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When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Mary

    This is from our Tax Guru Ray he had the best info on the transcripts:


    May 31, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    IRS CP notices http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Understanding-Your-IRS-Notice-or-Letter
    Looking for clues to whats coming?
    Many see wording on WMR change from “date provided when available TO received and is being processed” right before a update(good or bad.mostly good) not everyone see’s this but when you do get excited! :)

    Transcript updates are mostly on Tues and late Thurs into Fri and they can last 24hrs for some,its not like WMR with a 1 update and done…We see these starting around midnight Thurs night.
    WMR DDD updates are on Wed and Sat
    After trans updates with 846 expect WMR to hand a DDD within 1-2 days…..Sometimes WMR wont jive but long as you have a 846 as last code your ok(baring you dont have a complete offset of refund)

    Mailed checks-if you get approved 1 week then expect your check to be mailed by Fri the next week.


  2. AlexAllen0916

    @Meshia Pikes: Go to irs.gov, look for get your transcripts, create an account then you can view them

  3. AlexAllen0916

    @Mary: Well Mary I received a letter from the audit dept that my case is close and that I would receive a refund of 6107.00 but when I look at my transcripts it says differnetly

  4. Your Name

    @Mary: Well Mary I received a letter from the audit dept that my case is close and that I would receive a refund of 6107.00 but when I look at my transcripts it says differnetly

  5. Meshia Pikes

    me and my husband filed joint in february2014 the IRS sent us papers saying the we were being audited for EIC I guess they didnt believe we had 2 kids, so we faxed off all the papers that we were told to fax to them, then they sent us a paper in the mail on July7,2014 saying that they are rviewing our response dated June11,2014 and that we should receive a reply from them by August25,2014.But we never received that reply.they just sent another paper today as of September2,2014 asking us to accept their apology for not being able to review our response dated June11,2014 and that they are still reviewing our response and will reply by October4,2014 . I have already been waiting 6months to recieve our taxes now we have to wait another 2 months dat doest make any sense.And they cant give me anymore information we deserve to know whats going on wih our refund

  6. AlexAllen0916

    hey can anyone help me with what my transcript says?????
    290 additional tax assessed 20141905 05-26-2014…….613.00
    470 claim pending 05-01-2014…….0.00
    977 amended return filed 05-30-2014…….0.00
    420 examination of tax return 07-11-2014……..0.00
    472 reversed claim processed in error 09-08-2014…….0.00
    472 reversed claim processed in error 09-08-2014…….0.00
    766 credit to your account 04-15-2014……-1,534.00
    764 earned income credit 04-15-2014…….-4,573.00
    300 additional tax assessed 20143505 09-15-2014……0.00
    971 notice issued 09-15-2014……0.00
    570 additional account action pending 09-15-2014……0.00

    please help!!!!

  7. nicole

    logged into sbbt to check on my refund and it says:
    The Bank has not received your IRS refund.

    Income Tax Refund Status

    To see IRS Refund Delays Notice, please click here.

    You may visit http://www.irs.gov to check the status of your refund.

    The IRS did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected. The IRS usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days, but your deposit was not received within that period of time. At times the IRS will delay a refund deposit by one week, so you may check back at this site seven days from now. If no deposit is made by then, you should contact the IRS.

    Where it says click here to see delay notice I clicked in 3 different browsers and it never opens what does this mean on WRM my one bar changed to
    our tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.
    but when i called IRS today said no problems just still in processing what does this mean obviously there is a problem its been 23 days and nothing

  8. Ian

    @mary i got a letter from the tax board asking too send in pay stubs and my social so i did august 11 how do i kno if they got the info

  9. Chelsey

    @ Your Name…..I have a code 846 on my transcript from my original return but where’s my amended return states that it has been adjusted and that I have an overpayment that will be refunded but it dosent show the difference on my transcript.

  10. Fadua

    I was getting or trying to get my mothers return transcript for my finical aid and when I went to get it online I opened the year I needed and it opened this page where everything is rubbish. Czech is the language and when I tried to translate it doesn’t work. please help!! im using internet explorer if that helps.

  11. Tonya

    My amended return horror story: I had to amend our joint return for 2012 for under-reported income AND so I could claim my three kids (my ex husband claimed them before I could….even though he isn’t allowed to). Anyway, the IRS received the amended return on May 12th. On July 14th, the under-reporting office that processed the amended return sent a letter stating we were due a refund, and we would receive a check in 4 to 6 weeks. On July 25th, WMAR updated to show “Adjusted” and we would receive a letter within 3 weeks. That letter has yet to come. We started calling at the 12 weeks mark. We have talked to more people than I care to count and we have yet to get any kind of straight answer. If you talk to 10 different IRS customer service reps, you will get 10 different answers. It supposedly was transferred around to the wrong place and a bunch of other nonsense excuses. On August 15th, WMAR updated to complete. We have called 3 or 4 times since then, no one can tell is where it is. They can see that it is completed and we are due a refund, but no one has any clue why we haven’t received anything yet. Our mailing address is fine. We are basically being told that we will get it when we get it. I find that pretty funny considering what would happen if WE owed the IRS money. They would be harassing us every day. I don’t even care at this point if they tell me it isn’t going to be mailed until December….I just want someone to tell me SOMETHING. It’s been SIXTEEN weeks.

