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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Got my check today mailed 1/6 central missouri

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    Hey guys ,

    Just letting you know Brooklyn nyc I just got mines.You should be getting it this week! Hold on it’s coming

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    Sorry, I asked about TT before that other user but my posts take anywhere between 5 minutes and 10 hours to post…so annoying.

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    Does anyone have any information on the payments that were supposed to be sent out by the 16th after updating payment DD info with turbo tax…? I’ve seen a few people got their DD but most of us have not, and I have no idea what’s happening.

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    Link to USPS informed delivery hopefully stim3 will be better managed by IRS. IRS has major timing decision to make since it will be tax season which is delayed to Feb 12th

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    For anyone waiting with a mail date IRS you can check to see if it could be.card than a check. Dial number press option llost stolen or replacement. Put in last six of SS#. enter your getmypayment zip code. If debit card it will ask you to replace and hang up phone. If not found then a check issued 1.800.240.8100

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    Call IRS.. They can confirm and see in computer if.a.check or maybe debit card was issued. If they gave you mail date before 15th it is going to come. Set up informed delivery IUSPS I just posted link to T Davis

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    Voting did not cause the delay. deadline by 15th . All lthose stimulus 1 deposit closed accounts to fix. Also not enough time to do bank updates on IRS site like before. Holding bill for a week did not help. 100 million bank deposit mistakes . They are probably just now beginning to mail checks or cards already sitting in boxes for weeks I really hope everyone waiting it comes this week. Set up USPS informed delivery. I posted a link already

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    Anyone in NC get theirs? I have a mail date of 1/6 but still no check. I’m trying to be patient but may have to file on taxes even though I haven’t worked this past year due to being a stay at home mom not sure how that’s going to work

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    @Done any update from TT. I have also yet to receive my funds after updating my deposit info

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    T Davis
    Someone posted this number and go through quickly. Call early when they open at ,730 am eastern time zone
    Ask questions about address change.and what address do they show Ask if a check or debit card was issued. Ask if they see anything returned back

    +1 855-868-0151
    Press option 1 then ,2

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    Even non voters got theirs!

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    Everyone that voted “that” side got 2019 refund and stimulus!!

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    Electoral votes only count!

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    Never voting again!

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    @T Davis

    When you file taxes address get auto updated immediately compared to mail or over the phone requests sent to IRS

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    @ T Davis
    Do mail forwarding online with the USPS on line for a small fee. Fastest way to change your mailing address. It will verify if your old address mail can be forwarded. Link beloe. You should not have to file the credit on tax return since they already gave you a mail check date IRS can check if it was returned
    Link below to change mail

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    Dat dude

    Nothing in southeastern West Virginia. Has anyone on here from Va or Wv received a check or card yet? Surprisingly my patience has lasted this long but it is running out fast. If it isn’t here tomorrow or Saturday I’m getting evicted Monday. Lol. The sad part is I work full time but have had to do a mandatory company quarantine 3 times within the past 3 months and fell behind on ALL my bills. This just really sucks.

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    @ T Davis. IRS told me if check is returned to call 4 weeks from getmypayment date and they will reissue. The address they will use depends on ithe timing when they reissue. If address is updated it will go to that address. If not it will go to same old address. Depends when you requested change and how. Over the phone and mail in requests recently is delayed by 2 to 3 weeks from 2 weeks it normally takes per IRS

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    @ T Davis
    Same as me. My address
    Changed. The address
    where it is going is the address you use on getmypayment to show your
    Stimulus payment info in the IRS site. My check did go to my change of address which is now my old address and I received it. Set up informed delivery with USPS to see all mail coming to that address for stimulus. Link below. call IRS and they will check your address they have on file. PART 1

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    Thanks Mamaof3 I am going to call the treasury tomorrow to see where minds is . IRS isn’t giving me no information at all but file it on my 2020 taxes smh.

