Where’s My Refund?

Where’s My Refund?

When does IRS accept tax returns in 2015

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns electronically on January 20th, 2015.

When Can You File Taxes in 2015?

You don’t need to wait for the IRS to start accepting tax returns to prepare your return because most tax preparers allow you to file and submit your return a week or more earlier than the date announced by the IRS. The tax return will sit in a “queue” until the date that the IRS will officially accept tax returns.  If you e-file early and it sits in queue, your return may be sent to the IRS early in a test batch. This has resulted in early direct deposits in the past, but also major glitches because it’s a test.

Are 2015 tax refunds being delayed until October?

It is rumored that tax refunds will be delayed until October 2015, and this is a bunch of NON-SENSE.  The story that is being circulated in social space is from a satirical news source and is not true. However “real” it may appear, this is a fake news website that fabricates stories for entertainment purposes. Ha! Not so funny for us IGMRers, eh? Rest assured, there is no telling yet how next year will go, but the October 2015 tax refund delay is BS, not official news.

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?

2015 Tax Season Update  The most recent tax refund cycle charts have been published. The official IRS tax refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication. However, various websites with refund calendars for the 2015 tax season (2014 tax year) have been updated with 2015 direct deposit and check mailing dates.

When to Expect My Refund?

2015 IRS Refund Schedule Chart from The College Investor has been updated and estimates that early filers whose returns are accepted by February 7, 2015 can anticipate a tax refund direct deposit on February 20th, 2015. These refund cycle charts estimate deposit dates based on prior year trends.

IGMR has got the scoop on refund cycle charts. Read More [..]

2014 Refund Cycle Chart   |   2015 Refund Cycle Chart 

Looking for an IRS phone number or other telephone numbers? Tax Topic 152 or Daily vs. Weekly information?

IGMR has got you covered here:

Tax Topic 152   |   Daily vs. Weekly  |   Contacts

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What Others Are Saying

  1. LizzyB

    I just found this group and wish I had known about it a year ago. On October 13th, 2014 my accountant filed a 2012 amended return for work I did in China, apparently the previous accountant had not taken the correct foreign tax credit. I started checking WMAR about 6 weeks later, and continued to check into January & February. I called the number and the extension that WMAR gave me and the representative could tell me nothing. This continued through March, April and May. No-one could tell me anything, WMAR said my return was being processed and depending on whom I got on the phone I got every response from insulting “You just need to wait OK?” to there was nothing they could do. I finally said to one representative. “What can I do? Its June, you’ve had the return for 9 months” and she said “Have you thought about refiling?”, so that afternoon I put a copy of my amended return in an envelope and sent it off again to the IRS. WMAR immediately reset the counter to “received June 14th” and I wondered if I had just caused myself more issues, then on July 24th it said my account was adjusted and I should receive a notice and/or refund within 3 weeks. I am not sure where the original return is but I am seriously glad I refiled. Unfortunately I sent in the amended return with my old address on it so now I just have to figure out how to get the notice or refund they send me.

  2. curious

    I forgot to mention we filed in Feb. 2015, and between SBBT and the IRS, it is
    very unprofessional that their is no resolution and we still have not received
    our tax refund. Thank God we are not depending on this. I feel that
    the Federal Government should immediately process anything they get back and that SBBT should not hold the checks.

    Please do not use these thrid party if you give up your rights. I was also shocked
    that SBBT works with Civista Bank and Sunrise Bank all in one. OMG!

  3. curious

    I have been trying to contact the IRS for the last three months and each time having to wait over an hour.
    At this time and date when everyone is professional and we live in a high tech level of professionalism. Why is the IRS making individuals wait so long? We have lives to live and families to take care of.
    What is wrong with the IRS.

  4. leelee92

    @Mary: on the website it said that.but my tax preparer closed they account an the bank said they mailed my check out last Wednesday. Still haven’t got it

  5. Dawn

    WMR has not updated. TA called and said that a check is scheduled to be mailed 8/3/2015 and interest was being included in check. Good luck and I pray everyone sees their money soon.

  6. leelee92

    I have yet to receive my refund. Refund was sent to republic bank an they told me they mailed it out last Wednesday. I still haven’t got it plus I read bad reviews about that bank. Don’t no why the irs is linked with them…I called the bank an a rude ***** said I called twice an can I hear..I went off.i have stuff to do an it shouldn’t take this long to mail a paper check

  7. Dinozzo

    I filed February 4th & accepted, bars disappeared February 19th received 2 ID verify Ltrs dated 3/13 & 3/16 I successfully verified on 3/25. On 4/2 my WMR message changed from “your return is received and still processing. A date will be provided when available.” To “we have received your tax return and it is being processed” on 4/20 I received an 4464C Ltr dated 4/16 stating I’m in Review & my refund is on hold for 60 days and theirs nothing I need to do. My Review/60 days ended 6/15 I was told I will receive my refund in 6-8 weeks. So far, it’s been 6 weeks and 3 days and no refund. August 10th will be 8 weeks hopefully I will receive my refund tomorrow or a DDD Saturday. I know this is not good news but for those still Waiting your not alone. Oh, I almost forgot my WMR message is still saying “we have received your tax return and it is being processed” it’s been saying that for 17 weeks a lot of people said when they received that message received a DDD that following Saturday for DD Wednesday or Thursday hopefully good news Friday or Saturday

  8. Dawn

    Wmr updated today from 1121 error, to we have received your taxws and are being processed, thata what it said originally before accepted originally.. Good luck hope this helps.

