Where’s My Refund?

Where’s My Refund?


Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  2015 Tax Season Update:  The most recent refund cycle chart with direct deposit dates is provided here.  The official IRS tax refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication. However, various websites with refund calendars have already begun to pop up all over the internet.  The refund cycle charts you find attempt to duplicate these deposit dates based on past year trends. See the predictions and current refund cycle charts here [..]

When Can You File Taxes in 2015?  2015 Tax Season Update:  IRS official date to open tax season may be delayed, but they haven’t announced a start to tax season yet.  It is rumored that it will start later than previous years.  Most years you can prepare and submit your returns a week or more earlier than the date announced by the IRS to accept returns. You don’t need to wait on the IRS to “prepare your return”, because tax preparation typically allows early entry and submission.  Afterwards, you will sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS will open the floodgates and officially accept returns.  In some cases, if you e-filed early and it is sitting in queue, your return may be sent to the IRS early in a test batch.  This has resulted in early direct deposits in the past, but also major glitches because it is a test.

When will the IRS announce 2014 IRS Tax Season Opening Date?  This is the most recent IRS announcement for tax seasoning opening date:  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release.  2015 Tax Season Update:  We anticipate a new announcement for 2015 tax season to open as soon as Congress passes any extension for tax policies that are up for review in November.

Are 2015 tax refunds being delayed until October?  Another rumor, is that tax refunds will be delayed until October 2015, and this is a bunch of NON-SENSE.  The story that is being circulated in social space and unfortunately that which many people have believed, is from a satirical news source.  However “real” it may appear to some, this is a fake new website that fabricates stories for entertainment purposes.  Ha! Not so funny for us IGMRers, eh?  Rest assured, there is no telling yet how next year will go, but the October 2015 tax refund delay is BS.  Check back here as we get closer to tax season for updated tax refund fun.

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What Others Are Saying

  1. kim

    @vero: oh sorry i misunderstood.
    Omgosh. That is so scary. U said the money has already been sent out right? What cab you do about it???
    Thats really scary.

  2. kim

    I just checked wmr and it says refund was sent out today. I checked earlier this morning and it still had 2 bars but mow 3 bars !!!!I hope i get this money ACTUALLY on my hands pretty soon .

  3. vero

    @kim: Noooo kim not my advocate. My tax preparer. The person who did my taxes. The company no longer exsist. I went thru instant tax service. That company is a joke. Found out the feds shut them down for fraud. And my money went to there account!

  4. kim

    @vero ur tax advocate tried to steal ur money?????
    Omg wtf???? Thats so stressing.
    Ugh. Good luck i cant believe this. Keep us updated

  5. Late filer

    @vero: Ugh they originally told me just to do the Idverify but I had to file an amended return also so my advocate sent my amended return over on the 17th and they called yesterday to say it was just assigned to a worker so who knows how long it will take now I was hoping an advocate would speed it up.

  6. Your Name

    @filed 2-3-14: hate to burst your bubble. Been there, done that, and still waiting after my case was closed in August. Now TA was suggested. Faxed paperwork today. So we shall see.

  7. filed 2-3-14

    OMG just got off phone with IRS case closed oct 21. No change to my tax. Yeah. I will let you know when I get a refund. She said it could take 30 days for the letter and three weeks for refund.

  8. Late filer

    @vero: What was the original reason you had a hold on you return? Why did you have to get an advocate and how long did it take to get your refund issued once they got involved?

  9. vero

    @kim: update just found out by the irs my money was sent to a bank in ohio. Now i have to wait to see if it gets rejected. So i can recieve a paper check in 4 to 6 weeks. My tax preparer put his acct number instead of mines. So he tried to steal my money. So if i dosent get rejected we have to start an investigation. All this the irs rep told me. I am very pissed . The office(company) i did my taxes are no where to be found.

  10. kim

    @vero hmm. What possibly could have went wrong ? Maybe the bank rejected??
    Well hope you get your refund .

