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When Can You File Taxes in 2014?  2014 Tax Season Update:  IRS announced late start to tax season with  January 31, 2014 slated opening date to begin accepting returns.  This doesn’t mean you must wait to “prepare your return”, as tax preparation typically allow early entry and submission, to which thereafter sit in a “queue” awaiting the date that IRS opens the floodgates.  Oct-22 2013 IRS Press Release

Where is the IRS Refund Cycle Chart?  The refund cycle chart has been eliminated and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  Various blogs and tax preparation companies have attempted to duplicate these charts based on past year trends.  See the predictions and read more here [..]

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  1. Your Name

    @Dianna: i went to my local congressman and submitted a formal inquiry so that he could contact the IRS on my behalf. And the IRS is ignoring his efforts so far. wtf is up with the govt. thanks obama for screwing up what was already barely working.

  2. Mary

    This is the one person I was talking about that had several codes and it changed within days.

    They did receive a check on the 12th I believe.

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    Submitted on 2014/09/02 at 9:55 pm

    hey can anyone help me with what my transcript says?????
    290 additional tax assessed 20141905 05-26-2014……..00
    470 claim pending 05-01-2014…….0.00
    977 amended return filed 05-30-2014…….0.00
    420 examination of tax return 07-11-2014……..0.00
    472 reversed claim processed in error 09-08-2014…….0.00
    472 reversed claim processed in error 09-08-2014…….0.00
    766 credit to your account 04-15-2014……-.00
    764 earned income credit 04-15-2014…….-.00
    300 additional tax assessed 20143505 09-15-2014……0.00
    971 notice issued 09-15-2014……0.00
    570 additional account action pending 09-15-2014……0.00

    please help!!!!

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    Submitted on 2014/09/05 at 9:00 am

    Hey my transcripts changed this morning to 846 9-22-2014!!!!!! Will I receive before then???


  3. Mary

    @YOURNAME you are right, there have been so many people who received DDs and 846 and are still waiting for their money, crazy year

  4. Your Name

    A few of my friends finally got the 846 but they actually aren’t happy about it because they feel it was soon turn into an 1121 next saturday, meaning they wont get there dd like a few of us

  5. Late filer

    @Mary: So it is possible to get it before then? I read a lot of ppl that had the id verification got refunds in 9-11 days after verifying and there ddd was a few day after they were able to get transcripts but none of them mentioned the 570 code if them so unthinking that was put in due to needing the id verification.

  6. Kelley003

    Thanks – ah yes the infamous date that never changed since Feb..20140801… Since early filer…. Now- cycle date now shows 20143805… Monday I guess from the chart but the week count started when? Thanks for assisting just now last home stretch and hoping to set little left of any expectations :)

  7. Late filer

    Well filed/accepted 8/29 on 9/13 wmr updated to refund date when aval and bars disappeared. I called in 9/15 was told to go to idverify online or call in so I answered all the questions online and it said I did not need to call in in however on 9/16 I called in anyway and was told no record of it so i went through the verification over the phone and the rep told me she was releasing me back to processing allow 4-6 weeks. i called main number yesterday and was told that yes the hold was lifted just give it time to process. Today I was able to order transcripts finally for the first time but there is a code 570 on it with a date of 10/6/14 cycle 20143805… Does that mean i will not get my return until after that date or can that date change?

  8. Your Name

    The cycle date is when the refund is supposed to be mailed or deposit it goes yyyywkdaybut the week starts on Thursday so that’s 01 Friday 02 Monday 03…… Like mine says 20143803. If you look at the calendar and the weeks my deposit date is 10/06 and that’s a Monday and it’s the 38 week of the year….if thatnhelps

  9. Mary

    @ANDREA I don’t see on their website that they are rejecting tax refunds, I use a Walmart Money card and they are one of the cards rejecting I believe I will be making a change.

  10. Mary

    @HELENA I would look for it next week, not sure what the cycle date has to do with anything but the 9/29 is along side the 846 usually you get your check mailed about ten days before.

  11. Helena

    Hi All -

    Hoping to get some feedback on when to expect my refund so that I can prepare if it doesn’t come as expected.

    I filed a 2012 paper return, so I am a late filer :(. Reason being, my daughter had claimed herself mistakenly on her 2012 return, so with procrastination she amended her 2012 return and I file my 2012 return.

