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    Stats: Filed & Accepted 1/25 with TaxAct
    Filed with EITC & ACTC
    Had 1 bar up until 1/3.

    On 1/3, I checked WMR and my bar and ta topic 152 was replaced with:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    I have not received any notices in the mail from the IRS.
    I do not have any tax topics on WMR.
    I STILL have my refund amount on the left of WMR.
    I have YET to be updated to PATH.
    I have consistently checked my transcripts and they are all blank, with the exception of an as of date of 2/19. I guess that’s my 21 day stretch, lol.

    Does anyone have this similar type of situation?

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    He actually may be able to claim his friend if he meets certain requirements. The IRS is asking for info to make sure those requirements are met. A person does not have to be a relative in order to be claimed as a dependent.




    Yep 👏👏👏



    @getfocked Its people who lie like you that is the reason we are all having delays. Thanks



    I filed my fiance’s taxes on 2/6 with TaxAct and it’s still stuck on the dreaded “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” We haven’t gotten any mail from the IRS except a one sentence letter saying I filed the correct form allowing him to claim EITC this year after being disallowed last year. Last year he got audited and didn’t get his tax return until October! I don’t understand. If I’ve filed all of the correct info and forms, what’s the hold up??


    Rio b

    Thats a real audit. Be careful .. No way around that. It leads to proof of other documents BC they already have them doc on they end. They sneaky
    .just amend your return take him off.



    I calmed a good friend as a brother for last 3 years and got head of the household status. This year I received an audit asking for both birth certificate to show kindship due to calming EIC. What should I do? Since we are not truly blood brothers



    Still a move forward. I try to look at the bright side of things. Everyone has hardships but if that’s all you dwell on instead of trying to make the best of things you’ll always be stuck in doom and gloom. I know friends and family that got this message 1 week before their refund date. None of us called the IRS, didn’t want to rock the boat, especially since they care nothing about anyone’s personal problems. Hopefully we all are near the end whether weave been waitinh a long time or not



    Lili..mine has been stuck on “Still being processed refund date will be provided when available” with no tax topic and all my info on the side for a couple of weeks now. I’m waiting for a Tax Advocate to call (due to call by the 7th) so they can speed it up due to extreme financial hardship. My car broke down over a month ago and I deliver with my car for work, so I haven’t been able to work for over a month. I don’t have rent money, I already lost my cell service, my car is about to be repo-ed, my utilities are about to be shut off, I will be evicted in 12 days if I don’t get my money and I’m losing my special DirecTV Now rate I got for signing up early…a savings of $30 a month.

    I’m so angry over this.



    Mine finally updated to still being processed refund date will be provided when avaliable! The end is near!




    Anyone know if mailed transcripts will be different than online? Accepted 2/13 and online transcript still shows no return filed :(
    Still sitting at the one bar. TT152. Being processed msg. UGH.



    @Dee No I have not but I’m a weekly I update on Friday r Saturday will let u know. Still no letter.



    I’m stuck on processing like everybody else however I haven’t received any letter or anything from the irs ,am I being presumptuous in thinking no news is good news? I will add that this is pretty much the same song and dance as last year stuck on processing for too long then a ddd dropped on me the first week of March… but can anybody say that if I haven’t received any letters then generally nothing is wrong?



    @nona 363 Did you update at all on the 27th or hear anything?



    I filed without EITC/ACTC on 02/07 and my return was accepted on 02/07. On 02/25 the progress bar in the IRS2Go app went away along with my refund amount. It still shows my SSN and filing status. It says to read tax topic 152, which as you know is NOT helpful. I haven’t received an email or letter from the IRS. In the meantime, my roommate who filed almost 2 weeks after me received her refund today.

    I can’t seem to find the transcript I have seen some people mention, and the IRS phone number I called was completely automated and told me the same thing as the app. I used the same tax software that I have used every year for the past 15 years and I have never had any trouble before. I am extra concerned because it seems that everyone else who has commented has had their refund amount show up with their SSN and filing status, but mine is gone.


    Danielle L Olivera

    Mine is the same exact as yours, except I paper filed but was on one bar as of 2/17 and the same message as you on last weekend. I am hopeful update will happen this weekend.



    Mine was stuck on your tax refund is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available since 2/1. Then last week Friday 2/23 status changed to we have received your return and it is being processed last and it updated Saturday 2/24 with a DDD.



    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25 ACTC & EITC one bar until 2/16. Changed to still processing with no bars tt152 can still see refund amount. No letter received yet called a couple times have been told on hold because of PATH ACT wait until the 27th and was also told under review wait 45 days from the 15th, but not showing a reason or that any letters have been sent. So confused usually get my refund very fast. Don’t know what to think. Really can’t wait 45 days!!! Will go crazy…lol



    If you filed over 21 days ago and wmr is saying still processing or you can’t check on your status most likely you are under additional review . I’m in this situation as of now and was told to wait at least 45 days before it’s complete. I called a tax advocate to find out why my return was on hold and she said my income on my return didn’t match what they have . I was told to fax a 1040x so now I’m waiting to see what’s next. My return was accepted on 1/23



    I’m having the same issue, my bars are gone says the refund date will be provided when available and that refund was still being processed. I have Topic #152 on my return, I’m so stressed over it.



    I’m brand new to this site please tell me if I’m not using it properly tyia
    Ok so I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out why I haven’t gotten my taxes approved yet. I filled on 2/5 and was accepted 2/5 as well. When I check on the irs website it says that they are still being processed. Should I call and see if everything is ok?I moved so if they sent me anything I would not receive it.



    @Internal Rectum Screwing count me in too! This is the last year I deal with this BS and they can wait next year for me to pay them.



