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    Has anyone received their unemployment refund yet or seen an update on their transcripts ?

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    HOH with two dependents. Can’t check transcripts IRS won’t let me into the system asking me to confirm identity through a credit card or a major loan don’t have any of that. So how can you create an account if you can’t confirm your identity? I had 15k that I paid taxes on for unemployment. So I hope my refund comes soon most HOH with two depedents is seeing a date of july 14th I hope I will get mine then.


    My transcripts updated again and FINALLY have a DD date of 7/14 with the full amount + 10%! Havent seen anything anywhere for CTC deposits yet, but VERY happy to get this one finally.

    I has HOH with 2 deps.

    Charlene Paulhill

    I’m trying to see what I get in the back pay unemployment


    How do I check my transcript?


    My refund is in my account for the 14th but is about 10% of what I should be getting. Anyone else deal with this problem? I don’t owe any debts so it doesn’t make sense.


    Those who have received their money, how much are you getting back?


    I am hoh with 2 dependents. I got my return in May and am just waiting for unemployment refund. On 7-9-2021 my transcript updated with code 290 “additional tas assesment” dated 7-26-2021 for 0.00

    Anyone else get thise


    Filed single, no dependents and still no change on the online transcript since the May 31st, 2021 date.

    Carrie capell

    I still haven’t received my unemployment refund either I live in Anderson sc head of household two dependents


    My transcripts have not updated and no refund for me either. I am a HOH filer with one dependent. Glad to see that so many of you got yours, give me hope to know they are working on it. Thank y’all for sharing and hopefully mine and others are refunded soon!


    My transcript has a deposit on 7/14/21 but the amount is $800 less then I expected.

    Carolyn tate

    Looking for my unemployment overpayment tax refund


    Pending deposit for 2500$ for the unemployment refund.. DIDNT realize it bc would be so much 😍

    Anthony King

    I still haven’t received my income tax or my stimulus who do I talk to


    Is anyone here married filing separately? That seems to be the one status that no one has any info on.


    Anyone ever find out why the IRS reviewed their account and didn’t issue a refund for UE when you clearly paid in? Mine just updated my AGI and left a code for account reviewed but NO effing refund issued. 😡 I paid over $1500 in taxes on it. Where the hell is my refund??


    I am HOH with 2 dependents how so you know if you when you get the unemployment refund.

    Niecey day

    Anyone else’s AGI change and have additional tax assessed message before they received their refund?


    I’m married, we filed jointly, no dependents. I had unemployment all of 2020 starting I think March or April since I got furloughed. How much has everyone been receiving from the unemployment tax refund? We haven’t gotten any hints or transcripts or pending DDs to give us a clue on how much or when we can expect it…. we could really use the $. :(


    I have already recieved my regular refund on 4-14-21 but thet was before the unemployment thing so I’m waiting to recieve it. I got my transcript in mail today and it shows as of date: may 31, 21 . but it shows code 846 refund issued 4-24-21 $2200
    Code 846 refund issued 1-4-21 $1800
    Code 846 refund issued 4-14-21 $2407

    But its showing tax relief credit 5-4-21 $1200
    Credit to my account 5-4-21 $1000
    Can someone please help???


    My refund is pending for July 14, but it’s about $1,000 more than I was expecting. I’ll probably just put it in a savings account for a few months in case the IRS asks for it back…


    My as of date states June 14, 2021, but I have a 150 code showing a cycle date of 7/4/2021… anyone knows what this means? I filed married jointly 3 dependents for reference.


    Thx to this site I have been checking my transcripts. Just today my transcripts updated with new amended tax return and a refund issue date of 7/14. I filed married filled separate with dependent. No letter in mail or 846 code just credit issued 7/14

    Hope this helps.


    Just looked at transcript today 7/11/21 and it shows refund due 7/14/21. Head of household with 2 dependents. Hope this helps someone


    Single in SC, still bo refund, nothing in mail. Can’t even make an account with the IRS because they “can’t verify” any of my credit cards.


    Married with 2 dependents. Pending Unemployment Tax Refund is in my account for July 14th!!!!

    1. IRS does not have an SMS text complaint line. The following is a scam to fish for your personal info – BEWARE!

    Haven’t received your second or third stimulus check yet? Make a direct complain to the IRS Office by texting their Helpdesk SMS number (xxx) xxx 0721. I got mine $2000 yesterday after making a complain. I’m so happy right now 😊”


    I still have not gotten ours. Mfj with dependent.


    Married filed joint with 3 dependents. As of date Jun.14th. Nothing for unemployment tax refund yet for us.


    Has anyone seen anything that’s married with dependents?


    Nope. Mfj with dependents and no update. As of us May 3rd tho. So I guess it needs more time. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤬😫


    So are they putting it on the unemployment BOA cards or like the JH Serve cards that were an option to receive taxes on?


    HOH w/ 3 Dependents and had 17k in unemployment last year and haven’t seen a dime!


    Like many others, I received my unemployment adjustment refund on Friday afternoon.

    Married, no dependents.


    Got my deposit today. HOH 2 dependents. Good luck!


    Deposit hit chime bank filed HoH 1 dependant transcript never updated never received letter just deposited out of the blue.


    @Erica my as of date is July 26


    My as date updated today to 7/26. Have additional tax assessed message but no 846 code. My AGI was reduced to below 10k so….there’s that lol. Idk.