    In any event, I mailed it on 8/7/2014. Finally my online account transcripts showed return received 8/19. Then last week WMR indicated that my return has been processed and my check should be mailed by 9/19 and if I don’t receive my check by 10/17 to contact them thereafter. I again looked at my transcripts and it did say that 846 Return Issued with date of 9/29/14 (the only reference to a Cycle Date is a previous line item of 150 Tax Return Filed cycle date 20143705 with date of 9/29/2014. But again it’s not attached to the 846 Return Issue line item).

    What in general does the cycle date mean? Any thoughts on when I should expect them to mail the return or when I should receive it in the mail?

  12. Dianna

    I filed taxes for my boyfriend Feb. 2014. It is now Sept. 19 2014 and it says it is still being processed. I do taxes all the time and his is a simple tax situation with plain W2′s. What is up? Now he does not have health insurance; but, wouldn’t that just penalize him on next years taxes. Not completely hold his refund?

  13. Kelley003

    @ your name….I hope it doesn’t change to Check and stays at DD as well!!!!! Does anyone know timeframe from 846 that they receive? Just curious waited this long. Now since I filed 1/29!!!! If a week next week or actually 10/6

  14. Andrea

    Woohoo Finally after 7 1/2 long long months of waiting, I have an 846 and an interest credited. Although $12 in interest is ridiculous. Im not gonna complain cause I am happy that I will hopefully get my money soon. I have an account now card. Does anyone know if they are rejecting refunds to?

  15. Your Name

    @Kelley003: saw my transcript with refund date of 10/6 as we’ll but I was a direct deposit person and I’m hoping that it stays that way I’ve heard some people get a check instead

  16. kim

    This is cray cray.
    i filed my tax 02/27
    I callrd irs yesterday
    And the lady tells me that the irs has released my refund but its not being sent because another tax return was filed from me on june4th….
    I went to local irs office on june 04 to verify my identity.
    I have called at least 10 times and no one told me this until yesterday.. wt…
    Im annoyed…

  17. Your Name

    @KingDustin: mine was mailed the 10th still haven’t received it. I don’t know whats going on.

  18. KingDustin

    My tax advocate told me that my check is being mailed out today. When should I expect to get my check in the mail? She said it should be here by 9/24, but I don’t trust anything she says.

  19. Tonya

    The IRS received our 2012 amended return on May 12, 2014. It’s been 19 1/2 weeks. We received a letter dated July 14th that it was completed and we were due a refund, and that’s the last we heard about it. No one could give us any answers as to why there was a delay. Transcripts have updated this morning with an 846 code and a date for 10/06/2014!

  20. Kelley003

    Gm I went through my 420 review and finally finished and adjusted my refund and pretty good amount. My transcripts finally updated today to 846 with a 10/06 date…. All of my previous refunds have always been a week before but I guess this year will be different …. The examinations line rep stared that I should get a DD since it was marked on return as he read off the next steps and should have refund before 10/1…. Anyone get earlier? Just curious as it would be great to finally have almost 9k to finally spend!!!!!

  21. Nel

    OMG I can’t beleive still no money on my account, bank stated no deposit from the IRS.. 5 months waiting.. I need to call my TA by 9/24.. but still as today no money arrggg…

  22. Ed The Accountant

    The IRS hasn’t been depositing returns since early July take what you want from that info. They’ll claim to deposit it and even give you the deposit receipt info. Once you wait a week and call back they’ll start a trace that will take up to 6 weeks. In that time they will claim to have mailed a checked and to wait for a month in the mail. But it wont show. This has happened to all 10 of my late filers and in that exact same format every time. There is something else going on, I’m sure eventually we will figure out what it is.

  23. Your Name

    @Mary: omg like I haven’t waited long enough :-( Thanks. I kinda figured it was lost after the 5th day. This really sucks. Now I have to wait 20 more days to even report it :-(

  24. Your Name

    How long does it take to receive your refund in the mail after its been mailed out? Its already been 8 days. Is it lost or is this normal?

  25. filed 2-3-14

    @tratra76 that is awesome news! I am still waiting. Hope you get your full refund ASAP with a nice interest payment. Don’t be surprised when you get a 1099 from the IRS for 2014 tax season. Yes please update when transcripts or WMR updates. Thanks

  26. august 22

    The same happen to me I filed on August 22 and bars left about a week later along with tax topic then on last weds I got a letter 5071c so I did online verify and it said I pass and it was going back to regular processing so I hope I get a update soon I’m due on Sept 25 and I need some extra cash smh shame we pay the irs and have to wait on whats ours if I new this was going to happen I would of been filed.