    Finally got thru to an agent had to call several times. She stated she saw nothing wrong with my return and no letters have been sent out and I should have a DD by the 27. Hopefully that’s true! Hope she isn’t just telling me something. Accept 1/23 been on processing message since 1/28 was able to c transcripts on 2/17 and have a code 570 no 846


    Internal Rectum Screwing

    It seems we’re all in the same sinking boat. I filed 1/19 and was accepted 1/22.Yet I’m still showing the Path 152 message and my return is still being processed.I have the EIC for the first time ever because I was laid off in June 2017 and my earnings were low for the year.
    This is the longest I’ve ever waited for a return and I’ve been filing for over 25 years.Unfortunately it seems the PATH ACT is nothing more than a cash grab aimed at the poor.
    It sickens me to see what this country has become,the rich pay absolutely no taxes and the poor have everything taken from them.I’ve given enough to these white collar crooks and will not be filing another tax return again.They’ll have to come get their money.



    Filed and Accepted 2/7
    on the 1st bar on WMR
    EIC, ACTC, TT152
    I never updated to path, I didn’t last year either. Transcripts are blank as hell and said n/a. I’m going to wait until the 28th to call and see what’s up. Last year i filed 1/24 and received my refund 2/22. This is nuts



    Zac, I filed the same day, Feb 9th and had the exact same situation. Mine also updated on the 14th to no bar and no tax topic but amount showing. I have no EIC or credits, either. I wonder if it has something to do with those filing on certain days.



    So I called the IRS because I’m in the same exact boat as everyone else. Filed 1/29 and accepted same day. One bar and TT 152 until 2/15 it updated to no bars and the generic still being processed message. EIC/CTC never got a PATH message

    Lady told me that I’m under a review and it could take an additional 45 days to process. FML. Please call and check on your returns.



    Same here alot of us who filed on the 2nd I believe got resequenced. My transcripts were blank. No letters. One bar till I check this morning now ” it’s still processing with tt152..
    I’m a weekly so I believe we will get an update in the weekend for our DD😳


    Willard Cummings

    I’m hoping they have mine in the “QUE” ready to roll. They just opened this morning out on the west coast..praying we see some movement today.



    I filled 02’\09\18 and was accepted on 02/10/18.
    I had the status bar with message saying they recieved my taxes.
    on f02\14\18 on wmr my status bar disaappered, my information still is shown with amount of exspected refund, and message saying my taxes are still being processed. will update with delivery date when available. today is 02/20/18 and the same message appreas. I called the tax offset number and it says no debts or offsets found.



    Mine was accepted on 012818. I have the EITC and ACTC. I had the bar up until 021518 and then it disappeared and replaced with the message “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.
    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.”

    My brother filed 020318, same EITC and ACTC. He had that same message to start until 021518 when it gave him a DDD. Extremely frustrating.



    @tiffanySo i called irs protection identity line just spoke to a Rep actually the first rep that sounded like she know what she was talking about Said i had an unstoppable issue and they send me a letter on 2/9 to verify Id. I asked her why if i had not had any changes, she said she seen it many returns the have this problem is due to the american opportunity credit that flags your return I said well nothings changed from previous i ask did it have anything to do with equifax breach she said No that breaches only affect their system like the one they had recently on fafsa. She said call as soon as i receive letter and that it doesn’t take as long the horrors people write about she said As soon as I verify that this was my return file they will release it she said there arent any other issues. I will sit and wait.



    I should have noted, filed and accepted 1/19 eic ACTC and edu credit. Got that message. Recieved irs letter yesterday requesting form 1095a….called irs and they explained about the credit from 2016.



    A lot of people seeing this message had marketplace insurance during 2016 and or 2017 (obamacare, medicaid)

    In particular if you had it in 2016, and were issued a *credit* to pay for your subsidy, you are going to be required to submit a 1095a to show how much of that credit was used and when.

    Not everyone’s case I’m sure, but at least some sort of answer.



    @Tish, I dont think you will see a ddd tomorrow because the PATH message will still be there until the 15th



    @tiffany i filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 lost bars on 2/9 still have my amount filing status and tax topic 152 nothing else i called and everyone i speak to says something different is frustating!!!!!



    That’s the thing. I have zero tax topics now. Just the nice little message with my return amount on the side. Haven’t received any letters or anything. It’s just odd to me that others have the same message with tax topics or have received letters.



    I am going through the EXACT situation u r in. Filed same day accepted same day 1/25 called this morning lady said they weren’t open on that date & So many returns came in they r behind but processing them. If u have tax topic 152 you are ok she said look at your tax topic & that it should update after the 15th



    Yep…..Lance!!! That’s true!! I’ll be too happy to see that DDD!!! Do you think some of us pathers will at least see a DDD tomorrow?



    You won’t update to path this Saturday because path will be over



    Sorry you are going through this Tiffany. I filed on 1/25/18 and updated on 2/3/18 to this same message with all zeros on my account transcript. I was also scared that something would be wrong after reading all the horror stories. Well mine did update to Path on 2/10/18. It seems that you are weekly, just as I am. Your transcript should update this Friday and WMR should update to Path or hopefully a DDD this Saturday. If it doesn’t, I would definitely call to see if anything is wrong.

    Good luck……..and I hope you get an update soon!!



    I have the same exact situation. As of date is the same, all zeros last I checked on 2/2. I e heard many different analogies in this scenario, most say don’t worry because if something was wrong we would get a message telling us to contact them. Frustrating!



    Filed 1/25 accepted 1/25 no movement. Only “your tax refund is being processed tt 152. Received an review letter in the mail 2/12 possibility I will not see my taxes for another 60 days. Had a tax advocate confirm he did not see any discrepancies and that my credits could have triggered the system to send that letter

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