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    Has anyone received their unemployment refund yet or seen an update on their transcripts ?

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    Closing the 2021 Forum. Please continue this topic in 2022 forum. I am sorry you are still experiencing this delay

    2022 Thread:


    As to date, I have literally nothing. Nothing on my transcript, talked to turbo tax and a tax expert who all told me that it was odd I’m still waiting and that it looks like I’m entitled to a refund but again told not to amend. So I’m just stuck


    I re-checked my transcripts this morning and still nothing for me about a DDD.


    I have been researching and researching. I have seen a few post on other “DB’s” saying they have a DD date of Jan 3rd. I am unable to access my transcript. Has anyone else had a date of Jan 3rd?
    Thank you.


    still nothing and its the last working day of the year for the IRS. so frustrated.


    If you did NOT PAY taxes on your unemployment and received your full 600.00 weekly UI payment’s you will not be getting the unemployment refund. Those payment were originally refundable credits, and then when the 2020 rescue act kicked in it made them nontaxable. Again, anyone who has not paid taxes on their UI benefits in 2020 should not be waiting for any further payments from unemployment.


    I amended my return back in July, for the unemployment money I was due back and it has been 20 weeks since doing so. I called the IRS yesterday and they told me it was assigned to someone back in August and nothing has been done with it. They told me that they did not have an expected return date for me and that I just needed to wait… At this point I will likely get my regular refund come tax season before this one.


    Been waiting for ages, talked to an IRS rep who was of no help either. At this point soon it’ll be holidays for IRS as well so I am not expecting anything. The one question I have is, if we know we are owed refund from unemployment taxes and IRS fails to process it this year, should we file an amended return next year?


    I also spoke with an IRS rep today. This is the second time I have called about this issue. I was told my return is still waiting on review. I had a very simple return. I was told that there was no timeframe or no deadline when my return would be processed.


    Caroline. We’re seeing the same on Turbo Tax. They are not adjusting for the new law, therefore submitting an amended tax return is difficult.


    I spoke to an IRS rep, (again), yesterday. I am still in “que” and marked for review. My account has been marked for review since May. They can not tell why it has not been processed; or, when it will be.


    the thing im super confused about is on my turbo tax they went and re edited and took out 10200 on there, but on my transcript it showed my taxable income with the included 10200, is this weird? is this saying im not entitled? I very much paid the money on the taxes.

    im so confused and lost


    Found an article that stated the final batch of unemployment payments would be the end of December. Hoping that means ALL of us who have been waiting forever will finally get our payment.


    Still no update for me

    Once again, single, one child, definitely paid taxes on my 22k unemployment. It’s just becoming frustrating, and all the people I’ve spoken to just say “oh well you’re in the queue just wait”.


    the nightmare continues. Still not a peep on when OR IF we are getting any Unemployment refund. No changes at all. I’m over it.


    I still haven’t received the unemployment refund. I definitely paid taxes on it intentionally so i know im owed. I have received no letters and can’t access online records. This is crazy.


    Filed in February. Head of household with 3 dependants. Agi was 23*** and is now showing 13*** on transcript. Couldn’t figure out why I didn’t recieve unemployment refund. Finally spoke to irs today and was told since I didn’t pay taxes on my unemployment, that I am not owed any money. Even though I figured I would be owed since it reduced my return.. I guess not.


    Still no updates. :-(


    No update and we didn’t get our CTC this month. WTF


    @confused Momma..yes its totally possible. We filed MFJ with 1 dep. Before the new law. I may be in the same boat. My transcripts are cycling back and forth and they never update with a refund. I am pretty sure we aren’t getting an UE refund(offset) It would be nice to knw whats happening from the IRS.


    I read that the IRS processed 430k refunds recently but my transcript still shows an as of date of 5/31/21…Simple return filed single, no dependents. Based on the IRS press releases, my return should have been in one of the first groups to be reviewed and processed. I have been trying to get a hold of a live agent to check in on the status of my return but all I get is a message that the line is busy and to try again another time. So frustrating!