  27. FrustratedinGA


  28. tratra76

    I don’t know much about all the new peoples situations on here, as you don’t know mine. But here is my update:
    I filed the last week of January, HOH, claiming my daughter that is 4 and that I have claimed since her first year of life. The IRS decided to question whether she is mine or not so they put in for exam. After waiting 3 months, and facing a repossession, I decided to get a TA. Got a TA in April, she has been very helpful for the most part. She walked me through what I needed to send in to the IRS for the exam. I got EVERYTHING they asked for sent to them on May 16th. Received a letter from them stating that they received my correspondence dated 5/16. My TA follows up with me every 30 days or so and sooner if any changes occur. The last week of August I got a letter from the IRS asking me to accept their apology for them not being able to review my documents sent into them on 5/16 and that I would have a response from them by 9/8. NOTHING. Oh, and not to mention, I under reported my income by mistake in 2012 and sent an offer in compromise in and they idiots at IRS put it for 2013. Anyway, my TA got that resolved and put on the right year (2012). I got a call from my TA yesterday and she said the lady from the OIC dept called her asking if I wanted to apply part of my 13 refund to take care of what I owe for 12. I told my TA NO!! I need that money asap. I am 8 months pregnant and need it bad. I asked her if I can get all my 13 refund and then do a payment plan for 12 and she said Absolutely… so at the end of the conversation, my TA told me that the lady she spoke with used to work in exams and she said that based on the codes she is seeing, it looks like they are going to release my FULL refund. I am trying not to get my hopes up but it is going on 9 months of this waiting crap and its ridiculous!!! Sorry to make this post so long…. but I am hoping to see a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. I am checking my transcript periodically throughout the day and will post any updates or changes.

  29. Late filer

    Well just a little update, I filed/accepted 8/29 stayed on processing 21day message for a couple weeks then 9/13 my bars disappeared and I got the refund when aval message. Called in 9/15 and was told I needed to call Idverify dept or answer questions online. I answered online then I called back 9/16 and answered some more over the phone the rep told me she was taking the hold off and putting me back into processing and it would take upto 6 weeks for refund. She explain that 3weeks was the timeframe to get me out of their dept and back into processing and then another 3 weeks for processing. I called the main number today 9/18 and the rep said yes I see where you were released on 9/16 back to processing please allow up to 9 weeks so I asked why the change in time frame and she said 3 weeks to release me to processing and 6 weeks for processing because it goes based off a return that was mailed in not efiled. She said it will not take that long but that’s what thy have to say. Also I never told her when I called in so for her to say it was released back to processing on the 16th tells me that’s true. Hopefully it comes soon I’ve seen some get them back in less than 10days after going back into processing. I will update as things progress.

  30. Nel

    @Madandspecial: I got this message this moning…..Your refund was sent to your bank on September 17, 2014 for direct deposit… but no money… yesterday the bars were showing the first 2 filled but the sent one was empty. Today all the bars all full but no money on bank account. .. This is so stressing. Waiting since April. …

  31. Madandspecial

    @Big east: Did you get your refund? My dd was yesterday and still nothing even though WMR said refund has been sent to bank.

  32. CharleneBaltimore

    @Erik: Hi Erik. I’m in the same boat as you. Filed in February and still waiting. The times I have called, I’ve gotten the runaround and told different stories by each agent. At this point, I have a 570 code, but was sent a letter in July that no further action needed to be taken on my account. I’m tired and really need the money at my tax money like yesterday, but I can’t make the unwilling willful. I’m wishing on a wing and a prayer, because I don’t know what else I can do. I really hate the IRS with a passion and everything they stand for!

  33. Mary

    @LA_COUNTRY_GIRL I use the walmart money card and it had a message on my online account, and green dot does too, not sure about others

  34. nicole

    Still no check its been a week :-/ has it took anyone this long to get a check before with address and everything ok.

