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When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Mary

    @TINA S. I have searched high and low and I still haven’t found when the irs is going to start accepting returns not anything official anyway. Yes most tax preparers will start doing returns early and have them in a queue waiting for them to be released to the irs on their start date.

  2. Tina S.

    I know most of you are waiting on your tax refund from 2013 and I feel for you, I was one of the lucky ones 20 days and deposited but I have a question about Next years returns this site helped me alot in Feb of this year and was wondering if you can help me now have heard conflicting things some say first day to file in 2015 is Jan 23 and some say Jan 31 wondering if anyone knew the real date and have seen that Turbotax will begin accepting on Jan 2 but since IRS still isnt accepting it will just sit on the shelf right but what about everyone who does file them with TT early will theres be accepted before the ones who filed on Jan 23or31.Just want to have the best advantage of getting my refund quick..Again sorry for everyone who had such problems this past tax season but would appreciate the help to prepare me for next tax season. Thanks

  3. kim

    hey everybody.
    I turned on my computer to write a good news ! (FYI I NEVER use computer+ I am ignoring my baby right now to write on here ! )
    I filed in Feb. I got a mail saying I need to verify myself so I went to the local office in June.
    I waited waited waited (called irs like A LOT)
    and this one day I call IRS, I hear a good news that they FINALLY released my refund and that was in Augustm but I didn’t see any changes on WMR. (weird huh..?)
    but I waited and waited and waited ( of course I called few more times but all came back was ” you need to wait”)
    I called back about a month ago and I hear that there was a DUPLICATE tax return that was returned in June (WTF?) I told them that they maybe a confusion . It could be the info from the local irs office. (WT…..)
    they told me to wait another 6 months.. (WTH x2 )
    I just couldn’t wait and I called again 3 days ago asking If there were any changes in my refund status, and the lady I spoked to tells me that some department will send me a notification mail and will be asking for me to contact that department in one month. ( wow HOPE ! finally)
    but today I check my WMR and my bars are back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 bars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and it says it will be MAILED out by 30.
    if I don’t reveive my refund by 27 contact them.

    so Question here. I wanted my refund to be deposited into my bank not a check.
    will I get a check or direct deposit?

    oh and another good news. my refund amount went up a little WOW ! WOW ! WOW

    good luck everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as soon as I get my refund, Ill donate ! thanks. Long jouney is almost over. (not until I have the money in my hands) but..we will do this.. again in .. few months.. JEEEZZZZZZZ
    ( sorry if I don’t make sense in some sentences. I am too excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I had good vibes this morning ! yayyyyyy)

  4. Mary

    @WAITINGSINCEMARCH3RD Most ppl file form 8862 when they first file, were you eligible for the EIC when you first filed?

  5. waitingsincemarch3rd

    Has anyone had to send in form 8862 and get any feedback yet? I have been waiting since March 3rd April they sent me form 8862 to send back and still no progress? Plz help

  6. Mary

    @TAXLADY I don’t know if the IRS can distinguish much of anything, but the ACH/banks which makes deposits sure can.

  7. mz.d

    Does anybody know how long it will take for me to receive my refund check it was sent out on the 20Th…thanks!

  8. marie

    Any MN people still waiting on a renters refund? The wheres my refund showed refund processed by 9/29. After that it says processing until now. Any guidance?

  9. taxlady

    I feel that what needs to happen is that the IRS needs to completely eliminate the self e file. Any the only way to file would be through a licensed business or tax professional.

  10. taxlady

    Yes they have tried for years. The problem is most tax companies use one account. So if I own XYZ tax services and I have all my refunds deposited into an account and I disburse them to my clients via dd or check on my own, The IRS can not stop that. Now Tax software’s can maybe prohibit the use of an account to 3 uses. How many tax returns do you think had the same Santa Barbara acct. number on it?

  11. Your Name

    @Nicole: Prepaid cares usually do not accept deposits in someone else name…If your name is not on the account then the deposit will be rejected and sent back to the IRS… However, if you are having frees taken out through Santa Barbara Tax Products once the deposit is reject SBBT will print and issue a check to the address listed on your tax return.

