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When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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What Others Are Saying

  1. JeffC

    Wonder if anybody else has gone through this one. We filed our federal taxes electronically back in late January 2014. The tax form was accepted on February 5th. Since that date, the website simply says it is processing. After roughly 7 weeks, my wife finally got hold of somebody on the phone. He told her only that it had been rejected, and we would find out why in a letter we would receive in three weeks. Cut to four weeks later, and still no letter. We finally got hold of somebody on the phone today who said that, according to their computer, our tax form was in the reject file up until April 2nd, and then moved to the general processing file. He said there were no notes as to why this was done. Said if we don’t get a letter in the mail by May 12th, to call back. Does any of this make sense to anybody out there? Is it a good thing that we went from rejected back to general processing? Any help appreciated.

  2. waiting in tn

    I filed 2/7 accepted the same day. Bars disappeared a week later. Called after my 21 days which was 2/24 and the rep informed me that my return was unpostable and that I would have to wait 6-8 weeks from 2/17. Waited 6 weeks and called and a rep informed me that I was still processing and that I would need to wait the entire 8 weeks. My 8 weeks was last Monday 4/14 and still nothing. The rep I spoke to informed me that she would send a referral to go ahead and process my return since my 8 weeks were up. There are no error codes or anything associated with my return. I called last Thursday to see if I could get some more info. The rep informed me that it seems that my return was pulled for a random review because she saw no freeze codes or anything else preventing the process of my return. She then asked me to verify my identity (which is something I did with each call to the IRS). She then told me it could take up to another 8 weeks. My question, should I contact a TA? Should they be able to help me? The IRS is holding my refund for no reason!


    Hey everybody. I filed my taxes 4/7 and was accepted the same day. I tried to create an account so that I can view my account transcript online. But it says that I am locked out because my information does not match and it is my 3rd attempt. The thing is though it is my first attempt in 5 days. So how can I be locked out? Any thoughts?

  4. Stephanie657

    @CharleneBaltimore: i waited a year and 2 months for my 2012 refund! I filed last year in feb 15th had to verify my idenity march 18th wait 30-45 days nothing called was told to wait another 60 days and just kept getting told it was processing to wait more and finally in march 3rd when i called about this years refund a nice lady put a referal in and i finally got my 2012 refund after waiting a year and 2 months and they never gave me a reason as to why it took so long! I’m waiting for this years referal to go through now bc it was just sitting there

  5. Stephanie657

    @ChinchillaDC: are you getting direct deposit or a check mailed out? If its a chr they will mail it out earlier atleast they did mine

  6. Stephanie657

    @Momoffourboyz27: you will get your refund. Samething happen to me last year in march i put a referal for LAST YEARS REFUND and they had 30 days to release it or send me a letter wanting more information. I called on the 30 days was up and lady said they had finished it yesterday meaning 29 days. That they had 5 weeks to send it out. 4 days later that friday my transcript updated 846 refund issued 4/21/14 and they mailed my check out friday 4/11 and i had got it the 18th would of got it sooner but they actually fowarded it to my new adress! As of now im waiting on my referal for this years refund i was also in review since 2/10 waited the 8 weeks and the 11th i called and it was just sitting there nobody working on it so being it was past 8 weeks a nice lady put a referal in for me so good luck!! I belive you and totallylost and others that have a referal in will get your refund! :)

  7. CharleneBaltimore

    Looking at my transcript now, my processing ( code150) date wasn’t until 04/21/2014.

    That means the IRS didn’t officially process my return until Monday and that is 3 weeks AFTER I verified my identity. I am so, so, soooooo fed up with this entire fiasco….feel like throwing in the towel and just giving up, fa’real!

  8. Momoffourboyz27

    I been under review for 6-8 weeks from 2/18/14 my which I waited the whole 8 weeks which was up 4/14/14 they put a referral in for me on 4/14/14 I have until 5/14/14 to either recieve a letter or they just have to release my refund so I am keeping my fingers crossed I really want my money also I havent recieved any letters not even one telling me I was under review I found that out just by calling

  9. ChinchillaDC

    Received a 846 today been waiting 3 months as of date 5/12 and 5,12 beside 846 when will I receive refund dont give up hope guys been watching from a far but will def donate

  10. Momoffourboyz27

    @Your Name: I had to wait 8 weeks because my under review was up on 4/14/14 when I called the put in a referral for me on 4/14/14 they told me I have to wait 30 days to get a letter in the mail or get my refund so starting 4/14/14 I have 20 more days before my referral will be up

  11. Lynn

    I just found out from the IRS that they sent us a letter 3179C. We filed injured spouse does anyone know what this letter means? Will we get at least half of our refund?