  11. kim

    thats okay Vero.
    if wmr changed to sent TODAY(30th), maybe give it few more days ! Since tomorrow is weekend .
    Hope you get ur refund asap . Lets cross our fingers.
    At least we got our refund APPROVED.
    Good luck

  12. Your Name

    @kim: well my DD was for the 10/29 but when i checked status it didnt say sent yet. Today 10/30 i checked wmr and it send SENT. But i still have NO money in my acct. And i went through a tax advocate! I have no idea whats going on. I called tax advocate over 4 times even left messages but no answer.

  13. "Proud To Be An American" ??? Nope

    Now I cannot verify my SSN with any of the credit bureaus. WTF is going on?!?! It’s like my SSN does not exist. I will be going to the Social Security office on Monday to see WTF is going on, like I will find out anything anyway, but that “might” explain why the IRS has “frozen” my refund for ID verification (which I have done, in person and over the phone). Funny, they have no problem taking taxes from my check with my SSN, and they can send me a ID verification request letter with my SSN on the front page of the letter too!! They told me over the phone it “might be” “could be” identity theft, but they “aren’t saying there is any problem” AND then, “no, there is no identity theft” AND then, “No, there absolutely is no problem, your identity HAS BEEN verified, we don’t know why it’s still frozen” is the most recent. Guess what IRS?, if you know, or think, my identity has been compromised, don’t you think you should effing tell ME, for sure???? Send me my effing refund for WTF sakes. I’m basically a kid, my first job, paid my taxes, so proud for this generation to be Americans. Not. So much for first impressions, huh

  14. kim

    when was the sent out date? Curious. Because my wmr says its planned on sending out on 30th.
    i would be so upset if something went wrong AGAIN.:

  15. Mary

    The Illuminati??!!! Who the hell is that? Aren’t they from the Twilight books/movies??? JEEEZZZZZ I have heard it all now!!

  16. So Frustrated

    This is sad. There is sooo many people waiting on their taxes. People who work really hard and only get a percent of their check because the rest go to taxes. I have a friend who believes in conspiracy theories and she believes that the U.S. has run out of time to pay the illuminati back and they wont allow the U.S. to borrow anymore. She told me to research it but i just dont have the time for that. I just want my money lol. It kind of made since tho she was saying thats why we have social security numbers and all that. Her 101 grandma was telling her about it before she fell ill.

  17. anonymous

    I wanna kno how all these people had a dd for today & didn’t receive a refund, This is totally insane, im going to call the news & see if there’s something that can be done, the IRS needs to be exposed!!!!

  18. anxious

    sounds about right?? they most likely are broke just like u said….smh, crazy…im praying for a dd tomorrow. my dd was today:((((

  19. Going public

    This seriously smells like a pyramid scheme in the beginning of total collapse. Are we witnessing the first stages; thousands not receiving payments, no valid reasons. BS excuses to stall time. If this were an investment firm…

    Just saying. It would be a completely different fever. Symptoms of total financial collapse. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul eventually catches up with ya, right IRS?

  20. Your Name

    @Going public: If I didn’t know better, I’d say they’re broke. I mean, they are making excuses like individuals make to bill collectors when stalling time to pay a bill.

    Are they simply out of money??

  21. Going public

    I want to know how to get the news media reporting & investigating on this. From the looks of it, there are literally thousands of refunds simply not being paid, with extremely vague or non-existent reasons why. How does the IRS have the right to take our money, owe US money, but not have to explain why they’re keeping it? This has gotten to the point that it would seem they are breaking the law. The IRS either needs to answer up, or pay back what they owe us. I demand a reason why; or else pay me back what you owe me…NOW. I am setting all our W2′s to exempt, and/or reduced withholding. From now on, I will pay the IRS what I owe in a timely manner when I file each year. I will never allow you to owe my family money again. Dear US Government: Your credit with us is OVER. Sincerely, American Taxpaying Citizen

  22. anxious

    @Vero….I pray that our dd comes thru tomorrow….I really need my $$, shoot we all need our $$

  23. Your Name

    @Your Name: yes im sure. It wont let me put the link here. I dont know why. But i just wtote on google wmr says dd but no funds recieved and bars dont say sent. And alot of diff post come up. Its the first one that says refund accepted dd recieved. Hit there and read . A lot of people wrote things and someone posted what i said about being delayed.