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    So everyday I’ve tried calling TT to find out what the hell is going on went to Twitter and sent a direct message and now they are finally looking into it. Will update with what I find out

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    T Davis

    I moved from my previous address in October. My last stimulus was direct deposit and now this one said mailed on the 6th. I’m not sure if it was sent to my old address even though I put a change of address prior to my move. I am very frustrated they did not just direct deposit it since I have not changed bank accounts. Has anyone experienced this same issue.

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    J ur welcome i got it from sum1 in another group bur im in va and post office said not seen a single chk that 90% of my town has been calling them over the same thing…so i guess its just a waiting game

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    I know a lady in az that got hers two days ago so that gives us little hope I guess.

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    Hello from NW Arizona
    Just checked my lockbox/mailbox and still no check…….Hopefully tomorrow…

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    Thanks for the number and info. I called and they told me the IRS did get the payment back from Republic Bank and they are just waiting for it to be reissued. ????

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    No check today either
    I asked my mail lady if she’s delivered any in our area and she said not a single one 😒 she said lots of people have asked her the same question. I live in Northeast Los Angeles.

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    If I called TurboTax would they tell me if I’m getting a check or direct deposit still?

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    I’m officially sick and tired. Tired of the Tax Act emails , tired of the updates. If the IRS going to post the stimulus just post it, if not don’t get our hopes up. The GMP tool not working. Can’t get through on the IRS phone number anymore. I officially have a headache.

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    Does anyone have a good contact number and a method of reaching someone at the IRS? If so please provide

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    Thats good.

    I got a feeling we will
    back at dealing with these frustrations if stimulus3 is approved. I hope not and the IRS will be better experienced with not what to do from stimulus 2. Especially with allowing filers to update info
    in getmypaymentt and waiting to release deposit payment and not a check once updated for past issues they had

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    It was a check from Philadelphia. Finally! I was gonna do my taxes the 15th but held off because of your posts so thank you. Don’t lose hope yet people! And I don’t owe any taxes so is it safe to file now without messing up 3rd stimulus??

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    GMP still says unavailable. TT said it may come by this Monday because they gave the DD update information until the 16th. Informed delivery has an image that can’t be displayed coming today. Anyone get that for informed delivery and it was a check?

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    Once again no stimulus payment in my informed delivery today. Very disappointing especially since they could have put it on my tt card like the first one instead of mailing a check.

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    Really not understanding how on the 12th informed delivery says my card would be arriving soon and still hasn’t came (wasn’t an envelope just a little image that takes me to the money network economic payment website)

    NW Ohio here

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    Hey everyone for those still waiting but wanted to share about stimulus 3. I’m reading IRS may process stimukus3 as one payment if you file taxes this year. The timing is important for those who have a tax debt .. Hopefully if so they will release stimulus and take the refund or they may take it all. If so hold off filing until after they release stimulus file extension if needed

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    I had a feeling yours was coming right behind mine that came in Sat. to NY.

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    Let me know. I’m trying to figure out. difference with informed delivery notification if a check or debit card. I’m starting to believe if it states Treasury it is a check and if Economic Impact Payment it’s the card

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    @Sweetface I am facing the same issue

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    My gmp still says not available and I updated dd through TurboTax on 1/12 and still nothing

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    I am in western PA and there is something from the US Treasury in my informed delivery for today! I will come back on here around noon to let you guys know if its the stimulus or not. Fingers crossed!

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    My deposit was sent back to the IRS on 2nd because American Express suspended my account, so I know how u feel. I’m gonna have to wait and claim it on my taxes too. It sucks and it’s bullcrap, but what can we do?

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    Received check date 1/6 in Bayside Queens

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    Nothing in the mail… AGAIN! Most likely will need to claim on my taxes. Which by the way I won’t get til March.

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    How did you get 1st stimulus? Did you file a 2019 tax return this year or IRS non filers a few months if no ,2018 or 2019 tax return filed. Last question is the walmart money card still active and not a closed account ?..please answer questions so I can try to share info from IRS site on your specific situation. Hang in there.. IRS really messed up due to 15th deadline they had. Hang in there.

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    No status, no updates, cant see transcript and I have walmart moneycard so cant see pending deposits, called that number and entered info and it said no information found so I’m not getting a debit card. Yep great job giving the stimulus to all “eligible” people smh everyone around me already got theirs.