  12. CharleneBaltimore

    @kaykay: Try waiting 2-3 months like the rest of us. Your patience will be tested to THE MAX!!!

  13. Your Name

    @TotallyLost: Exactly where did everybody go? This is going to get interesting because the majority of the early filers 60 days is up today and tomorrow. Lord we need our money, please update.

  14. catsfan200

    Hello all… Long time no se…lol. Anyways, I just found out the irs wants proof of my 15k in gambling losses. They wanted to fax them in, but I told them the fax machine would go for days….lol. So know they want them mailed in, it will be one huuuggeee box…. My case worker said she dint care to make copies for me and im thinking no you really would care if you only knew… Just thought id update everyone… Best of luck all

  15. kaykay

    @Brandon: I am in the same boat, filed 4/11…still processing…calling IPSU if it doesn’t update tonight…I guess…I hate calling the IRS…you have to have a day off of work to sit there on hold forever, AFTER, being hung up on a few times…

  16. Your Name

    @TaxCrazyCa: what I’ve experienced and many others “still processing” means a delay somewhere. “We are processing” means you should get your DDD the next Saturday.

  17. kelly

    I filed 1-27 accepted same day , I have a 570 code dated 2-24 my transcripts have not updated since the beginning of march , I waited to file my state taxes until 4-13 it was accepted the 14 and we got the money 4-21 …my question Is wouldn’t my state taxes of been messed up to if there was really a problem with my federal taxes?

  18. TotallyLost

    @Ray @ConcernedNY @Erica or To anyone with an active referral…. since getting a referral has your as of date changed? My referral was put in 3/25 and my as of date has not changed my 30 days are up tomorrow and I still have 3/31

  19. samade

    So frustrated! I called the IRS to see what was going on with my refund because today my 60 days are up from the date i received a letter stating my return was under review and to wait the 60 days. Well, the gentlemen who helped me said that he couldn’t see any dates or any activity in my account. They shouldn’t give us a time frame if they aren’t going to make sure something happens. Anyways, he put a referral in for me and asked for my number in case they had any questions! I asked how long referrals takes and he said they are suppose to tell us 45 days!! goodness!

  20. LadyRe

    Hi. I filed 1/26. I received two letters. My 60 days are up today. I called the IRS. They couldn’t tell me what was holding up my return. So, the rep said that she would submit a “referral” which, I believe, is a request for someone contact me and tell me what the heck is going on. She said it could take up to another 45 days. SMH.

  21. SevenOfUs

    Hi. The Offset hotline says that my offset was taken from my refund dated 4/25 (tomorrow) – was my paper check sent when they took the offset or will it be sent on the day the refund is dated for?

  22. amanda

    I finally got my 846 on my transcript..Yay!! I have been waiting since Feb. I got my congressman involved after reading one of your mods say that was what they were doing. Its been about a month but it worked. Now here’s my question…It says May 12th as the processing date next the the 846. Is that when I should expect my return?

  23. Your Name

    Can someone please tell me how to get a live person on the phone from the irs?!??? Pleasssse

  24. Steph

    I know a lot of us on here that received the good ole 4464c letter time is up as of today. I was just wondering if anybody that is in this category has bothered calling? I want to but dont want to be disappointed when i am told I have to wait another 60 days….BTW I was accepted on 1/26. This has been truly exhausting, Good luck everyone!!!

  25. Rocky38

    Well hello to everyone on this beautiful Thursday afternoon!!! On lunch and at work but just wanted to check in have a BLESSED day everyone!!

  26. Achsah

    @Erica Green: well hello stranger! I was looking for you yesterday to tell you my good news! How’s things going? any updates on your end?

    @Matt H: Thanks matt! It has been a loooong four months!

  27. Matt H

    @Help I have faxed my documents, They received mine and associated them with my account fairly quickly, but as of this time no one has reviewed them. (unless it happened in the last 24 hours). Make sure you fax everything they need that proves your eligible for the EIC, They don’t seem to review the documents quickly. If you’re having a hardship I would definitely wait a week at least and get a TA (tax advocate) to help. They will prompt an examiner to actually look at your documentation a lot faster than just waiting for them to get around to it. I’m currently awaiting a call from my TA. I received my CP75 March, 8th and faxed the documents March 28 I believe. Still waiting. Hoping the TA can work wonders.

