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    Has anyone received their unemployment refund yet or seen an update on their transcripts ?

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    My refund came this week via mailed check. Good luck to anyone else still waiting!

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    She also said i could file an amended return through the irs website, but the website says their e-file is no longer available as of Nov 17th. This has gone past becoming a pathetic joke at this point. Especially if it’s true the irs decided that everbody who is still waiting for their refund is now s.o.l. and has to do an amended return after being told for nearly two years that we had to be patient for them to fix it for us and NOT to file an amended return during that time.

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    I called the irs today for an update on my refund after being told 3 separate times earlier this summer I’d have a response within 30 days, none of which ever came. The lady told me that as of Nov 17th, they’re no longer manually adjusting any returns and that I’d have to file an amended return, even though my Feb 2021 filing was marked for review (she confirmed several times i qualified for an adjustment and that it should have already been done). Has anybody else been told this?

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    I have been waiting to see some action on either my account transcript or my amended return. Finally today, 11/28/2022, my transcript shows a code 290 “reduced or removed prior tax assessed” for a future date of 12/12/2022, as well as a code 846 “refund issued” dated for this coming Friday, 12/2/2022, which is for the expected amount plus interest. I’m looking forward to finally seeing that direct deposit this week!

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    The next time you manage to get through to a rep specifically refer them to the guidance in Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), 8 step-by-step guide for them to input the adjustment. If they refuse, request a lead/manager callback.

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    I am still waiting on my refund. The couple times I have actually been able to speak with someone at the IRS they say my return is waiting to be processed, and they give me a date 60 days out by which I should have received my money. That date comes and goes and the next time I get someone they give me a new date 60 days out. I feel like this will go on indefinitely until I just give up.

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    Is anyone else.. still waiting?

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    im still very much waiting, June 6/2022 last on my transcript. no one to get ahold of, I reluctantly amended my return in January and now when I look it up in the amendment return it doesnt appear, it use to appear as still pending. ive given up.

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    I just spoke with an IRS employee. She informed me that the IRS now has a special team of processors that concentrate on these Unemployment refunds. She flagged my return and sent it to this team. They have 30 days to process the refund, and then a further 30 days to send me the money. So 60 days from now, hopefully, I will receive my refund.

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    I called at 9am, requested a call back, got it around 1130am, ask to make an appointment because 8 was waiting for the 2020 unemployment tax refund reimbursement adjustment, the assistant wanted to take a look at my account and saw that it should’ve been adjusted but wasn’t although it was marked for it. She tried to manually adjust it, couldn’t, then forwarded my case to their supervisor for review and processing. She told me it would be 30 days, and if nothing changes in 30 days call back.

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    I’ve been watching this forum since 2021, 2 weeks ago, I finally got tired of just “waiting”. So I searched around and found out I could visit my regional IRS, I did that, in person, but needed an appointment. I was turned away and told to call this number

    (844) 545-5640

    To make an appointment for in person assistance (I’m in Southern California BTW, Santa Ana).

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    I checked my transcript 2 weeks after that call and for the 1st time in a year, it updated from May 2021, said that the refund was processed and payment was refunded on June 6th (a Monday), I’m guessing that’s the mailing date.i saw the adjustment or deduction of $10,200, netting me a refund of $2300, the interest incurred due to late payment was only $70.

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    Chris Nichols

    I admittedly had a fairly complex return (cap gains, distribution, multiple W-2s, etc) but I finally saw a change in my tax transcript Record of Account yesterday. The date changed to 06/06/2022 and some additional lines were added at the top (Account Balance, Accrued Interest, Accrued Penalty, etc.) but all amounts were $ 0.00.

    I anyone has insight on what my occur next it would be appreciated but I’m hoping week of 06/06/2022 something positive happens.

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    Online tax transcript showed NOTHING DONE since original filing/refund. December I contacted my Congressman 2 advocate 4 me as hardship case. All I got from them was IRS memo explaining what I already knew about the UEC exemption. BUT THANKS TO SKIP WHO POSTED HERE 4-15-22 I replied: “refer to guidance in Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), 8 step-by-step guide for them to input the adjustment.” Voila! in a week REFUND!

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    Online transcript updated to June 6, 2022, but still no update on the refund. Single, no dependents, straightforward return. Should have been in the first wave but still nothing…this is so frustrating. Has anyone had any luck recently or are we all in the same boat?

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    I’d recommend opening a Taxpayer Advocate case re the unemployment exclusion. Can’t say for certain that is what sped up the processing of my amended return, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

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    Skip you already got yours after only amending march ? I amended in January 2022, the dates changed last I checked to March 2022. I use to be able to look up my Amended return on the irs tool and now it is gone telling me to calling the irs. Such a joke, the number the posted gets me no where. I know I’m entitled to the refund as I went over it was a tax expert but irs just won’t help me.

