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Missing Dependents from Stimulus Payment Amount

Updated December 30th, 2020 at 11:20 AMThis is a developing story. Stay with and it will be updated as more information is published about the unexpected amounts of the 2nd round of stimulus payments.

Do you have missing dependents from stimulus payment?

This story updates often with new information. Is the amount you expected to receive for the 2nd round of stimulus payment wrong? We are closely following the first batch of stimulus payments being direct deposited that started today. If you didn’t receive the entire amount you expected, you aren’t alone. Some people may have received a payment amount different that what they were expecting. We are seeing widespread reports of people who received a $600 direct deposit, but they were expecting more for dependents. In some cases, we have seen someone missing $2400 as a family of four. Getting a smaller than expected payment is throwing quite a few people for a loop. To read more about how much each person is eligible to receive, this is the details about the second stimulus payment.

Why is the amount of my stimulus less?

Right now, we are seeing a trend of missing amounts for dependents. While talking to our users, we are finding that a lot of these people have dependents who changed from the age of eligibility in the last 2 years. Let us know your situation below in the comments or on the live discussion on our home page and maybe we can piece this together.

What to Do If You Haven’t Received Your Full 2nd Stimulus Check

Since direct deposits just starting hitting bank accounts last night, we haven’t seen any guidance yet from the IRS or the Department of Treasury regarding missing dependent stimulus amounts. We are following this story closely and will provide update as the day moves on.

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