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Second Stimulus

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    When will we start seeing our deposits?

    Let’s get this forum ball rolling.

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    Also using a prepaid card doesn’t say anything about someone or their financial situation. I too have a real bank account and simply wanted to try the turbo card last year just to see how I like it. Needless to say that decision was made before covid, so I have been stuck with it for the stimulus checks. I’ve not been a fan of it though and will get rid of it once my taxes have been filed in 2021 and my DD info reverts back to my bank account.

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    As of 10:30 pm central time, Nothing on Turbo Card yet. Married with 3 dependents. Advance, refund, and first stimulus all went to turbo card last year with no issues.

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    Amex serve -PA- single, no dependents. No deposit yet, 11:20 PM EST 12/31/2020

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    Hi all hope all is well! I’ve seen a few people asking but no answers and I’m nervous. Did anyone who did not file 2019 but has filed 2018 receive a second stimulus? I’ve been told those that didn’t file 2019 would still receive I just want to make sure.. thanks 😊

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    Alyssa Mai

    Just don’t feed them and they will go away or just make us laugh with how hard they try.

    No update through Wells Fargo

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    Sad y’all talk down to each other n ridicule one another.
    Can y’all start 2021 with some kindness and care for each other. Help each other lift each other up instead of what y’all been doing cause we can see its got y’all nowhere.

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    @banthafett I have one kid and one social security number, given to me by the government. I don’t think most people on here have organized crime connections where they could buy identities. If they did, they probably wouldn’t risk posting on here and probably wouldn’t count on the money bc they would already have some. Just stop it. You’re not better than anyone.

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    That was my same situation. I put in my DD info for my Amex serve card in April it was accepted and then 2 or 3 days later the message on GET My payment tool changed from a DD date to saying a date for my paper check to be mailed. So I assumed this time I’d also be receiving a check. But I woke up Wednesday morning to a notification saying a Deposit had been made at 2am in my serve Amex account.

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    Kathy P
    I would be more worried if I haven’t gotten mine and a majority of people have had theirs deposited. I think it’s a good sign that a majority are still waiting, sucks but still a good sign

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    Cynthia S.

    NJ Head of house hold 4 dependents Serve Amex nothing as of yet it’s 10:16PM EST.

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    Cynthia S.

    NJ Head of house hold 4 dependents Serve Amex still nothing as of 10:13PM EST.

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    I have a “real account” and even work for a “real bank” but choose to use Chime as my primary. It’s all about your personal preference- we are all waiting on what’s owed to us regardless.

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    Just waiting on what is owed to me. Not with my 10 kids and bought ss#’s to get more money.

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    @banthafett (part 2 of 2) I don’t even need to explain why as you already know, since you mentioned that your “real bank account” is the reason you’re waiting. Regardless, do you think you’re better than even those who don’t have a bank account? No, you’re still on here, checking and needing that money just as badly.

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    @banthafett is that necessary? Who cares where people receive their deposits. And since you’re so concerned, have you ever considered that many people have actual bank accounts, but choose to receive their deposits on a card?

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    Chime mass yesterday 9pm

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    Its all about being patient people. Just need to chill remember its new years Eve people spend time with ur family. Things will happen when there supposed to

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    Kathy P

    Does anyone else think that we are being played right now? I mean if they started issuing on Tuesday there’s no way this many people haven’t gotten their dd

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    Since I have a real bank account and not a ghetto card like most of you, I have to wait to get our money.

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    Josh b

    Chime 8:42pm ET no deposit 2 dependents.
    No 2019 return filed 2018 and ised tool to change bank for first eip.
    Called irs today lady said they will view 2018 if 2019 is not available.
    In SC last nsme starts with B.

    Think its completely random tho…

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    Kimberly smith

    Got chime also, still nothing

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    Bluebird still nothing, MA. Got last years the day they started. Kinda pissed.

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    My boyfriend has Netspend he got his yesterday I also have Netspend and I’m still waiting

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    Family Of 5

    chime, varo, and netspend used to always be first on dd???

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    Since I’ve started using Chime DD, my tax and stimulus refunds hit around 3:30am here in Washington State… My girlfriend Chime hits faster than

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    Has anyone that did not file a 2019 tax return get the second stimulus check

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    Still nothing on Chime in VA

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    Anyone with Netspend? I’m in Ohio still nothing

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    Chime here in Ohio 8pm and nothing!

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    In AZ with Chime an d still a broke ass!!

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    Kathy P

    It’s 7:45. Have chime. Still nothing. I feel like I need a new bank.

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    Anyone with a Wells Fargo account get their stimulus DD yet? I’m waiting 😏

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    ill chime still nothing

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    Sharon Johnson

    NC chime card. Nothing yet

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    Shannon story

    I have chime no show Alabama yet

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    I just got my deposit chime 2 dependents
    New york good luck everyone

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    Still nothing here in NC with an emerald card, I’m using my old one because I’ve not gotten the new one yet. I’ve tried calling but I get the message “due to high call volume my call can not be answered” It’s been that way for 2 days.

