New $400 Unemployment Benefits might not come right away. This is why…

The new weekly $400 unemployment benefits might not come right away.  Here’s why.

  1. Congress has the power to control how the federal government spends the money, not The President = legal challenges.
  2. Trump wants the states to foot part of the bill = money challenges. Many states are broke after COVID spending.
  3. States will need time to update their systems to administer the new benefits = system challenges. If the states can even afford it at all, they will need time to change the system to pay the portion Trump wants them to pay.

Americans need help quickly. Don’t hold your breath and find a backup plan.

It’s not coming this week. It’s not coming next week. And it might not come the following week. The Executive Order signed has strings attached. The weekly $400 Unemployment Benefits Trump promised face challenges and the devil is in the details. Trump wants the States to chip in 25% but they are broke. A whole new infrastructure to deliver the money would need to be developed by the States. And, legal challenges could hold up the whole shebang.

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