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    Has anyone received their unemployment refund yet or seen an update on their transcripts ?

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    The same thing happened to me!


    My pdf on turbo tax def had a -10200 a few days ago and now is gone??? No clue what the hell is going on??


    @Amy your refund amount would change as well as your AGI. And you’d see a -10,200 on line 8 on the schedule 1 document, after your 1040 doc


    I have not seen any updates on my turbo tax. Where would I look for them?


    I don’t even have any updates on my TurboTax docs at all :( anyone else experiencing this?


    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same glitch that I am? My turbo tax account was updated to reflect the $10,200 tax break(showed -10,200 and new refund amounts) and I looked today and the update is gone?


    No updates and no deposit. Only thing I have is TurboTax updated and shows I’m owed money.


    Has anyone even had an update to their transcripts? I’m starting to think they all lying and there won’t be any refunds in May at all!


    I still haven’t seen anything. TurboTax shows I get a refund for unemployment. Shows the correction and got the email saying o wouldn’t have to do anything. I’m single with 1 dependent. Nothing received yet. They keep saying on the news they were going out this past week but I’ve seen no one who has gotten it.


    This is all a bunch of BS….they get the stimmy money out quickly….we have a deadline to file or taxes….send us our money!


    same on mine on turbo tax, -10200 but no change to refund amount……transcript have no change either


    @Jenn thank you for the reassurance 🙏🏼 Just so curious as to why my docs haven’t been updated. Maybe it’s cos I claimed the recovery rebate credit? That’s why my federal refund took a minute so maybe it’s delaying this refund as well 🤷🏼‍♀️


    @S3H you defineitly qualify


    Same boat, my agi changed but not refund amount…


    So frustrating that I seem to be the only one that doesn’t see any changes on my TurboTax document. Just the same old refund amount I already received and no -10,200 on the other income line below the amount I received from unemployment compensation. My AGI is 50K, I qualify right? :(


    So I just logged in and I see that my AGI has changed and the 10,200 was added to other income but my total refund amount hasn’t changed?


    @MS1987 I used the amended refund tracking it says my info isn’t available…..


    @Jenn and @devg yeah… I did that and my refund amount and AGI are the same, they haven’t changed :( maybe I don’t qualify but I’m not sure why I wouldn’t. I’m stressed


    So I was looking and it seems as though on TurboTax it says my return was amended because of them working on my unemployment and it gave me a different link to track my refund.

    anyone have any luck with this link that is due an unemployment refund?


    @WyGuy74 two of those credits are stimulus payments

    OK I get that…the 1200 and the 600. But what bout the 1245? Is that the amount I’m getting back from the unemployment refund? I’d check my account if I could but I can’t create one cuz I don’t have loan info to ID. So how am I able to find out when I’ll be getting it?


    @devg and others – where are you seeing the change on your documents? I can’t see it on mine :(

    My tax documents on turbotax (the PDF) show my income changed and also show an increased tax refund amount for lines 34 and 35.

    however, my transcripts STILL arent showing anything new except the ‘as of’ date now has 5/31/21


    @S3H they are deducting 10,200 from your unemployment, so that changes your adjusted gross income. Whoever you filed
    with, just download a copy of your tax return and you will see the changes that were made and what your new refund amount is.


    @S3H they are deducting $10,200 from your unemployment that you received. This changes your adjusted gross income.
    Go to whoever you filed your returns with and just download a copy of your tax return, and you will see the changes made
    and your new refund amount. Subtract new refund amount from old refund amount and that is what your expecting to get
    back now at anytime.


    @S3H I’ll try again…was just going to say they are deducting the 10,200 from Unemployment which
    reduces your adjusted gross income, and you will get a refund based off that.
    Whichever tax software you used, subtract new refund amount from old refund amount and that is what you
    should be getting back.


    When i downloaded mine on Turbo tax it comes up as an amended return. I didn’t amend it so maybe its from the IRS working on it for unemployment.

    There is a different link on the IRS site to track amended returns, but no info available yet it says for me.


    My turbo tax documents are updated in my as of date has changed to 5/31 I am not sure what the significance of that is, my guess is that my account will not change until after that date…
    I am HOH with two college students so I did claim education credit and I am guessing again that that is why I am not in this first round. Just curious to see if anyone else with a similar situation has gotten theirs or any information on when they will.


    @Jenn I used TurboTax too! No dependents, single with a 50k AGI. I claimed the recovery rebate credit, maybe that’s why mine hasn’t been changed yet. I read somewhere that people who claimed a credit won’t be in the first round of payments :(


    @S3H yes you do qualify. What tax software did you use? I used turbo tax.
    Are you single? Dependents?


    @Jenn That’s the thing, I can’t calculate it cos they haven’t put the -10,200 on my documents yet! That’s why I’m concerned because my AGI from 2020 is 50k (before taking out the 10.200) so I should qualify right? I read somewhere that the people who claimed credits would not be first up but after the simple 1040 single filers


    @S3H the 10,200 deduction reduces your AGI so you get a higher refund. Subtract old refund amount from new amount and that is what you should be getting back.


    @Jenn try again! I also realized that I claimed the recovery rebate credit on my tax return so maybe that’s why mine hasn’t changed on my TurboTax docs yet. I read somewhere that they are starting with the more simple 1040s of the single filers, and then moving on to 1040s that have any credits claimed


    I tried answering your question S3H but it won’t publish on here weird


    Also, can someone tell me the exact qualifications that you need to get the refund? Like AGI, etc? Just so I know I qualify cos I don’t see any changes on my docs :(


    @devg and others – where are you seeing the change on your documents? I can’t see it on mine :(


    Looks like I am in same boat as others.

    early filer, got refund and stimulus etc. HOH w/2 kids

    Turbotax has updated my documents to show the amended amount from unemployment. However the ONLY change I can tell on my transcripts is they all say as of May 31, 2021.