    I had a “simple” return, HOH with 1 dependent. I have had no entries on my Transcript since April. I cannot get through to a live human at IRS phones, nor with Taxpayer Advocate Service. The IRS could at least give an update, such as there are X number of million refunds that we are still working on. This is maddening.


    I see some people said the 27th on their transcripts. Well that’s today and no deposit 🙄 I had to request mine by mail last month I had that 290 code with a July date I think. So I just requested another one to hopefully see updated info. Although I dont hold out any real hope of that.


    @greg..Mine is the same deal exactly.


    Yet another week down with no word . Talked to the IRS yet again only to be told that “ I’ll get it when I get it”. When I asked if there was anything holding it up or any issues I was told no everything looks good just have to wait til somebody finally gets to it.


    Single, no depends, filed Feb 2021. Still waiting on the Unemployment Tax Refund. Called the IRS 3 weeks ago, fortunate enough to finally get a live person who was able to look at my account. Said it is “coded for review and in the queue” meaning they’re way behind. Was a little comforting to know my account is in the queue. Was starting to think I was skipped over. Patiently waiting and waiting……


    it says my account was adjusted in July and I should have received info by aug 20 and it shows its complete on where my amended return still nothing wtf


    Still no unemployment refund and I can’t see my transcripts cuz I don’t have a credit card or any other identifier, and when I used the Id me thing, it wouldn’t let me past the video part. I got the CTC in my bank account in July and August, then a mailed check in Sept. My return was on time, DD no issues in April, after doing my taxes with HRB 1/28. Married filed joint, 3 dependents.


    Another week with Zero word on my unemployment refund. I was told 2 months ago over the phone with the IRS I am for sure owed one but my transcripts still say 5/31. They don’t answer there phones anymore and I check my transcript daily and not a thing has changed !


    I have a 290 code with the refund amount $0.00 with the date of like 7/28. (Cant find the paper right now) I also see someone mentioned if you didnt make more then 10k you wouldnt yet a refund, but mine was around 21k. My spouse (not married) filed same day as me already got his months ago. Also I have 2 dependents he has 1. I saw someone say they called and no payments until October so I guess my question is do I continue to wait or file an amendment?


    Weekly Friday update. I’m noticing a slowdown on folks that post here, which makes me think people are getting their unemployment tax refund. Meanwhile, I still wait, with no change to my transcript since May 31. I guess it’s time to call the IRS.

    Same.. I have a pretty simple return. My transcript has not been updated since May 31. I’m confused to how they’ve been processing these. Also, have no idea how to get an actual update from someone at the IRS.


    Summer is not over until September 22nd technically but yes I’m pissed off too my transcript showed the adjustment and had an as of date of September 13th which is today they need to fucking tell people something it’s fucked Up they busted ass for a couple months to send out over 8.7 million UI refunds but the rest of us aren’t as important I guess it’s bullshit


    I have an update of September 13 and a 290 code…what does this mean


    My transcripts still say may 31 2021. Another week down with zero updates. Frustrating to the max


    Idk anymore all this waiting no letters no updates. I wish there was a way to figure out if you qualify. I paid taxes on my unemployment but total income wasn’t very much for year so idk if I did better because unemployment income if I even am owed or am I waiting on nothing. Frustrated


    Still no word on my transcripts. Says 5/31/21 with nothing changed. HoH 1 defendant with EIC I was recently told the EIC could be the reason I haven’t gotten my refund yet ??? Super frustrated as I am in the middle of HAVING to move and I could seriously use that money so me and my son have a place to go…


    ah, question..why are all my posts “awaiting moderation?” I’ve not used profanity or anything. I have seen much worse on here be allowed. Thank you.


    [email protected] Qui Qui. Your guess is good as mine as to what the heck they are doing there at the IRS. I been stuck endlessly at 8/23/21 with an as of date. Simple return..MFJ with 1 dep…received UEI …We just wanna know IF we are getting the UE refund or not and we can’t reach anyone. Frustrating. Transcripts haven’t updated in nearly 2 months.


