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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    I had my first with no problem but my second was sent to the wrong bank even though my account with turbo tax was still open and I used almost daily. Finally got a mail send date of 2/5/2021. And I’m still waiting. Praying that it shows soon, I am drounding in bills. Anyone who has a 2/5/2021 send date get theirs yet??

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    Get my payment saying scheduled to be mailed on February 2… feb 17 and still haven’t received anything. Northern Illinois… anyone else??

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    Anyone still waiting on a check with Feb 5th date.. I’m in NY

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    For my stimulus the first attempt went to Republic Bank once it was resent out it went to a back account that I let close. The irs told me on Friday that they received it. Will it be mailed out now or will I have to just file it on my taxes? Anybody else having this issue.?

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    was a check in the mail!

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    finally got mines on 2/6 was suppose to come 2/5!!!

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    Would be enlightening to discover why a few of us who received the first stimulus with no problem through DD, are now faced with the fact that the 2nd stimulus is not going to arrive. GMP has had the same msg since the outset…….not enough info. Im resigned to the fact that the $600 is not going toshow. Am just curious as to what the “real” reason is for the irs failure.

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    Sorry I meant 2/5 got mine today

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    I had a status of DD on 1/4 to my turbo account back in January and last week it finally updated and was scheduled to be mailed today 1/5 and it looks like it’s arriving today also. Checked on informed delivery. About damn time😅 Thought I’d never see the day😏 Check y’all mail 😊

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    The IRS sent my mom’s stimulus through the mail, with a mailed date of 01/06/2021. She’s been waiting for it and checking the mail almost everyday. She finally called the IRS, and they’re telling her she probably won’t get it until March 7th! “If you’re lucky.” So ridiculous smh.

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    Has anyone from Indiana received there check or card yet

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    Mike Larry

    Still here since day 1. My girl got a date of 2/2 after it was sent to a wrong account hopefully she gets hers soon. I got the first payment but for the 2nd it’s still “status unavailable “. I didn’t file 2019 taxes because I worked off the books last year so basically I have to try and claim a credit on my taxes or just miss out on this one. BTW I always filed with TT my account went -9.90 to 0 back to -9.99 lol

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    Mine has said not available since day one I have a economic impact card in the mail today. Says on informed delivery.

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    I’m still waiting on mine I have a mail date of 2/2 and seen ppl have been getting them early

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    Yes it did

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    @cal did it show up in informed delievery?

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    I got mine with mail date of 2/5 but arrived 2/3 from PA and I am located in Missouri.

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    Has anyone gotten theirs and it didn’t show up in informed delivery????

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    China…….Same situation here. Rcvd first stimulus last May. Stiill getting same msg on GMP site. Status not available. Rcvd first stimulus via DD so irs has info. Not expecting any $$$ to appear in bank account. Frustrating—-yes. But not surprised.

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    Well got first stimulus check April 15
    GMp says second payment not available
    It’s been like this since day 1
    We are under enough stress just being in a pandemic. Now we have to beg for money that is rightfully ours?

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    I got mine yesterday 02/01 and had a mail date of 02/02. I’m in VA.

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    Favored Carlee

    Irs says they HAD to be All mailwd out by Jan 15 so the GMP tool states a mail out date of Feb 2…they actually mean a recieving date…jyst informing everyone….

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    Well not check today for me yet , hopefully soon

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    My brother got his stimulus check today and he had a date of 2/2, I hope I get mine soon, I live here in Indiana

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    Nichole J

    Hey Guys keep hope I HAD A MAIL OUT DATE 2/2/21 check was in the mail today I have it I am in Memphis Tennessee check came from Kansas MO informed delivery said I had nothing just wanted to share that I got it early so we really don’t know when they are coming

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    IN INFORMED DELIVERY!! Was supposed to be sent out 2/2 it better be in my mail today I just wanna have it in my hand I don’t care if I have to wait to cash it. Washington. State!

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    Did Anyone received check in the mail yet with date 01/06 in PA. First one was direct deposited and this second one was for whatever weird reason mailed on 01/06 and still no check.

