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    IGMR Admin

    The IRS announced this here. We are discussing it below and on this post.

    Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool

    The IRS now says that people receiving the Payment Status #2 message on the Get My Payment tool will have to wait until they file their 2020 taxes to get the payment, even if they received the first stimulus check with no issues.

    “The IRS advises people that if they don’t receive their Economic Impact Payment, they should file their 2020 tax return electronically and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on their tax return to get their payment and any refund as quickly as possible,” notes the agency.

    A spokesperson for the agency did not clarify why this is the case or why the issue seemed to affect those who had filed their 2019 taxes through H&R Block and TurboTax in particular.

    Payments also sent to incorrect bank accounts

    Many people — particularly those who filed their 2019 tax returns with H&R Block and TurboTax — are also reporting that their payments were sent to incorrect bank accounts.

    The IRS says the banks that received the payments will need to return the money, and then the IRS can reissue them to the correct accounts.

    As of Tuesday night, some people who filed via H&R Block and initially had their payments sent to the wrong account reported to CNBC Make It that their stimulus payments had been deposited successfully into their actual checking accounts.

    Only the IRS can issue the stimulus payments, so the agency is encouraging people to check its website for updates about ongoing issues, rather than their financial institutions or tax preparers. It also notes that its phone representatives don’t have additional information beyond what’s on the IRS website.



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    You can still E File 2020 successfully. At the end of tax preparation while choosing to E-File. when you have to enter your prior years AGI, Check the box that you did not file a return last year. ( Because as of now, to the IRS you have not. Until your mail is processed). So, I checked no return for previous year, entered my license information and it was accepted by the IRS a few hours later.


    Your transcript for 2020 will show all payments (stimmy and tax return)

    Mine shows both of my stimulus payments (plus the error on the second – where they sent my DD, then canceled and reissued 2/3)
    It also shows my 846 code for my tax return with a DD of 2/24/2021


    I like exactly the same codes on my transcript. Are these just related to the stim payments


    Found these codes on my account transcript. Looked it up but no solid info.
    290 – addition tax assessed 4/27/2029 $0
    971- notice issued cycle date includes on 4/27/2020 (No letter received)
    570 – additional account action pending $0


    Thought everybody saying they finally got it we’re bots or government shills.
    Got mine today
    Original message said scheduled to be mailed 01/06. Good luck to all who haven’t received them yet.


    Gmp still says unavailable, this morning on my transcripts it finally updated to 2/3 and when I checked my bank acct (credit union) after 5pm my money was in there. Yay!!! It’s finally coming guys!!


    Still status 2 so whoever is still waiting your not the only one. Im done looking at expecting a refund. At this point I’m over it. Everyone around me has gotten theirs and using it to party. I generally just want to pay bills!


    Get my payment gave me that message up until yesterday. Now it says I have a DD scheduled for tomorrow. My husband still has the same message that status not available.


    Excuse my typo. 2019 mailed tax returns may still not be process check IRS site wheres my refund and call IRS number to verify tax return status .. Use all resources available as well as information on posts from other filers


    If you filed return last year and mailed ii they maybe still not finished processing terms. IRS site stated as of Oct thru Dev they still had 11 million pieces of mail not opened which tax returns were possibly included in them. Everyone please post


    Jerniski Dorsey
    Please join the primary forum where most if the posts are about stimulus payment. First thing is to get on call with the IRS rep.
    Have you checked getmypayment IRS. Did you check where’s my refund IRS site. Here is the link to the main forum



    Dial number. Press option lost. Replace and put in info. If asks to replace card hang up call. So it’s a card and not a check. See link to website come join the other forum for stimulus chat


    Layla. Do not send the stimulus payment back if you receive it. You will be waiting forever for them to resolve that issue Check to see if they issued you a card instead of check.
    See next post


    Layla tax.

    You need to be on the other forum where most of the filers use and have solutions and share their experience. Lots of people should are awaiting still for checks. IRS has been slow to actually get them to the USPS for delivery. Here is the link


    Ok husband has not received his stimulus. (We got married 4/13/2020) says check mailed 1/6. I have not gotten my stimulus went to a closed bank account. I have went a head and completed my taxes and put we have not received the stimulus, if we do recieve them we should return the checks correct? or will we have to file an amended return?


    My Payment status is “Not Available”…so according to them, I won’t be getting the refund. However, on my transcript, it shows Refund issued on the 4th, and Credit to my account on the 18th. Also, Informed Delivery on the 20th gave me a notice from the Treasury that I would be receiving and EIP card in my mailbox soon. Has anyone else fit any of this and gotten their payment? If so, how long after the Informed Delivery notice did you get it?


