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    I was finally able to view my Return Transcript online. It has a cycle code 20180705. My Account Trancript have a processed date of 02/26/2018 with all 00000’s and states no refund filed. Do this mean my refund is on the way? If so can anybody give me a round about DDD. I tried going back through the forms looking for the breakdown of the cycle codes but I can’t find it. TY in advance

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    RJ I have the same thing… I was told that I was under review until 3/5/18. No further action needed.



    What does a cycle (20180705) Mean with a date beside it (03-05-2018)? My transcript says Processing date Mar. 05, 2018 and I also have codes 150,806,768,and 570. Can someone please help me with this?



    No ordering does not mean anything



    I am not able to create an account to view the transcripts online, I am at work so don’t have the time to call IRS and try convince them to fax me my transcripts. I was able to order both the return transcript and account transcript to be mailed to me. Does this mean I am done processing? Or is it possible that I can order them but they will show up blank if I am not done processing?



    I filed on Feb 2 wmr said recieved Feb 3. Called today to get tran scripts faxed she said she can not because they didn’t receive my return until Feb 9th wmr says your tax return is still being processed did I get resequenced?



    Nevermind I see it 20180705 which means?



    So i got my transcript faxed to me but where do I see the cycle date? I think im just overlooking it or maybe its not there



    i checked my transcript today it says cycle 20180705 but also says 846 refund issued 2/22/18? does that mean i will get it on the 22nd?



    I apologize. I was viewing both my 2017 and 2018 transcripts together.

    Last year I was 0705. This year I’m 0605.



    IRS Manual
    Part 3. Submission Processing
    Chapter 30. Work Planning and Control
    Section 123. Processing Timeliness: Cycles, Criteria and Critical Dates
    IMF Daily Processing



    February 8th would be cycle code 20180605




    @hopeful18 the cycle date 0705 means you started processing on Feb 8 and that’s when you posted to the master file. Weeklys get reviewed on thursdays which may mean you’re done processing


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    Where are you zeros? My account balance shows a negative sign and my refund amount which means it’s a credit.
    The only zeros I have on my account transcript is for accrued interest/accrued penalty and spouse



    Weeklies our transcripts will update completely Friday and Saturday we should get a DDD for Wednesday or Thursday and dailies update tonight 3:30-6am & tomorrow & get a ddd 4 days later. Since our return transcripts are now available are almost done processing the account usually fills in hours after the return. My cycle date is 0705 which means I posted to the mf today the 15th …. which is when they are processing most of us with credits who was not processed earlier.



    @cantwait 1 more ??? U said the 00000’s mean not finish processing but my Return transcript and return account transcript both have my refund amount as a credit.



    No problem y’all . 🤞🏾And positive vibes



    @cantwait ok thank you I was going to do that anyway.


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    No, Im just saying you aren’t done processing. You can finish tomorrow and get a DDD Saturday Morning. Just keep checking your transcripts.. they usually update on Fridays


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    @cantwait so you’re saying we most likely won’t get a DD until 03/08? And yes I’m weekly (05) it’s like that on my last 3 yrs of returns


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    So are you saying that there won’t be a DDD appearing this Saturday ?


    ms martin

    Yasssss filed 1/25 transcripts finally updating return now available 😮😃😃😃



    *correction 2/26



    We have the same cycle date. You should have started processing Feb 8.

    Mine is 20180705 with a processing date of 2/25



    Those zeros mean you’re not done processing
    When you break down your cycle code it gives a date of when you return posted to the master file and started processing. I know daily’s usually take four days to process and weeklys are longer. When ever you hear someone say add four days to your cycle date for a DDD it’s usually meant for weeklys.


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    I have the same exact update, looking for an answer too, thank you



    Oh I never got the PATH MESSGAE only your return has been received and is processing tax topic 152. I didn’t get the path message last year and received my refund on 02/22-23/2017. I have been 05 (weekly) for the last 3 years.

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.