    @gregnugget well said. ..while throwing my hands up… We are all in this snafu together it appears.


    I was prompted to file an amended return from turbo tax since I had my taxes in the same day they started to accept them. Now I still haven’t gotten my amended return back for the unemployment refund and it’s been 5 months. They said it would be mailed but I no longer live at that address either but frequently check to see if it has come and it has not. How would I go about changing the address and also who should I call about my amended return? Thank you


    I was able to get through the IRS and talk to a live person. After confirming all my information the lady told me they have not yet gotten to my taxes yet for the corrections on the unemployment refund. She did mention that they are back logged and will get to it with this upcoming month.

    I filed my taxes back in March 2021 before the bill got passed and have yet to see a refund.


    I was just told they consider the end of summer officially September 21st… so I’m assuming with what they have said that they are planning on getting everyone’s refunds out before then …. would be nice to get mine or any word about what’s going on but what can I do


    If u got 290 code with $0. U waiting for 846 refund code, but if u view your transcript and check the 290 code for the stimulus checks , there probably was not an 846 code after it.
    At this moment nobody knows when it will happen, tonight is a weekly cycle


    I called the IRS this morning and he said I had a tax adjustment of $0. Does that mean I have a refund coming or I am screwed. We got disconnected before I got clarification. Any help is appreciated.


    I received my unemployment refund in June and I filed head of household with 2 dependents. My daughter filed as single and did not receive her unemployment refund as of yet. I read that they more difficult ones were going to be done last…not so sure about that Not sure if they have any specific way of deciding who gets it when…


    The IRS agent this morning said I had a tax adjustment showing $0. Am I not getting anything or did they screw up? My 1099 showed $1400 tax withheld on my unemployment.

    Johana gonzale

    Hi i wanna know.where are is my unemployer tax check am plus am still waiting on my refund i by waiting 5 mont already this is gette out hand pleas give me any answer thank you


    Does anyone still have an as of date for August 23rd


    290 code with a date of 09-06-2021 $0.00 posted on my transcripts. Does that mean I am not getting a refund?


    I have been checking my transcripts religiously and nothing, got ahold of an IRS agent on the phone last week after being on hold forever only to be told that it’s being looked at then got hung up on … HoH 1 dependent simple return, filed 3/9. Wish I would have just waited a few more days


    I got a refund of $81 but that doesn’t seem right?

    Married, 3 kids. I was only on UI for 3 weeks but my husband was on it for 3 months.

    We don’t owe anything to anyone. There’s no indication any of it was withheld for any reason on the transcript. Received August 18.


    I’ve been checking my transcript and I have an as of date for August 23rd and a 291 code with $0.00 that was June 14th. Is anyone in the same boat as me? I filed single with no dependents so I’m still surprised I didn’t get anything yet.


    I noticed a past debt with the DOE was paid off last week.. has anyone got a debt paid and the.n received the balance as DD?? I haven’t gotten anything in the mail. I filed Single , 2 dependents, and my return was accepted Feb 19th..

    Brenda lacey

    I am wondering why I got my first payment for unemployment tax break.But I didn’t get my last that they sent out in July.

    Debbie Barger

    I. Need to find out if I get the unemployment taxes


    Update today
    DD 8/18
    Married filing joint with self employment and 2 dependents


    Filed HOH with 1 dependant. Can only get my transcript by mail. When did y’all start seeing the changed date of the 18th? I got a paper transcript yesterday and it had no new info on it.