  28. Your Name

    @Shay: I did my on Feb 4th electronically and it was accepted the next day. on the 27th of Feb. when the 21 days where up and I didn’t get it, I called. and I was told it was just under review and it could take 6 more weeks. I called again now on April 23 after my 6 weeks and they told me they resolved the issue back on March 17th but that now it was going to be put back in the system to be processed again. Now, that made no since to me. because if it did the 21 day system review, then the 6 weeks manual review, why in the world does it need to be put back in the system to be processed again???? the lady I spoke to had no answer for me. all she said was…”this next step can take another 9 weeks” some time in the summer. the system itself did not have a date to give me. in other words, those 9 weeks can mean anything. seriously, what an insult!!!

  29. karen

    I did my on Feb 4th electronically and it was accepted the next day. on the 27th of Feb. when the 21 days where up and I didn’t get it, I called. and I was told it was just under review and it could take 6 more weeks. I called again now on April 23 after my 6 weeks and they told me they resolved the issue back on March 17th but that now it was going to be put back in the system to be processed again. Now, that made no since to me. because if it did the 21 day system review, then the 6 weeks manual review, why in the world does it need to be put back in the system to be processed again???? the lady I spoke to had no answer for me. all she said was…”this next step can take another 9 weeks” some time in the summer. the system itself did not have a date to give me. in other words, those 9 weeks can mean anything. seriously, what an insult!!!

  30. Help

    @Matt H:

    Thank you, I’m in Florid. Have you faxed your documents does it take long for them to review? Do you know how this works

  31. Shay

    Well today is officially 60 days from the date of my 4464c letter and still haven’t received my refund or a second letter saying they need more time. And nothing’s updated in about two weeks. Not really sure what to expect now. Anyone else in this situation ?

  32. Help

    Can someone please tell me what address or fax number to mail in proof of EIC? I have the exam code on my transcript, got a letter and someone threw it away UGH!!!!!!

  33. Trish

    @ Ray just spoke to them and they said it was mailed on on 04/14 and the other 04/18. So they said I should be getting it any day. & If I don’t get it my May 12,2014. They will do a refund tracking! LOL!! Gotta LOVE it!!! Next year I am just going to pay a reputable tax service to do my accent.

  34. Achsah

    My Story:
    I know it’s long, but bear with me…..
    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/30
    Lost ALL my bars and TC 152 2/10
    - Called IRS 2/11 was told I had an offset for a student loan and to wait until 2/21
    - Called IRS 2/22 was told I had I was part of the ‘small’ number of returns that did NOT go through properly the first time and to wait 30 Days from 2/7
    Received 4464C 3/1
    - Called IRS 3/3 asking about refund. I did NOT tell them that I received that letter. Was told told to call back after 3/13- that’s when my return should finish processing.
    - Called IRS 3/11 and was told I had an ID theft indicator on my file, due to non-filing since 2008(I was out of the country) and change of status, first time filing Married Jointly and they needed me to send my W2 and last paystub for 2013. Faxed the info the same day and was told to wait 5-7 days and I should be done processing.
    - Called IRS 3/24 and told they DID NOT receive my fax and that there was NO ID theft indicator on my file. Was told that they could NOT verify my husband’s SSN.
    - Went to local IRS office and sat down a really nice agent, explained my story gave her the fax confirmation, my husband’s SSN card, my W2 and paystubs as well as the reps and agents I spoke to. Told me that everything was ok with my return that the issue was that every time that they sent my return for processing, it was being kicked out of the system. She said I might have to filed an amended return and would tell me on 4/7 if that was the case.
    - Spoke to IRS agent, local office 4/7 was told I did NOT need to file an amended return, that they pulled it for a ‘manual review’ and will update manually and that my DDD was 4/18
    - 4/12 WMR reported a DDD of 4/18
    DDD1 per WMR 4/18
    - Did NOT receive my refund on 4/18. Called local office and was told that it was a glitch in the system and that I would have to wait 2 cycles- which put my DDD on 4/23
    DDD2 per WMR 4/23
    - 4/19 WMR updated to 4/23 DDD
    Refund Received 4/23 via DD to Chase at 2:43am.

