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The Truth About Topic 152

tax topic 152Today, this scene is taking place all across the country. Tax Topic 152. People are waking up bleary-eyed, rolling over to reach for their iPhone and opening the IRS2Go app. A few seconds to type and re-type the SSN, select the filing status and enter the expected refund amount. What happens next will quite possibly set the day’s mood.

As the IRS is processing tax returns this season, people just like you will be logging into WMR until they are locked out for 24 hours. (You can still use the phone line!) The stress and anticipation is palpable! And there it is… TAX TOPIC 152.

Am I losing my refund because I never paid that parking ticket? Oh no! My unpaid state taxes have caught up with me!


Was THAT there yesterday? Why would they add it?

It may or may not have been there yesterday. It may be gone tomorrow. There doesn’t appear to be any logical explanation for when Topic 152 shows up. But when it does, you are going to be ready!

Tax Topic 152 explains how refunds are distributed. And it’s there as a disclaimer.

It serves as one more reminder that the IRS needs 10-21 days to process a refund after receiving your tax return. It explains how to check your refund and points you Topic 303, a list of reasons why your refund processing may be delayed.

What it doesn’t do is serve as a magical indicator that you will wake up to a direct deposit date. In fact, you may see the topic appear and disappear several times during the time that it takes them to process your return. It also doesn’t mean your refund will be delayed.

We wrote more about Tax Topic 152 here.  Here is what the IRS says about Tax Topic 152

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  1. Sheila_33
    • Tax Preparer:
    • Fees:
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Date Accepted:
    • Bank or Prepaid:
    • WMR Bars:
      2nd Bar
    • Date Approved:
    • WMR Date:
    • Direct Deposit Date:
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Additional Child Tax Credit, Schedule C
    • RN 9001, Weekly

    @Needmyrefundbadmomma: You either have been resequenced or you may have to call can see if you need to id verify since some with the same message have been told that. Can you access your transcripts at all?

  2. Need my refund bad momma

    Filed 1/31 accepted the same day, tax topic 152 comes up says still processing. I already received my state here in Missouri, when will my federal be released? It’s been way more than 21 days with no further updates when I check daily Where’s My Refund. This is so frustrating, does anyone know what’s really going on here?

  3. Brandon
    • Tax Preparer:
      H&R Block
    • Fees:
      From Refund
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Date Accepted:
    • Bank or Prepaid:
      Green Dot
    • WMR Bars:
      What Bars?
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit
    • TT 152

    @eric529 mines state unemployment comp for 3100. However im thinking i may file unemployment and mess with their ill try to call irs for fax transcripts

  4. Becki

    Hey all. Long time viewer, first time poster from Wisconsin with 3 children.
    I filed on 2-1& accepted within minutes, received state 1 week later on net spend card.
    Federal: processing with tax topic 152. I HAVE NOT received the PATH msg. Do all filers claiming children receive the PATH msg? Should I be concerned if I don’t or is being “stuck” at one bar with tax topic 152 an ok thing?

  5. BritBrat

    Filed 1/25, accepted by IRS 1/28. Displaying the PATH ACT message. No updates, but will receive my state refund Friday!

  6. CandyCaneSC

    Does it seem like the refunds are coming in within a 10 day window from the date of acceptance? Just asking.

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