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    Skip you already got yours after only amending march ? I amended in January 2022, the dates changed last I checked to March 2022. I use to be able to look up my Amended return on the irs tool and now it is gone telling me to calling the irs. Such a joke, the number the posted gets me no where. I know I’m entitled to the refund as I went over it was a tax expert but irs just won’t help me.

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    I would say, yes, go ahead and send in the amended return. I amended back in March and finally got my refund about a week ago.

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    So the date on my transcript changed to June 6, 2022 (in May itself) but the processing date still shows May 2021 and nothing else has changed as far as the line items on the account transcript. I have the amended return ready but not sending it in as IRS is basically just rejecting it anyways. But should I send it in just to get them to take a look at the actual tax return maybe?

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    I would also like to know how you got someone on the phone, whats the go to number?

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    How did u get someone on the phone?

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    I amended last years return in July 2021 for the unemployment offset and just got off the phone with the irs and it has finally processed. I have to wait 4 more weeks for the check to arrive to me. However I am happy that I will be receiving it soon.

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    CM: Thank you. When I get home I will look it over. I do not think there are any dates on my transcripts but I am defiantly going to check.

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    which transcript did you receive? is it the account transcript? there are several types but on the account transcript for 2020 one line at the bottom was added that states 846 refund issued and the amount. that is the amount plus interest from the unemployment tax. the other 846 refund on his transcript is the refund from his tax return when he filed. the date to the right on the same line is 04-29-22

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    CM- I received a paper copy of my transcripts and to be honest can not figure them out. Where on the transcripts would I find this information?
    Thank you.

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    N-the “as of” date is May 16th but the refund says issued 4/29/22

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    CM: Did they say a date? Thank you.

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    Finally after over a year of waiting and the simplest of returns, my son’s has been processed and refund issued. Completed just today. now just praying the check shows up. lol. Check your transcripts!

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    Spoke with a CSR the other day. They told me that if I hadn’t filed an amended return, they had the authority to manually input an adjustment for the excluded unemployment. Don’t file an amended return. Call and if you manage to talk to a CSR 9no easy task these days) specifically refer them to the guidance in Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), 8 step-by-step guide for them to input the adjustment. If they refuse, request a lead/manager callback.

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    it was at the 20 week mark or so and wasn’t until I called them did I find that out. It finally “disappeared” from the “where’s my amended return” status page. They told me they did that for everyone that filed one that was filed due to the unemployment tax.

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    Stacy C

    The only change is a 290 popped up on transcript for 4/18 for 0.00 and the date changed to the same date. No other movement for the unemployment refund. I’ve pretty much stopped looking . Today was the first time I’ve checked in quite awhile.

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    The website indicates my 2020 amended return “was received on March 09, 2022 and it is being processed. Please allow up to 16 weeks for processing.” So, it hasn’t been cancelled yet… How long after yours had been received was it cancelled?

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    Spoke to an irs agent today. My 2020 tax return was tagged for review in May 2021 but they haven’t looked at it yet and don’t have an estimated time frame other than it will probably be at least a couple months. She said they are still behind and reviewing returns for 2020 unemployment refunds.

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    I don’t know if anyone has said, but even if you qualified, if the tax you owed was covered by a credit (like american opportunity credit or something similar) then you do not receive a refund. My tax liability last year was 733, and even with the unemployment tax change, because the AOC covered my liability I will not receive a refund. Check your transcripts to make sure you actually paid in taxes from regular employment and not UI income.

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    I amended mine back in January the date prior on my
    transcript was may 31 2021 after my amendment was accepted it now says March 3 2022

    I’m hopeful. I got tired of being told to wait when waiting got me no where.

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    I am so confused- my return was as simple as it gets. Single, no dep, 1W2 and unemployment. I had done my 2020 taxes with Turbo Tax and they emailed me twice when the refund was first announced to say that I qualified and that I didn’t need to do anything else. Now my transcript says “as of October 4th, 2021” with no additional refund or codes since 7/26/21. I filed my 2021 taxes over the weekend and will get that return before this one. So frustrating!!!! but glad I am not alone.

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    Still no refund here. Paid taxes on unemployment, single with no kids, and filed Feb 2021. Starting to think I’ll never receive the refund at this point.

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    I hope they accept yours. I tried that last year and they told me they basically cancelled all the amended that had to do with the unemployment tax refund because they were doing them automatically. Grrr. Let us know if it works for you and if so, I will amend again!

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    Still no update for me. Head of Household, 1 dependent. I bit the bullet and mailed my amended return for 2020 3 weeks ago now.

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    Still no update. Head of Household with 1 dependent, pretty simple otherwise. Sucks to be screwed by trying to do the responsible thing by paying taxes on unemployment from the start. Anyone else still in the dark?

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    Has anyone that is still waiting for a refund heard anything?

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    still nothing. No updates. No changes. No answering questions when you get through. No getting through most of the time. *sigh*

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    checked my transcript today bc we are still waiting for a refund for the unemployment tax. date has been changed again but still no line items reflecting anything has been done. feeling so frustrated.