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    No money on my turbo tax card Massachusetts

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    Nay S

    @kkoala I had turbo tax advance as well and I got the first refund on ya card earlier then most with no issues , that seemed to be a case by case thing with the first one

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    Nay S

    Turbo card (est) nothing received

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    I don’t know why but I checked the republic taxpayer website (I use Jackson Hewitt and they use them to take their fees out. For anyone that doesn’t know) Message popped up saying due to irs mess up some stimulus checks bounced back to the IRS. If this was posted already I’m sorry

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    My ex has hers to navy Federal and its posted pending for the 1st.

    I have turbo card still nothin.

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    Netspend (Texas) nothing 5 pm

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    Green dot here 5pm nothing texas

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    My ex has hers to navy Federal and its posted pending for the 1st.

    I have turbo card still nothin

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    My sister got hers at 415 on chime in NY i still have nothing and i got mine before her last time. Only and hour before but still. Its been almost 2 hours and still nothing. Im getting worried. They get my payment tool is down so cant even check. I have 3 kids and one on the way i need this today or im screwed and waiting all weekend. Hopefully by midnight

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    Chime user in pa still no deposit

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    Congratulations to everyone who got their second round but nothing on my emerald card as of 5:37 in new york

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    Still waiting for it on turbo debit card here in Delaware

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    Kathy P

    Still here. Single mom with 2 daughters in the Midwest. I have chime and got my first stimulus check quickly. But chime is failing me this time. It’s 5:06 and still nothing.

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    Family Of 5

    Received the first stimulus check @ 9:45pm est on April 10th but as of right now, Nothing?? idk who they are being issued to but it hasn’t been me so far…..

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    Same here Jon. I got mine almost as soon as it was issued the first time. Idkwtf is going on this time but I need it nooow!!!

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    Nothing on PayPal prepaid Mastercard yet, Florida EST. Recieved mine April 12th first time so was hopeful for early deposit, beginning to worry….

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    No check yet. 4:45

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    Chime here still nothing VA

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    3:30 in southern illinois. Still nothing on emerald card. Really wish they’d hurry up… As a single mom, this pandemic has hit hard with being out of work.

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    Bank of America- Arizona. Single mother with one daughter. Nothing yet.

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    Really didn’t want to say anything bc my one child consumes all my spare time, but I’m pretty sure this “Megan” isn’t the real Megan Bennett. Someone is trolling and amusing themselves. You have to figure this because cause if someone really is so happy, why do they have to keep defending that point?

    But will update on Serve when I get one. Thanks for the people who responded to my requests for info regarding Serve and Sbtpg

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    I received the first stimulus pretty fast on my bluebird card but still nothing. Hoping it drops this evening or even tonight. Oklahoma.

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    Thanks Sam I’ll let you know as soon as mine loads I’m also wondering if it won’t be the 3rd since a lot of others are pending until the 4th with woodforest uploading deposits the day before but the website said earlier when I checked just googling woodforest 2nd stimulus it mentioned the 1st so I’m not sure

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    I was able to update my deposit information in get my payment in April and was accepted but still got a check mailed. I wonder if they’ll use my bank information from April instead of sending me a check. bank with chime

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    Green dot here 3:00pm texas nothing yet

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    My husband and I got ours we have one dependent arrived yesterday 600 each at regions bank out of Birmingham Alabama

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    I called my bank, US Bank, on an unrelated issue. However, they said that people slated on the Jan. 4th wave will receive their money Jan. 1st. It’s an automated message, therefore, you can listen to it if you want to call into US Bank. Let’s hope you all are in that wave, and myself included. Good luck.

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    Chime in NC nothing as of 3:50 p.m est

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    American Express serve haven’t seen anything yet might get it tonight or tomorrow hopefully last time it took about three to four days. Since it went out Tuesday night expecting tonight or Friday morning

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    Still Nothing! Turbo card, Memphis

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    Ohio as of 3:34 nothing yet on my turbo card

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    1532 i have a regular greendot my girlfriend has the turbo card and still no deposit I was one of the first last time

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    Family Of 5

    Megan, if your not worried about then why you on here???? go listen to music and stay out of forum….I dont understand people like you???

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    Got question

    If your receiving your payment derect , what are the odds of receiving it by 01/04/2021

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    Chime. 3:30 3 dependents…nothing yet

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    #quenoftompkinsville Megan Bennett

    You people are something else…..tsk tsk tsk, smfh you guys are all worked up over a stimmy check im just boppin around the house listenin to music and waiting on mine.

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    Family Of 5

    Varo here, Midwest 327pm with 3 dependents……Nothing!!! was one of the first on first stimulus!! no rhyme or reason with the irs???

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