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    If you go through TT, tax act, Jackson Hewitt and whatever else be sure to pay your tax filing fees up front and you won’t have to worry about going through a 3rd party bank. So when they send the third stimulus it will automatically go to the checking acct you have on file with your IRS returns

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    I have news for you, this is a virus…….you treat the symptoms, there is no cure for a virus. Dr fake ass Fauci has already admitted that the vaccine will not stop you from getting it. Now he suggests wearing 2 or 3 masks! Think about it…..These people have no idea what they are talking about. You must wear a mask in line at a restaurant, but as soon as your ass hits the seat the virus cant get you???

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    Both parties are fucked up. While they collect paychecks we sit at their feet waiting for crumbs! Why do you think that bailing out fucked up states is acceptable???? Schools should have never closed, YOU DONT QUARENTINE THE HEALTHY PEOPLE! YOU HAD DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS BOTH TRASH TALKING, BLAMING ONE PERSON FOR PEOPLE DYING, HOW TWISTED IS YOUR BRAIN TO EVEN BEGIN TO ACCEPT THAT SHIT.

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    Holy shit…..really stimulus? Let’s get political why dont we…..

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    Mine has been status not available since day one

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    The other part to get money for vacinne distribution and innoculation. money for schools to reopen. Resource Aid to city and states for residents to get help if needed through other fiscal programs that can be set up. All in the cause to weather the economic storm and help for our great nation and our citizens due to this pandemic ..Half measures will not avail.

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    So glad In a few years I will be of retirement age and be able to live out my final retirement years outside of my home country in Europe or Latin or South America .
    Narrowed my choices down to France Panama Italy or Peru

    Wishing everyone all the best

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    I really hope Biden does not cave in and give into negotiation demands. Push his through and make minor changes for income filers above existing 75k annual I’m a single filer with no dependents so my annual salary range is above 50.vut rigjt below 75 K.. still the tax system is set up for me to pay more Federal and state taxes for my filing status..over 18k taxes was taken.from my paycheck..

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    Now the 10 GOP reps submitted their own proposal wanting to spend only 600 Billion down from 1.9 trillion and make requirement for stim3 only for filers making 50,000 or less. Why do they not get what this whole process is about.extra income to push through this economic disaster they helped to create ..Money for people to stay afloat or money to inject into the spend . Everyone and our economy will benefit from receiving and using the stimulus money . PART 1

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    For those of us waiting on checks to be mailed on 2/2 or 2/5 let’s keep each other informed on when we get them.

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    I was talking about those of us who are waiting on re issued paper checks because our bank account was closed or whatever the issue may be. Mines getting sent 2/2 but others have a 2/5 date, so I was saying those are being sent in two batches.

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    Big D McGee

    People screw turbo tax , tax act, all of them. There sites where you can do your taxes free, and send in your bank or debit info, that irs will have on hand, instead of going thru third parties and not knowing where its at. These temp. Debit cards are bs.

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    I appreciate that. &Yea I tried that again and they’re still saying no account found. I saw someone comment under another post who said they had gotten the same notification for the card about a week ago but they received a check instead.

    Who knows anymore

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    I read it again and it appears for those who have to file the economic recovery rebate credit on their 2020 tax return are at risk only. Article below

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    sigh well atleast i got an update today…check being mailed 2/5 sigh such bs

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    wait so you’re saying they can take our stimulus 2 now, if we owe a tax credit?

