What is Tax Topic 152?

Tax Topic 152 from the IRS is a code you might see when you check the status of your refund with the Where’s My Refund (WMR) tool at the irs.gov website.  It is not an audit…chill.  What does IGMR think?  Tax Topic 152 is a default processing message that appears while your return is processed. No worries. Some people believe you get Tax Topic 152 just before you get approved for a direct deposit date (DDD), and some people receive this as soon as they get their status update on the WMR (Where’s My Refund) which shows their return was received, but whichever way you get it here is what the IRS.GOV says about Tax Topic 152:

Tax Topics – Tax Topic 152 Refund Information

Tax Topic 152 – Refund Information
There are three options for receiving your federal individual income tax refund:

  • The fastest way is by direct deposit (electronic funds transfer) into your checking or savings account, including an individual retirement arrangement (IRA);
  • By purchase of U.S. Series I Savings Bonds; or
  • By paper check sent to the address listed on your return.


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  1. Ladybulldog

    I was in the receive process until yesterday and then I just check this morning and now it’s saying TTC 152. I Just got my State on the 7th. Waiting for the Federal government to give me my money…

  2. Rod

    @Von: been on the same. Called and was told I’m being under further review till till March. And if I don’t get my refund by May 2 to call

  3. Von

    @-StayinPositive-: same here, I got accepted the 8th of feb with the 152 message and still no refund. Which is direct deposit. 💆🏼‍♂️ It’s the child credit that they are slacking on for sure

  4. Concerned

    Mine says being processed but I don’t have a tt152, someone said this means I’m getting a letter?

  5. IneedMoney

    Will it change to a direct deposit date or “approved” once it is or will it remain on this “please wait” even though a DD is being sent/has been sent?

  6. -StayinPositive-

    Still no update in NC on WMR, it’s been stuck on topic 152 for 3 WEEKS Ughhhhhhhh, due to the EIC I know and my info has been the same for the last 7 years, which obviously doesn’t matter they are still dragg’n a$$, hoping for a status change tonight tho!!!

  7. Good faith

    No Need to Panic. It just means that your case is under processing and you will get your refund, It just takes little more time for IRS to process. I got the same message and after a week my tax was processed.

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