to hand a DDD within 1-2 days…..Sometimes WMR wont jive but long as you have a 846 as last code your ok(baring you dont have a complete offset of refund)

    Mailed checks-if you get approved 1 week then expect your check to be mailed by Fri the next week.


  34. annoyedUScitizen

    @Monik: i went as far as submitting a formal inquiry to my congressman that represents my districts so that he can formally inquire to IRS about my refund taking half a year. thats what they are there for, so look up your local congressman and they will have a form for requesting help with different federal agencies.

  35. S

    Finally some good news…Been waiting since Jan 15th. had to prove EIC and sent in the requested documents a few times. In May got a TA and have been working on and off with him. He was supposed to call me back on Tues Aug 19th. He called today and said they are allowing the EIC and releasing funds. Will update on here IF funds actually come thru in the next week or so

  36. Martha_Young1957

    Hello everyone! I have been trying view my transcripts online and keep getting the message “A technical problem has occurred. Please try your request again later”? Could this be the system is down or is there something I am doing wrong on my end? I remember reading here a while back that there was a certain method to input the address or something similar, does anyone know where I can find that info? Thank you all very much! Have a great day!

  37. Meya1908

    Tomorrow is the 16th and per the letter I got I was suppose to receive a response by than. Ugh! This is just so frustrating. I’ve done everything they have asked me for and still nothing..
    My last update was this 290 and it’s 0.00 behind it 7/14/2014

  38. Tracy

    @Your Name you know I heard that the irs has some furlow days coming my sister-inlaw works for the IRS and she said that they had pretty much the entire July off. Its sad people like yourself and me has been waiting over 6 months for our refund but everyone is being put on the back burner.

  39. Worried_Mother_of_2

    @Your Name : Thanks for the advice/support! Its just everyone I know told me they got accepted in 30 minutes and I’m going on 2 days! So hopefully it’s nothing serious **Fingers Crossed**

  40. Your Name

    @Worried_Mother_of_2: don’t be! They are so far behind with the tax refunds. That it might take them a while to get to yours.

  41. Worried_Mother_of_2

    Just to report back that I’m not in the system for WMR. Has anyone every heard of an issue like this? I’m really worried now :-/

  42. Worried_Mother_of_2

    Thanks Mary, I will check and follow up back here! Glad to see there are still survivors!

  43. Your Name

    @Confused: it could happen in as fast as a week or it could take the whole 30 referral days. Which I hope not. I’m still waiting on my 9 weeks to be up. They said it could be sooner. So I’m not on the eighth week yet. So I hope this weekend.

  44. Worried_Mother_of_2


    I don’t know if anyone is online here anymore but I am a little worried and am hoping to get some support. I filed 8/13 due to some hospital issue and was not able to file earlier through HR Block. But the problem is that it has not accepted r rejected me, it just says to check back later? Does anyone know if there are delays with the IRS accepting returns this week? I am just so worried that I am a victim of ID theft and we could really use this money to hopefully get caught up on some bills. Please help and God bless! Thank you!

  45. Mary

    @JONNY You may see an update this coming week to another as of date. The 570 is a freeze/hold maybe you will see a release with the next update.

  46. Mary

    @ASHLEY I get emails like that too, and I don’t owe any tax debt, its just that in Oct. ppl who filed extensions are to due to file and are more likely than not going to owe and have to pay.

  47. Confused

    @YourName: okay , so I finally got an update on my tax return. I got an tax advocate on the 4th, she gave me a call back on the 7th with a case number and said that she sent over a referral for them to expedite my return and that they had until the 18th to call her back and she would be calling me back but she called back yesterday 8/14 and said they contacted her and will be mailing out a letter today 8/15 and for me to sign it and for me to fax it over to her once I sign it for them to release my return. Once I sign and fax it to her do you or anyone know how long it will take for my money to be in my bank account??

  48. Your Name

    @filed 2-3-14: that article is from 2009. It hasn’t taught them a thing since then. Because there is still ALOT of ppl going thru this yearly.

  49. filed 2-3-14

    @Ashley I had received a letter months ago stating they have a proposal to my tax claim single and no dependents the penalties and interest made it where I owe them 800. I am still fighting for frozen refund. Irs rep told me last week if I did tell truth they will pay me interest starting 45 days after april 15th. I didnt send enough the first two times sent more july 21 and received letter I should hear something by 10/4/14.

  50. Ashley

    hi, I filed January 28,2014 accepted the 29th. pulled for audit. got a letter saying they needed proof of wages and hoh and prove my kids are my kids. haven’t got anything further. called the irs to see what’s going on and they took it upon themselves to extend their time until the end of August. still haven’t gotten anything saying if I’m.due a refund or if I owe. I am however receiving emails from I don’t even know lawyers/assistance companies saying they’ll help me with my irs debt. how would they have any inclination as to what I might or may not owe when I don’t even have solidarity proof?

  51. Jonny

    I have a 570 code with the date 08-11-2014 next to it. No change this before that date. what gives?

  52. Mary

    Yes after a certain amount of time usually 90 days they add interest to your refund, what percentage I don’t know but its not a large amount, but ppl have posted about getting interest.

  53. Your Name

    Can anyone tell me if the irs gives you interest on your held return and if so how does that work.

  54. Your Name

    Ok lets try this 2 people have told me that they have received interest on their tax return is this true and how does that work.

  55. Ok just give me the money and no one will get hurt Lol.

    Ok someone told me that the IRS has to pay you interest on you return if it took to long and how does that work.

  56. Mary

    @MEYA I’m not really a transcript expert but I thought the 290 code was a release from a hold, when I go back and read some of the old posts that reference this code, many commented they waited a while until they received their refund after getting this code, so maybe your wait is getting close to be over. Got my fingers crossed for ya!!