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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    UPDATE: Had nothing pending all day and then I just checked it a minute ago and it’s in my checking account now so I was right about it just skipping the pending part and just showing up when it was ready. Cheers! I hope everybody gets their money in a timely manner.


    I filed with Jackson Hewitt. We always we get refund advance and pay out filing fees out of refund. I put in my DD info in April because when I checked the get my payment site they told me they didn’t have any DD info on record for us. I entered info and it was accepted, but about 3 days later it gave a date for my check to be mailed. This time it was deposited into account of the info I gave them in April.


    Got my deposit pending till the 4th on TT thanks


    Chime here- got original stimulus on 4/10 with one dependent. Still waiting for second to get here. Will update when received.


    Nothing yet. One dependent. Amex Serve. Used Sptpg for fees for last tax refund. Received first stimulus check on Friday, April 10th at 545pm. Will update when I get it. Hoping the whole Sbtpg thing doesn’t screw it up this time. It didn’t last time, so I’m hoping it won’t this time either.


    When will try in cali start dropping I haven’t recurved mine yet . In April I got mine in the 15 . Does that mean I’m not getting one since I haven’t yet received it. Need mine to go on the burial of my angel baby


    I’m still waiting like many others. I bank with NCSECU.


    Just received mine. Varo. In CALI!


    H&R Block here. I received a check last time after I updated my DD info with my Chime card. Received my money an hour ago.


    @mandy, we have six kids too and we are blessed take all the help mama don’t listen to haters. I work hard my husband too and our refund looking like 16k a year and while they laughing my husband, me and alllll six of the babies wearing 18k and diamonds big Christmas while people be laughing we just be chilling laughing too.


    Last time our check was printed by the tax office since we had used the advance by santa barber bank. If we don’t receive the 4800 this week we will add to out income refund. Either way I’m happy. My guess is for people who had the advance. When the portal open you can enter direct deposit info. Non-fillers I believe receiving first, then us hard working fillers next.


    I’m with you!


    Anyone with BOA got theirs yet? Still nothing here in cali

    Megan B

    mines through direct express were i get my monthly checks


    anyone with an emerald card get theirs yet? I got the last one on my emerald card.

    Megan B

    my 4800 is pending in my back account. Sometimes having 6 kids is a burden but other times like this and tax time it pay off. Everyone say I should have my wife get tube tied but hell with that. Ill draw all the food stamp and get all the welfare i want and I dont care what anyone says.


    I filed 2019 with HR block. Got my 1st stimulus on it. Anyone know WHEN HR block will release it, OR has anyone already got it with HR block?


    I was a non filer for 2019 but got the deposit based on 2018 taxes the first time. I never had to fill out the non filer tool. Will I get a stimulus this round?


    Got the deposit at 5 am. TT card


    Anyone get a deposit yet?


    I got mine this morning. Deposit into Green Dot card. I was a non filer for 2019, just used the Turbotax non filer tool back in April for last stimulus payment. Boyfriend hasn’t gotten his. He filed HoH for 2019.

    mickey m

    Did anyone else receive a 600 payment but has dependents and did not get for them this time but received for them with first stimulus.


    @Neesee who did you file with and why did you have to upload your dd info? Because I filed with HR block emerald card tried to enter that DD info for first checks but still got mailed check. Waiting for any emerald updates.

    Farhaad Naim
    Farhaad Naim

    Lets keep this thread strictly for updates shall we? Thanks!


    What are you all’s thoughts on if the 2,000 amount will pass. I doubt it. I hate how children 17 don’t receive anything. My daughter is 17 in school and doesn’t work. I think if a child is in school they should be included. Thoughts?


    And there is no hold on it. We are in the 50k tax bracket married with one eligible child.


    I actually received a paper check on the first stimulus check even though I put in my American Express serve card account info into the irs website. I waited and waited but never got a deposit on it and received a check in the mail. Last night at 2am I got a notification on my phone saying a deposit had been made into my serve account. Checked and sure enough got my stimulus money on my serve card this time.


    Anyone vet theirs with tt


    Ours updated in our bank account this morning. Use a local credit union and it shows ours as pending for January 4, 2020.

    Fingers crossed, but not getting hopes up, that it may release before!


    I use my local credit union and so far nothing pending, though I doubt everybody will get theirs the very next day and they have up until the 4th of January. I obviously used direct deposit for my return so im expecting it rather quickly compared to people getting mailed checks. Also when I got my last stimulus nothing was pending it was just sent automatically into my account. I still think $600 is peanuts but ill take anything right now.


    Christina I have woodforest .. last time mine deposited on Wednesday at 8pm so keep checking !!

    Nothing yet for us married 3 kids


    How do some people that have green dot already have deposits and some just have pending for the 4th?


    Bank of America and no deposit


    Just got a notification from green dot. They have it and will release it 1/4…..


    Netspend dd @ 5:40am CST. With dependents.


    Still nothing on Turbo Card.


    I just stared one myself lol but they were supposed to start last night, I woke up to a few of my friends posting they got their deposit this morning (mostly chime bank) and single filers (no kids) so with that being said I’m waiting for mine to still hit my emerald card 🙃


    Where do you see a dd at?? Cuz I tried to login in and it says system down from Dec 23- Jan 4?


    where do you see dd?


    Just so everyone knows

    I used turbo tax had refund advance, so I couldn’t get the first check dd. I was able to update my dd with update my payment but still got a check.

    But now I am showing the dd for the 4th. So they do have the updated dd information I entered.

    Hope everyone feels better and doesn’t have to wait for a check!

    Monica Miley

    Capital one here nothing yet.


    Last stimulus we were unable to receive the money on H&R Block Emerald Card. I was able to enter my information on the irs website but I still received a check in the mail. I wonder if it will be the same again.


    I bank with woodforest so far nothing but it usually doesn’t update till 430 am est I will keep you all posted.

    mickey m

    I received mine but the amount for children. Last one I got all deposits within minutes,this time just the one anyone else this issue and who do I talk to about it


    Well my husband just got his on a card. Mine has nothing Green dot and my son’s nothing Emerald Card


    Turbo Card with nothing yet.


    Just hit serve card Jackson Hewitt

    Alyssa Mai

    Nothing pending for me. We got our last stimulus into our bank at Wells Fargo. We didn’t get our taxes till Nov though and got that on the Jackson Hewitt serve card so not sure where it will be going.


    Mnuchin has reportedly deposits could be sent out tonight/tomorrow.

    Hopefully we start seeing this quick this week before the end of 2020.

    We bank with a local credit union and nothing shows pending yet.


    Turbo card and still nothing


    Would it say pending ? On emerald card


    Anybody has H&R Block emerald card?


    Turbo tax card here and so far nothing for us.


    Those who received yours who do you bank with

    Im capital one and will update when i see mine


    just got a pending deposit for the 4th for 1800.
    see you turds next stimulus or tax time, which ever comes first.


    I just read that deposits could start tonight. There was a file already sent and will keep going into next week.


    How many of you have checked your account transcripts? What’s your “as of” date? Ours was 09/02 (or 09/09) this afternoon and now it says January 18th.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with the payment🤔


    The system on the IRS website says that it is updating and that it is temporarily down. I think this is a great sign we may see action sooner rather than later!


    Tonight into tomorrow. It will start being released in batches!


    Mnuchin says they will send some tonight


    Let’s goooo!


    I heard as early as next week but who knows

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