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    I checked my 2020 transcripts and noticed there were now TWO 846 codes with two separate amounts coming. Today my 2021 transcripts updated and they’re taking my 2021 refund to repay the second check that hasn’t even arrived yet. Since that payment is more than this year’s refund we now actually OWE THE IRS!

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    I’ve been calling once a month since October and kept getting told that they can see I’m owed for the unemployment exemption and call again if no progress. Last week we received a check out of the blue, including interest!

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    I have also received my 2021 refund already. Still waiting on the refund for my Unemployment compensation. I had a very simple return. Every time I have called, I get the same response. My return is in line to be reviewed, no estimate of when.

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    I received a letter in December stating I was getting another 1600 for the unemployment tax break. It reflects on my tax transcript however I have yet to see it. Complete BS

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    received my 2021 refund within 7 days but still no movement on unemployment tax refund and no updates from IRS as to when any will be completed and refunded that I can find. Grrrr

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    Done With This

    funny how my 2021 refund is coming on Monday, was approved within days and sent to my bank, but im still waiting on the UC refund from the previous year. Anyone know if this kicks the IRS into gear to look at other taxes owed open or do they solely look at what they are working on? Hoping its looked at as a whole.

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    I get so annoyed every time I see an article or something that says unemployment tax refunds have been sent out for simple returns but have been delayed for the more complex ones only. My return is as simple as it gets- single, no dependents, basically just a w-2 and unemployment, but I haven’t heard anything. I just wish they would say SOMETHING about what’s happening so that we’re not completely in the dark.

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    I was able to get through two weeks ago. I was told something similar and then was hung up on. I was told I was not entitled to anything before they rudely hung up. I know I should get one as I was shown the exact amount by H&R. I am waiting till the next batch goes out. If I am not in the next batch I will amend.

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    Done With This.

    Single-1 dep. made $32054 in 2020-unemployment was $24k of that. In Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, & Dec, I was told I am owed the refund- just keep waiting. Ive been calling every week since 1/1,. ITS A MIRACLE bc I got through. now im told I owed the money because I didnt pay my taxes. WRONG. was told “go ahead and file an amended return”.. are you kidding?! I’m not waiting 20 more weeks (LOL!) just to be told no again, or told that I didnt do it right or whatever excuses they come up with.

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    IRS told me they cancelled the amended returns that came in for the unemployment tax. So the one I sent was cancelled and I will be processed along with everyone else. So who knows what is really accurate. Seems that everyone is hearing something different based on who you speak to.

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    I amended in July last year for my unemployment refund (i am getting back 2300.00 from it). I will say that they have told me to give them until March to process it. I called like 2 weeks ago and that was the update they gave me. If you do amend it does give you peace of mind that eventually it will get processed and you will get the funds. However, the IRS told me it takes 40 weeks to process.

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    Trying to stay hopeful transcripts have not updated nor have I received my unemployment refund and it stopped me from getting CTC payments. Thinking should I simply just an amendment

    #4503132 Reply

    im amending wish me luck

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    I just can’t wait any longer and called IRS today after checking my transcript again seeing no update. I was able to get thru after half an hour of hold but the reps I talked to were of no help. I was told that my account is Reviewed and no adjustment made! I am a single filer with no dependent and using standard deduction, and paid in full all my tax on income including the later-excluded unemployment income. It doesn’t get more straightforward than that.

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    Nothing…..still waiting…

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    I am also a sitting duck. My transcript has changes but nothing that gives me any answers. I still do not know when to expect my refund. I paid taxes from day 1 on my unemployment so I do not see any reason why I would not receive some kind of a refund. I have strong faith in The Good Lord and He has given me a lot of patience. Either way, this money would sure come in handy for me right now. Keeping my head up and keeping the faith.

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    IRS changed my AGI but didn’t issue refund. I called & asked why they said I had already maxed out my avail credits. So basically I pd in taxes that were later exempt but they won’t issue the refund even though they OWE me that $$ bc I shouldn’t have had to pay it to begin with. So if you saw a 0.00 dollar transaction last summer on your transcript & your AGI changed but no refund, that’s prob why. They didn’t send out any letters about it.

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    I have not received mine and my transcripts have not updated either. I’m a single filer no dependents or anything plus it updated my tax refund on credit karma but nothing ever came of it.

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    stacy ive got to the point were im debating on amending, but the lady at turbo tax says do not amend, but also insist that im entitled to the refund. Cant get any response on what im suppose to do and since ive been waiting all this time as it is maybe I should amend? god forbid ive been waiting this long already, whats waiting longer?

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    We have not, and for some reason, the Turbo Tax software isn’t updating. I’m confused as to how to proceed. Amend 2020 maybe? It’s a clusterf*ck.

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    IGMR Admin

    You can read the 2021 thread about this topic here which has prior hundreds of replies:

    New replies will be allowed here in the 2022 thread.

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