  35. LISA

    @Ready for my $$$: My mom had the same thing telling her that her return is still being processed and then it changed to we have received your tax return and it is being processed. Then a few days later she had a ddd.

  36. DueJune16

    Spoke with my TA and he said my unpostable was closed out on 4/18. Which was the same day he submitted my referral. Does anyone know how long after an unpistable is closed will something update?

  37. Matt H

    @Your Name I would say you are good to go. Just hang in for another couple days and WMR should update with your DDD. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t though. As long as you have 846 your money is coming very very soon.

  38. Nayna2

    Filed January 29 with Turbo Tax Audit Protection, accepted Jan 31, due date February 21, 2-570 codes dated for March 10, as of date March 31, cycle date 20140803, received 4464c letter sometime in February , bars disappeared around February 18, transcripts recently updated with 971 code with the date of May 5! I’ve waited so long! I hope the end is nearing!

  39. Your Name

    Btw, I filed 1/31 w2 eic and bars went away. Got 4464c letter feb 25. No ta never called cycle 20140805 finally updated last night I guess with 846 as of changed from 4/21 to 5/12

  40. Matt H

    @Your Name some returns are processed in 3 days, and others take more time to complete. There isn’t an exact time schedule with refund processing. The IRS doesn’t do well with “schedules”. Wait at least 21 days after the day your returned was accepted before you start to worry. You can try to view your account transcript online at the irs website to see what codes have posted to your account. Code 846 Refund Issued is what you would like to see.


  41. Your Name

    @Matt H: Hello,

    I filed my return and am due a refund. Filed on April 3rd and when I go to the “where’s my refund” it says still processing. Any ideas why it’s taking so long? Others have received the refund in like a week. Thank you!

  42. Matt H

    @Your Name because Thursday is the last day in an IRS cycle week. I have a weekly account, and every Thursday night between 11:30pm and 12:30am my transcript updates.

  43. Your Name

    @ConcernedNY: yes one thing for department of job and family services and to contact them for more information. He did get behind in child support when he was unemployed early last year jan-apr but has been making regular payments since we thought he return would get taken and that’s OK but my ex is 7,000 behind in child support and he has got his refund the past 2 years seems like its a hit and miss thing.

  44. Waiting


    I filed my return and am due a refund. Filed on April 3rd and when I go to the “where’s my refund” it says still processing. Any ideas why it’s taking so long? Others have received the refund in like a week. Thank you!

  45. bouttime

    I have been looking at this site for a while. Let me start from the beginning. I had Id theft this year so I had to mail in my return on 2/14(overnited mail). Waited 2 weeks, checking wmr and nothing. So beginning of march, I decided to contact a ta to get the ball rolling.. My ta told me 4- 6 weeks i would get my refund if there is no issue. I sent her my w-2, entire return, hardship bill (electric) and a extra large copy of my id and ssn.I then waited 2 more weeks and I was able to see it was received on wmr on 3/17. Two weeks after received it went to still processing, date will be given blah blah. I called her a week later to get the status and she stated that is almost done and it should be 1 more week because it has to go through one more department. I waited another 1 weeks while trying to order my transcript and was only ever able to order for my old address the id theft used(attempted everyday) .4/15 @ 1pm boom, magically was able to order for my current address. My ta was on spring break last week so i had to wait to see what was going on, i was very curious. She returned back on Tuesday, i called her at 7:30am. She looked at my account and said i was done processing and the computer has to do all the work. She stated that i did not have to wait on anymore ird humans and i should have a ddd in 2-3 weeks. I have no more patience so i called the irs this morning @ 7:40 and the stated that my direct deposit will post this weekend. I chose to wait to post my entire experience so everyone has some insight have the timing to get your refund. Everything that ConcernedNy and Ray have stated have been dead on. It is my belief that still processing is like standing at the fork in the road. They either give you your refund or they hold to review, process longer, etc. Also, in my experiencing ordering a transcript does mean your return is complete, if you were not able to order it before hand. One more thing, a ta can help you get yr return faster IF you have one willing to do their job and a timely manner. The irs did tell me 180 days at the beginning but u could not and would not wait that long for something that is not my fault. So I called and called and called. Please do what is best for you because they do not care that your bills, rent, etc are due. Sometimes you have to make it their problem just as much as yours. Do give them the proper time to process and when that time is up and nothing is done call them until you get the proper answers.