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Unemployment refund

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    Has anyone received their unemployment refund yet or seen an update on their transcripts ?

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    Finally got my refund! However the adjustment was not added from when I paid taxes on my unemployment. I filed 2/14. I waited all this time. They could have paid it with the adjustments!!! 😡


    I think the catch is , if you get a letter , you will be getting it , same principle as it’s the CTC. Read that on Irs website.


    CO worker, filled married no dependents got a letter and money this week.


    Filed HOH with 2 dependents. I got refund and stimulus already. TT shows i should have another $1500 due to the unemployment refund.

    My ‘as-of’ date changed from 5/31/21 to 06/14/21 a week or so ago. Then yesterday it switched back to 5/31/21. June is OVER, why have they not taken care of this yet?


    Nothing yet. Last change was “as of” date became June 14th and that change happened long ago. Filed married. Only one collected unemployment and 3 dependents.


    Anyone have any updates?

    Blonde louisiana

    I believe the updated transcripts for July 12-14th are in regards to the monthly child tax credits that start July 15th.


    Transcripts changed to as of June 14th && stated that way. HOH 2 dependents.


    my transcripts updated yesterday to July 12th and are still the same this morning. no other changes though!!

    Jenn w

    My transcript updated today to as of June 14th.I went back in to save a screen shot of it and it now reverted back to as of May 31st… anyone else???


    If your as of date changed , it means someone touched your file or the computer cycle throughs. Something is strange though as some folks as of date changed today to June 14th. We will see if the unemployment refund will be updated on the transcripts tomorrow for weekly cycle codes


    My as of date changed to July 14th that’s it


    Filed 03/01
    Accepted 03/01
    Still being processed in April sometime
    Transcripts updated 2 weeks ago with codes 971 & 570
    Transcripts updated today to codes 571 and refund issued for 06/28

    Used 2019 income with unemployment added interest to original amount. HOH with 3 dependents.

    It’s coming guys!


    My as of date on my transcript changed to June 14. Other than that there are no other changes. HOH 2 dependents.


    I called the irs again yesterday and was told again that nothing has been done and there’s no DD. The guy had no idea when it may be deposited. All it showed was that it was tagged for unemployment and needed to be worked on still. I’m so annoyed.


    Does anyone who filled HOH with a dependent get their unemployment refund yet?

    I haven’t gotten mine yet (HOH, 3dep)


    No… nothing for me


    Does anyone who filled HOH with a dependent get their unemployment refund yet?


    Nothing for me yet. I filed with turbo tax. HOH 2 dependents. Transcripts have no update, as of date is 05/31. No update on turbo tax either. Y’all please try to remember to come back and update us if you get a deposit or any transcript updates! I’ll do the same :)


    I never received anything!! Not even the initial part of my refund. I filed on 2/14. Still processing with tax topic 152. Amount is still there. Filed HOH with 2 dependents and unemployment.


    Has anyone that filled HOH with dependent receive their unemployment refund? Also for the people have received it and used Turbo Tax did your turbo tax get updated before you got your deposit?

    Stacy C

    Nothing here either. Just checked transcripts. I’m really not expecting anything in June as I’m in the married filed jointly category.


    I just called irs and all they said was that they’re working on it and no DD date yet!!! This is so infuriating!


    I thought today was suppose to be a big deposit day. Still nothing!!! This is so aggravating!!


    Filed HOH and 1 dependant and still waiting


    Still waiting. Filed single with 4 dependents.


    Nothing yet, no change on transcripts either. HOH 2 dependents. Its Mid June lets get moving on this!!


    Nothing yet. HOH with dependents


    Has anyone received their refund yet? I’m still waiting. 1 dependent and HOH.


    Me either still no update. As of date still 4/26
    Filed 3/17
    Accepted 3/17


    I don’t have any updates either. My as of date is still May 31


    I really thought I’d see an update today since my as of date had changed to June 14 but nothing. 😑 I heard there should be another round of deposits sent mid-June. Hopefully lots of you get your 846 for next week!!


    Single – 0
    Filed 2/12
    I recieved part of my refund in march, but not from unemployment tax break.
    Transcripts have no update, as of is 05/31

    Question – I do have student loans, however, I was told that bc Biden has suspended loan payments until September I would recieve the unemployment tax break despite the treasury offset. Does anyone have any otber information?


    I can’t get into my transcripts. I have 1 dependent and hoh. Anyone know a dd dare for us?


    @DanB are you single and no dependents?


    Nothing!! I did receive a random deposit of 510 today🤷🏽‍♀️ WMR STILL PROCESSING. Tax topic 152 amount still there.


    Nothing here my transcript still says as of May 31


    Nope, nada. TT has been updated for weeks and shows a higher return amt.


    Anyone heard anything else on unemployment for those with dependents, no update to transcripts here??..


    be thankful for state refunds, Indiana is not giving refund on 10200!!!