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    At Mellex
    I agree if it’s not brioken don’t fix it doesn’t apply to these IRS incompetents Now I read for that executive order Biden just signed to reissue stimulus2 for filers with issues Congress removed protection to take stimulus if filers have owed tax debt. Its in discussion to have the IRS fix their lousy prehistoric computer systems from doing it. Some filers had stimulus reduced already

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    Mommajess33. Mailed from 2 locations. PA and Missouri. Appears the further people live from these locations that is where check is being mailed from

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    Hey its AMEXSERVE I haven’t seen you post for a while ..I figured you were all set ..I feel your frustrations That is awful to keep getting USPS notifications and nothing is arriving. Check 1.800.240.8100 see if it finds an account set up under lost replacement. If so hang up the call to not cancel it. Hang in there

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    Know what’s frustrating…

    January 12th I get the notification in my informed delivery about the card coming soon with a link never got it, even contacted usps, nothing. I again get the notification yesterday about a card coming soon from U.S treasury card from metabank with the link again

    Still nothing. Why they keep playing in my face like this, I’m not sure. Smh

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    My status still says unavailable, this is a crock of bs. There are people out there that could really use it

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    @sweetface, I had a “scheduled to be mailed date of 1/6” and it took almost 4 weeks to receive a debit card in CA. There are people who are still waiting for a check/ debit card with the 1/6 date… I’m hoping everyone with a February mail date receives it faster….it seems like there were more people with checks mailed on 1/6.

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    Glad to hear. That PA office with checks going out seems to be slow out the gate to get them mailed out. USPS only takes I believe it takes 3 to 5 days to deliver. Now let’s go with Stim3..Hopefully they will direct deposit funds this time for me after I gave It to the IRS twice

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    Finally getting a check today!! Payment issued 1/6. Mailed from Philadelphia. Almost 4 weeks.

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    So there’s two batches of paper checks being sent

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    Hey just letting everyone know my check is being mailed 2/2 but there’s others getting checks mailed on 2/5.

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    I got my on my bluebird card today around 5pm. Gmp was status 2 until deposit hit I live in Illinois

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    Finally got mine in mail today! Live in NC took almost 4 weeks to get it! Hoping y’all don’t have to wait too long!

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    Finally updated! I checked thanks to y’all and saw it’s being mailed 2/5.

    My 1st payment status says mailed 4/24 but I actually got it on 4/23. I had to wait a day to cash it.. hopefully the same thing happens and it comes early 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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    First stimulus yes. Second I have not seen a single post since joining 4 weeks agonA lot of us had to wait close to 2 to 3 weeks after mail date to receive

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    Excuse typos or grammatical errors difficult using a tiny phone keyboard

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    I just read politico for anyone with tax debt state or federal these some of payments recent being issued since Dec .can now be taken. If this does not apply to your situation please disregard

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    Brandi justus

    Had payment status not available until today finally have a dd deposit date if 2/3

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    I give up an this shit I dont care if they want to deposit or not that prenote shit in my account from 1/13 until now i cant see nothing no update nothing this is bullshit . I stop looking they take grown people for damm fool

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    Deposit hit today at 335pm central time. I experienced every bump in the road during this. Praying it turns out for the best for everyone. Good luck yall

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    Has anybody got a mail date but received there check before the mail date? I know that is probably far fetched but thought I ask.

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    So to wrap it up…
    Since the first stimulus payment system worked ok for most people…they made sure to do it differently the second time.
    Government in action. If it works – break it.

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    Just got mine. Thank God!!!

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    Mine is in the bank!

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    This is lame. Waited all this time. TO JUST GET THIS SHIT MAILED ON FEB 5TH. Fuck the irs. Time to wait 3-4 weeks for a payment

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    Finally got mine! I’m in NC check mail date was 1/6 and first stimulus was DD American Express Serve in April with no problems. I presently had money on the card and they still waited over 3 weeks to send a paper check.smh Still I’m grateful… I got it. I couldn’t not get up here and say something when I’ve been reading stuff up here that was helpful. Thank you. Good Luck Everyone!

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    MINE FINALLY UPDATED!!! I checked it last at 3 something this afternoon and just checked again per someone else on here said they got there’s later today, and it sure did! Feb 3! I was a huge doubter about receiving it before taxes but I guess they are really sending them all out.

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    Just got my DD! Chime… suppose to be 2/3

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    My check finally came today

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    My GMP finally updated, it hadn’t updated this morning. Have a DD of 2/3. Transcript updated this morning as well.

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    Was it via transcript or GMP?

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