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When will processing begin for eic

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    When will it’s begin processing returns with eic ? Will it be a certain date as it was last year?

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    @skittlez27 – They are saying Those people are not being honest or gaslighting in a sense!

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    A Pather in the test batch just posted that she sees her refund pending in her account and she has a DDD of 2/18.

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    Processing has begun! My last comment, probably should be in another area. I meant my refund. Not processing!

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    I’ve never received mine early. Waited 28 days year before, 26 days last year! Every yr it’s a long wait for me!

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    Mine started processing on the 11th, I have both eitc and ctc, have one orange bar and says it’s being processed. I filed on 1/27 I believe.

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    Path won’t have to wait til the 22nd to be processed it says it won’t update til then. But they will be processing them on Tuesday and most of us should receive our refunds by 2/25. I already saw Pathers on here that have a DDD of 2/18 from being in the test batch.

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    @thicks they always say “by the first week of March.” Always. I usually see it on my Serve card between the 19th and 23rd. They just say the beginning of March to give ample time.

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    Jennifer Starr

    Every year, since PATH started, I have had my refund before WMR updated, keeping my fingers crossed that it happens this year too.

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    If I remember correctly several years I’ve actually got my refund before the where’s my refund even updated. I remember last year being really surprised that I got my refund that early and I have the earned income credit and the child tax credit also but I filed around the 27th of January last year and this year I didn’t file until February 1st Maybe maybe the second so I’m just trying to Ball Park in idea when mine will come through

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    “We update these applications for most early EITC/ACTC filers with an estimated deposit date by February 22 if you file your taxes early.

    We update both applications once a day, usually overnight.”

    -Uncle Sam

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    Pathers!!!! Assemble. Guys. Most of us who have filed early and hopefully with no errors, will get DDD by 2/22. It’s on the website. It’s never that easy, but writing is on the wall

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    Hey Thicks. Where did u read Feb 22?

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    [Part 2] However, my suspicion is that 2/22 is when the PATH message will begin to appear and will last for a few days before they process the returns on 2/25. And that’s the date that would correspond with “the first week of March.”

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    @Shell, then maybe the IRS will begin processing them on 2/18 — I think pretty much all PATH-affected returns fall in the 05 cycle and are processed on Thursdays, with transcript updates available on Fridays and WMR updates on Saturdays.

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    Actually the website said around 02/22/2021 is when WMR will start updating for those with EIC and ACTC. So they will actually start processing them some time before that. Otherwise there wouldn’t be anything for them to update on the 22nd.

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    This year the date has been pushed back to Feb. 22. That’s when they’ll begin processing returns affected by PATH.

    If there are no other reasons for delay, if you’ve filed by 2/22, you have a decent chance of a DDD of 3/3.

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    EIC processing is delay till February 15

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