    Hey y’all…newbie here needing some help lol…so there’s a lot of mention about “as of” date on transcripts, as well as deposit dates, etc. and when I look at my transcript it all gets confusing, as I am sure most of us have experienced, and I apologetically admit I intended on asking for info way sooner, but let aggravation get the best of me lol….BUT instead of giving up for good, I decided to proceed with my request….thank y’all in advance and glad to be here {finally}! :)

    Confused & Irritated Mama

    I spoke to someone at HRB recently. They told me that my refund was the same before & after the tax break. A few days later, I got through to someone at the IRS. The IRS told me that it looked like I was owed money. She didn’t say how much or when I’d get it. She said my taxes were looked at in July but no adjustments were made. I have a more “complex” case, which will be towards the end. At this point, I don’t know what to think.


    anyone know if when you call and question the IRS that they bump you up? I know last time I actually got through to the IRS I had my return within a two weeks and there wasnt a single update until that point.

    Interesting point. I finally got my refund about 2 weeks after I reached a live person. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not.


    No change again this week. Still as of 9/13


    anyone know if when you call and question the IRS that they bump you up? I know last time I actually got through to the IRS I had my return within a two weeks and there wasnt a single update until that point.


    IRS rep told me that I am under review and to check back in about 30 days if there is no change to my transcript and/or have not received my unemployment refund. Said they are processing and depositing until the end of the year. Called 866-682-7451 ext 569, got that contact from this site. Waited 23 mins to get someone on the line. I am a single mother one dependent. Got my actual refund in June, less the unemployment refund amount.


    Yes its totally possible. I may be in the same boat. My transcripts are cycling back and forth and they never update with a refund. I am pretty sure we aren’t getting an UE refund(offset)

    Confused & Irritated Mama

    Does anyone know if it is possible to not be owed any additional money? I assumed I was since I filed before the 10200 tax break but after speaking with the place tjat I filed my taxes, they said since my agi was lowered I no longer qualified for certain credits. She said the money I would’ve been owed offset the lost credit. What?? How is that possible that I lost child credits for lower agi. I am hoping this is incorrect!


    So yes, 20 weeks is an accurate time frame for amended return. Plus my 300.00 child payments are not received. I will not start getting those until the amendment is completed.


    I talked to someone at the IRS yesterday and they let me know that my amended return has not been touched and that I would likely not get it refunded to me until December. Fingers crossed that is the case, as I was wanting to use that money for Christmas. I filed an amended return out of impatience on the unemployment refund late July.


    Mine is the same. I keep getting told it’s either under review or marked for review. I was told not to put in an amended return because they can take up to 20 weeks now. When I did not get mine as others did I said, (to myself), well I will have the money for X-Mas. Now I am not so sure.


    nothing, I have nothing

    at least everyones transcript shows something. My transcript has nothing, just shows all my returns I got back in march.

    im happy for you guys but I have just given up.


    Confused & Irritated Mama wrote:
    Does anyone else’s transcript show an adjusted agi but no adjustment to refund amount and no deposit received? My transcript shows my agi $10200 less than when I filed (which was before the 10200 tax break rule). So does this mean that my return has already been reviewed and I am owed no additional money???

    I’m in the same boat I filed and got my initial return before they even approved the new law


    As of dates keep changing Nov 08-2021.
    My understanding is that if your return is completed, the computer shouldn’t be cycling and keeping record of the As of date.
    Who knows , I feel there might be a massive refund dump this month


    Still nothing here. Been waiting for a long while and still zip.


    I still have not received anything. I spoke w/ an IRS rep yesterday who says they are still reviewing my form. That they are processing the refunds monthly. Has anyone received an update for the month of November?
    Thank you.


    same here Greg


    Does anyone else’s transcript show an adjusted agi but no adjustment to refund amount and no deposit received? My transcript shows my agi $10200 less than when I filed (which was before the 10200 tax break rule). So does this mean that my return has already been reviewed and I am owed no additional money???

    If the IRS knocked your AGI down by $10,200, all else being equal, a refund should be flowing soon to you.


    My refund check arrived in today’s mail. I thank Crissy for starting this thread 6 months ago, all who posted to keep hope alive, and financial reporters for checking the board and using our comments for stories. Hoping your check or direct deposit is on the way. Peace!

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