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    I’m in Maryland with mail date on GMP of 1/6/2021 and still no check as of today. And no debit card issued (used info another user provided on this thread).

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    Why are we left guessing??

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    Dont even think the have all the credit figured out! There are people that already filed taxes because they havent got stimulus by the “15” ! So whats happening for them? Thats a new reason to hold peoples taxes up yet again this year? WOW! OMG GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!

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    It appears checks or debit cards are being handled by each IRS office in Philly and Kansas according to the state they are mailed. I see another NY”er and NJ post got checks from Missouri office.

    I really hope everyone waiting gets stimulus and not have to file the recovery rebate

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    I have a ? Can stimulus’s be deposited to a negative GDot

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    Okay so I have 4 kids I claim so I’ll definitely keep you updated as well. Yes I’ve been kind of patiently waiting but at the same time I’m kind of frustrated also. Hopefully soon. I just don’t understand this all

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    @ sb
    I never noticed a test deposit.

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    I just received the same email from TaxAct. They need to just come on with it already, my test deposit was on the 12th

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    I received my check today . I live in queens, ny. It was issued on 1/6 and it came from Missouri.

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    Mail just came, still no check

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    Dear Valued TaxAct Customer,
    We want to keep you up to date on the status of your stimulus payment. We have received confirmation from the IRS that your second stimulus payment will be delivered via direct deposit into your bank account by February 1, 2021.

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    Anybody else receiving any stimulus mail today? Please post so we can give others a estimated time frame that they might be receiving theirs


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    @ Sonia

    I do have kids. We have 3 we claim. I don’t see anything in my informed delivery today. We have been waiting patiently but its frustrating. I will keep you updated since we are both in AZ and waiting, hopefully by the end of the week at the latest we will recieve it.

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    Updates TT deposit info in 1/12 and have yet to receive anything from them since.

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    At Amy.

    Informed delivery from USPS shows all incoming mail to be delivered. I gave a link to fill free number where people can check to confirm if they are waiting for a card instead of a check
    Press loss stolen. Enter info. If asks to replace hang up call. You have a card not a check

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    Great GOCHIEFS

    So it appears the hold up with checks is also with Philly IRS office. Remember all the links and resources I gave you. It maybe needed for Stimulus 3

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    Just checked my Informed delivery, my stimulus is arriving today from Pennsylvania. Weird that they would send it out from there instead of KC but just glad to finally get it. Best luck abs wishes to all.

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    Central PA. GMP still says status unavailable. Updated TT at 11pm on 1/11 still no DD. TT rep on 1/16 stated anytime because they have to weed through the lump sum that IRS sent to them. I do know I’m not getting the debit card. Nothing showing in informed delivery.

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    In my informed delivery from usps it’s says the message about the economic payment card has been sent, is that the payment or just the notice

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    Oops sorry for the double post!

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    Ugh Im still here waiting, been on this forum since the beginning lol. I come by and check everyday. I did see a video posted by the CEO of Liberty Tax I believe, they were affected too. He stated in his video, IRS is sending out additional payments for people affected by the third party banks so to say, they will be going out next week again, hence the “end of the month” lingo

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    nothing to update still waiting

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    Hi everyone.

    Has anyone gotten an informed delivery notification about an economic card arriving soon and still haven’t gotten it?

    Apologies if this was asked already.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Don’t mind if I ask but do you have kids? I know two people also in az that got there’s but they were by themselves. No kids etc. Last stimulus I know they went in groups of how much you made that year so I wonder if it’s kind of the same thing or something. Who knows. I’m just tires of waiting and I know I qualify for sure. So idk what is going on but this sucks. Keep me updated please. Since your in az also. And I’ll do the same:)

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    AmexServe…thanks man I appreciate the extra input, always helps to have someone willing to actually help and research.

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    @ Sonia

    Im in AZ as well and still waiting. My mom amd stepdad just got theres in Az on Saturday with a mail date of 1/6. Hopefully sometime this week for everyone.

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