    Just checked my transcripts and looks like I’m getting my refund 7/14. But it’s a full $1K less than Turbo Tax said so I’m wondering what that’s about. The total being deposited is whatever is listed by the 846 right?
    HOH, 2 dependants


    I just got my UE refund today…


    Same here. I just got mine at some point today. I’m HoH One dependent.

    Reggie C

    Yes, I just received my unemployment refund a hour ago

    Stacy C

    No change on my transcripts. I’m starting to wonder if they’re doing one batch per month since there has been one drop mid-month for both June and July.


    I just checked and I have a DD for 7/14. I am greatful to have a DD finally however the amount is a full 1K less than HR Block predicted. Has anyone else had that happen?


    Deposit just hit


    I just checked my transcript and I have a refund date of 7/14/2021 I used the turbo card and the money is already there.


    As of date still 5/31/21
    846 code for 7/14/21
    Received deposit @ 11:06am 7/9/21


    My as of date was 5/31 until this morning and then it changed to 7/15, my refund is also a lot more than I was expecting


    My as of updated to 07/26, but I have an 846 code for the 14th for $100.69. Confused about the amount because I paid over $1800 in taxes while on unemployment last year.


    On Turbotax I don’t see the difference at all.

    Anyone else’s unemployment refund a lot less than TurboTax is showing?


    I finally updated to a July 14 refund date. HOH 2 dependents.

    If you don’t mind, could you provide your As Of Date, please? @Sophie, could you, as well?


    Anyone else’s unemployment refund a lot less than TurboTax is showing?


    My As of Date is still showing 05/31 but the cycle code shows 07/05

    Can you all post your As Of Dates? Even the f you’ve already gotten 846. Please. This might provide a little clarity as to why some have 846 and some don’t yet.


    Transcript updated HOH 2 dependents with an 846 refund issued 7/14


    I finally updated to a July 14 refund date. HOH 2 dependents.


    Can you all post your As Of Dates? Even the f you’ve already gotten 846. Please. This might provide a little clarity as to why some have 846 and some don’t yet.


    Happy to hear that some of y’all are seeing that now! I checked my transcripts today as well and I still do not have the 10K deducted from my pages yet. Hopefully soon though! I also paid taxes on all of my unemployment and should be getting a chuck back from it. Fingers crossed its soon.


    @Clueless, I’m going to try to get thru the phone lines to inquire about it. I’m so mentally drained as it relates to this tax year! Waited months for nothing.


    Can anyone explain why we wouldn’t get a refund? I paid taxes on my UE and my transcript update to as of July 26, and the AGI went down like @erica and it shows tax assessed but no additional refund shown?? Why wouldn’t I get a refund if I obviously overpaid on my taxes? Wtf


    My 2020 transcript was updated and my AGI is not less -$10,000. My as of date was is July 26th….but, no refund for me. Check your transcripts!!


    My transcript was updated (adjusted to remove $10k), but no extra refund for me.


    Single, one dependant. Got my refund date for unemployment tax schedule for July 14th, transcripts show 846 refund and interest refund also. Maybe the IRS isn’t moving too slow anymore.


    My “as of” date has been 5/31 since 5/14. It changes to 6/14 but then it goes back to 5/31. On my 2019 transcript my “as of” date changes from its usual 5/11/20 to 7/12/21. On 7/2 when my “as of” date changed to 6/14 again on my 2019 transcript my “as of” date changed to 7/19/21 for the first time. I don’t know if any of these changes mean anything though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Stacy C

    My as of date is May 3rd. Married filed joint with five dependents. I expect ours will be one of the last as we have adoption tax credits as well as 1099 income beyond the unemployment.


    My as of date also keeps flipping back and forth from July 5th to July 19th


    No update here either. I did have my “as of” dates flipping back and forth for awhile but that may just have been due to the CTC advance that I’m supposed to start receiving next week. We got our refund in February and all of the stimulus payments by direct deposit with no issues. We’re just waiting for the UE refund now.


    No updates on anything for me, anything for any of y’all? I am a HOH filer with one dependent and I did have issues with my 8962 forms so I just got my refund at the end of June.


    @Tiff thanks I haven’t had any updates thus far.


    @Vi I have never viewed my transcripts. I’ve just been playing the waiting game. According to the adjustments for unemployment they still owe me quite a bit. I had read that so many people got their initial refund and I was frustrated that I had not. Well I finally did and now waiting for the unemployment portion. I haven’t received a letter so Im back to waiting again. HOH with 2 dependents.


    @Belli Thanks


    I am curious if anyone had any unemployment benefits that they claimed that they are also waiting for a refund on. My as of date went from July 5th to July 15th this morning but nothing else is listed on the transcripts so I am wondering if that is the IRS working on that along with the refund from the 8962. I got my regular refund today minus the unemployment and the offset from the 1095A and 8962


    They will send you a letter, but it will not be before you receive your refund. It will be within 30 days of the adjustment.

    See question 3. You won’t get a letter before.


    You will get a letter within 30 days of the adjustment, but it will NOT come before you get the refunded amount.


    I also read that you will get a letter before your payment if you are to receive a refund on unemployment. Or if you had an offset they’ll state that as well. I’m guessing anyone with dependents won’t see money until late summer.


    Did they send you a letter first before they sent your refund? Also was your transcript updated showing the refund was on its way?

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