  12. Your Name

    Not true,
    The IRS recently made a statement on television saying next year no one will be able to use the same deposit information for more than 3 refunds deposits….meaning only a total of 3 refunds will be deposited into any account

  13. taxlady

    @Mary that would be an excellent way to crack down on fraud but it would be quite difficult to do, The IRS really can not distinguish whose name is on a checking account, So for the last few years they have been relaying on the banks to stop third party deposit. Most of the prepaid cards have completely stopped 3rd party deposits. However just a few tradition banks have done anything.

  14. Mary

    @NICOLE They are starting to crack down on DDs without the tax payer name being on the card or bank account. Next tax season they will not make any DDs into accounts without the tax payer name being on it.

  15. taxlady

    From my experience with previous clients, If you receive a DDD and your funds do not arrive. It is either a problem with your bank or prepaid card.
    1. They rejected the deposit, you will have to wait until the IRS receives it back, and you will be issued a check.
    2. They are holding your funds (funds are frozen), until you provide whatever documentation needed to satisfy the release
    Otherwise its the IRS… They have canceled the refund until you pass their id Verification http://idverify.irs.gov/
    If you are unable to take the online verification. Simply visit your local IRS and show ID. Very simple. Usually after your ID is verified most of my clients received their refund in about 2-3 weeks via check.

  16. Nicole

    Am expecting my return on an account now card but it s my sister card it was easier than asking them to mail a nwe card but because her name is on the account does this mean I wont be able to get my refund? Just saw a post from a gentleman who said because his wifes name was on the card he didnt get his deposit IS this the case?

  17. Your Name

    post your email and I will send proof. I think the later you file the less congested and the easier it is. Granted I had a easy return, small business and education, and it wasn’t a large sum, it was quick.

  18. Your Name

    @your name , definitely no need for the sass as I’m just trying to be helpful. I’d be more than happy to screen shot for you, and then you’d be more than welcome to apologize as like I said, I’m just trying to help by letting you guys know that they can actually get the refund the day of and since they send it over as soon as they receive it you can get it the same day as I did.

  19. Lina

    @nika: did u receive your refund today? I was wondering because I have a dd for 10/22 as well but nothing in my account yet. I usually get mine a day early so I’m a bit worried. Please advice. Thanks :)

  20. Friendly advice

    I filed on 10/7 and received my refund on 10/15. I opted to have fees taken out of my refund, and when I checked Santa Barbara on Tuesday they never received it. I actually ended up getting the refund on the 15th as stated, and when I checked Santa Barbara again it showed that they didn’t actually receive the funds until the 15th which was the day of the deposit and not a day sooner like they usually do. Hope this helps anyone who may be waiting for a deposit tomorrow and have yet to get an update on SBTPG.

  21. SaS

    I efiled April 10 and till now I still have the same message ” Processing my return “, I do have an FEIC with my tax return and no refund, when I ask my tax preparer regarding the delay I get an answer that this delay is expected as other taxpayers have the same delay, I am not sure if this is normal, and my question what will happen if this delay go beyond the end of 2014, can i then file my 2014 tax return with my 2013 still being processed ?any advice ?

  22. JW

    @JoeFromAlaska: if its mailed it will be mailed friday…my refund date was 11-03-14 on my transcript and my dd was on my card today…. after waiting since feb…I finally got my money

  23. Your Name

    @August 22- It “might” be a good sign. ……… but my status on WMR has been like yours for four months.

  24. august 22

    My status change to we have received your tax return and it is being processed. Is that a sign that I will get my refund soon??

  25. me

    tomorrow is the day they’re going to send out my check how many days dose it take for me to receive my in the mail

  26. Mary

    @JOEFROMALASKA They usually make DDs or mail checks 10-12 days before the 846 issue date, if you expecting a check they mainly Mail on Fridays so it’s possible it will be mailed on 10/24.