  24. vero

    For some reason i hit copy paste and it wont show up here. But it basically states that they are delayed that if u got a dd of lets say the 15 you will recieve it the 16.

  25. vero

    @august 22: 18008291040 just first dial 1 then keep dialing 2 everytime she speaks and eventually it will transfer u to a live rep.

  26. Late filer

    Well finally got a little update my advocate just called me back. So I filed aug 29th 21 days came and went called was told to call Idverify so I did that sept 15th try told me 4-6 wks for refund. Called in sept 22 and was told yes the hold was released but it would take up to 9 weeks so I called a tax advocate. The advocate called me back oct 1st and sai the hold up was now a school credit and I explained that it was put on by mistake and that I already had my amended return printed and ready to file to remove that so she requested I send it to her in oct 4th she called oct 17th and said she had just got it and it was being sent over to irs. I got a call just now from their office saying it was accepted by a worker yesterday and they will call me next Wednesday with an update. They said they have seen these take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks smh. Anyone else have an advocate? What were the timeframe results?

  27. Mary

    Some had cards that weren’t accepting tax refunds anymore this year and they were going to have to wait for a paper check in the mail

  28. Mary

    @ANXIOUS Had various reports, but some got theirs a one or so later, some ended up getting their in the mail instead of DD, and some got the dreaded 1121 code on their next WMR update.

  29. anxious

    @Mary…do you know if they ever got their refunfd eventually…this is cruel to wait all this time, get a dd and no $$…I get paid tomorrow and I bet taxes will definetly be taken out of my check, with no delays lol

  30. Mary

    There have been others who were expecting refunds earlier in the month and didn’t get theirs either, don’t know what is going on its just crazy!!

  31. Your Name

    @late filer…will u be calling your advocate today? if so please update us on any news you hear pertaining to any delays….thxxx

  32. anxious

    thxxxxx…we need all the prayers we can get lol….im wondering if anybody got their refund today

  33. Late filer

    @Your Name: how long have you had a tax advocate before you were finally given a refund date?

  34. anxious

    @your name. The same here, ive been waiting since Feb 14th!!! and the sad part is, we cant even call until after 5days…wat the hell is going on with the IRS?? why would they give you a dd date and then no funds are delivered…but they continue to take their taxes out my check each week SUPER ANNOYED

  35. anxious

    A lot of people in the past have gotten dd dates but get no refund, then when Saturday comes wmr changes to a 1121 code, means a delay in refund…..seems like nobody got their money today: ((

  36. Your Name

    @anxious: i had a tax advocate she called me monday saying my dd was today 10/29 but i checked wmr and still 2 bars. I dosent say it was sent. And there is nothing in my bank account either.

  37. anxious

    When my sister got her refund, she had 3 bars. I hope i don’t get a 1121 code….ughhh. IRS is ridiculous!!!

  38. Your Name

    @Your Name: vero
    Yes me and i just checked status and only 2 bars still. Do they still send it or they just never update?

  39. anxious

    @ Jason, who do u bank with? I have chase and normally by now a deposit should of posted….wmr doesn’t say refund sent yet, only 2 bars…im getting nervous

  40. jemar707

    We are looking for volunteers to lead/moderate our new groups for the upcoming tax season. Do you know the ins and outs of special topics like EITC (8862), Transcripts, Injured Spouse, Offsets? Become our VP leaders of one of our groups! We will be adding more soon to help reduce the chaos on special topics. Basically you would bounce back and forth between the main page here and link to your group…share info, etc. etc.

    Reach out to IGMR Admin by email (link in footer) and let us know which group you are interested in heading up, we will send you mucho karma points

    Our community is nothing without you, igotmyrefund.com is your site!

    Current Groups setup: http://igotmyrefund.com/members/groups
    Oops I posted wrong link.


  41. Your Name

    @Marie girl Obama has nothing to do with your taxes. Call irs which you should have done already to see whats wrong or get a tax advocate. Not blame someone else, trust me you are not singled out.

  42. Marie

    We have been waiting since April 15 filed on time all it says is received your tax return and still processing really 6 months latter and still the same no letters no nothing just the same statement WHY is it because I didn’t vote for Obama