    I believe they are still resolving issues past the 15th with stimulus 2 payments to filers. IRS mentioned if they issued a check and not received in 4 weeks to call them. They will trace it and reissue a new one


    Joan James

    Set up informed delivery with USPS. It will notify of all mail being. Delivered. Check to see if it is a debit card Press lost or stolen..Enter info. If asks to replace card hang up if not found possibly a check to receive..


    anyone have any update with transcripts showing 1/18/21…………. I have 4 letters on informed delivery 2 are for sure my transcripts and 2 do not show image but on the bottom it don’t say anything about economic payment like others get when they dont have an image for theres……….


    My irs transcript says money was direct deposited into my bank account on 1/4/2020. I use Suntrust bank and they said it must have gone to the wrong account and that someone at the IRS must have put an incorrect number in? Checked tax transcript and it says code 846 date of 1-18-2021. I’m hoping that I get it tomorrow but not holding my breath. If we have to claim this at tax time I sure hope that it doesn’t hold up getting our refunds.

    Erik NJ

    Dorsey file for the rebate on the 2020 taxes.
    Erik in NJ got my check came Wednesday

    Jerniski Dorsey

    I mailed my return on March 2020 and still haven’t received Refund neither first or second stimulus is there any way I can still receive my stimulus someone please help me out


    I’m not sure it is, but Brenda please remove any personal data you have put in your posts.


    Get my payment tool says mailed 1/6. Still not here 1/14. Colorado.


    Update dd info for TT or check your emails for same link with message from TT.
    Once updated they say within 5 business days you should get deposit.

    Joan James

    The “Get My Payment” website tells me my check was mailed on January 6th. It is now January 12th and I still haven’t received my $600 check. How do I track the check to determine if it REALLY was mailed, and if so, where die it go?


    Is anyone showing an 846 code for 1-18-2021? Does that mean its coming that day?


    @alpo I have the same as u and still nothing


    So if you did not have your 2019 return fully processed, then you don’t receive a second stimulus check. I didn’t receive a refund for 2019 now no second stimulus.
    This is so wrong!!


    Have not received nothing yet


    Transcript 1/4/2021
    Get my payment status- unavailable
    Did taxes for 2019 with a personal tax preparer


    Anybody here transcripts date 01/04/2021 deposit code 846 on transcripts but hasn’t gotten anything yet ?


    Update from IRS

    so basically another nothing for you statement..oh man, what a life


    Since Jackson Hewitt wants to be dicks! They will not be processing stimulus payments till February 1st!! It’s a shame bc a lot of families was praying for this money and they don’t give a damn!


    Why does it say for 2nd payment not enough information yet working on it does that mean I gotta file a tax return to get it this is ridiculous why do they gotta make it so difficult we are the ones suffering while they get to live gud


    Does that include people who filed there own taxes and had D.D? That did not receive there 2 stimulus, with Payment Status #2 – Not Available WILL NOT RECEIVE AUTOMATICALLY.

    IGMR Admin


    I filed my own taxes.
    Received first stimlus payment fast,second not available.
    I have know idea what’s going on with IRS!!

    Has anyone received there 2 stimulus D.D when they filed there own taxes?

    Payment Status #2 – Not Available WILL NOT RECEIVE AUTOMATICALLY

    Rainbows Last

    I GOT MY DD on the 8th but I didn’t know until today. So hopefully I can give others some hope. My status on the WMR still says Status Unavailable. I used a personal tax preparer (not well known like H&R or Turbo tax) I never got any email from anyone. I didn’t contact my tax preparer. I didn’t contact IRS. I didn’t do anything except hope and continue to check WMR. I checked my transcripts also. Had the 1/4 as date refund was issued.


    My status #2 isn’t available; They made an attempt to deposit my second stimulus check into Republic Bank which was only a temporary account in 2020. I received my 2020 stimulus into the correct account even after RB account was closed smh I am not sure how this happened. Does anyone know if checks will be mailed or just have to wait to file?


    So supposedly Jackson Hewitt is working with the irs to get everyone stimulus dd this week 🤞


    I have had the same bank and address for over ten years,and filed my own taxes.
    Received first stimlus payment fast,second not available.
    I have know idea what’s going on with IRS!!

    Payment Status #2 – Not Available WILL NOT RECEIVE AUTOMATICALLY



    Wrong. Employers don’t have to wait until the last day of January to send W-2 forms. They must mail them NO LATER than Jan 31. They can send them any time before that if they want, and most do.


