Didn’t Receive Stimulus

Stimulus Payment Update: The IRS is exploring options to correct stimulus payments. According to the IRS, they issued some direct deposit payments to accounts that may be closed or no longer active. Some checks were mailed to the wrong address if the IRS didn’t have your current address. In the meantime… see below.

Source: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/economic-impact-payments-on-their-way-visit-irsgov-instead-of-calling

If you didn’t receive your second stimulus payment or received less than expected, this is what the IRS says:

The IRS issued some direct deposit payments to accounts that may be closed or no longer active. Some checks were mailed to the wrong address if the IRS didn’t have your current address. You cannot change your bank account or mailing information with the IRS at this time and can claim the stimulus amount on your 2020 tax return. It will be called the Recovery Rebate Credit on the 2020 Form or 1040-SR.

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Fact check here: if you didn’t receive your second stimulus or received the wrong amount.

Source: IRS Press Release

What is IRS Payment Status 2?

If you are seeing Payment Status #2 on the Get My Payment (GMP) tool, it is a problem. Read more about Payment Status 2 here.

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What Others Are Saying

  1. Manny VK

    @Suzy in Tundra City: If yours was actually a paper check, did it have a certain entity’s name in the memo section?

  2. Manny VK

    Portland, OR, resident here. As of today, have received zilch. Informed Delivery only lists 2 pieces of junk mail (one from Comcast, one from Kaiser) and a bill from my Rx company. Nothing even resembling a “plain white envelope” or anything sent from the IRS or Treasury Dept.

    Don’t even know why mine was “scheduled to be mailed on Jan 6” because my direct deposit account used for the first stimulus and my federal refund last year has not closed, deactivated, or changed in any way. I’m tired of the IRS insulting my intelligence by continuing to claim that those situations HAVE to be why I didn’t get direct deposit this time.

    Also, question to those of you who received it as a paper check: did it list a certain entity’s name on it in the memo section? (If so, and I end up getting mine as a paper check in the next couple of weeks, I’m just going to “Return to Sender” unopened and claim the credit when I file my 2020 return. I’d rather wait a few more weeks for my $600 than to willingly execute any document that bears said entity’s name on it.)

  3. Am J

    I have been waiting since day one for number 2 stimulus check. I got the first one but number 2 says no information available. I had direct deposit on the first one and I filed through freetaxusa. What’s the problem irs?

  4. Lashawn

    On January 12th I received a $0.00 deposit from the irs . I called my bank they said it was a test deposit but here I am today still no money . Did that happen to anybody else ?