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What Is A Cycle Code Date?

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    IGMR Admin

      What Is A Cycle Code Date?

      So what is a cycle code date?
      A cycle code date can be found on a completed Account Transcript. The cycle date reflects the date the transaction is posted to the master file.

      Well, what does it mean?
      A cycle date is designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, week and day of the week (YYYYWWDD) for when you posted to the master file.

      Ok, but I still don’t know what that means…
      Let’s break it down some more:
      -First four numbers indicate year.
      -Next two numbers indicate week of the year
      -Last two numbers indicate day of the week.
      Each day is designated by a two digit number which excludes Saturday and Sunday.

      • Friday= 01
      • Monday= 02
      • Tuesday=03
      • Wednesday=04
      • Thursday=05


      I think I’m starting to get it, but maybe you can give me an example?
      Cycle date: 20170505
      Year: 2017 Week: 05 Day: 05
      Wednesday of the 4th week of 2017
      Actual date: February 2, 2017

      So now I know how it works, but where can I get my Account Transcript so I can see my cycle code?
      By visiting the IRS Get Transcript Tool

      2018 Cycle Code and What Posting Cycle Dates Mean
      Transaction Codes and Error Codes

      IRS Manual
      Part 3. Submission Processing
      Chapter 30. Work Planning and Control
      Section 123. Processing Timeliness: Cycles, Criteria and Critical Dates
      IMF Daily Processing (updated 01-01-2017)

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        20190605 I tried to figure out the day and week but got no where

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          I have been waiting since 1/28/2019 for my tax return. I realize there is a hold because of the EITC credits and additional child tax credit. I also received an identity verification letter. I am concerned because when i tried to order my transcripts it says I dont have a return on file for 2018. But when I check WMR it still gives me a path message? Has my identity been compromised? I have never received a letter like this. should I be concerned or just wait until Feb 27th 2019 for my DD.

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              20190405 as if date 2/11/19

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                Cycle code 20181905 what is my ddd?

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                  so, if my Cycle code is 20181405, it was complete and posted to the Master file on March 29,2018 according to what you are saying. This is April 26 and still nothing… has a processing date of 4/23/2018. So im confused

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                      I have the cycle date of 20180605 with EIC and child credit. But I am not seeing any other codes. Anyone have any ideas on what that means?

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                        Cycle date 20180604

                        768 help I’m so lost. Everything is accurate I checked everything 10 times before I submitted my return these codes have me worried. Someone help lol

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                          So IRS accepted on 1/22. Just today I checked for transcripts and the cycle date is 20180505 and a date of February 19,2018.
                          What I am gathering from this is that the funds will probably be released after that date? Can anyone verify? WMR shows topic 152 and PATH act message.

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                            @Kaycee Messmer I: Unfortunately you have to have it i order to get a DDD.

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                            Kaycee Messmer I

                              What if you don’t have code 846?

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                                Could someone tell me what it means if I filed on 1/30 and trying to get transcripts online the only ones available are account transcript and return transcript but they say no return has been filed at this time??? what does this mean?

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                                  I have a 846 code (yay!) on an amended return from 2014 but there is no current cycle code. Any idea how to tell when that will be processed? It had the date listed as 12/15/2017 but I can’t see anything on my account.


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                                  Jeanne Putney

                                    What does it mean on return transcript when it says cycle posted…20171005…I filed the end of feb. And wmr bar has been gone for a while..just says recieved and processing. .no tt and no codes

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                                      Ok I’m soooo confused my cycle date is 21070804. But this is the code after it says code 290… it also says return due date or return recieved date (whichever is later) is April 15th… someone please help me understand what this means

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                                      Trisha Perez

                                        Exactly what does 20170505 mean and u dear date says April 15, 2017. I don’t see any 846 code. This is my return transcript. Can anyone answer this PLEASE!!!

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                                        Joss Geigel

                                          Im so confused right now!
                                          My Cycle is 20170605 what does it means?
                                          I don’t her it is saying something about Apr 15 2017!!
                                          Is that when im getting my refund ….?
                                          Help please

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                                          Marsha StVil

                                            I just got my transcript mailed to me I filed 1/27/2017 and my cycle posted:20170505 And it has a received date April 15,2017 what does that mean???? There’s no codes on there I’m so confused I’m getting eic and additional child credit

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                                              how do I get my transcript if i dont have any of the required credit account numbers? I rent, car is paid for, i have store credit cards, and i use a debit card.

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                                              Richard Boster

                                                So, I know I was weekly last year, but a 20170504 cycle date this year would indicate I’m daily now, correct?

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                                                  Okay so I am confused
                                                  I have cycle number 20170402
                                                  cycle date 2.13.2017
                                                  code 846 date 3.6.2017
                                                  Will my refund be released on 3.6.2017 or any day now? If I add 4 days to my cycle date it will be tomorrow 2.17.2017.

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                                                  Victoria Santiago

                                                    What does this cycle mean 20170405

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                                                    Gordon Tharp

                                                      Cycle date 20170505
                                                      Codes I got
                                                      806 w-2 withholding then amount
                                                      766 credit to your account then amount
                                                      424 Examination request with the amount of $0.00
                                                      768 EIC then amount
                                                      810 refund freeze with the amount of $0.00
                                                      811 remove refund freeze with the amount of $0.00
                                                      971 Notice issued with the amount $0.00

                                                      can somebody please help me understand this? I’m new to all this

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                                                        So if it’s completed that men’s it’s doing processing right so can it still go into review

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                                                          @Angela: Unfortunately you can’t.

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                                                            So how can we figure it out if we don’t have a code 846

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