  9. leelee92

    Ok so the lady that did my taxes is dumb and unprofessional. She didn’t even know her manager closed out the account the checks was going to.so when they used to advertise themselves on instagram something told me to go look at they pictures an see could I see what they paperwork said.i couldn’t get none of my answers fulfilled from them.so I say a paper that said republic bank! I called them an they told me they had my check Tuesday an mailed it out Wednesday. I was like really why? That’s when I found out the account was closed but when I contacted the manager she told me she would let me know when something hit her bank. So that was a lie.i feel like they was trying to steal from me.an I’m blessed an happy it was mailed out.still haven’t received it though. Hopefully it comes early next week.on top of everything they told me 875 dollars was took out in fees 25 dollar transfer fee an 6 dollars for something else. Nobody can explain why is was so much.im pist an I won’t be filing next year.**** that

  10. Dawn

    Friday, I was told again by Ta that my refund has been un frozen but yet still no release date. She will contact me next Friday to let me know if my money has been released. Good luck with all those still waiting

  11. leelee92

    I woke up an wmr didn’t update like it don’t say sent. I’m definitely about to panic just because all this I been going threw with this tax refund mess!! I’m so shaky I want to call the lady phone that did my taxes an ask her to check an see did my refund deposit since she does everything else on her time

  12. wattswife

    The irs received my amended return 3.3.15. On 6.22 I received a request for my w2s. Sent em… on 6.26 it says my account was adjusted and I should receive a letter in 3 weeks. I never got a letter. Now it says on 7.17 my return was completed. What should I expect??

  13. leelee92

    Omg I woke up to a dd of july 22! Like my bars an everything I back. I almost had a heart attack. Not only that the amount went up a couple dollars. I thank God for answering my prayers.i cried almost every time my tax advocate called with bad news.only god knew how bad I needed that money. But I’ll believe it fully once it’s in my hand

  14. Dawn

    I called the IRS today, received some soothing information, the freeze has been lifted and i should be issued a check in 3 weeks, follow up with adv ro insure that information was correcty. Adv called on her own rhis afternoon insisting that she could only read the letter head and none of the contents. Wow, really lol. I told her since i had not heard from her that i called ira and was told…… Above….. She checked as well as she hadnt checked my case at all today before calling, confirmed that i should be issued a check in 3 weeks and receive it by mail within approximately 5.. I hope this brings some insight to those that aee still waiting. I pray everyone sees results soon. IRS acted as though it was unfrozen without info from adv i faxed 4 timea mailed once

  15. Heather

    Today’s excuse. A minus sign was put by a number that that should have been a plus sign. 1 number, I need to to change it, another 10 days. In the world of accounting a minus sign means a credit. Whatever. We’ll wait 10 days and see what the next excuse is.

  16. Heather

    @stuck in va: they’ll give you another excuse. I filed February 6, been through 60 day review, 3 referrals, then they wanted an amended return, had till yesterday to complete it and still no answers for me. We’re 19 days away from 180 days ago I filed. Crazy

  17. Dee
    • Tax Preparer:


    • Fees:

      From Refund

    • State:


    • Filing Date:


    • WMR Bars:

      What Bars?

    • WMR Bars:

      2nd Bar

    • WMR:


    • I Got My Refund!

      Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), W2

      4883C Letter

    @Dawn: oh my goodness darn I can’t believe this! Mine has came and went my advocate was the greatest I’m still praying for you guys!

  18. stuck in va

    Filed and accepted march 8 had to do a idverify march 21 then 60 day review ended on jun 26 then a 45 day review ended on july 15 called today and a nice rep said that he put in a 30 day referral. Wat happens next???

  19. leelee92

    @Dawn: we in the same boat.i own a Web page design company an I worked part time.my tax advocate haven’t helped since April . this is so useless

  20. Dawn

    Hi everyone, im still waiting, i filed in jan and DD well. Rejected in Feb, i also own a business and work part-time, well adv has not helped any since April 20 now 2referrals later i still wait. I pray everyone sees action very soon.

  21. mandyz


  22. idverifylady15

    @leelee92: I never had one before last week, i called on the 5th and requested one due to my 2nd referral being closed out with no progress. She said they will call within 5 days. I then called IRS on the 8th to see why it had closed out and they said my TA was over the case and to call him to get further info on it. Thennn, the next morning at 10am, my Ta called me introduced himself, and said I usually dont call and havs great news right away, but the IRS emailed him and asked if they could release and he looked over it and said yess! And gave me an estimated DD of the 24th but it may be received before then

  23. cashout

    My sister filed in January and it’s now July and she still hasn’t received her refund. She called and they telling her it’s done and sitting in the Philadelphia office. She hasn’t received a letter nor a code. She’s verified her identity and put in a referral still nothing has changed.

  24. leelee92

    @idverifylady15: how did you get a new tax advocate? An what made the irs email them? I’m so worried.the irs still haven’t responded to my referral an my advocate manager had to send a email. So idk what’s next now

  25. chizzyrodriguez0147

    Please does anyone know where to get a transcript because i am seek and tired of waiting so long for my transcript to be mail to me, Please is there any other means of getting transcript?

  26. idverifylady15

    My new taxpayer advocate just called and said the irs emailed him and asked if they could release. He said yes everything is good! So he gave me a dd of july 24th but it may come before then! God is good! I just started going through so much with my car! He is always on time!

  27. idverifylady15

    Received a Call from my local advocate office after calling yesterday and was told I finally qualified due to length of time waiting. I had a referral put in on June 8th and she said it was closed but nothing moved. 2nd referral. The hold is still on my account regarding income but my income was sent and verified over 2 months ago. Smh. So I have to wait 5 days to get a call from an advocate. Smh.