  27. JoeFromAlaska

    I posted here months ago. I filed a paper return and the IRS approved it surprisingly fast. I had the refund sent to the Walgreen’s Balance Financial card (Bancorp). Only my name was on the Walgreen’s card. Bancorp confirmed they received the IRS refund on April 23rd (Where’s my refund said I would get it on April 28th). Bancorp said they refused the refund and sent it back to the IRS since my wife’s name was first on the taxes yet she was not on my walgreens card.

    Before the April 28th DDD my transcripts showed the taxes were cancelled and a notice was issued. After months I finally received a notice we needed to ID verify. They checked our credit and asked questions based on that. Said we passed and to wait 60 days. I waited 60 days and nothing. I called and the guy sent a referral over to the Austin service center. I gave it the time alotted and still nothing. I called again and was told I filed my taxes wrong and I would need to amend my taxes. I told the lady on the phone this caused a financial hardship and she said she could appoint me a tax advisor since I had a hardship. I was told that advisor would call within three days. On day #2 of waiting I checked my transcripts and it looks as if my refund has been reissued with almost $100 interest added.

    If this is the case… How long should I expect to wait for a check to arrive in the mail? There was like a two week wait from the transcripts showing a notice was issued and me receiving said notice. But once the transcripts noted the refund was issued the first time, Bancorp had that money and sent it back before the transcripts said anything about it being issued.

    So main question here. Looking at the below, when should I expect a paper check? Thanks

    150 Tax return filed 20141703 05-12-2014 $0.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 -$x,xxxx.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2014 -$xxx.00
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2014 -$x,xxx.00
    846 Refund issued 05-12-2014 $x,xxx.00
    841 Refund cancelled 05-12-2014 -$x,xxx.00
    971 Notice issued 05-19-2014 $0.00
    290 Additional tax assessed 20144205 11-03-2014 $0.00
    846 Refund issued 11-03-2014 $x,xxx.72
    776 Interest credited to your account 11-03-2014 -$xx.72

  28. nika

    @confused: i filed in jan had to amended it in may becuz my tax prepared messed it up. in aug i got a tax advocate she work on my account from aug to oct and now i have a DD date for oct 22. i had a very good tax advocate she work hard on my case now my journey is over thank god.

  29. MOM from Fl

    @confused- I have been waiting since April. And I never got the 1242 code. But, my bars did disappear. And last saturday I got my bars back, and the “processing your return message” No update this morning, but, my bars are still there with the first bar highlighted. Hopefully this is a good sign………………. Please update if you get something before me.

  30. confused

    I filed in Feb my bars left and I got a code 1242 so I called and the lady says she don’t no why that’s showing so I waited for a long time for a letter I never got so then I’m just waiting then today the 1242 is gone and it says your return has been received and its being process. Is that a good sing that I will have a dd soon????

  31. Your Name

    why does it say I should check back in four weeks after I mailed in return? I E-FILED!! anyone know why this message is coming up?

  32. PrayAboutIt

    @Unbelievable: Sounds like we are in the same boat my DDD was 10/16 (also with H&R) they never got any notification of a pending deposit and my money was never deposited into my account checked WMR today and Its now on the third bar saying refund sent

  33. Mary

    @GLENN Its the cycle date it really doesn’t mean anything, but its the year (2014) the week of the year (42) and the day of the week (5)

  34. Glenn

    Mary, if you are still around with the code 290 I have a new code of 20144205, do you know when that date is? I could never figure out how to decipher that. Thanks

  35. Mary

    @TIM I actually thought both the account and return transcripts updated at the same time when a 846 was issued, maybe it will update tonight.

  36. Mary

    @GLENN Best I can remember a 290 is a release code so maybe you will get a 846 soon, keep my fingers crossed for ya!!

  37. Glenn

    So I my transcript finally changed today after three months, did not get a 846 but behind my 570 freeze code I have a 290, additional tax assessed with 0.00 and a date of November 3rd, my as of date also changed to Nov 3rd, my question is, is the code 290 a bad thing or could I expect a 846 soon????

  38. Tim

    got acct transcript update today says refund issued 11/3 anyone know when ill be able to view return transcript any info appreciated. need it to close on a home loan bout to pull my hair out thanx