    The crazy part is that my state has already done their unemployment adjustment & started sending refunds. This is all over the place smh


    HOH, 3 dependants. Any HOH had movement. Can’t check transcripts online. Hoping soon. I could use the cash for sure.


    My as of date changed from May 31st to June 21st with no dd or refund amounts reflected. I am hoh with 1 dependant. Im not expecting this refund anytime soon.



    Single, no dependents. Part of the first group. My transcripts showed the DD date & refund amount


    Has anyone with a dependent and hoh received their refund?


    I have some questions about the unemployment refund. My AGI is 37,202, married with 1 dependent. Checked on Turbotax and i do not see anything has changed as well as looking at my transcripts.Ive looked for the -10,200 on all the lines but i do not see anything of the sorts. My husband was the one who claimed unemployment. We filed in February (before the changes took effect in March). Got our normal refund in April. Would we be getting the unemployment refund?


    danb single?? dependents??


    Got the unemployment tax refund today DD!!


    @ladydeath you do qualify. You will be in the phase two of the payments, sometime this month in June, or July at the latest.


    I have a question…i filed in Feb (before the Unemployment tax Break in March), received my refund in April. However, nothing is showing on the IRS or TT for the adjustment for the unemployment (husband was on unemployment). Married filed joint with 1 dependent. Would we qualify to get the unemployment refund? AGI was 37,202


    hoh, 3 dependents no change to transcript but usps informed delivery shows letter in mail today from irs Kansas city?? huh, I wonder what it is??


    where do i go to check my transcript,or any info on updated info on my return??

    Once you set it up you can access it to see your federal transcripts.


    where do i go to check my transcript,or any info on updated info on my return??


    Still no changes for me. As of date still May 31. HOH with two dependents.


    Married filing joint with dependents. Transcripts has “as of” date May 3 when I checked a few days ago. Today it says June 14..wonder if this means phase 2 will start going out around mid June..? I sure hope so!


    Two of my friends that are single filers both have pending deposits in their account right now for unemployment tax refund. They are coming!


    Filed married with dependents and credits. As of date changed to Jun. 14th. No other changes that I noticed so far.


    no changes here :(


    My transcripts updated to show me a refund amount (code 846) with a date of June 3rd. Check your bank accounts that day because I think that’s when the first payments go out!


    Our transcript changed to “as of June 14”…I wonder what this means. Joint filer with dependents and credits.


    Phase 1 refunds will go out 6/3. The only way to check it is on your transcript. Phase 1 is single filers, no dependents. On your transcript look for code 846. The date & the amount will be there. No update yet on when phase 2 will go out or who all is included in that group.

    I read in a news article that no one has received their unemployment refund, at least no one has posted online anywhere that they received it.


    Married, filed jointly, 3 children claimed as dependents. Husband was the one who claimed unemployment last year. I looked at Tax Slayer, our tax software. Federal refund up top shows a different amount that original refund. I looked at the tax return and it’s showing the $10,200 adjustment. I take this to mean that it’s been amended by the tax software…but I wonder if it’s been submitted to the IRS?


    I just read on another thread that some transcripts are starting to update and some people have a June 3 DD date.


    I filed my tax return on Jan. 31st with H&R Block. HoH, 2 dependents. 14k income from job, 13.5k income from unemployment. My return amount went from 7600 down to 5800 once the unemployment income was added. Does this mean im owed 1800?? I see no change on my tax transcripts or my H&R Block documents. Wth is going on?


    No I had a refund due.


    Did you owe ? I did . I’m wondering if that’s why ?


    Yeah I guess mine hasn’t been amended. It’s still the same. I didn’t file married but I did have dependents so maybe that’s why. Hopefully it comes before the kiddos need back to school clothes and things 😂


    When I sign in where it showed how much I owed showed a different amount . Then I looked at my 1040 form and it showed it was amended . It broke it down and showed my new agi . I hope this helps !


    Where are you looking with HRB? I don’t see any change with mine but maybe I’m not looking in the correct place. Mine still shows my original refund amount and no changes made.


    I used H&R Block . I finally saw an update on there . I had to pay taxes and now I see I’m getting most of what I paid back . My transcripts still has not updated .


    They have announced they are starting with less complicated refunds like single people etc
    Those ppl with dependents or married with join returns won’t see a refund until end of summer.. atleast those of us who are just waiting on money from taxes taken out


    My <span id=”IL_AD1″ class=”IL_AD”>pdf</span> on turbo tax def had a -10200 a few days ago and now is gone??? No clue what the hell is going on??

    Just checked and mine has done the exact same thing! WTH? May is almost over and I havent heard of anyone getting the refund as of yet.


    Mine to win away and the AGI is back to where it was


    I just checked and mine did the same. It was showing the 10,200 reduction and my refund balance but now it’s disappeared

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