  12. Mary

    @KB I believe its coming to an end if they had other problems with your return they would have let you know before sending you that last letter.

  13. Chelsey

    Hello everyone one I amended my return my reviews date was july17th and my adjusted date is Aug22nd but on my transcript I have a 470 with the date 07-30-2014 and a290with00by it with the date09-01-2014 can any tell me when will I received my refund?

  14. Sickofthis

    I have a tax later advocate (who is useless) and she said I would have my refund by today (waiting since January.) apparently this was just another lie by the IRS. And of course (for the 3rd time since July) my advocate is on vacation and unavailable for questions (which she is always hateful about answering anyway.) I just want to know when!

  15. KB1987

    I sent in my 2nd signed and dated letter last Wednesday. My question is, if was bad (audit or owed), wouldn’t the letter have stated that? Instead, my letter just said they were proposing changes on allowances/disallowances, and if I agreed, so check the box and send it back in so they could process it. Just that just mean they will make their changes and send me a paper check? Is that what happens next?

  16. filed 2-3-14

    @jennifer if were entiled to claim children you can mail in return claiming them and the irs will investigate.

  17. Mary

    Many see wording on WMR change from “date provided when available TO received and is being processed” right before a update(good or bad.mostly good) not everyone see’s this but when you do get excited! :)

  18. Your Name

    @mary I can’t believe you up here answering questions right now for people that won’t know nothing until 6 in the morning I understand you trying to give them some relief but they know it been down since Saturday.everybody leave Mary alone and wait till tomorrow for wmr wmar and transcripts to be back up then look for answers

  19. Ian

    Ya i think that is too but i also got a letter ec 14-01063913 talking about my pay stubs i sent thoes in on the 11 of august would that make a difference

  20. Mary

    @NICOLE Best thing you can do is wait for a letter or call them to see what the problem is, don’t send an amended return. It could take weeks for you to get a letter and you just recently filed so its going to take some time if you are under review

  21. Mary

    @JENNIFER It doesn’t matter if he is under review the childrens SS numbers are in the system, so it would probably reject yours.

  22. Mary

    @WAITIN SINCE FEB I really think its too late the process of sending it to the ACH has probably started, but you can try to call tomorrow.

  23. Ian

    Ive been waiting since febuary for my return and i havent gotten it today marks the 12 weeks and i still havent gotten anything my tax preparer sent in my return about 3 times help

  24. jennifer

    My husband claimed our 2 children on his tax return when he knows he wasnt suppose to but he filed late too but wasnt accepted he went into review I believe can i still claim my children on my tax return since Im the one who always claims them since his refund hasnt been apporved yet does this mean I can still claim my girls

  25. nicole

    site is down today so no news but TT says I should have gotten my money by the 1st but if i am being audited I know I made one mistake on my return should I go ahead and do an ammended return or what should I do because still havent gotten a letter in the mail or anything?

  26. Waitn since Feb

    Can I call IRS & request a check before my DDD or as my tax rep. To request it? Pls help b Cruz my DDD is getn closer by da min & I cnt wanna wait 30 more days 4;$$$$ tats rightfully my!!!

  27. LosingHope

    So this week Tuesday (September 2) marks my 12 week since I sent an amended 2013 return.and they told me it takes 8-12 weeks to process..
    Last week a rep told me the IRS processors that are working my case have until September 10 to either mail me notice issue my refund.. that is week 13. What is the deal here? Everytime I call about my amended they give me the run around and my transcript as of date still reads August 18. I am in desperate need of my funds. And I have been waiting since January opening tax date. This is sad!

  28. @mary

    My status change from ….we have received a date will be provided… to we have received and it is being processed..?

  29. Your Name

    @Waitn since Feb: if your return is being handled by sbtpg.com bank and u have new banking info you can login to that website and update your account info before the deposit is made

  30. Mary

    I see that’s true of green dot cards, I would get another card but sorry yes you will have to wait for a check.

  31. Your Name

    greendot did stop accepting tax refunds in june so unfortunately you will have to wait until they reject the deposit and the IRS sends out a check….sorry for your inconvenience

  32. Mary

    @WAITIN Have you called Green Dot I don’t know if any card stops accepting tax refund deposits unless they are over their deposit limit.

  33. Waitn since Feb

    To any one who cn answer honestly.
    I’ve bn waitn since Feb 4 my refund, I’ve finally got a DDD 9/4/14,
    I’ve hearing that green dot money card stop deposing taxes back in June, that’s where my refund side to b going, so cn I request a check before my DDD date or do I have to wait 30 more days after bank denies deposit ????? Do anybdy knew?? Pls & thanks.