    I fall into this category, and they act like we have the option to just file our tax returns now. By law, employers have until the last day in January to even MAIL W-2 forms, which means many won’t be able to file until sometime in February. There may be nothing we can do about this, but at the very least we deserve an answer. I used TaxAct and got the last stimulus direct deposited on time, no problem.

    Waiting every year

    Did anyone NOT get their full amount?
    My husband and I were apart of the different account fiasco, we ended up getting a DD yesterday from TT…but both my kids were left out. Gosh it’s so frustrating. Also, I assume even though we can claim this as a rebate credit on our tax return – IRS will take it to pay back any taxes owed which we will owe this year, I’m certain of that.


    Has anyone not submitted 2019 taxes….but received the first stimulus. On the IRS site received I see the #2 notice no information on file….
    Are you in the same situation,Yet still received the second stimulus?

    I received the first relief by mail so I’m not if I have to wait again or do ahead and do taxes I don’t want to delay things.


    Wells Fargo TT Fees got DD after midnight local time.


    Liberty Tax is now working with IRS to return funds and will get them out accordingly either direct deposit or by Check supposedly they are waiting on IRS so fingers crossed by Monday we here better news! 🤞

    Shannon Herndon

    I haven’t received the first stimulus


    Got mine DD at around 3pm. Site still shows unavailable. It’s coming y’all.


    Filed TT. Got email at 1:30am from TT saying I’ll get my refund, WMP website shows the Payment #2 not available message, got my DD at 4:00 pm. Credit unions only post payments at certain times, but if you got an email from TT, you WILL get your refund..


    My GMP says not enough info/not eligible, received my deposit this evening at 5pm to my account.


    I received my Stimulus at 5:45pm. Filed TT, had fees taken out, Netspend card, I live in South Carolina, also received both emails.


    Jackson Hewitt, Tax Act, and Liberty are still giving the same lame excuses. This is unacceptable! If TT and HR Block can release the money so can they. Use social media, the news, or whatever means you have to put pressure on them. Bills are not stopping until late Feb/March to be paid with a tax credit. Don’t fall for this they can do something to get us our money.


    Has anyone who went to liberty tax received there’s? Or Netspend?


    Chime user. Just received DD. Was affected by TT fees. IRS status stil not available.


    Anyone from Missouri get there’s yet


    @gummi did you use TT?


    Just received my Stimulus!! Chime user.


    Has anyone filed with TurboTax with no fees taken out, GMP payment not available and received DD?

    Come on stimulus

    Credit union just updated and my stimmy is there! Gods hand over all of you and especially those waiting – don’t worry He has a plan for His children.

    Have a great weekend and we will see everyone in February!

    Ashley Johnson

    Anyone file with Republic Bank because all they say is file on your taxes. I don’t understand how turbo and h_r block reissuing checks but not them. Every one should follow thw same procedures


    Hey guys! I filed with a private tax prep. Got the 1st stimulus, no issues. I have the stimulus #2 message :( but my transcripts give a 1/4 deposit day 20205302 cycle & 846 code. Banking with Wells Fargo. Is there any hope for me yet? Appreciate you all and hope that we all find answers and get that stimulus soon!


    I filed with TurboTax, I received both emails. My mom and sister both filed with Turbo and had fees taken out and they received their stimulus no problem before the 4th. I’m not sure why we are going through this. I haven’t received a direct deposit yet I stay in South Carolina, I’m hoping that they are sending this money, I have an eviction letter for the 19th to leave if I don’t pay 1184, this would help me a lot.

    Lisa S Borders

    I received mine today, Had No information showing for Stimulus 2. I am with BoA.


    Received mine around 1:30. I bank with SIMPLE.

    Had payment Status #2. Went through TT. Received from SBTPG.


    Got the email 1am ct but haven’t received my stimulus yet here in Missouri also as anyone received it with community America credit union


    Turbo Tax, Wells Fargo here. IRS says Not Avail nothing yet.


    Mine hit netspend at roughly 2:00 ET. Hopefully they get them out to everyone today. Good luck everyone. See you all again in February.


    I was told that my stimulus payment was sent to SBTPG… did anyone hear this and when will they be sending the payment back to the taxpayers??


    I’m a credit union too.. no deposit, but my bank only post payments at 1am and 4


    Still waiting…… Filed with freetaxusa….transcript says 1/4/21 deposit….GMP says Not Available….bank with Varo…


    NY here part of the city Credit Union . Nothing .

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