    I check my bank daily in hope of good news.


    I am in the same boat as everyone else. Turbo tax updated my refund amount on my tax forms, but that’s it.
    No DD yet. I read on the news sites that there will be no way to track your refund, not on WMR or anywhere else.
    I just wake up each day hoping it’s in there, but so far nothing.
    I am HOH with two dependents.


    Also see changes to turbo tax PDF where they added UEC -10,200 but no change to refund amount and no one seems know if you’ll get tax back that you paid on that or what?? no DD as of 5/20 @ 5:15am EST….


    Still nothing. Can see the changes on TurbTax but nothing deposited yet.


    And has anyone seen any changes on their tax prep service documents and/or their transcripts?


    Bumping this – anyone receive their unemployment tax deduction refund yet?


    I’ve read that the payments for unemployment will start this week and the child payments will start July 15th. Haven’t gotten any unemployment check yet via mail or DD but got a letter about my adjusted taxes yesterday. I did read that it is subject to offsets just like normal tax returns so that suck for some, luckily I dont have any offsets.


    If it matters at all I filed 1/25 and was accepted on 2/10. I been guessing that my usual deposit day is Wednesday that maybe my unemployment refund will hit my account tomorrow! Fingers crossed!


    @WyGuy74 two of those credits are stimulus payments


    Somebody please help! My transcript reads as follows…As of date-3/15/21
    Credit 4/15/21 $1245
    Credit 4/27/2020 $1200
    Credit 1/18/21 $600

    Cycle Codes

    Can someone 6help in deciphering all this? I don’t see anything on there that tells me anything about my unemployment refund! Can someone help please?!


    We found updates to our TurboTax PDF Return…but haven’t seen any updates on transcripts. Mine still says “as of 05/03/2021”. We’re married, 2 kids, 2 W2, 1 self-employed, 2 unemployment, so I don’t see ours being in the first few rounds, unfortunately. 2020, what a year…


    @tiff I did receive my initial refund just not the difference which I believe is to be sent out this week but I don’t see any changes on my transcript.


    @Apryl I am in the same boat. Filed HOH and I have not received anything! I was wondering if my refund would come with the adjusted amount. I never ordered transcripts. I have just been waiting. I started a thread because I never received the initial refund either but TaxAct shows the adjusted balance.


    My transcript is now showing an “as of” date of May 31 but other than that no change. Does that mean mine will not be adjusted until after that date? I filed HOH….


    My transcripts aren’t showing any change or amendment. Are they sending the refunds prior to processing any kind of amendment or does this mean that mine hasn’t even been started yet? I filed head of household.


    @S3H if you do a google search of “when will the IRS refund my unemployment” a whole lot of news articles comes up with the time line of when they are sending them out. IRS just made the announcement yesterday (friday) :)
    I am in same boat as all of you, I keep watching and waiting.


    @Jenn where did you see this??


    The unemployment tax refunds start going out this week! (Week of May 17)
    You will get your refund by DD or check, depending on what is on file for your most recent tax return.


    @S3H it says UCE and -$3120 which is what I made on unemployment. I was fortunate enough to only draw unemployment for a month when my fiance had covid and I had to quarantine because I tested negative. This was at the beginning of all this.


    @haydinsmomma-08 if this is not too personal to ask, what is the amount in that line?


    @S3H the UCE was on line 8 of the Schedule 1 document. The documents are mt TurboTax return document pdf.


    @haydinsmomma-08 which line did you see the UCE on the TurboTax document? And is this your TurboTax tax return document pdf?


    I filed using Turbo Tax. My tax documents that I printed out when I filed doesn’t have anything on my schedule 1 line 8, but when I go to TurboTax now and view my documents it has UCE with a negative dollar amount. There is nothing on my transcripts. The as of date at the top is May 10th.


    Most people’s as of date will say May 17 because that is ‘tax day’ this year, when all taxes are due to be filed.


    The official press release from the IRS and the news media says they will begin issuing refunds in may. Not reviewing but sending.


    @ThatGuy where did you see you got approved with the ddd?


    Single filers will be reviewed first starting May.
    Joint filers will be reviewed last…could be late summer before refund issued.



    Are you talking about your unemployment rebate?


    So i just reviewed my 2020 tax docs on TurboTax. The amounts have updated there but not on my transcripts. Unsure of ddd for unemployment refund. Hopefully, it comes soon.


    Nothing here yet


    Mine updated sometime yesterday with approved and a ddd of may 13th. I’m feeling so lucky as other seem to be having a little trouble Dx my positivity goes put to yall


    I read on another thread that someone got their check in the mail the other day for the unemployment tax refund. So l guess I’ll have to keep checking because I haven’t gotten mine either.


    Nothing 😡😡


    Has anyone heard any news on when we may get the deposit


    My transcript says as of 5/10. We file married but my husband is the only one who had unemployment. I have heard those who file married will be waiting longer.


    My transcripts did update my as of date is: 4/26/21
    Cycle code: 20211405
    I have three sets of 846, 4/15, 4/30, and 5/18. They all have varying amounts, and none of them add up to the previous stimulus nor tax return amounts I’ve already received. Cycle code 20211405. Strange I’ve never seen so much activity on my transcript file. I have no idea how to track the amounts being shown. I guess the DD will be a pleasant surprise :/


    My as of date is may 17 as well.. wondering what that means..


    My As Of Date changed to May 17th.


    Nope! Still processing since March 6!!

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