  35. Lisa47

    Ok so I was sent an audit for eic because of claiming my two nephews whom I cared for in 2013… Sent in needed info they said review being done that I would hear from them by 8/20 then nothing … Got a letter saying they were sorry for the delay that I would hear from them by 9/29…. When I check my transcripts it said amount with dashes to it is credit … Is that the refund amount I should be getting??? Plus how long does it take ??? I’m on my second letter

  36. Big east

    Have a dd date for sep.17 but check my chase card no funds check were my refund it’s been approve but not sent can sum body help me

  37. Mary

    @ADAM Were you expecting your DD in a bank or a card? Because some cards are rejecting tax refunds this rest of this year and will resume next year.

  38. Adam

    I have dd for Sept17 today but no deposit check where my refund it still says approve but not sent yet anyone know what’s going on

  39. Erik

    I have already called the IRS three times (after waiting the number of days they told me to before contacting them again) and still have not had any progress made on my refund. I have contacted them since July about the issue, and they will be getting another call from me soon- once the next 45 day waiting period is over. Each person I call tells me that my tax refund is held back becuase of issue “x,y,z”, but it’s always something different. Is there anything I can do other than hound them about my refund? It’s mid september and I filed back in February

  40. Xoxo

    @Mary: but if you are who you say you are, then there shouldn’t be any wrong answers. I didn’t care if I had to do it 3 times. I am who I say I am. So supposedly the ball is rolling now. We shall see

  41. Linda

    My amendment notice has a notice date on it which is September 22, 2014… Is that the exact date that i will receive my refund?

  42. Mary

    @XOXO I understand, but when it comes to doing ID verifying its best left to an agent telling you to do it or a letter, because you don’t want to give a wrong answer to any question when its unnecessary and it cause more problems for you.

  43. Mary

    @MARK.OSCAR This is just what I found online, you need to call them and make sure they will accept your refund, because if its rejected it can take up to 4 weeks to get a check by mail.

  44. Mary

    @TRACY with this being a actually case of ID theft I wouldn’t look for a timely close to your case, you could call your sons school and explain your circumstances but I wouldn’t wait for the irs to finish this off quickly.

  45. Mary

    @MARK.OSCAR I don’t see where your debit card is refusing your tax refund, which may be a change for me and others, walmart money card has stopped accepting tax refunds, green dot also

  46. Mark.Oscar

    Hi Mary, I saw you mentioned earlier in this thread that many prepaid cards are rejecting tax refunds until next year. Do you happen to know off hand which you know to be doing this? I only ask because I am also expecting my refund to go onto my Ready Debit prepaid and got a little nervous when I read that! Thanks for all that you do!

  47. Tracy

    @Mary I spoke to a TA last week she said she didn’t need any information from me and that she is putting in for expiditing my return to be process because I need my transcript for my son’s college or he will be dropped from school or I will be responsible for his tuition. I was a victim of identity theft but the case was closed but has not been process I told her I need it by the end of the month. Do you think they will go ahead and process my return quickly since I had to mail in a paper copy because someone had filed in my name electronically they cleared that part of it up but I am just waiting for my refund it has been over 7 months. How long do you think it will it take to get it

  48. nicole

    My check was mailed Wednesday the 10th still don’t have it should I be worried. I even called Monday and they told me it was mailed out Wednesday.

  49. Your Name

    @Mary: sometimes you have to light a fire under the S.O.B.s !! If u don’t take it upon yourself to do something than who will?? Certainly not the irs.. Look @ what month we are in. And no $$$ something is terribly wrong with this picture. So we have to do what we have to do with them incompetent idiots.

  50. Xoxo

    @Late filer: just hold on to the number cuz the other one has been giving people the run around. It starts off like they stated 3-4 weeks to reprocess and then that zooms by and no dd or update. You call back and then it’s 9 weeks to reprocess and that zooms by and now I’m waiting on 6 weeks to reprocess.

  51. Late filer

    @Xoxo: I do not think I need to call them because my return was not in the fraud dept or anything like that. When I called the irs main number on Monday the guy said oh I see we are getting ready to send you a 5071C which is just going to require you to verify identity. He said either do it online or talk to a rep and he gave me the number. I did it online yesterday and answered everything correct and got confirmation that it was all good but I still called back today and talked to a rep that asked some more in depth questions then she said ok im releasing you back to processing.

  52. Xoxo

    @Late filer: if you went thru ipsu they will tell you anywhere up to 9 weeks. Call that number I posted and get it moving faster. They ask a lot of personal questions such as who you pd your mortgage with vehicle etc. but that’s the main number. I’ve verified twice with ipsu then they gave me the number I posted