  34. Lina

    Hello everyone one I amended my return my reviews date was july17th and my adjusted date is Aug22nd but on my transcript I have a 470 with the date 07-30-2014 and a290with00by it with the date09-01-2014 can any tell me when will I received my refund?

  35. Meya1908

    @Your Name: I called already and the guy put a message in the system to ask the reviewer.. I sent in all my documents so at this point all I can do is wait..

  36. Your Name

    @Meya1908: don’t stop looking that is just a automated letter it’s nothing serious it’s pretty much saying if they not done by that time you will receive another letter stating the same thing I got seven already stay checking and finding out what’s going on wit your bread ma

  37. Meya1908

    Still waiting on my refund. Got a letter stating they apologize in the delay i should have a response by 9/25.. I’m going to stop looking for this money

  38. Your Name

    Amended my return they closed case wmr site won’t let me in cause I don’t know my dollar amount yet but I see it’s different because I use to be able to log in with my old info before amending and it was saying still being reviewed but it won’t let me in with the old info anymore I got locked out of my transcripts for 24 hrs for doing the same thing anyone know how I can find out the dollar amount

  39. nicole

    filed aug 11 and now no bars and says your refund is being processed and a date will be provided when available what does this mean I am being audited right? tt says only 20 percent of people who filed same day got there money but am offically worried this has never happened to me before

  40. beallwood

    Finally after months of waiting I got check mail out date is sept. 8. Took 3 weeks after I mailed paper back. They said they tried do on 27th but my bank rejected it which is pure b.s. bank said they never even attempted. I’m still happy about it being mailed on the 8 though!

  41. no update

    So I got accepted on last Sunday today lost all bars and tax topic being that it sapposed to update today I hope that’s a good sign

  42. S

    @ 0 to 100 my case closed 2 weeks ago and yesterday transcripts updated with a 846 and today wmr went from further action needed to return received and proccesing

  43. Gordon

    I’ve received a letter saying I am going to receive my money owed to me but its still not in my bank

  44. 0 to 100 real quick

    Can anyone give me a answer I have a advocate told me to file amended return because wrong filling status they closed my case a week and a day day ago but wmar never updated to give me any info called ta today but I guess they are out of the office on the phone with irs for almost two hrs and they let me know the same case closed but couldn’t tell me if check was sent out seeing how it was a week ago and also the amount they said my ta knows that info how my ta does abd the irs doesn’t do anyone have any answers for me b4 I light this loud pack a nd I dont even smoke bud nomore just stressed kids going back to school next week and I couldn’t get them everything they need cause my money funny waiting on 10 racks from the irs and they playing around any answers out there been waiting since the end of January

  45. Patiently#waiting

    I filed late evening 08/22/2014 and was accepted same day. WMR has not updated for me as of yet? Can someone plz tell me how many days did you wait before getting your 2nd bar???

  46. Your Name

    They’re closing because Monday is a holiday, no real maintenance, its a pattern. Don;t be surprised if WMR updates their deposits for Thursday instead of Wednesday this week

  47. Karlie

    Wow………………… I missed alot !!! LOL Could anyone post a DDD tomorrow if they get one.

    Good Night all. See yall in the morning. :)

  48. Your Name

    @Your Name: That looked like it was released earlier this year this problem just started this month ,not really sure where you’re going with that or I just don’t know what to look for .

  49. BOB BIG

    @Mary: I see where you’re coming from but keep in mind that I said my refund date was the 15th and two weeks later my status is still saying my return was sent on the 15th .Now, normally when they take your deposit no more than 2 days later they will update your status with code 1121 .So its been 2 weeks today and I’m still at 3 bars …..To make matters worse ,when I call they keep me on hold for 36 minutes and tell me exactly what WMR refund says ….nothing more and the only thing that gives me hope is the fact that I’m not the only one but in no way was I intending to disrespect you.It’s not that serious

  50. nik

    Does anyone else have tax topix 152 then if have any questions and a code 9001? Does anyone know what it means.

  51. Mary

    @BOB BIG I get you, I really do it is very very odd, and you are right they do deposit on the day they say, but there have been times when the DDD comes and goes then the WMR updates to a code 1121 which is a review, now I’m not saying this is the case with you or anyone, but if the WMR doesn’t update to show a code 1121 how else can you now if your refund was held up for a further review, I don’t think the IRS reps would be aware of it or of anything really. You cant find anyone who was against transcripts as much as I was, but I have seen where the transcripts do tell you quicker if you are under review if you can view them online, than the WMR or irs reps

  52. BOB BIG

    @ Mary I know 3 people so far this month that have received their checks I also know or heard of 25 more (mostly from IGMR ) that has not .That ratio is alarming ! Not normal at all …..3 Bars no check ?